Amazon’s Selling A Ton Of These 50 Extremely Clever Things For Your Home Under $35

Wildly popular, incredibly useful home items you wish you’d bought sooner.

by Candace Nagy

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There’s no doubt that Amazon has a ton of things that can make home upkeep so much easier but finding those items can be hard, especially when you don’t have time to scour reviews. Not to worry, I did that for you. Here you’ll find 50 super clever things for your home — from tools that save you time and effort to reusable cleaning products that are good for the environment — and all cost less than $35.

Do yourself a favor and “add to cart” today to start seeing what all the hype is about. Many of the items below are backed by thousands, if not tens of thousands of five-star reviews, so you know they’re the real deal.


A Glass Cleaning Cloth That Leaves Windows Streak-Free Using Water Alone

This isn’t your standard microfiber cleaning cloth— it’s designed to get everything from windows and mirrors to dusty electronics sparkling clean using only water. Yes, that means you can ditch all those half-used bottles of glass cleaners. And you’ll save money too since the glass cleaning cloth can be tossed in the washing machine and reused.


These Corner Grips That Keep Rugs Flat Without Damaging Your Floors

No more tripping over rug corners or battling to keep them down while vacuuming —these V-shape rug grippers keep corners flat. And since they’re made with waterproof adhesive, they won’t damage or leave residue on your floors.


A Grout Pen That Restores Tile In Seconds

Backed by more than 18,000 five-star reviews, these grout pens restore stained or aged grout in seconds. Choose from fine or wide tips — then simply draw over the grout and you’ll have new-looking floors, shower walls, or kitchen surfaces. One shopper raved, “My family and my realtor could not believe the change.”


A Rechargeable Lighter That Makes Lighting Candles So Much Easier (& Smoke-Free)

Matches can’t hold a candle to this electric lighter that’s flameless, smoke-free, and rechargeable. The handy gadget is shaped like a pen, so it’s easier to light even pillar candles. And because the lighter is windproof, it’s perfect for outdoor use, too. Throw one in your camping bag.


These Swedish Dishcloths That’ll Save You Tons Of Money On Paper Towels

Made from a super-absorbent cellulose-cotton blend, these Swedish dishcloths are designed to take the place of dozens of paper towel rolls. You get 10 cloths in a pack and each one can be reused 100 times. “These are great, you can change them daily and not have to worry about going through a lot of sponges, since there are so many of them,” one shopper noted. “You can throw them in the dish washer or in the washing machine.”


This Cult-Fave Bidet Toilet Attachment To Keep Ultra-Clean

Costing less than $30 and boasting thousands of glowing reviews, this non-electric bidet attachment is like having a European bathroom experience right at home. It’s easy to install, made of durable plastic, and features an adjustable nozzle. Once you try it out, you’ll never want to go back to toilet paper.


A Pumice Stone Cleaner That Tackles Hard Water Stains & More

Say goodbye to limescale, hard water rings, rust stains, and more with this long-lasting pumice stone cleaner that fans say really gets the job done. The stone features an ergonomic handle and erases grime and build-up with ease. When you’re done cleaning, simply rinse, let dry (in the included vented storage case), and reuse.


This 10-Pack Of Decorative Pathway Lights That Cast The Prettiest Shadows

You’ll want to keep these solar pathway lights up year-round — and you can, since they’re waterproof and can stand up to any kind of weather. They charge automatically throughout the day, and once fully juiced, they provide up to 12 hours of illumination, emitting a beautiful soft light that filters through the unique pattern.


These Time-Saving Reusable Silicone Lids

Stop searching for the right lid or wrestling with plastic wrap and reach for these stretchable and reusable silicone lids instead. The eco-friendly variety pack comes with seven lid sizes, so you have one that fits almost any pot, dish, or container — and they can even go in the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer.


This Pot Strainer That’s A Pasta Lover’s Dream

This hands-free strainer is made from adjustable silicone that snaps onto almost any size pot or dish for one-stop-shop draining. The BPA-free silicone withstands high temperatures, so go ahead and drain all the macaroni and cheese, then pop it in the dishwasher when you’re done. The best part? It packs away easily in your drawer for compact storage.


These Cedar Blocks For Keeping Clothes Must-Free

These natural red cedar wood “blocks” slip right onto your hangers, keeping your closet free from must and moths with a light, yet long-lasting scent. Plus, the pack includes 10 bonus cedar balls that you can toss in drawers or even shoes. One shopper noted, “They smell amazing and I’ve already started tucking them in places all over my closet. It is such a warm homey scent!”


