65 Weird Things For Your Home On Amazon That Are So Damn Brilliant & Cheap

These quirky and wallet-friendly items are getting tons of attention.

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Whoever says material things can’t enhance your life clearly doesn’t have an Amazon account. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of Amazon’s weirdest, most brilliant, and surprisingly affordable items for your home that will make your day-to-day more enjoyable.


This Cool-Mist Cactus-Shaped Humidifier That Doesn’t Make Any Noise

The fun and ironic thing about this cool-mist cactus humidifier is that its main job is to moisturize your space to prevent dry, stuffy air… but it’s a cactus, and cacti live in dry, stuffy air. The humidifier is small and portable, it has a four-hour auto shut-off, and unlike many other humidifiers, this one is completely silent.


This Large Floor Pillow With So Many Uses

There are multiple ways to use this large and cozy floor pillow. You can use it as a place to meditate, read a book, or watch TV. You can also purchase multiple pillows and place them on a window bench to create a comfortable seating area. Keep in mind, if you have a dog, chances are high they’ll take this over as their own bed.


This Genius Nylon Art Supply Storage Bag That’s Great To Bring On The Go

Bring this mini nylon storage bag on the go to keep your kiddos busy. Pack it with art supplies, Legos, cars, or other small toys. A slide-out tray makes it astonishingly easy to hold your child’s things and then just as easy to put them away. The bag can be tucked away and stored in the car or a closet when it isn’t being used.


This Set Of Realistic Flameless Candles With A Remote Control

At quick glance, it’s near-impossible to notice that these flameless candles aren’t actual flames, because they really do look realistic. The wax, however, is real and the lights flicker, mimicking real flames. Three candles in various sizes come in the set along with a remote control that lets you turn them on or off, set a timer, and dim the brightness.


This Popular Laundry Detergent Dispensing Station With A Soap Catcher

Instead of manually tilting your detergent every time you do laundry, place it on this laundry detergent holder so it’s always ready to go. It’s angled at a downward slope for easy pouring and comes with a strap so the bottle doesn’t slide around. It has a soap catcher that can hold the measuring cup and catch any drips, and has a pretty stellar overall score on Amazon of 4.7 stars.


This Leaf-Shaped Soap Dish That Self Drains

Perfect for the shower or next to a sink, this leaf-shaped soap dish features a downward slope that allows it to self-drain. It doesn’t just hold soap, however. The dish is great for a sponge, dish brush, or razor in any room that makes sense. It comes in a variety of colors and designs, all with the same convenient draining style.


This Adorable Ladle That Can Stand On Its Own

Not only does this Nessie-shaped ladle look adorable when it’s standing tall, it can stand completely on its own, making less of a mess on your countertops. The plastic ladle, which is much easier to spot than the mythical creature itself, is just as practical as it is cute, standing tall in a pot when soup isn’t being served. Nessie comes in several colors and two size options.


This Hanging Laundry Hamper That’ll Save So Much Floor Space

This hanging laundry hamper can be hung in a closet to save floor space. Two durable hangers can effectively hold a full bag of laundry, but the hangers can also be removed if you choose to use the hamper on the ground. Once removed, you can transport the hamper with its strong carrying handles. “It’s improved my laundry life exponentially, which is hilarious because I didn’t even realize I needed to until I found this laundry bag design existed,” said one reviewer.


These Decorative LED Wine Bottle Lights That Come In A 30-Pack

This pack of 30 LED wine bottle lights will bring the party to any type of bottle. Made of 3.3-foot silver-coated copper wire, the lights are easy to drop into a bottle. Each light strip comes with an attached cork where you can turn the lights on or off and remove them whenever you want. The lights are waterproof, but the cork isn’t.


This Foldable Fan With A Strong Yet Silent Breeze

The beauty of this foldable fan is that it offers a strong breeze while being almost completely silent. When folded, the fan is about as compact as a tablet, making it easy to travel with and take on the go. You can choose from three speed levels ranging from a soft breeze to a strong wind, which can generate airflow up to 16 feet.


