65 Weird Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Sick As Hell

Strange but useful items you’ll wish you bought sooner.

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Amazon is full of everyday items that’ll save you loads of trips to your local store, but the world’s largest online retailer is also jam-packed with items that aren’t so “everyday” but are absolutely worth your time.

Here you’ll find weird and clever items that also happen to be useful around the house and affordable, like a spoon holder shaped like a witch to keep your countertops clean, a roll-up mat to store puzzles without ruining your progress, and a wedge pillow for alleviating discomfort while you sleep. If you’re looking for cool stuff under $30, this is the list for you.


This Wreath Storage Container For Year-Round Protection

This water-resistant plastic wreath storage container will protect wreaths (up to 24 inches in diameter) from dust, insects, rodents, and moisture while stored away in the off-season. Durable handles make it easy to transport, and an internal strap keeps the wreath in place if you decide to hang it for storage. One shopper noted, “For anyone who has nice wreaths they hang on their doors for different holidays… This is a MUST buy! This is fantastic! I wish I would’ve purchased one of these so much sooner!”


This Witch-Shaped Spoon Holder That’s Surprisingly Useful

It might not look like it would be, but this witchy spoon holder is incredibly useful in the kitchen. The heat-resistant novelty witch will hold your cooking utensils while you brew a magical potion (or, you know, dinner). The ladle holder can be placed on the edge of a pot or pan, and it will securely hold a utensil while also propping open the lid to release steam.


This 3-Pack Of Slicers For Fruit & Veggies

If you have kids, this three-pack of practical fruit cup slicers will make fruit and veggie prep a lot easier. The compact gadget conveniently slices a variety of foods so you can avoid slicing with a knife and get the job done more quickly. One shopper raved, “My son eats a lot of strawberries and this tool saves time cutting them. It is a really good investment to have when pressed for time.”


These Tumbler-Compatible Silicone Straws

Designed for thick beverages like smoothies, this reusable silicone straws are compatible with 30-ounce to 40-ounce tumblers or cups. Choose from a pack of eight, 10, or 20, and each set comes with a cleaning brush to get all the gunk out. With a 4.7-star rating after nearly 20,000 reviews, these are an eco-friendly solution that Amazon shoppers love.


This Scalp Massager That Also Removes Dandruff

With this scalp massager, you won’t just be getting a massage. The silicone gadget is also designed to rub the shampoo in deeper as well as remove dead skin, dandruff, and dirt. Of course, the massage part is nice, too.


This Compact Space Heater To Take The Chill Out Of The Air

Whether you take this mini ceramic space heater with you to work or set it on your nightstand at bedtime, it’s the perfect way to warm up without overheating anyone else around you. The heater is cute, affordable, effective, and it comes in four color options.


This Pet Brush Designed To Reduce Shedding

This pet brush pulls double duty as a brush that detangles dog and cat hair while also deshedding. It’s designed for pets of all sizes with sensitive skin who need some extra help removing loose hair. Best yet, the brush is easy to clean by pressing a button and removing the hair.


This Mosquito Net To Keep The Bugs At Bay While You Sleep

If your bedroom has an influx of flying insects, this canopy mosquito net will protect you as you sleep, even from the smallest bugs. The net comes in two sizes to fit over double to king size beds. It has a hanging kit, and once it’s hung, the net has two openings — one on each side — for easy entry. It packs into a small bag making it ideal for travel.


This Silicone Popcorn Popper That’s Microwave-Safe

Place this silicone popcorn popper in the microwave for two to three minutes — without the need for any butter or oil — and you get perfect kernels. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it being too hot to touch when you pull it out since the bowl is designed to spread heat evenly. The collapsible, dishwasher-safe bowl can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn for a family-friendly batch.


These Spiky Shoes For Aerating Your Lawn

Strap these aerator shoes on before seeding your lawn for the best possibility of positive results. They are made up of a sturdy plastic base with 13 heavy-duty metal spikes on each, and they slide on over shoes with three adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Pro tip: Wear them while you mow the lawn for the healthiest yard yet.


These Pre-Scored Furniture Pads To Protect Your Floors

This eight-pack of furniture gripper pads can be customized to create any size pad you need thanks to the pre-scored cuts. The felt pads are made of anti-slip rubber and come with non-adhesive bottoms that won’t damage floors or furniture. Buy them in round or square shapes and in packs of four, eight, or 12.


This Unique Pet Sling That’s Reversible

Your pet deserves to be carried around in this pet sling carrier just like a human baby. The reversible material is soft, cozy, breathable, and can easily be washed. The carrier can hold a dog or cat up to 12 pounds and comes with a security clasp. It’s available in six colors, each with a polka dotted lining.