These Stick-On LED Lights That Add Gorgeous Ambient Lighting Anywhere

No screws or wires are needed to light up any surface in your home with these stick-on LED lights. Once mounted via adhesive, you simply tap to turn on. And don’t worry if you accidentally leave them on — the battery life on these warm white-glow lights is incredibly long-lasting (upwards of 100 hours).


A Food Storage Set For Insta-Worthy Organization

This 7-pack of plastic food storage containers delivers the pantry organization of your dreams. Not only do the sturdy containers stacks in even rows, they also come with reusable labels and a chalk pen for ultimate organization. As for the lids, they’re airtight and easy to open — plus interchangeable so you don’t have to go through the hassle of matching container to lid.


An Adjustable Organizer That Fits Trash Bags, Aluminum Foil, & More

Fans call this simple but genius box organizer the “best space saver!” Adjustable shelves mean there’s a place for that multi-pack of sandwich bags next to the parchment paper and foil. It snaps together in seconds and keeps everything firmly in place with steel wire supports and nonslip feet.


This Magnetic Screen Door To Keep Bugs Out & The Breeze In

Fitting doors up to 38 by 82 inches, this magnetic screen door is lined with 26 powerful magnets, creating a seal that keeps bugs out while still allowing easy, hands-free access for you and your pets. The mesh panels stand up to regular use, and the whole thing installs in less than 15 minutes, no additional tools required.


This Wood Touch-Up Kit For Repairing Furniture In Seconds

This furniture repair kit comes with everything you need to fix dings and scratches — including six markers for restoring color to match almost any grain of wood as well as six wax sticks for filling in deep knicks. One shopper raved, “Very easy to blend colors and hide scratch marks.”


This Drill Brush Power Scrubber Set That Makes Cleaning A Breeze

Stop breaking your back scrubbing the old-fashioned way when you can use these small but powerful drill brush scrubbers. They come in three sizes, plus there’s an ‘extended reach’ arm attachment, so you’re covered when it comes to all the hard-to-reach areas. The scrub brushes attach to most standard drills — you just need to supply the drill.


A Wall Outlet Extender That’s A Must For Bedsides & Bathrooms

What takes this wall outlet to the next level is that, on top of having five standard outlets and four USB ports, it also has a built-in smart nightlight and a mini shelf for storing your phone or a speaker. And it stays securely in place with a center screw.


These Waterproof String Lights To Make It Feel Like Christmas Every Day

The wiring on these waterproof, solar-powered fairy string lights is practically invisible in the dark (or when not in use) so you can keep them up even after the holidays without the neighbors complaining. One shopper raved, “They give off just enough light to give a festive atmosphere.” And the two-pack includes 33 feet of lighting, a steal at only $12.


A Wine Aerator That Can Make Even ‘Two Buck Chuck’ Taste Better

This wine aerator comes in a pack of two, plus a gift box so you can keep one for yourself and give the gift of oxygenated wine and drip-free pouring to a friend. It’s made with quality materials and the nearly 5,000 five-star ratings are proof. One shopper noted, “The flow through this compact and beautifully made aerator is wonderful. It securely fits each wine bottle and does the job of opening up the flavors in my wine.”


This Detergent Holder That Eases The Dreaded Laundry Chore

The downward slope design of this detergent holder makes getting those last drips of soap out easy, while the rubber foot grips keep the stand in place. Pop the measuring cup into the molded tray and start pouring knowing there’s a drip catcher to prevent any sticky messes.


This Splatter Screen To Keep Your Stovetop Pristinely Clean

This best-selling splatter screen is designed to stop grease from causing a mess (or burns) while still allowing steam to be released through its heavy-duty, extra-fine stainless steel mesh surface. The wire guards and comfortable handle help keep the screen in place on pans up to 11.5 inches in diameter. Plus, it doubles as a baking rack or sieve.


This Best-Selling Dryer Vent Cleaner For Removing All The Lint

This dryer vent cleaner extends up to 40 feet and features a flexible brush that makes it easy to remove built-up lint. It can be used with or without a power drill and is reusable. With thousands of glowing reviews, it has fans calling it their “best purchase in years” and “one of the best values for any product I have ordered on Amazon.”


