75 Genius Gifts Under $35 On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews

The gifts that keeps on giving.

Genius Gifts Under  On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews


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Here’s a fun fact: Amazon carries over 12 million items. That’s just… so many items, but it really explains why it can often feel overwhelming when you need to quickly find a cool gift for someone.

That’s where this list of clever gift ideas comes in handy. Not only is it jam-packed with genius items that also happen to be affordable at under $35, but every item on this list also has glowing reviews and is perfect for gift giving.

So, whether a mini cake pop maker speaks to you, a blanket shaped like a tortilla is something you can’t possibly pass up, or a tea bag squeezer is literally your cup of tea, all of that — and a whole lot more — can be found below.


These Mulberry Silk Scrunchies That Feel Luxurious

Scrunchies are back, and this pack of three silk scrunchies isn’t just fashionable, it’s pampering for your hair. Since the pure Mulberry silk helps reduce friction that causes frizz and breakage, the scrunchies deliver smooth all-day wear without the pulling and breaking. Choose from several color options.


These LED Book Lights For You & Yours

Two rechargeable book lights come in this highly rated pack, and each clips onto books for reading in bed when the lights are off — ideal for camping, traveling, or simply when you want to read while your significant other wants to sleep. The light offers three settings for both daylight and nighttime, and you can easily recharge them using the included USB cables.


This Korean Night Cream Made From Snail Mucin

It may sound gross, but hear me out. This Korean Snail Repair Night Cream is made with nourishing snail mucin extract, which is surprisingly great for your skin. This concentrated cream is formulated with 97.5% ethically harvested snail mucin filtrate, along with moisturizing jojoba oil, shea butter, and green tea, for a revitalizing complexion boost. Fans love the creamy texture and its brightening effect.


The Sweetest Mini Cake Pop Maker

Perfect for budding bakers, this mini cake pop maker will make the whole family happy. It makes nine cake pops, but it’s also great with mixes for waffles, pancakes, donuts, and more. Plus, its compact size doesn’t take up too much space. As one fan gushed, “This is seriously my favorite thing I’ve ever [bought]. (Exaggeration? Not even a little bit.)”


This Eyelash Curler For Flawless Lashes

This stainless steel eyelash curler creates some seriously voluminous lashes. Unlike some other eyelash curlers, this one doesn’t pinch or rip your lashes thanks to the smooth hinge, and the handles are super-easy to grip. It comes with a cute satin storage bag, along with two pad refills.


This Tea Bag Squeezer For Sophisticated Tea Lovers

For tea drinkers, these tea bag squeezers will make a big difference in your overall tea experience. Made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the tongs are great for safely taking out tea bags from hot water, and they can also squeeze the liquid out of tea bags to get every last drop of your blend. When not in use, the squeezers can also double as handy ice cube tongs.


This Bamboo Tea Infuser That’s Vacuum Insulated

Not only will this double-wall vacuum-insulated bamboo tea thermos keep your tea hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, it comes with an infuser and strainer for loose leaf tea. There are three sizes: 12-, 17-, and 22-ounces. One shopper noted, “I love how the bottle feels in my hand. The straining basket is extra fine, and it came with a free product warranty that I signed up for.”


This Electric Makeup Brush Spinner For Quick Cleanings

This electric makeup brush cleaner comes with eight rubber collars to clean brushes of various sizes. The cleaning and drying process takes less than a minute per brush. Simply fill the bowl with soap and water, put a brush in the water, attach the appropriate collar, and press the on button. Fans call this tool a “game changer,” with one shopper asking, “Where has this thing been all my life!! Love it.”


This Unique Fuzzy Ball Hand Towel Set

This two-pack of fuzzy ball towels will be a fun addition to your bathroom or kitchen. The ultra-absorbent puff towels function like regular (boring) hand towels, but look way cuter and dry faster. They’re machine washable and come with loop for hanging. Choose from three color offerings.