This Crib Mattress Protector With A Zipper Closure

A crib mattress protector like this one is incredibly important since diaper leaks are bound to happen. The mattress protector fits on standard crib mattresses and has five waterproof sides — the bottom obviously doesn’t need to be waterproof, but it is breathable. It has a little bit of padding that makes a hard crib mattress cozier for little ones, and also comes in a two-pack if you’re looking to have an extra on hand.


This Adjustable Canned Goods Shelf That Can Support Up To 35 Pounds

Stick this canned goods organizer in a pantry or cabinet for some top-shelf organization. (See what I did there?) The plastic shelf helps you organize cans and other pantry items so you can actually find what you’re looking for. It’s adjustable to fit your space, and it can hold up to 35 pounds, which is a whole lot of cans.


This Sleek Bed Skirt That Drops Almost To The Ground

Whether you want a bed skirt to make your bed look more put together or to keep everything you’ve shoved under the bed out of sight, this luxury bed skirt will do the trick. The bed skirt has a 15-inch drop, which on a standard bed will almost hit the floor. It’s available in twin to California king and comes in several color options.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Can Completely Replace Paper Towel Use In Your Home

Cut back, or completely eradicate your paper towel usage when you switch to these Swedish dishcloths. Made of cellulose and cotton, the 10-pack of reusable, absorbent towels are eco-friendly, can be washed up to 100 times, and can save up to 15 paper towel rolls each. They’re safe for cleaning up spills on all types of surfaces, including wood, glass, steel, and marble.


This Motion-Activated Bed Light With A Programmable Auto Shut-Off

When you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, this motion-activated bed light will provide enough light so you don’t stub your toe or run into a wall. You can set an auto shut-off timer anywhere from 30 seconds to six minutes, and it only turns on in a dark environment when it senses movement from a person (not a pet).


These Multicolored Sock Clips That’ll Keep 20 Pairs Together On Laundry Day

If socks are constantly going missing after a load of laundry, these laundry sock clips will keep pairs together. The pack comes with 20 pieces in multiple colors, ensuring that 20 pairs of socks will remain together while being washed. The loops are easy to pull shut and just as easy to remove — you just have to remember to put them on before a sock goes missing.


These Trash Can Bands That Work On Round & Square Bins

For trash bags that can’t seem to stay up in a trash can, try this set of three trash can bands. The stretchy rubber bands fit most round or square trash cans that are 10, 13, 20, or 33 gallons. One band holds one trash bag in place, and it’s just as easy to put on as it is to take off. Now you won’t have to put your hands in the dirty bin to pull the trash bag up.


These Decorative Floating Shelves That Come In A Pack Of 3

These lightweight floating shelves are easy to mount to a wall, and although they don’t have a ton of shelf space, they’re fantastic for special trinkets, small plants, or photos. Made of metal and wood, the geometric shelves are versatile enough to look good in any room — from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom.


This Hanging Drying Rack That Saves A Ton Of Space

You’ll save a ton of space in your laundry room with this over-the-door folding drying rack. Featuring three mesh tiers, the rack can hold a good amount of items with plenty of airflow. With the included hooks, the rack can hang directly over a door, and can also be folded to save storage space when not in use.


This Photo Display With Wooden Stars That’s Bound To Get Compliments

Your tweens and teens will love this hanging photo display. It features nine strings with wooden stars at the bottom, as well as 25 wooden gold clips for photos. The photo display makes a great gift for a student heading off to college or when you’re giving your child’s room a makeover.

It’s also great to hang up in a work cubicle, and is bound to get compliments. As one reviewer wrote, “I have this up in my cubicle at work. It’s nice to have all my loved ones around me all the time. And I get so many compliments on it. It’s one of my favorite things on my desk.”


These Produce Freshness Containers That Are Dishwasher Safe

A great way to keep your produce from getting moldy quickly is to put it inside this set of two produce containers. A built-in filter regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to create an environment that promotes airflow instead of moisture. They work best when one type of produce is placed in a container. Plus, the BPA-free containers are dishwasher safe, which is always nice.