This Grow Kit For Starting Your Garden Indoors

You’ve heard of salad in a bag, well here’s a salad in a box. This vegetable garden starter kit comes with everything you need to get five veggies started inside. There are packets of lemon crystal cucumbers, red lettuce, golden beets, purple salad onions, and rainbow radishes, plus five peat-based grow pots, five peat soil blocks, and five plant markers. There are also sowing and growing tips in case you need them.


This Cover To Protect Your Deck Box From The Elements

Deck boxes are ideal storage, but they won’t protect against outdoor elements or determined rodents, which is why this deck box cover is essential. Made of heavy-duty, UV-protected ripstop material, the cover comes in three sizes and will extend the life of your storage box and everything in it.


This Best-Selling Splatter Screen For Frying Pans & Skillets

Prevent oil from landing on your clothes and burning you or making a mess of your kitchen by using this frying pan splatter screen. The screen can connect to the handles of most pans and skillets, and for an easy cleanup, it’s dishwasher safe. It even comes with resting feet so the greasy side never gets on the counter. Choose from four sizes depending on the size of your pans.


These Bottle Brush Cleaners With Excellent Reviews

Give your bottles a good scrub down with this five-pack of microfiber bottle brush cleaners. Each dishwasher-safe brush is made of stainless steel with durable nylon bristles. They’re ideal for water bottles, kombucha bottles, baby bottles, wine decanters, tumblers, vases, and more. With a 4.5-star rating after nearly 30,000 reviews, these are a clear fan-favorite for keeping hard-to-clean bottles fresh.


This Multipurpose Cooling Rack

This dishwasher-safe stainless steel cooling rack has many uses. It can be used as a spot for your baked goods to cool down, as a baking rack in your oven, as a drying rack for dishes, or as a rack for broiling or grilling. Its grid design keeps the food from falling and it’s heat-safe up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. With that versatility, no wonder it’s amassed nearly 32,000 ratings to date.


A Dual-Side Meat Hammer That Fits In Your Utensil Drawer

For this affordable price, you can have a meat hammer do all the heavy lifting for you, whether you’re tenderizing meat, smashing nuts, or mashing garlic. While the tenderizer does its job, a non-slip grip will help prevent it from flying out of your hands. A non-stick coating makes it easy to clean by hand washing it or popping it in the dishwasher. It stores away easily in your drawer, too.


This Wooden Stand To Display Your Favorite Vinyl Records

Your favorite vinyl records deserve to be on display, which is exactly what this wooden record stand is for. Showcasing not just vinyl, but a CD or LP as well, the stand is minimalistic, stylish, and it comes in three color options. It makes a great gift for the music lover in your life.


These Snug-Fitting Work Gloves That’ll Keep Your Hands The Right Temperature

Just because you need to keep your hands safe while gardening or doing projects doesn’t mean they need to suffocate or get chilled. These breathable bamboo garden gloves will protect them while keeping them cool on hot days or warm on cold days. They are meant to fit snug so they have a bare hand feeling, so the company suggests sizing up if you want something a little looser.


These Moth Traps To Protect Your Pantry From Infestations

Moths are naturally drawn to pantries because they’re full of food sources and places to lay eggs, which is why this seven-pack of moth traps is so essential. The traps can be hung or placed on a shelf and are packed with moth repellant, but the listing notes that this particular repellant is for pantry moths only, not clothing or gypsy moths.


This Snap-Lid Container Storage Set To Keep Cereal Fresh

Keep your cereal fresher for longer with this three-pack of cereal storage containers with airtight, snap-on lids. The transparent containers allow you to see how much cereal (or whatever type of dry food you choose to store) is left. The set comes with markers and labels so you know what’s inside.


This Super-Cool Roll-Up Mat That Lets You Move Your Puzzle

If you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles, this puzzle storage mat might intrigue you. The mat features guiding lines for puzzles with 500, 1,000, and 1,500 pieces. The mat comes with two foam poles and straps to securely roll the puzzle and store it until you’re ready to work on it again. As one fan reported, “left the puzzle I began rolled up for weeks without opening. During that time, my cats knocked the roll off of a high cabinet. When I unrolled it to see my puzzle, it was still as I left it.”


