You can probably easily come up with a list of cute new gifts to bring to a baby shower, but it isn’t so easy to think of the best gifts for pregnant women. Of course, new mamas want fun baby gifts, but being pregnant isn’t a walk in the park. Moms-to-be deserve to be showered with gifts for themselves too. Whether you are looking to give a gift early on in pregnancy or closer to the baby’s birth, the expectant mama in your life will certainly appreciate the support.

These 15 gifts will help your pregnant friend or family member cope with pregnancy symptoms and take care of herself through her pregnancy. 

Best Self-Care Gifts for Pregnant Women 

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Create a Postpartum Care Kit

Sure, pampering is great before the mother gives birth. However, it’s also important to remember that she’s going to want some pamper time while or after she gives birth. Creating a postpartum care kit is a great way to make sure a new mom has everything she needs to feel taken care of.

This gift can be cute yet practical. Fill a tote bag with items to help her while she’s waiting for the baby to arrive and while recovering. Here are some ideas for what you can include; snacks, comfortable clothes, chapstick, water bottle, hand cream, padsicles, face masks, and fuzzy socks. Whatever you include they should help her pamper herself when she has a few minutes to herself.

best gifts for pregnant women- prenatal massage

Prenatal or Postnatal Massage Certificates

Being pregnant takes a toll on the body from it being difficult to sleep to carrying the extra weight of a growing baby throughout the day. A great gift for any pregnant woman is a gift certificate for her local massage therapist. While she’s pregnant she can benefit from a prenatal massage. This is a more gentle massage that targets her hard-working muscles. It also takes into consideration the baby.

Once she has delivered, she can try out a postnatal massage. This will give her something to look forward to!

Spa Kit

best gifts for pregnant moms

For more of a DIY pampering gift put together an at-home spa kit. This can be a fun basket filled with her favorite pampering items for the bath or shower and help to give her that pregnancy glow.
Ideas for contents of the kit or basket include:

When making your spa kit remember that depending on where she is in her pregnancy getting in and out of the bath can be difficult. You may want to include items that can be used in the shower or give her a little pampering while resting in bed.

Bearaby Napper

Bearaby Napper

Getting some downtime or even a good night’s rest can be a challenge when expecting, but the Bearaby weighted blanket can change that! This beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind blanket is hand-knitted and comes in three cozy options. This includes the Cotton Napper, the Velvet Napper made from 900 post-consumer recycled water bottles, and the Tree Napper which is made of Tencel and is fully biodegradable. The Nappers are also available in a range of colors and weights (15lb, 20lb, 25lb).

What is really amazing is scientific research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper, more natural sleep cycle. It is proven to lower stress and anxiety, and a comforting weighted feeling increases serotonin, so you wake up feeling happier and more prepared for the day. We also love Bearaby’s commitment to sustainability. This blanket should be on every Mom’s wishlist!


Of course, self-care for new moms includes things like being able to take a nap or soak in a bubble bath but there is an even more important kind of self-care that we should be focusing on when looking to pamper them. That is making sure they have the tools and mental health support that they need to start their journey off on the right foot. NurtureVR is a brand new kind of system in which moms can use a VR headset to help mitigate pain, stresses, anxieties, and fears related to pregnancy. 

We can’t forget to mention that this can be the gift that keeps on giving! The mom-to-be that you are gifting it to will have the option to donate her headset back to NurtureVR when she is finished with it so that it can be reused to serve mothers in underserved communities through maternal health organizations like Save Moms and Cherished Mom.

Best Practical Gifts for Pregnant Women 

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Cravings Gift Basket

Another great gift basket idea is to put together a cravings basket, made up of snacks and treats she’s been craving since she’s been pregnant. This is a DIY project that you can tailor to the recipient. Include her favorite snacks or whatever she’s craving and find new snacks that fit her tastes.

Typical pregnancy cravings include sweet, salty, spicy, and sour, so try to include items from each category. She may also experience nausea and morning sickness throughout her pregnancy so it might be a good idea to include crackers, carbonated beverages, and ginger candies just in case.

best gifts for pregnant women


As her baby belly grows it will quickly become difficult to be on her feet. Not even to mention how hard it will be for her to get shoes on! A great gift for a pregnant woman is a pair of cozy slippers to slip on. These will make it easier for her to be comfortable all day, especially if she is on her feet most of the day.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

A pregnancy body pillow is a must for many pregnant women as it helps them sleep. What better gift to give a pregnant woman than sleep? It is much easier for a mom-to-be to get some rest with a uniquely shaped pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy body pillows are shaped differently compared to the average body pillow. Most have curves that are designed to hug your body and specifically to support your belly. The pregnancy body pillow by PharMeDoc has a U shape to support her head, back, legs, and belly.

Johnny's Mama

Johnny’s Mama Maternity Wear

Cute maternity wear with integrated belly support that gives you the lift you need for comfort? Yes, please! Johnny’s Mama overalls and shortalls would both make a great gift for a stylish mom-to-be. They provide the support moms-to-be need without compressing the belly.



LIVELY bras make a wonderful gift for pregnant moms and a little reminder for them that mamas can be sexy, too. LIVELY’s maternity line combines function, comfort, and style. We especially love their bralettes which are perfect to wear when nursing.

vejo blender

Vejo Portable Blender

The Vejo Portable Blender is a Rookie Mom Tested favorite! We would dare to say it is the most convenient and easiest-to-use Portable Blender out there. It’s great for busy moms who are looking for a quick (but still delicious!) solution for breakfast or a snack throughout the day. 

There are two parts to Vejo; the portable blender and the blends. The blends are little pods that you pop into the blender filled with fruits, greens, and vitamins. This means you don’t have to worry about piling ingredients in! 

Best Unique Gifts for Pregnant Moms to Be

Belly Buds

Belly Buds

These little guys will give you the ability to share music and voices with your baby in the womb. A growing baby can hear around 20 weeks and make memories around 30 weeks gestation. Belly Buds are a great gift for pregnant women because they can share music, start making memories, and give the baby a window into the voices of their lives. The Belly Buds by WavHello are a great option with larger headphones and built-in adhesive to help them stick.

Bump Box

Best Trimester Gift Box for Pregnant Women

For a very unique gift for pregnant women look into a trimester subscription box. These boxes, whether three times in her pregnancy or monthly throughout her pregnancy, provide pregnancy-specific products and resources. This is a great gift for providing something special throughout her pregnancy with a specially curated gift tailored to her situation. Trimester gift boxes are available through Bump Box. (I gave one to my sister-in-law and she asked for another one for her 2nd child). It’s a pretty awesome gift!

best gifts for pregnant women- stitchfix

A Personal Stylist

Being pregnant makes you feel all sorts of uncomfortable, especially with clothes. Well, with Stitch Fix Maternity, the expectant mama in your life will have their own stylist who will personally choose clothes that are perfect for her.

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