This Neck Wallet For Travel Security

Ideal for traveling overseas where you need access to your passport, phone, tickets, and other important items, this RFID-blocking neck wallet will keep your essentials in one secure spot. It features a thick string for hanging around your neck and is made of ripstop nylon, making it super durable and waterproof. Choose from six colors.


This Chic Glass Tumbler With Over 28,000 Five-Star Ratings

There are cups that simply get the job done, and then there’s this massively popular glass tumbler and straw set that gets the job done while look really good while doing it. There are several perks to the borosilicate glass cup: It has a silicone sleeve for an easy grip, a snug bamboo lid, and it can hold 20 ounces of liquid (hot or cold). It’s sturdy, dishwasher safe, and offered in over 30 colors. As one shopper noted, “Just get the cup. It’s cool. Works great. It’s not designed to bounce so don’t drop it.”


These Face Mask Applicators You Didn’t Know You Needed

More than 70,000 Amazon shoppers agree that these face mask brushes are great for applying face masks or even body butters. The silicone wands keep your hands clean while delivering a smooth and even application for masks, peels, serums, and more. One shopper raved, “This little gadget makes applying face masks so mucheasier and less messy! The material also helps put all of the product on your face so it’s reducing a lot of product waste.”


This Exfoliating Coffee Scrub For Your Whole Body

This coffee scrub is packed with natural ingredients that are specially formulated to help with skin conditions like eczema and acne. It includes caffeine, which is supposed to help encourage blood flow, and Dead Sea salt for even more exfoliation. You get 10 ounces of goodness in this small tub.


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Are Virtually Unbreakable

Perfect for any outdoor event, or even to replace the glass wine cups that always seem to break at home, these stainless steel wine glasses are basically unbreakable. Even better, they can be thrown in the dishwasher. The glasses come in a four-pack, can hold 18 ounces of liquid each, and they even help keep drinks cooler longer. There are 24 colors to choose from.


This LED Light Strip To Set The Mood Behind Your TV

Add some ambient lighting to your TV with this LED light strip. The additional lighting is great for setting the mood, but it can also help your eyes strain less. It comes in several size options and features 15 colors with 10 adjustable brightness modes. To install, simply use the sturdy 3M adhesive.


These Cute Spa Headbands To Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Whether you’re washing your face, removing your makeup, or simply lounging around the house, these spa headbands are an effective and super-comfortable way to keep your hair out of your face. Made from microfiber fleece and velvet, the adorable headbands come in a pack of eight and are thick and stretchy to fit all head sizes.


This Detangling Brush With A Cult Following

The Glide Thru detangling brush makes it easy to get through even the most tangly hair. The wet/dry brush has an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold, with flexible “no-tug” bristles that don’t lose their shape. Shoppers call the brush a “game-changer.” As one fan shared, “My 7-year-old daughter finally lets me brush her hair and even uses this brush to brush her own hair.”


This Convenient Tablet Stand With Adjustment Options

Whether this pillow tablet stand is used in bed, at a table, or on a couch, it has six adjustment options (three on each side) to give it the perfect angle no matter where you watch. It’s made of cozy pillow material and supports both vertical and horizontal viewing, making tablet viewing way more comfortable than holding the device in your hands while you watch.


These Eco-Friendly Reusable Product Bags

Instead of using plastic produce bags at the grocery store, go with these reusable mesh produce bags for a more sustainable option. They come in three different sizes and you get five of each size — for a total of 15 bags in the affordable pack. All come with drawstring closures. The bags are machine-washable and see-through so you always know what’s inside.


This Dishwasher-Safe Meat Tenderizer

An excellent addition to any household of meat eaters, this Checkered Chef’s meat tenderizer does the heavy lifting for you. The lightweight, nonstick mallet is double-sided with a flat side for pounding and a textured side for tenderizing. After it’s used, it can be put in the dishwasher so you can continue cooking without needing to stop to clean.


