By age six there is just a trace of your little baby left anymore! You now have an independent little dude who goes to school and maybe plays a sport. The skills they gain at this stage are astounding. Toddlers are tiny hurricanes of energy with limited attention spans, but six year old boys will stay engaged for much longer (Hallelujah!). This means you are set with the task of finding toys that keep up with them. Luckily, we have pulled together a list of the best toys for six year old boys. These are obviously great toys for girls as well, but our test group was a bunch of 6 year old boys and their parents.

Best Toys for Six Year Old Boys to Encourage Learning and New Skills

best toys for 6 year old boy

1) VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

If you have a little one who is yearning to grow up, give him a little taste with a watch of his own. This is not just any watch though, it also has interactive and fun games. It is a touch screen so your little one will have no problem navigating the different features. Besides the interactive features, it also has a normal alarm, stopwatch, timer, calculator, and calendar. Your 6 year old needs to start learning how to tell time and work with technology, and this is a really fun way for them to do so. 

best toys for 6 year old boy

2) Wooden Spaceship Kit

The Wooden Spaceship Kit is an excellent learning and activity-based toy. This wonderful toy will give your little astronaut the chance to build his very own spaceship. Children are positively impacted when they are able to build and design their own creations. This set comes with wooden spaceships, tiny plastic pots of acrylic paint, sticker sheets and paintbrushes. It is a fun way for them to practice their science skills in a neat little set.

best toys for 6 year old boy

3) Think Gizmo’s Remote Control Robot

Okay, even I want my very own remote-controlled robot so you just know most 6-year-old boys out there would die for one! Gizmo shoots missiles, walks, talks, and dances all at his owner’s command. This is one toy that will surely keep your child’s attention for more than a few minutes. Keep in mind while this toy is slightly expensive, it’s worth that big smile on your kiddo’s face.

best toys for 6 year old boy

4) My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Do you have a little scientist on your hands? If so, they will be obsessed with this science kit. It will teach them the basics of chemical reactions (safely, of course). Plus, none of the experiments are very hard so you will be able to help your little one regardless of your own science knowledge. 

best toys for 6 year old boy

5) IQ Builder Construction Engineering

Stems toys are perfect for your 6 year old boy whose spongey brain is absorbing everything. Toys like this IQ Builder Construction Engineering build the blocks of important lifelong skills. It comes with 3 ebooks that will walk your child through the steps of building various figures. 

6) My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things: For Little Learners Who Want to Know Everything

As if your kid does not already think they know everything, give them their first encyclopedia so that they can really brush up on all their facts! Jokes aside, this is a really fun book that will help your child with their new reading skills. Plus, it is full of games and illustrations to keep your child’s attention. 

Creative Toys for Six Year Old Boys

best toys for 6 year olds

7) Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

This is a toy of the year winner and it is pretty apparent why when we saw the 6 year old boys interact with it. Using gears kids can test out their design and engineering skills. It is super fun but also involves some critical thinking. It is pretty amazing to see how clever your child can be!

8) Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

This is the perfect toy to take coloring to the next level. At 6, your child has moved on from scribbling and is looking to really create something. This set comes with tracing sheets, blank sheets, and colored pencils. It easily lights up the tracing from behind and is on a sturdy pad making it easy to color just about anywhere. 

Best toys for 5 year olds

9) Mad Matt-R

This is one of my little girl’s very favorite toys! Mad Matt-R will have all your kiddos obsessed. It is much better than Kinetic sand and NEVER DRIES OUT. This is a great sensory toy for kids, especially when they are stressed or nervous about new situations (which 6 year olds boys have a lot of with starting school!).   

10) LEGO Juniors T Rex Breakout

LEGOs are the most classic building block and no matter what set you get it is sure to encourage creativity, imagination, and hand-eye coordination. However, we particularly love this Jurassic World set. It comes with three mini-figures, a T-Rex, and baby dinosaurs. Because it has so many pieces, it is a great toy to play together with your little one.  

11) Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

This is the perfect toy for the budding photographer and adventurer in your life! It is basically a kid-proof go pro with the capability to record and take pictures while being completely waterproof. I just love the idea of letting your kids capture the world through their eyes. It is perfect for all the big moments and unforgettable childhood memories. 

crayola color and erase mat

12) Crayola Color and Erase Mat

The Crayola Color and Erase Mat is a winner of the 2022 Toy of the Year Awards! It is a big reusable drawing mat that encourages your child’s imagination. When your artist is through, simply wipe the mat clean with a damp towel to return it to its original state. In contrast to some of the other doodle mats we’ve tested, it truly wipes all the way down and doesn’t leave smudges.

The set includes the 32″ x 23″ Reusable Drawing Mat, 6 Washable Markers, and 1 Wipe Cloth. The mat rolls up effortlessly and has a place for each marker, making it convenient to store and transport.

13) Light Up Terrarium Kit

If your 6 year old boy loves being outside and working in the garden or helping you water the plants, a terrarium is a great toy to add to their collection. This terrarium was designed with children in mind and uses a simple design and easy-to-grow plants to help educate them about nature. They will especially love this if they see mom & dad tending to an herb garden or indoor plants. 