This Contoured Knee Pillow With Cooling Gel

The contours on this memory foam knee pillow are lined with cool gel pads that help keep you cool and reduce inflammation. The sturdy foam is designed to align your spine and support your muscles. When it needs some freshening up, just unzip the hypoallergenic, dust-proof cover and throw it in the washer.


These Cat-Scratch Sofa Protectors That Work Like A Charm

If you want to protect your upholstered furniture from your cat’s razor-sharp claws, just stick on these thick, long-lasting scratching shields and watch your cat walk away in total defeat. When your cat is trained or you’re just ready to take them off, there’s no need to worry about any sticky residue, either.


This Convenient 4-Piece Window Cleaning Accessory For Streak-Free Sparkle

This window squeegee comes with not one but three different-size blades, plus a chenille microfiber scrubber for clean windows without all the back-breaking work. And the attachments stay in place with secure clasps. Use by hand or attach it to a compatible DocaPole handle.


A Sturdy, Folding Step Stool For The Whole Family

This folding step stool has a cult following with nearly 10,000 glowing ratings — and anyone who owns one can tell you it’s a lightweight workhorse that’s a must for your home. Step up on the nonslip surface with a 300-pound weight limit, then pull up the handle to close into a slim, storage-friendly shape.


This Soap Dispenser To Keep Messy Dish Detergent Bottles Out Of Sight

Most dish detergent bottles look like a drippy mess but that won’t be the case with this soap dispenser, since the soap squirts right into the sponge holder with a gentle press of the hand. Say goodbye to soap messes and waste. Shoppers say it works so well, you may just find yourself buying a second one for your bathroom.


These Tiered Clothing Hangers For Saving Precious Closet Space

These tiered clothing hangers feature strong rubber-coated chrome clips that ensure clothes never fall off. Each hanger in the six-pack has four-tiers for maximizing closet space and keeping clothes organized.


This UV Flashlight That Scopes Out All The Yuck

Searching for pet urine or bed bugs is never fun but they won’t go undetected with this powerful UV flashlight featuring 68 LED black lights. It’s made with durable aluminum but the handheld size makes it a lightweight, portable tool. One shopper reported, “Was able to see all stains the nakedeye can’t see.”


A Fan-Favorite Drain Protector That Keeps Hair Out

This stainless steel drain protector fits neatly inside the drain in seconds, effortlessly trapping hair (out of sight) without disrupting the flow of water. It comes with three adapters to fit nearly any size drain. Backed by more than 15,000 positive reviews, you know this small but mighty bathroom gadget is doing something right.


A Super-Long Microfiber Dust Bunny Destroyer

Bye-bye dust bunnies and expensive, single-use dusters — not to mention perilously climbing on ladders or chairs to reach. Get rid of every inch of dust, yes, even way up on top of those fan blades with this long duster that features a 47-inch extendable pole and removable, washable microfiber head.


This Mop Kit That Isn’t Just For Floors

With a 4.6-star rating after nearly 20,000 reviews, this sturdy mop with a telescoping handle is the cleaning accessory you will rely on for so many things. You can use it wet or dry and the handle extends up to 60 inches, meaning it’s not just for floors — think: walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach places. The microfiber pads cling to dust and hair for quicker cleaning, while the scrubbing pads help out with tougher messes — both are reusable and washable.


This Stainless Steel Bag Holder With An Extra-Wide Opening

Don’t bother with a flimsy plastic version when you can get this sturdy stainless steel bag holder with an extra-wide opening for less than $25. It comes with mounting hardware for tucking away those unsightly plastic bags in a cabinet or closet, so you can reuse them later.


This Multi-Purpose Broom Holder With 57,000 Ratings

Boasting 57,000 ratings and counting, this best-selling broom holder is sure to keep your utility closet organized thanks to its five spring-loaded, extra-grippy slots that keep brooms, mops, and dusters firmly in place. There are also six hooks for hanging gloves, scrubbers, and more. Whether you use it in your laundry room or garden shed, it’s instantly has an impact on your space.


A Set Of Shatter-Proof Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Eight refrigerator organizer bins for under $30 is a steal as is, but considering that this set is made with BPA-free, shatter-proof plastic, you likely won’t be replacing them any time soon, equaling an even greater savings. There are eight bins in varying sizes included — four small and four large — and they hold a ton.