This Tortilla Throw Blanket That Comes In Various Food Designs

To stay warm and to have a good laugh, wrap yourself in this novelty tortilla throw blanket. Made of soft fleece, the circular blanket is also available in pizza and waffle designs — and in five size options ranging from 47 to 90 inches. The blanket can be thrown in the washing machine for easy care.


This Novelty Ladle That’s Adorable & Efficient

Kitchen tools don’t have to be boring. They can actually add a bit of fun like Nessie the ladle spoon. Shaped like a Loch Ness monster, the freestanding, plastic ladle perfectly serves soup and looks adorable while doing it. Tall enough to reach the bottom of even the deepest pot, the ladle is just as effective as it is unique.

One shopper raved, “The ladle makes me smile every time I use it. I had it poking out from behind things in my kitchen for several weeks just because it’s funny. Plus, it stands up really well and doesn’t vanish in the pot. A totally random thing to buy but very useful.”


These Sushi Magnets To Add Some Fun To Your Fridge

These ultra-cute refrigerator magnets are shaped like sushi, and they’re actually pretty realistic — including a very convincing caviar sushi. The pack comes with eight different sashimi pieces with strong magnetic backing. They’re especially great for gifting to the sushi lover in your life.


These Fan-Favorite Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

With a 4.7-star rating after 70,000 reviewers have weighed in, these reusable silicone baking cups are a worthy addition to your baking accessory lineup. The beauty of these dishwasher-safe cups is that they can be used in a muffin tin with any extra cooking sprays needed. (They also double as snack cups for your little kids). Choose from a pack of 12 or 24; both include nearly every color of the rainbow.


This Hydrating Eye Gel Patches With Hyaluronic Acid

This 30-pack of Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel Patches offers a cooling sensation and ingredients that help hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of fatigue around the eyes. The nonslip patches work best if they’re applied to your under eye area for 15 to 20 minutes. One reviewer raved, “These are the best eye patches I’ve everused! The results are immediate and lasts a long time!”


This Pancake Pan That Makes Perfectly Shaped Breakfast Bites

Use this silver dollar pancake pan to make perfectly shaped pancakes, over-easy eggs, sausages, crepes, and more. It has seven slots to speed up the cooking time, and the PFOA-free nonstick coating makes it a cinch to clean. Now, instead of using several pans to make breakfast, all you need is this one.


This Funny Lime & Salt Rimmer For The Margarita Lover

Making margaritas should always be fun, and this lime and salt rimmer margarita set absolutely brings the entertainment with funny sayings like “Hit me with your best salt” and “Squeeze me baby one more time.” The ceramic plate even comes with a fork for limes that says “Give me a wedgie.”

One fan gushed, “So cute! Love this design. What a great way to enjoy my salt on my fabulous margaritas! I love this whole product line.”


These Sleek, Multipurpose Carafes That Come With Lids

You can use this set of two glass carafe pitchers for serving water, juice, cocktails, or iced tea at parties or for everyday use at home. The elegant pitchers are easy to hold and pour with a narrow neck design — and both carafes come with plastic lids for keeping fruit flies and dust at bay.


This 3-Pack Of Faux Leather Luggage Tags That Stay Put

Offered in a convenient set of three, these faux leather luggage tags are great because they’re durable and they attach to luggage securely so they won’t fall off. This set comes in a pretty rose gold hue, but you can choose from 27 other colors to find one that works for you. Each tag comes with two printed information cards, so you can list all the important information.


These Scalp Massagers No One Should Have To Live Without

Not only will this scalp massager feel amazing on your head, it’s designed to remove dead skin and dandruff while increasing blood flow for hair health. It can be used on wet or dry hair, with or without shampoo or conditioner. This comes as a two-pack, so you can keep one in your shower and use another one for travel (or share one with a friend).