These Cute Glasses That Block Blue Light

Protect your eyes from all that scrolling and working with these blue light-blocking glasses. The glasses help prevent digital eye strain and block fluorescent blu-ray light, which can help reduce headaches and even help with better sleep. As one shopper noted, “I work at my computer all day and the second the glasses go on I feel relief, significantly less eye strain. Such an obvious instant change. […] I genuinely get better sleep when i wear them all day and evening before bed. It’s a small price to pay for great results.”


These Thought-Provoking Cards To Help Couples Learn More About Each Other

Whether you’ve been with your partner for years or you’re just starting out, these Talking Point cards will spark conversations to help you two connect and deepen your relationship. The pack comes with 200 thought-provoking conversation cards on a variety of subjects, covering everything from love languages to childhood.


This Essential Oil Diffuser & Bluetooth Speaker In One

The beauty of this essential oil diffuser isn’t just that it’ll supply you with aromatherapy, it also has a a built-in Bluetooth speaker and an alarm clock, basically making it a full-service gadget. It has an automatic shut-off that kicks in when the diffuser’s water runs out.


This Weirdly Convenient Sauce Holder For The Car

When eating fast food on the go, this in-car sauce holder can make dipping super convenient and a lot less messy. The holder clips onto the vents in your car, and you can either stick the restaurant sauce packet directly inside or empty up to five packets into the included reusable container.


These Paracord Bracelets For Rugged Outdoor Adventurers

Be ready for anything in the wild with these paracord bracelets in tow. The bracelets feature four essential adventure tools in one: fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, and 12 feet of military-grade paracord. The bracelet is designed for grown ups and kids with wrists ranging from 8 to 10.5 inches.


This Large-Capacity, Automatic Soap Dispenser

The amount of soap this automatic soap dispenser can hold is impressive. You and your family can wash your hands 1,400 times before it needs a refill, according to the brand. There are five different soap output levels, so you can choose how much soap you want released (whether it’s for hand or dish washing). One fan noted of its staying power: “The first one of these lasted almost ten years. Recommended.”


This Stud Finder That Also Has A Magnetic Level Tool

Within this five-in-one stud finder is a micro chip that locates the edges and the center of metal, studs, pipes, and more behind walls, ceilings, and floors with precision. It comes with a level tool for measuring locations and spacing on walls, making your home project go a little more smoothly.


This Foldable Laundry Hamper With A Divider For Easy Sorting

There’s a lot to love about this double laundry hamper. It has a divider that creates two compartments for easier laundry sorting, it features handles for transport, it has a lid with a magnetic closure, and it can be folded when it isn’t in use.


This Water-Resistant Armband Phone Holder

Keep your phone close while you run with this sweat-proof armband phone holder that even comes with a reflective logo for nighttime safety. Made of stretchy spandex and nylon, the holder is comfortable to wear and easy to use, with a zippered pocket for your phone, keys, and other small items. It comes in four sizes and seven designs.


This Milk Frother For Barista-Quality Drinks From Home

It might be bold to say, but it’s very possibly that this versatile handheld milk frother will change your life for the better. It can whisk a variety of beverages so you don’t have to get out the blender, including milk for lattes and protein shakes, and it can even whisk your eggs. With thousands of five-star ratings, this is an affordable gadget for barista-quality results.


This Neck Pillow With Cushy Memory Foam

Take this ergonomic neck pillow with you on an airplane, in the car, to work, or keep it at home to use while you’re watching TV. Its cushy memory foam helps stabilize and support your neck so you can rest without feeling like you need to pay a visit to the chiropractor. Plus, the soft, velour cover is removable for washing.


This 2-Pack Of Dimmable Book Light Clips

You and your partner can both use these rechargeable LED book lights to read in bed without disturbing each other when one of you is ready to sleep. The adjustable clip-on light features three brightness settings, along with a daylight mode to help with focus and amber mode to reduce eye strain from blue light. They’re rechargeable with the included USB cable, and one charge can last up to 30 hours.


This Pack Of Machine-Washable, Silicone Oven Mitts

These oven mitts are made with a silicone material on the outside that won’t absorb liquids while you’re cooking and soft cotton lining for comfy wear. The mitts are resistant to heat and steam, and they feature a nonslip grip on the palms. The two mitts come with a set of two silicone pot holders for all the kitchen handling. Plus, you can choose from five colors.


This Fun Ring Toss Game With An Island Vibe

Set up this ring toss game either indoors or outdoors to add a bit of fun to your family gatherings or parties with friends. The object of the game is to swing the rope with the ring attached and land it on a hook, which is attached to the wall-mounted surfboard. Setup takes less than five minutes.