This Silicone Wine Glass Holder For The Bathtub That’s Perfect For Both Stemmed & Stemless Glasses

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the bathtub, you already know how necessary this silicone wine glass holder is. To install, simply remove the protective film from the back of the holder and mount it to a dry surface like a tub, cooler, wall, or mirror and wait 24 hours before using it. Wine glasses of all sizes fit perfectly — stem or stemless.


These Rechargeable Electric Flameless Lighters That Have Flexible Necks

No need to worry about these candle lighters running out of lighter fluid because they’re completely electric and rechargeable. A flexible neck makes it possible to light candles, gas stoves, sparklers, and more without burning yourself. Plus, they don’t have a flame, so you for sure won’t get burned. The pack comes with two lighters, so when you can’t find one, there’s always another.


This Hanging Purse Organizer With Space For 12 Purses

2For some reason, purse storage isn’t easy to come by, which is why this over-the-door purse organizer is clutch — sorry, I just can’t stop with the puns. You get two organizers for under $20, each able to hold six purses, towels, linens, or anything else that fits. The large pockets can hold purses of all sizes and have a transparent window so you can see what’s what. You can buy them in three colors.


This Hand-Held Brush That Cleans Window Tracks & Vents

It’s never easy to clean the track at the bottom of windows — unless you own this hand-held window track cleaning tool. This small brush has narrow bristles that fit in window tracks, vents, and other cracks around the house that you probably don’t even realize exist. Available in four colors, it even has a hanging hole for easy storage.


This Grill Scraper That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

This metal grill scraper takes the place of a regular grill brush, and you don’t have to worry about metal brush fibers coming off. It perfectly fits in most grill slots, and since it’s so small, you can wash it and store it anywhere. On the other end of the scraper is a bottle opener, which is essential business for barbequing.


This Genius Slotted Shelf When You Can’t Have A Side Table

Since side tables aren’t tall enough to reach the top bunk (and they’d look weird if they did) this bedside shelf that hooks onto the side of a top bunk is bound to be a game-changer. Great for beds of all heights, it’s made of recyclable plastic and has slots for several cords so you can plug in your phone and other devices. In total, it can hold up to 35 pounds.


This Silicone Earbud Cord Organizer That Comes In A Bunch Of Colors

Earbud tangles are super annoying, but you don’t have to worry about that when you use this earbud cord holder. The silicone holder neatly organizes your wired earbuds so you can grab them on the go without having to deal with knots. It’s small enough to put in a pocket or throw in a small area in a backpack. You can personalize your experience by choosing from several colors.


This 3-Tier Rimmer Station To Make The World’s Best Margaritas At Home

This three-tier salt rimmer set provides you with a place to put all the salt, sugar, and lime juice you’ll need to make a really, really good margarita. It’s crafted from heavy-duty food safe plastic, and is a great way to add a little extra pizzazz to your home parties. Plus, its trays are labeled so you don’t mistake sugar for salt, avoiding a tragic party foul.


This Decorative Wood Pedestal That Makes A Great Sink Organizer

There’s no wrong way to use this decorative wood riser. It works well as a sink organizer, as living room decor, or as a place to set spices in the kitchen. It also makes for a unique and extra fun charcuterie board. The farmhouse-style wood pedestal features four feet which makes it look like a tiny, adorable coffee table. You can also buy it in a rustic version, if it better fits your decor.


This Cherry-Shaped Toilet Brush Holder That’s Cute & Effective

There’s really nothing fun about toilet brushes unless your toilet brush is shaped like a cherry. This cherry-shaped toilet brush will effectively clean your toilet and it’ll look cute while doing it. The brush and the holder are a little smaller than standard toilet brushes, but it’s meant to fit in small spaces and not take up too much room in the bathroom, making it especially great for apartment dwellers.


This Bathroom Sink Drain Protector That’ll Save You Money On A Plumber

Keep strands of hair out of your pipes with this bathroom sink drain protector. The stainless steel protector prevents clogged drains from any type of small item, making it a great way to save on plumbing bills. It’s easy to put in and take out when it’s time to remove any hair that has been collected, and comes with a stopper that can replace old or missing stoppers.