These Best-Selling Foot Peel Masks

If you have dry or cracked feet, you’re going to be obsessed with these foot peel masks once you try them. To use, just slide your feet into the foot mask socks for 60 minutes. After 6 to 11 days, the skin on your feet will start to peel, leaving you with the softest feet ever. Choose from 12 scents.


This Unique Phone Stand With A Whole Lot Of Flexibility

There are so many ways to use this handy cell phone holder. You can use it in the car to hold your phone while using maps, around your neck in bed, or as a freestanding holder for following recipes or Facetiming anywhere. The clip can rotate 360 degrees, so it can be adjusted to best suit your comfort needs. As one shopper noted, “It has a tight grip so that your phone will stay in place even if dropped on the floor.”


This Dinosaur Taco Holder For The Ultimate Prehistoric Party

Whether you buy this Tricerataco taco holder to make your kids smile or to make your dinner party friends laugh, it’s sure to make mealtime more fun. The dishwasher-safe plastic dino can hold up two tacos — or use it for other yummy bites, like sandwhiches, donuts, waffles, and more. No matter when you pull this out, you’ll be making someone’s day.


These Meat Claws For Fast Shredding

The safest and easiest way to shred meat is by using these meat claws. While holding onto the handles, the claws shred meat in seconds, saving you tons of time if you were to use a regular knife or forks. Since you can throw these bad boys in the dishwasher, cleanup is a breeze. One shopper shared, “Apart from the fact that I instantly become wolverine when wearing them, they work great. They quickly shred everything we’ve made.”


This Utensil Holder Shaped Like A Cute Crab

Instead of placing your cooking spoon or spatula on the countertop and then having to clean said countertop, go for this adorable silicone crab-shaped utensil holder. It can hook directly onto the top of a pot or pan, or it can freestand on the counter. It’s dishwasher-safe and also offered in a fun Viking design if crabs aren’t your thing.


This Sandwich Sealer That Lets You DIY Uncrustables

Now you can make your own crust-free sandwich bites using this five-piece sandwich sealer. After removing the crust, this sealer will close the ends of the bread, which not only keeps the contents of the sandwich from falling out, it’s also fun for kids and something they can do themselves. Choose from different shapes, like hearts or circles, and a rainbow of colors.


This Memory Foam Neck Pillow With A Machine-Washable Cover

This travel neck pillow is made of adaptive memory foam, so it’s incredibly soft, comfortable, and molds to your neck. The pillow is available in five colors in the listing, and the cover is removable and machine washable. One shopper raved, “This is a very comfortable neck pillow. I appreciate the strap on the back which allows you to put it over suitcase handles.”


This Waterproof Organizer To Keep Vehicles Tidy

Tidy up a trunk or backseat with this roomy vehicle organizer. It has multiple compartments (as well as side mesh pockets) for groceries, accessories like jumper cables, a windshield scraper, and more. The organizer is made from a durable waterproof material, and it can be adjusted in size for a custom fit and kept in place with the included straps.


These Citrus-Shaped Drink Markers That Are Perfect For Parties

These fruit-shaped charms let guests easily keep track of their drinks; they’re designed to slide onto the rim of nearly any glass and the set comes with eight of them in various bright hues. Since they’re made from food-grade silicone, the charms can be washed in the dishwasher as needed.


This Waterproof Portable Speaker That Floats

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, it’s also designed to float in water — it can be used in the shower, at outdoor gatherings, or in a pool. The speaker is compact in size (it’s less than 5 inches in diameter) yet powerful, and it features five LED lights for even more fun. It can run for up to 24 hours straight on a full charge.


This Unique Tray That Hooks Onto A Vehicle’s Steering Wheel

This hook-on attachment turns any vehicle’s steering wheel into a usable tray for eating without the mess. It can be attached to nearly any steering wheel — it has colored silicones pieces to ensure it’ll fit a wide range of vehicles and prevent scratches. You can’t use this pick while driving; it’s meant for when you’re parked.