These Inconspicuous Remote Control Holders

With this four-pack of magnetic remote control wall holders, you’ll never have to ask where the TV control is — or at least that’s the idea. Stick the small holder to any flat surface like a wall, table, or to the back of your TV using the included adhesive, and stick the other magnet to the remote.


This Magnetic Cord Holder For Your Desk Or Nightstand

Place this magnetic cord holder wherever your phone, tablet, or laptop cords need wrangling. It’s magnetized to keep the cables in place and accessible instead of in a tangled mess on the floor. You’ll also get a cord collar, which helps hold heavier cords in place. The holders come in two sizes and four color options.


These Stackable Egg Containers That Prevents Cracks

Keep your eggs from cracking in the refrigerator with this sturdy plastic egg container set. The two containers each come with a lid for easy stacking or to place other foods on top without worrying about the eggs breaking. There’s space for 14 eggs in each organizer.


This Sleek Toilet Paper Holder With A Phone Shelf

It may seem like just a place to keep your TP, but this toilet paper holder offers much more. It includes a shelf to hold your phone, air freshener, or anything other small item you might need to keep nearby while you’re using the toilet. The stick-on design can hold up to 22 pounds, and you even get two bonus robe hooks with your order. Choose from two sizes and nine finishes.


These Vintage-Style, Dimmable Incandescent Light Bulbs

Set the perfect ambiance using these vintage incandescent Edison light bulbs. The 60-watt bulbs are dimmable and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. There are several brightness and color options, and they come in either a four- or six-pack.


This Wedge Pillow For A Better Night’s Sleep

If you (or your partner) has a hard time sleeping due to acid reflux, heartburn, or hearing the other person snore, this bed wedge pillow that elevates you while you sleep might be able to help. The breathable memory foam pillow sits 6.5 inches high and has a machine washable cover. You can also use it for a leg rest, knee pillow, or as back support.


This Best-Selling Handheld Bidet Sprayer

This highly rated handheld toilet bidet sprayer is designed as a hygienic way to clean yourself after using the toilet. It’s also a great way to use less toilet paper. This gadget can be mounted onto a wall or onto a toilet and connected to your water source. You can control the water level from gentle to jet spray.


This Clever Shower Curtain With Storage Pockets

If your shower or tub doesn’t have space for shelving, this waterproof shower curtain with mesh pockets is the next best thing. The curtain liner has nine mesh pockets to help organize your shower essentials. It measures 70 by 72 inches and fits most standard showers and tubs.


This Genius Duster For Window Blinds

If you have window blinds in your house, do yourself a favor and buy this genius window duster brush. The tool features three blades to clean the top and bottom of two blinds simultaneously. Five machine-washable microfiber cloths are included. One shopper noted, “I love that you can reuse these, and they really do a good job getting the dust. I usually wet them as I’m cleaning […]”


This Adorable Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Infuse your tea, but make it cute. This Baby Nessie loose leaf tea infuser might be shaped like a Loch Ness monster, but it works well. The silicone infuser is built with a steeping spoon, and the bottom half of the dinosaur can be placed in hot water to do its job. It can be rinsed or thrown in the dishwasher for a deep cleaning. Choose from three colors.


This Hanging Drying Rack For Laundry

This over-the-door drying rack will give you a place to air dry your laundry while keeping it out of the way. It’s idea for a small laundry room, an apartment, or dorm room with limited space. Simply hang the rack over any door and lay your wet clothes on the mesh shelves to dry. It folds up flat when not in use.


This Adjustable Bamboo Book Stand With Near-Perfect Reviews

With a 4.8-star rating after more than 10,000 reviews, this foldable bamboo book stand is an attractive and functional to keep your book or tablet upright and within reach. It supports books and tablets of all sizes, and can be adjusted to five different positions for the perfect viewing angle. Fans say it’s an ideal spot to place a recipe book when you’re cooking in the kitchen. The stand folds flat with it’s not in use and can fit inside a standard backpack.


This 6-Pack Of LED Puck Lights With Remote Controls

Place this six-pack of LED puck lights under a cabinet, in a closet, or on a wall for additional lighting. Using the included remote controls, you can adjust the brightness levels, choose from 13 colors, and turn the lights on and off. You can also set a timer to automatically turn the lights off after 30 or 60 minutes.


This Plastic-Free Beeswax Food Wrap

Eliminate the use of plastic for food storage with these reusable beeswax food wraps. The three-pack comes with three sizes of organic wraps for all types of storage needs. Whether it’s a salad, leftover dinner, or a snack for your kid’s lunch, the wraps are designed to keep food fresh.