This Paper Towel Holder That’ll Make It Easy To Tear Off One Sheet At A Time

This paper towel holder is just what your farmhouse kitchen needs for a touch of charm. The design makes it easy to grab a single paper towel with a quick tear instead of accidentally pulling far too many towels at once. It has a nonslip base so it stays in place when it’s tugged at, and any size paper towel roll will fit inside.


These Space-Saving Chrome Hangers That Can Hold Up To 12 Skirts Or Pants

Save space in your closet by hanging your skirts or pants on this three-pack of chrome skirt hangers. The hangers can each hold four items or 12 total, and the clips have a rubber coating to help prevent your skirts from slipping off. In addition to clearing up space in your closet, the hangers are also great at keeping wrinkles at bay.


These Adjustable Bed Sheet Straps That Hold Fitted Sheets In Place

Here’s a promise — if you use this bed sheet strap set, your fitted sheet will stay put no matter how much action your bed may or may not be getting. Four straps come in the set, each connecting under the mattress to the corners of a sheet. The straps are adjustable, which allows you to use them on any size mattress.


These Adorable Sloth Page Markers That Indicate Where You Left Off

Instead of plain ol’ bookmarks, check out these adorable sloth page markers that will mark the exact line you left off while reading. Two page markers come in the pack, so you can disperse them among your kids or use them in more than one book. The sloths are lightweight and magnetic, so they mark your page without leaving any dents.


This Modern Infinity Vase That Comes In 4 Pretty Colors

Spice up your vase collection with this infinity vase. The textured vase comes in four pretty colors and has an earthy matte finish. It’s a great place to display fresh or fake flowers and is large enough to hold a whole bouquet and then some. It’s the type of vase you’d find at an upscale home furnishing store for a lot more money than it’s going for on Amazon.


This Sleek Resin Soap Dispenser With A Spot For A Sponge

Give your sponge a place to dry with this kitchen soap dispenser. The sleek resin soap dispenser has a marble finish and will add to your kitchen or bathroom decor. Most importantly, it has a small compartment for a sponge, which gives off big motorcycle sidecar vibes. The bottom of the dispenser has a silicone foot pad to prevent any countertop scratches.


This Drawer That Attaches Under A Desk For Additional Storage

If your desk doesn’t offer enough storage space, add more with this under-desk drawer. The slide-out drawer securely mounts under a desk with included adhesive or screws. It’s perfect for clearing up space on your desk by storing things like writing utensils, notepads, headphones, and candy. Every desk needs candy.


These Neon Mushroom Night Lights That Change Colors

Kids and grownups can all get a kick out of these mushroom night light lamps. The three-pack of mushrooms makes a great gift for anyone who loves mushrooms and fun things in general. A smart sensor automatically turns the lights on at dusk and off and dawn, and the lights have seven color-changing options. “I’ve had them plugged in for months now and they just keep shining. Perfect for a night light,” said one reviewer.


This Genius Glass Dispenser For Less Messy Honey & Syrup

Using syrup doesn’t have to end in a sticky mess thanks to this no-drip syrup dispenser. When you press the lever, the uniquely shaped glass bottle releases syrup or honey from the bottom of the container, avoiding drips and an all-around mess, especially when your kids demand to put the syrup on themselves. (Sigh.)


These Eco-Friendly, Reusable Straws That Are Dishwasher Safe

These reusable straws are just like the plastic straws that come with your tumbler water bottles, only better. Made of silicone, the eco-friendly straws have a bend to them, making them more comfortable to drink from, and they’re wide enough for smoothies. They’re dishwasher safe, work with 20- to 30-ounce tumblers, and can be trimmed to the size you need. The 10-pack comes with a storage bag and a cleaning brush.


This Perfect Toddler Suction Plate With 6 Sections

The amount of sections a toddler plate offers is just as important as the suction, and this silicone suction plate has it all. You get one large and five small sections that are the perfect size to portion snacks and meals for a baby or toddler. The plate is dishwasher and microwave safe to make your life that much easier.