Best Toys for Six Year Olds on Wheels

14) Razor A3 Kick Scooter

This is your classic Razor Scooter, and it is basically a right of passage for every little boy to have one at some point. It is made of very sturdy aluminum with shock-absorbing wheels. The scooter also easily folds up so that you can take it along with you or transport it to the skate park. It can hold up to 143 lbs, so it will be a toy you can keep for the long run. 

15) Raleigh Rowdy 20 Bike

If you are looking for a step up from your child’s first bike, the Raleigh Rowdy is one of the best choices on the market. It can be ridden until your child is about 9 making it a great choice for in-between their little kid bike and big kid bike. Another great thing about it is that it actually has gears, helping your child get used to that for the future and be able to ride on varying trails. 

best toys for 6 year old boy

16) Mongoose Expo Scooter

If you are looking for something a bit more unique than the Razor, the Mongoose Expo Scooter is definitely worth looking into. It can go both off-roading or simply down your sidewalk. This scooter is equipped with BMX-style brakes that your six year old will probably find pretty cool! 

best toys for 6 year old boy

17) Joyjam RC Stunt Car

Of course, not everything on wheels has to be something your little one can actually ride on. If you are looking for a toy with wheels that keeps your 6 year old boy’s feet on the ground, check out this super cool RC Stunt Car! It can do all sorts of different flips and rotations, and for how fast it moves it is actually pretty easy to control.

You will also be happy to know it runs on both hard surfaces and carpet, so your kiddo can play with it anywhere around the house or you can keep it outside. 

Best Outdoor Toys for Six Year Olds

best toys for 6 year old boy

18) Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Too many kids are just glued to their ipads these days. With this fun gear for dodgeball, the good old-fashioned outdoors will become fun for your kid again. Dodgeball is an excellent activity that develops hand-eye coordination while keeping children active and healthy. Oh, and don’t worry, there are no hard bouncy balls involved these are made of soft foam. 

19) Stomp Rocket

If your child shows any interest in science this is the perfect choice for them! The Stomp Rocket Ultra won “the preferred choice award” from Creative Child Magazine. The beauty of this set lies in the simplicity of the parts and design. The rockets have foam tips for safety. Now, all you have to do is imagine the look on the face of your 6 year old as they launch this rocket almost 200 feet in the sky. Enough said.

best toys for 6 year old boy

20) Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set

This cute little hockey set is the perfect toy to get your 6 year old boy active. It is also a great way to introduce the sport of hockey to them. 

best toys for 6 year old boy

21) Adventure Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

Exploring the backyard can be a blast for 6-year old boys and it gets them to interact with their environment in a new way. This explorer kit comes with everything you need to observe bugs, birds, and other wildlife that’s just a few steps outside their front door. Your child will love having their own binoculars and compass to make them feel like a real explorer! 

22) Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper 

A personal pogo stick? I might just get one for myself, too! 

23) iLearn Golf Set

Another great sport to teach your kid about; is golf! This set is perfect because it is not too baby-ish but it is still easy enough for a 6 year old to use. It is definitely one of those fun activities that you can do together, and hopefully, carry to the real course someday!

Best Board Games for Your 6 Year Old Boy

best toys for 6 year old boy

24) The Game of Life Junior

The Game of Life has always been one of my personal favorites, but this kid’s version is actually so good! It is very easy to set up and play, and the player cars are way cuter. Your 6 year old boy will certainly appreciate these cooler more characterized cars. Besides that, the game is pretty much the same as the original and perfect for any kind of family game night. 

best toys for 6 year old boy

25) Guess Who?

You cannot go wrong with a classic like Guess Who? for family game night. Your little one is at the perfect inquisitive age for this mystery game. If you haven’t played before, it is a game played by two people and you ask questions to try to narrow down who the opposing player’s mystery person is. For kids that love to ask questions, there is no better game. 

best toys for 6 year olds

26) Blokus Strategy Game – Great for the whole family!

If you are looking for a game that is easy to play for the whole family and will keep you and your kiddos on their toes, the Blokus Strategy Game is a perfect choice. You have 21 pieces and the goal is to get them all on the board touching the same color but only on the corner of the piece. The game ends when there are no more spaces available.

Here’s what makes it perfect for your 6 year old; the game only lasts about 30 minutes. It is the perfect amount of time that they can stay really focused. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gift is best for 6 year old boy?

At 6 years old, you have got an independent little dude. You will want to pick gifts that spark his curiosity and interests. Some of my top gift picks for 6 year old boys are art and building kits, remote control cars, and STEM toys that inspire a love of science.

What can I buy instead of toys?

If you are looking for a gift for an elementary school aged child but don’t want to give them a toy, consider getting them something like a book or board game. You could also gift them an experience.

What is the average age to stop playing with toys?

There is not set age on when children tend to stop playing with toys, however, when considering what gift to get a child a toy is a safe bet through about 10 years old.

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