These Large-Capacity Reusable Grocery Bags That Fold Flat

Once you use these reusable grocery bags, there’s no going back to less durable bags (bye plastic!). Each bag can hold up to 65 pounds, and offer the equivalent of up to five bags’ worth of grocery storage. The sturdy, stand-up bags won’t spill over in your car, and when they aren’t being use, they fold flat to the size of a notebook for storage.


This Apple Corer With Over 14,000 Five-Star Ratings

Core your apples quickly with very little effort when you use this apple coring tool. The small but mighty kitchen gadget is easy to hold and to press down to remove an apple’s core, and it’s just as easy to pull out and clean. As one shopper reported, “I’ve had this apple corer for months and love it so much I needed to write a review. […] the core easily releases into the trash. All I have to do is rinse it under the tap to clean it. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. Everyone should have one of these in their kitchen!”


This Purse Organizer With Rotating Hooks

Don’t just shove your purses on a shelf or drop them on the floor; instead display them on this purse hanger organizer so you can actually see your options thanks to the rotating hook design. There are six hooks that are also great for hanging bras, scarves, hats, belts, and other accessories that are a pain to store.


This Electric Candle Lighter With A Perfect Curve

The curved shape and flexibility of the electric lighter makes it incredibly easy to light a candle. The lighter is flameless and rechargeable, and its battery life is displayed on the barrel when it’s turned on so you don’t run out of juice when it’s time to light the birthday candles.


This Collapsible Water Bottle That’s Ideal For Travel & Theme Parks

This collapsible water bottle is perfect for traveling by plane or visiting a venue that doesn’t allow full water bottles. Simply pack it in a bag or a purse and fill it once you’re inside. The silicone bottle is leakproof and can withstand temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s available in a few color and size options.


These Laundry Bags For Protecting Your Delicates

Wash your delicates in these mesh laundry bags to keep your garments in tip top shape. The zipper on each bag has a cover so it doesn’t open in the washing machine or dryer. This set comes with three large and three medium rectangular bags, but the listing also offers different size and quantity variations depending on your needs.


These Headband Headphones That’ll Stay Put While You Sleep

You won’t have to worry about this headphone headband falling off while you sleep or exercise. The cozy headband is equipped with wireless speakers inside so you can listen to music, a podcast, or ambient sounds without shoving uncomfortable earbuds in your ears. The headband is washable if you remove the headphones, and the material is breathable and quick-drying. Choose from 16 colors.


This Best-Selling Car Storage Organizer

If you have junk in your trunk, this collapsible car storage organizer can help. The sturdy storage box can hold groceries, change of clothes, toys, shoes, sports gear, and more. It comes with adjustable straps so it doesn’t slide all over the trunk. There are four colors and three sizes to choose from, including an extra large box with a cooler.


This Car Cleaning Gel To Get In The Cracks

The stickiness of this car cleaning gel makes it ideal for cleaning crumbs, dirt, and dust out of small cracks and vents in your car. It can be used multiple times until it’s completely full of dirt. The putty can also be used on computer keyboards — just make sure you press lightly.


This Brilliant Shower Cup Holder

Whether you want to bring a beer into the shower or a cup of water for hydration, this clever shower drink holder allows you to do it. The silicone cup holder sticks to the wall and can be moved as you please. It’s also great to stick on a mirror, on a work bench, on a boat, or on a cooler.


This Double-Sided Magnetic Dart Board

This magnetic dart board pulls double duty with targets on both sides. The 13-inch magnetic dartboard comes with six magnetic darts that actually stick to the board. Hang it in the backyard, in the house, or in your office when you need a quick work break.


This Set Of Chic Packing Cubes For More Efficient Travel

Pack your suitcase more efficiently by using this eight-pack of luggage packing cubes. The cubes come in various sizes for all types of items, including a bag for shoes, a bag for socks, and a toiletry bag — plus a dirty clothes bag for all those clothes piling up on the floor. The cubes come in 14 color options.


This Decanter Spout To Perfectly Aerate Your Wine

No need for a cumbersome wine decanter when you can use this compact wine aerator pourer. Not only will this aerator provide a bottle of wine with the optimal amount of oxygen, it’ll also help prevent spills and drips when pouring.


This Seriously Effective Sneaker Cleaner

For scuffed, soiled sneakers, you need to try this shoe detergent that works wonders on even the oldest kicks. It can be used on rubber, canvas, and leather (just not suede), and works overnight to deliver a serious clean. One shopper noted, “I soaked a pair of dirty white canvas tennis shoes for 5 hours and barley had to scrub them…the were white again!!!”

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