A Bottle Scrubbing Set For Every Bottle Shape & Size

This bottle brush set includes five brushes featuring sturdy handles and necks, stiff BPA-free nylon bristles, and rust-resistant stainless steel cores so you can clean just about any bottle shape or size. And don’t even think that they’re just for baby bottles, these brushes are also great for cleaning vases, water bottles, and more.


These Washable Liners That Make Cleaning Your Fridge A Cinch

These food-safe shelf liners make cleaning your refrigerator so much easier. Simply cover each shelf with one of the nine included non-skid liners, and when there’s a mess, peel it off and give it a rinse or toss it in the dishwasher. They can even be cut to size for a custom solution for your fridge.


This Battery Organizer That Makes Life Noticeably Better (Trust The 20,000 Reviews)

This wall-mount battery organizer features a hinged clear cover for easy inventory and it even comes with a built-in tester so you can quickly tell if the battery in question has any juice. It stores a variety of battery sizes (up to 93 of them) so you’ll never be without power when you need it the most. As one fan noted, “Best organizer that I’ve bought. No more looking batteries, and if it’s not in the case I don’t have it. Then I know what I need to buy.”


A Lawn Sprinkler For The Grass (& Sweaty Kids)

This weighted (read: tip over-proof) lawn sprinkler with 360-degree rotation is a time- and water-saving tool that will keep the grass, and the kids, happy. It’s built to last with ABS materials, too, so you won’t have to worry about rust.


These Space-Saving, Under-Bed Storage Bags

These under-bed storage bag organizers keep the dust out, despite being made with a lightweight, breathable material. The clear zippered tops and side handles make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Fans report using them for storing everything from wrapping paper rolls and gift bags to sheets, pillowcases, and off-season clothing and footwear.


This Handheld Hose Attachment For Cleaning Dirty Pets & More

This useful hose attachment slips over showerheads and sink faucets with an easy-to-install stretchable connector, instantly providing 6 feet of hose so you can spray the shower down after cleaning, give your pet a bath, or fill a portable washing machine.


This Set Of Flameless Candles For A Mood

These stunning pillar candles look like the real deal since they’re made with real wax and even flicker. But they’re actually battery-powered and controlled by a remote so you can leave them on without worrying about flames and switch them on and off with the press of a button — or set one of the timers for instant ambiance.


These Furniture Stoppers To Keep Your Bed (Or Office Chair) From Rolling

If you’ve got a bed or another piece of furniture or equipment on casters, these solid rubber, non-scratch furniture stoppers are a must-buy. Sold as an eight-pack, they fit a variety of wheels, won’t leave any marks, and can even help muffle noise.


This 2-Pack Of Storage Straps To Keep Things Under Wraps (Literally)

With a near-perfect Amazon rating, these storage straps help wrangle everything from hoses to cables and cords, avoiding messy tangles. They feature a heavy-duty hook-and-loop made of a durable and weather-resistant material that can hold up to 50 pounds. The carrying handle is great for portability.


These Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlets For Voice-Activated Lighting

These smart home outlets let you control electrical devices without even getting off the couch. Simply use the Kasa App or your smart home device (Alexa, Google Home) to control lamps, Christmas tree lights, fans, and more. There are also options to set schedules and timers for added convenience.


These Durable Door Stoppers For Protecting Walls

A lot of wall door handle stoppers are unsightly but that’s not the case with these round, translucent rubber pads. They stick on with a self-adhesive backing, creating a protective, nearly invisible cushion between door handles and walls.


This Set of Motion-Activated Night Lights

Stop trying to remember to switch your night lights on and off. This four-pack of mini LED motion sensor night lights automatically turn on and off when in auto mode. Or you can adjust the lighting to meet your lighting preferences. They’re an affordable and eco-friendly option for the home.


These LED TV Backlights That Reduce Eye Strain

This strip of LED lights fits neatly around the back of the TV and plugs right into the USB port for easy installation. The true white light helps reduce eye strain and improve contrast, and adds a cool effect to any room.


This Tablet Wall Mount For A Smart-Home Control Panel On The Cheap

Forget the damage and cost involved in hardwiring a smart home control panel when you can use this tablet wall mount with scratch-free silicone holders instead. When you want to take your tablet on the go, just slide it out and be on your way. It’s compatible with the iPad Mini, Air, and Pro, and it comes in three colors.

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