These Adhesive Towel Holders That Take The Place Of Hooks

Instead of drilling hooks into your walls, go for this eight-pack of towel holders that only require adhesive tape for mounting — that said, screws are also included in case you decide to go that route for installation. The holders grab onto a small part of a bath, hand, or kitchen towel and don’t let go until it’s pulled out, so you won’t have to deal with towels slipping off hooks any more.


These Cord Organizers For Kitchen Appliances That Come In A Pack Of 4

Cords are often in the way, especially in the kitchen, which is why this four-pack of cord organizers is a must. The holder sticks to appliances like coffee makers, air fryers, toasters, juicers, and more to help you organize even the long and most thick cords that seem impossible to tame. It can also stick to a wall to work with hot tool and hair dryer cords.


This Shirt Folding Board That Will Make Your Drawers Look Martha Stewart-Worthy

This folding board can help you achieve the perfect fold so your closet ends up looking like you were raised by Martha Stewart. Follow the simple steps to master a flatter, neater fold, which can ultimately save space in drawers or on shelves. Since the board folds, it can easily be stored under a bed or in a small space once your drawers are properly organized.


This Best-Selling Nonstick Mini Donut Maker That Works With Cake Batter

Give your kids the gift of having donuts whenever they want with this mini donut maker. (And by whenever they want, I mean whenever you say yes.) The compact, kid-friendly gadget makes seven donuts at a time using cake mix or brownie batter, and it just takes a few minutes for them to cook. A nonstick surface makes it easy to manage, and the recipe book that comes with it will help inspire some pretty tasty creations.


These Best-Selling Wine Wands That Can Help With Hangovers & Allergies

Take the headaches out of drinking wine when you use this eight-pack of wine wand purifiers. Just stir a glass of wine with a wand, let it soak to filter histamines and sulfites, then drink your wine with less risk of a hangover or an allergic reaction. The wands fit inside a purse or pocket, and can each be used one time.


These Cozy Sleep Headphones That Come In Loads Of Colors

Whether you use these cozy sleep headphones to block out noise, listen to calming meditations or music, or as an eye mask, it’s designed to help you get better sleep. The wireless Bluetooth headphones are also great to wear while exercising as they don’t easily fall off your head, and you don’t have to deal with anything in your ears. They come in 19 color options.


These Clever Outdoor Drink Stakes That Can Hold One Cup At A Time

When you’re spending time in the yard and don’t have anywhere to put your beverage, these drink stakes will make your life infinitely better. Four drink holder ground stakes are included in the pack, and each stakes into the ground and can hold a bottle of wine, cup, or can. Each stake breaks down into two pieces for easy storage.


This Hand-Casting Kit That Makes A Fantastic Personalized Gift

Whether you’re buying this hand casting kit for yourself or something like a wedding or a baby shower, it truly makes the perfect gift that’ll create a unique and personalized keepsake. The kit comes with enough molding for two adult hands or up to four small children. It features an extra alginate molding powder and a casting powder so you can practice before the real deal.


This Machine-Washable Bath Rug That’s Shaped Like An Over-Easy Egg

There’s something so weird and amazing about this rug mat that’s shaped like an over-easy egg. Not only is it a quirky piece of decor, but it’s also a conversation starter. In addition to being cool, the shaggy and soft microfiber mat is also absorbent and machine-washable, and has a nonslip backing for added safety. It’s great for bathrooms, kitchens, and doorways.


This Unique Hand-Carved Eye Glasses Holder That Comes In Multiple Animal Designs

Not only will this hand-carved giraffe eyeglass holder keep your glasses in a place where you always know where they are, but it’s also a ridiculously hilarious home decor item that’ll bring a smile to your face every time you pass by. Who knew a giraffe wearing glasses could be so fun? If giraffes aren’t your thing, you can choose from several other animals, including elk, flamingo, a horse, and a German shepherd.


This 8-In-1 Veggie Spiralizer That’s Dishwasher Safe & Portable

There’s lots to love about this 8-in-1 veggie spiralizer, the most notable loveable thing being that it can spiralize, grate, juice, cut, shred, and more. Plus, it’s small enough to take with you on the go if you know you’ll be spiralizing veggies on a trip. To make things easy, all the parts are dishwasher safe, so just pop it in for a cleaning and be on your way.


