Clarké embarked on the journey of pregnancy and birth with a specific vision in mind – a peaceful, undisturbed home birth. She was interested in home birth since she was young, knowing internally that she could trust her body and wanting to bring a child into the world in a ceremonious environment.

After years of birth work, being the daughter of a midwife, and seeing first hand the health disparities and treatment of younger and women of color in the healthcare system, she had her visions for herself confirmed – home was the right place to be especially as a black mother.

Making the decision to add people into her birth space was taken with great care, tossing up between choosing an unassisted birth and a midwife-attended birth. After numerous interviews, she found a midwife that was the perfect fit for her family and had the joyful, peaceful, and undisturbed birth she dreamed up for herself all those years ago. 

homebirth birth story

Clarké Lunara Bio

Clarké is a birth worker (or doula) & childbirth educator who focuses on the spectrum of health from conception to postpartum (or life forever after). She is a wife, mother, daughter, community herbalist, & teacher at a forest school as well. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband and son-shine and loves cooking new recipes, learning new crafts and skills, and gardening. 


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