This 4-Pack Of Refillable Silicone Bottles For Travel

Travelers will be glad to have these silicone bottles on hand. Each bottle in the four-piece set can hold up to 3 ounces of liquid (like shampoo, body wash, or sunscreen), meaning they’re TSA-approved. The flip-cap lid is designed to not spill or leak, and the wide mouth opening allows you to clean and refill the bottles with ease. The set also comes with a zippered pouch to hold them all.


This Silicone Cup Holder That Fits On Nearly Any Couch Arm

You can keep a favorite drink within reach by placing it in this cup holder that’ll fit securely on practically any couch arm, including flat, rounded, and wide models (it just needs to be at least 5.5 inches thick). The highly rated holder is made from slip-proof silicone that’s weighted for extra sturdiness. Choose from four color options in the listing.


This 1-Gallon Water Bottle That Comes With 2 Different Lid Types

This one-gallon water bottle will help you meet your goals to stay more hydrated — it has markers on the side (in time, milliliters, and ounces), allowing for easy tracking of water intake throughout the day. The BPA-free plastic water bottle comes with two lids (one with a straw and one without). Choose from a wide range of colors in the listing.


This Affordalbe Pair Of Glass Cups That Come With So Many Accessories

These glass cups are fantastic for at-home bubble tea, but also for other drinks like smoothies, iced coffee, and protein shakes. They feature a wide mouth for easy pouring and also included are four lids, two silicone sleeves, two stainless steel straws, replacement pieces, and a cleaning brush.


This Set Of Ice Cube Trays That Make 2-Inch Cubes

These unique ice cube trays can make large, 2-inch ice balls and cubes — chilling your favorite drinks in a snap without watering them down. The trays are made from flexible silicone, so they can be twisted to pop the ice cubes out without damage. They’re dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


This Heated Blanket For Your Vehicle

This heated blanket plugs into a 12-volt outlet, allowing you to bask in its cozy warmth while riding in their vehicle. It heats up quickly (and maintains its temperature until you unplug it) and has a long 96-inch cord to reach even the back seat. Pick from six color and pattern options in the listing.


This Popular Sushi Mold Kit

Start making your own onigiri at home with this four-piece kit. Included are small and large triangle-shaped molds, as well as a musubi mold. They’re made from high-quality plastic and come with a rice spoon for fast and mess-free filling. “This is such a simple tool, but so useful. The design is great and makes it easy to quickly make a lot at once, and make different kinds,” wrote one fan.


This Shaving Apron That Keeps Counters Clean

Featured on the hit show Shark Tank, this bib apron is pure genius. It wraps around your neck and the end attaches directly to a mirror (there are two big suction cups for this). As you shave, all of your stray hairs are captured in the bib — simply funnel them into a trash can when you’re done.


These 6 Cactus Tea Lights With A Surprisingly Long Burn Time

These adorable green cactus tea lights can burn for up to an hour each. They’re made from paraffin wax with a no-spill design to protect the surface below. The set comes with six tea lights in various adorable succulent shapes. “They make a really cool gift. They definitely look more expensive than they were. […] The candles are really well made and realistic; they really look like tiny little cactuses,” wrote one shopper.


This Efficient Wireless Station That Charges 3 Devices At Once

If they have multiple electronics to charge in one spot (like a smartphone, wireless earbuds, and smartwatch), this wireless charger is a must-have. It can wirelessly charge up to three devices at once (you don’t even need to remove the cases to do so) — in just 2 or 3 hours to reach full charge. The charger is compact so it takes up little room on a desk or nightstand. Choose from several colors to match your decor.


This Microwavable Ramen Bowl That’s Dishwasher Safe

Anyone can whip up a delish ramen lunch in just a few minutes with this microwavable bowl. Simply fill it with one or two packages of ramen and water, then stick it straight into the microwave. The bowl is made from heat-resistant, BPA-free plastic, so you’ll be able to safely pull it out when cooked without burning yourself. It’s dishwasher safe and you get a set of chopsticks included, too.


