In the hot summer months, water toys are the ultimate way to cool off! I have never met a toddler who doesn’t love to around in their swimsuit splishing and splashing (or a mama who doesn’t love scrolling on Instagram while her little one is finally entertained by something). If you are on the prowl for the best water toys to keep your toddler entertained, you’ve come to the right place!

Fun in the Sun; the 5 Best Water Toys for Toddlers

We have broken down water toys for toddlers into 5 categories; water tables, sprinklers, splash pads, backyard pools, and pool toys!

These are all perfect for toddlers but can be fun for the whole family as well! They are also all toys that can be used in an average-sized backyard and require minimal tools. In most cases, all you will need to get them set up is a hose!

water toys for toddlers

When using any water-related toy toddlers should be closely monitored and supervised to keep them safe. Check out our water and pool safety tips for toddlers to make sure you’re well-prepared!

Water Table

Many families (and even some classrooms!) utilize water tables. They are a ton of fun for toddlers, but more than that they help with sensory issues and improve hand-eye coordination.

So, what is a water table? It’s a pretty simple concept; an interactive table that holds water often with varying levels. They come with scoops, buckets, and floating pieces to play with. Sometimes they have features like waterfalls and inner pieces to fill causing water to come spouting out in different areas.

A water table is one of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers because it helps them gain independence, learn independent play, and will give them a comfortable place to splash.

Water tables can be used inside but you wouldn’t catch me with one in my house! This tends to be a messy and wet activity, but that’s what summer is all about. Check out some awesome options below!

water table for toddlers

Step2 Signature Rain Showers Splash Tub – My Favorite Water Table!

From the moment we set this water table in the backyard, I knew it was going to be a hit with our toddler. The vibrant colors and interactive features immediately caught his attention.

The Signature Rain Showers Splash Tub is designed with multiple levels and compartments, which allows little ones to explore and discover different water flows and patterns. But the real showstopper is the rain shower effect! Watching the water cascade down from the top tray, just like real rainfall, never fails to amaze my little one.

With cups, scoops, and spinners included, the Splash Tub offers endless possibilities for sensory play. My child loves scooping and pouring water, spinning the gears and wheels, and creating their own imaginative water games. It’s not just fun; it’s also a fantastic way to enhance their fine motor skills and stimulate their cognitive development. Grab yours here!

water toys for toddlers!

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

The Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table is a colorful plastic table with two tiers and 15 accessories for water fun. The table itself is blue with green legs, making it look a lot like a pond or lake. The lower level is shaped like a basin and holds the main water. There’s a sealed plug in the bottom for easy drainage and cleaning.

This bottom basin is the perfect height for toddlers to play independently and has a water wheel, bucket, and rubber duck. The upper tier is a bit higher, perfect for taller children. This top portion is smaller and has a series of holes to create a rain effect. There’s also a hole for creating a water maze. The age range for this water table is 18 months to 8 years. Purchase yours here! 

Sprinkler Toys

Remember running through the sprinklers in your backyard all summer long? I’m pretty sure our mom had us do this just to clean off the popsicle mess, but I loved it! My kids also love running through the sprinklers to cool off, especially because there are toys now to make this even more fun. 

toddler water sprinkler

Octopus Sprinkler

How cute is this little octopus sprinkler! It attaches easily to any garden hose and releases a refreshing spray of water from its tentacles, creating a fun and interactive water play experience for kids. Shop here!

water toys for toddlers

Cactus Sprinkler

This sprinkler sprays out from all over! Plus, it is so cute and I would not mind having it sitting out in my backyard all summer long. 

It comes with the added fun of a ring toss game for extra entertainment. Check it out here.

Splash Pads for Toddlers

Another great take on the sprinkler is the backyard splash pad, which is a circular plastic mat that attaches to a garden hose. The pressure of the water fills the mat and pushes water through the holes in the mat, creating a sprinkler effect.

This water toy is an easy way to entertain in the backyard without needing a large amount of space. You could even put it in the garage or basement for off-season storage.

Splash pads are also great for use with toddlers because they’re easy to assemble and easy to use, keeping the water-fun safe for little ones.

splash pad

MINNIDIP Exclusive Resort Collection Splash Pad

Is it just me or is this the cutest splash pad you’ve ever seen? It’s easy to hook up to your hose so you will be feeling the resort vibes in no time. Grab yours here!

water toys for toddlers!

Non-Slip Splash Pad

This mat is 67 inches in diameter, which is plenty of room for multiple children and family members to enjoy at once. By adjusting the pressure from the hose you can change how the water sprays and when you’re done simply unplug and drain in between uses. Check out current pricing here! 

Backyard Pools and Splash Parks

Now for kiddie pools and personal splash parks! These will provide your little one with hours of fun splashing around! Again, be sure to keep a very close eye on your little ones. These pools are small, but there is always a risk of drowning when water is involved. 

Candy zone

Candy Zone by Intex

The Candy Zone by Intex is an inflatable pool with a waterslide in the middle and a sprinkler feature to keep the water moving. There are two rails along the edges of the pool for rolling balls and inflatable lollipops for water toy fun. This is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy refreshing cool water as well as entertain active children.

The age range is 2 years to 10 years because of the size and the skill required to slide and climb. Buy yours here! 

Step2 Play and Shade Pool

The Step2 Play and Shade Pool is a solid plastic shallow pool designed for children 24 months to 6 years. The umbrella attachment creates shade for sun protection and the umbrella pole comes with attachments for playing in the water and creating a waterfall. In the pool, there is a little seat. This is perfect for toddlers who need a solid base for sitting and playing.

This toddler pool is a great choice for something age-specific that can help you stay cool and have fun while getting out of the sun. Here is current pricing.  

Pool Toys for Toddlers

If you do have a pool that you’ll be visiting this summer, you probably want some pool toys to entertain your toddler! Below are some of our favorites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do toddlers like water play?

Water play is a ton of fun for toddlers, but more than that it is a sensory experience and helps them work on their hand-eye coordination.

What are some water toys?

There are 5 main categories of water toys; water tables, sprinklers, splash pads, backyard pools, and pool toys. My favorite water table is the Step2 Signature Rain Showers Splash Tub because it keeps my toddler entertained for hours!

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