These Stunning Geode Bookends That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a pair of these geode bookends. For a surprisingly reasonable price, these stunning agate geodes will hold your books in place. They come with clear rubber bumpers that you can apply to the bottom of the bookends to avoid slipping or scratching your furniture.


This Magnetic Goose Statue That’s The Perfect Place To Stash Your Keys

If you don’t find enjoyment in a magnetic goose-shaped statue that can hold your keys, razor, jewelry, kitchen utensils, and other magnetic things, I don’t know what to say. This goose is not only weird, but quite functional. Crafted from resin, it’ll ensure you never lose your most valuable possessions while serving as quite the conversation piece. It’s hard not to benefit from a magnetic house goose.


This Whiskey Stone Set With 6 Freezable Granite Rocks

Make your whiskey drinks feel more authentic and less watered down when you use this whiskey stone set. Place the granite stones on the wood tray and stick it in the freezer for at least four hours. Once they’re ready to go, add two to four stones per glass and enjoy an undiluted and perfectly chilled whiskey.


This Reusable Smart Notebook That Connects To An App

This smart reusable notebook is ideal for students who take a lot of notes, parents who need a place to unload the information they’re juggling, and kids to play as many games of tic-tac-toe as they desire. The notebook converts handwritten notes into digital text through its smart features and connected app. Once notes are stored in the app, the notebook pages can be erased with water.


This Blacklight Flashlight That Detects Pet Stains & Hidden Odors

Listen, this blacklight flashlight isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re committed to finding all the odorous pet stains and, well, other types of stains, it will absolutely do that. The wide-beam LED flashlight doesn’t require a dark room for it to work, so stains can be spotted no matter what lighting you’re working with in a room. The flashlight can also help detect bed bugs, which is also nerve-wracking, but necessary.


This Alarm Clock On Wheels That Forces You Out Of Bed

Perfect for anyone who refuses to get out of bed even after their alarm clock goes off, this alarm clock on wheels rolls around as the alarm goes off until you get out of bed to turn it off. The alarm is loud, which is ideal for deep sleepers, and it speaks a little like R2D2. You can customize your morning routine to one or no snoozes while selecting the length of your one and only snooze.


This Grow Light For Indoor Plants That’s Highly Adjustable

This grow light is a great way to give your indoor plants the extra lighting needed to help the reach their full potential. The light is adjustable according to how tall your plant grows, and you can choose from 10 dimming levels to offer the most efficient brightness. An automatic timer lets you set it and forget it.


This Small Insert That Fixes Loose Plugs & Glows In The Dark

Instead of just living with a loose plug forever, try this plug insert that creates a snug fit between outlets and plugs. The small piece fits directly inside an outlet and leaves room for a plug to fit snuggly around it. The piece doubles as a tiny night light as it glows in the dark, allowing you to find an outlet without turning on a light.


This Cable Management Box That Keeps Power Strips Protected

Keep your power strip safe from curious kids or pets with this cable management box. Not only does the box completely cover a power strip with room for cords, but it also helps it look a lot tidier. The wood lid has plenty of space to place a phone while it’s charging. Before you buy, make sure that your power strip is smaller than 11.4 inches long for the most ideal fit.


These Brilliant Touch-Up Pens That Can Be Filled With Any Paint

When you’re walls need small touch-ups, like when your kid “accidentally” throws a toy and leaves a dent, these paint pens will help you get the job done way more efficiently than a paintbrush. Two paint pens come in the pack that can be filled with whatever paint you want to use and then applied like a pen for a stable touch-up job.


These Rug Corner Grippers With Strong Adhesive

To stop tripping over the corners of your rug once and for all, give this four-pack of rug corner grippers a try. The strong adhesive on these grippers keeps them firmly in place on the rug, which ultimately keeps the corners of your rug from curling. The grippers don’t stick to the ground, however, which makes it easy to clean underneath it.

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