These Small Yoga Towels That Can Absorb 7 Times Their Weight

These microfiber yoga towels can absorb up to seven times their weight in water, yet they dry remarkably fast. Each towel in the four-piece set measures 24 by 12 inches and rolls up to an even more compact size for convenient carrying. Choose from gray, blue, or green, as well as various sets in the listing.


This Indoor Plant Pot That Comes In 3 Styles

This adorable pot features the sweetest little smile and it sits on the edge of a shelf, countertop, or other flat surface. It has a 4-inch diameter and the drainage holes ensure it gets the perfect amount of water. There are two other versions in the listing including a standing planter or one with its legs straight out.


This Popular Vitamin C Serum With 22,000+ Perfect Ratings

With powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, organic aloe, jojoba oils, and witch hazel, this popular facial serum offers numerous benefits for the skin like brightening, moisturizing, and smoothing. It has a lightweight feel and wears well under makeup. “I have been using this product for over a week and I already see a difference. My skin is much brighter and has a healthy glow […] Great serum….even better price,” wrote one fan.


This Metal Moon Garland That Reviewers Rave About

This moon phase garland will add a decorative touch to any wall. It showcases 13 different moons in a hammered gold finish (silver is also available in the listing), and they’re hung on a delicate metal chain that’s 36 inches long. One shopper raved, “I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the quality was. Very sturdy product. Came packaged in a cute little velvet drawstring bag. The hammered texture is beautiful and it catches the light really nice.”


This Makeup Brush Set That Even Comes With Cleaning Solution

For less than $20, this 14-piece synthetic brush set is an unbelievable deal — grab one as a gift, but also for yourself because it’s always nice to have new, clean makeup brushes at your disposal. Included are five larger Kabuki-style brushes for foundation, powder, concealer, and contouring, and nine smaller ones for more detailed tasks. It also comes with a bottle of cleaning solution.


This 4-Pack Of Nonstick Silicone Baking Mats

This set of four nonstick reusable silicone mats replace parchment paper, foil, and cooking sprays. They’re designed for temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, making them safe for use in the oven, freezer, and dishwasher for easy cleaning. The set includes two quarter-size sheets and two half sheet-size mats.


This Device That Heats Up Lotion For An At-Home Spa Vibe

This heated lotion dispenser is a little luxury that upgrades any bathroom. It’ll gently warm 16 ounces of your favorite lotion in just two minutes and will work with any hand or body variety. “I think this is possibly my most favorite Amazon purchase EVER! I turn it on before I get in the tub or shower so it’s warm by the time I dry off. My skin has never been so nice in the winter,” wrote one commenter.


These Woven Planter Baskets That Come In Great Neutrals

This pair of rope baskets can conceal unsightly indoor plant pots. They’re handwoven from cotton with reinforced handles (that are actually hidden in the sides). The set comes with a 12- and 10-inch pot, and you can choose from various neutral colors in the listing.


This Sturdy Bedside Caddy With 6 Pockets

Slide this storage caddy between a mattress and frame (it’ll work with sofas as well) to create additional space for books, a laptop or tablet, glasses, magazines, a phone, and other essentials. It’s made from soft, sturdy felt with six total pockets for organization. Pick from light gray and dark gray in the listing.


This Aluminum Phone Stand That Folds Down Between Uses

Place a smartphone on this folding stand to watch videos, play games, look at recipes, and more — the angle can even be adjusted to reach an optimum viewing angle. It’s made from sturdy aluminum with rubber pads to prevent it from sliding around, and is compatible with nearly any device ranging from 4 to 10 inches in size. It’s available in lots of colors in the listing, including red, gold, blue, green, and more.


