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What are the symptoms of 8 weeks pregnancy?


8 weeks is a huge milestone for a lot of pregnant women. They get to go to the doctor for their ultrasound and see how the baby is actually developing. Here are all of the pregnancy 8 weeks symptoms you should know about.


The Size Of The Baby

At 8 weeks’ time, you will probably go for your 1st or 2nd ultrasound of the baby. At this point, your baby is probably about the size of a kidney bean or a grape. So, you can’t find much, but you can see if it is growing at a steady rate and if the baby is starting to show a heartbeat or not. After some weeks, you can get a heartbeat at the ultrasound. 


The Nutrients You Need

When the 8 weeks are up, this is where you need to kick-start your nutrition. Gone is the time where you could eat anything and everything you craved. Now it’s time to add iron, folic acid, protein, and calcium to your diet. It’s best to start early because your baby will suck all of the nutrients from your body once it starts to grow. 


Common Symptoms Of 8 Weeks Pregnancy

Here are some symptoms that are common in women who have reached the 8-week mark. 

  • Sore Breasts

This is a very common pregnancy 8 weeks symptoms, but you feel like your breasts are very tender. They will also grow a little bit in size and they will be sore and heavy. You will be very sensitive in the chest area and a slight whack can cause a lot of soreness and pain. 

  • Nausea & Low Blood Sugar

You will also feel nauseous in the morning, but it will start to go away as the day progresses. You will also feel your blood sugar getting low and you will start to feel dizzy because your baby is sucking all of the important nutrients from your body and if you are getting low blood sugar, it means you are not supplementing your body enough. 

  • Weight Gain

Weight gain is part of the charm of being pregnant. Your body is making room for a big baby and you will eventually gain more weight, but this is the time where it becomes evident. 

  • Frequent Visits To The Bathroom

Your body will expel a lot of fluids when you reach the 8-week mark, so expect a lot of bathroom visits. You will have a full bladder most of the time, and also make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to keep up the hydration. 

  • Haphazard Sleep Schedule

Your sleep schedule will be off the charts. You will not be able to sleep at night and will nap throughout the day. 



It’s very important to keep in mind that every woman is different. Some might feel all of these symptoms occur, while some might not even feel anything at all, so it’s best to do things that feel good for your body and mind. 


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