This Realistic Scented Candle For Cereal Lovers (Or Other Foodies)

For all the cereal lovers in your life, this handmade candle looks and smells like a bowl of sugary goodness. It even has a real spoon in it. The candle features a blend of soy wax, vegetable wax, and beeswax that’ll burn cleanly. It’s nearly 6 inches across and 3.5 inches tall. Other cereals and foods are also available as options in the listing.


This 32-Ounce Cold Brew Maker With An Airtight Lid

By pouring ground coffee and water into this cold brew coffee maker and letting it steep overnight, you’ll have four cups of coffee waiting for you in the morning. The pitcher is made from sturdy borosilicate glass with a stainless steel filter to ensure grounds don’t end up in your cup. The dual silicone rings and tight-fitting cap form an airtight seal to keep the brew fresh.


This Hand-Painted Dino Ring Holder

This cute ring holder is made from sturdy ceramic with a hand-painted design and can hold about four rings at once, depending on their weight. “I needed somewhere to safely keep my engagement ring when I took it off (I misplace things a lot). This was perfect,” wrote one reviewer.


This 3-Piece Stainless Steel Candle Accessory Kit

Add this accessory set when gifting a candle or give it on its own to any candle lover in your life. It includes a curved wick trimmer, snuffer (with a hanging design), and wick dipper that extends the life of your candles. The tools are made from stainless steel and various finishes are available in the listing.


This Portable Hair Dryer With 50,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This popular hair dryer is lightweight (weighing in at just over a pound) and small in size, making it ideal for travel or for anyone short on storage space. Despite its small stature, the hair dryer puts out a lot of power, and there are two speed settings to choose from.


This Slim Faux Leather Wallet With A Money Clip

Swap a bulky wallet for this ultra-slim faux leather bifold. It has slots for five credit cards or ID cards, plus an integrated money clip to securely hold a few bills. The wallet features RFID-blocking technology and has earned an impressive 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon.


This Lighted Makeup Mirror That Can Be Powered 2 Ways

This trifold mirror features regular magnification, as well as 2X and 3X magnifications to make detailed tasks like tweezing or applying eye makeup easier. It has 36 built-in LED lights for superior illumination, and it’s powered by USB or AAA batteries.


These Nonslip Foam Yoga Blocks With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

This pair of yoga blocks can be used to enhance strength, improve stability, and deepen stretches. They’re made from EVA foam with soft beveled edges, and they won’t get slippery when wet so they’re hot yoga-approved. Choose from three color choices in the listing.


This Knife Sharpener That Even Works On Serrated Blades

Knives can return to like-new condition by being drawn through this knife sharpener that uses tungsten carbide to restore cutting edges. It suctions to any flat surface for safer at-home use, and it even works on serrated blades.


This Versatile Mist Spray Bottle That Can Be Used Upside Down

This spray bottle is a major multitasker — it can be used to water plants, for arts and crafts, to clean the home, and so much more. It’s refillable and delivers a continuous mist that’ll cover large areas at once (even upside down). The spray bottle is made from BPA-free plastic with a leakproof lid.


This 5-Pack Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Nest For Storage

You’ll constantly reach for these stainless steel mixing bowls in the kitchen — the set comes with five different sizes (ranging from less than a quart to five quarts) for nearly any task. Each bowl has a flat base for stability and a wide rim to pour without drips. They nest for space-saving storage, and they’re dishwasher- and freezer-safe.


This 2-Pack Of Over-The-Door Organizers For Purses & Bags

Protect purses in these hanging organizers. The two-pack allows for storing up to 12 bags, each of which features six clear compartments — including four that are larger and two that are smaller — to hold nearly any purse without squishing it. The organizers can hang over a standard door using the sturdy metal hooks at the top.


These Dishwasher-Safe Cat Tongs For Cat Lovers

These pink cat-shaped tongs can be used to grab noodles, salad, ice, and other foods. The tongs are made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, and they’re heat-resistant up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re dishwasher safe, too.

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