65 Dope Things Under $30 On Amazon That Seem Expensive

These products only *look* like they cost a small fortune.

Written by Allison Bolt

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If you’ve ever avoided buying something that you really want simply because it seems like it would be expensive, this list proves that it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s an on-trend product you’ve seen all over your social feeds or a find that makes your house feel a little more put together without any effort — I promise there are super cool things out there for very little money.

Go ahead and grab whatever chic, aesthetically pleasing, or interesting product you’ve been wanting — you may just be surprised that they happen to be under $30 on Amazon (even though they seem super expensive).


An Easy-To-Use Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Looks So Chic

A pour-over coffee maker certainly feels luxurious and chic, and this budget-friendly option is no exception. The heat-resistant glass is paired with an insulated and cool-to-touch collar, so you can pour your fancy-feeling coffee right away. It also has a fine mesh stainless steel filter to keep your fresh brew grinds-free and tasting delicious.


These Lightweight Earrings With An Elevated Shape

These gold-tone earrings look like heavy, oversized hoops, but they’re actually a lightweight and hollow pair that’s so comfy to wear. You can quickly pop them on when you’re getting ready with their stud-like posts instead of trying to hook hoop earrings. Meanwhile, the curved teardrop shape adds an elevated, trendy touch to your outfit.


This Luxurious Snail Mucin Cream That’s So Hydrating

This skin-repairing cream has the brightening snail mucin ingredient that’s so viral right now. It packs in 97.5% snail mucin extract into this easy-to-use bottle. This trendy extract is also paired with the classically nourishing ingredients you might look for in a cream, like aloe, shea butter, vitamin E, and more.


A Long-Lasting Neck Fan That’s Actually Quite Stylish

Sometimes you just need a neck fan because you’re going to be out for a while, and this lightweight option actually looks super sleek. It’s lined with vents all the way around, so this stylish little fan will definitely keep you cool. Plus, it works for up 16 hours if you want to use it for multiple days before charging it.


A Plush Faux Fur Rug That Comes In Over A Dozen Sizes & Colors

This faux fur rug has an organic shape that’s perfect for layering on the floor or even draping over a couch or chair. It’s covered in 2.8-inches of fluffy faux fur that will look so luxurious no matter where you put it. On the back, there are plenty of non-slip details to keep this easy-to-clean rug in place. It also comes in over a dozen sizes and 20-plus colors.


These Chic Silk Scrunchies That You’ll Reach For Every Day

These scrunchies are made of 100% mulberry silk, so you’ll always have an option that’s gentle on your hair whenever you need to toss your hair up. Their glossy material will prevent breakage, while the sophisticated colors will elevate the look of any outfit — even if you don’t have time to wash your hair.


An Aesthetic Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set With A Holder

This set of cooking spoons will look so chic on your countertop because the matching light-wood design is as timeless as it is useful. You get seven different utensils, including every spatula and spoon you could want and wooden tongs that are perfect for serving salad at dinner parties. It even comes with a matching bamboo holder, so it will easily fit on your countertop.


A Cult-Favorite Moisturizer That Deeply Hydrates

This moisturizer has a light water gel formula that will feel way more luxurious (and absorb more quickly) than a classic and way-too-heavy facial lotion. This fan-favorite formula has glycerin to hydrate your skin and hyaluronic acid to make sure that hydration actually sticks around, which is why it has over 94,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These Pretty Floral Soaps To Elevate Your Bathroom

This bath soap makes styling your bathroom so easy because they come in a chic box, and they’re shaped like roses, carnations, and other pretty, classic flowers. Plus, each one of these delicate-looking soaps is infused with plant essential oils to fill your bathroom with a pleasing floral scent.


This Easy-To-Use Milk Frother With A Sleek Little Stand

Take your coffee game to the next level with this milk frother. It can be operated with the simple touch of a button, and the result is perfectly whipped milk in just about 15 seconds. When you’re done making your morning lattes, this frother can be displayed on a stainless steel stand that looks quite modern and fresh on your coffee cart.


A Soft Satin Pajama Set With A Comfy, Loose Fit

This pajama set pairs a relaxed fit with glossy satin fabric, so they’re luxurious yet comfy enough to reach for every day. The T-shirt-style top has oversized drop shoulders, while the shorts come with a stretchy waistband to make this set loose-fitting and lounge-worthy. Plus, the tee has a keyhole detail on the back with a button, so it’s easy to pull on before bed.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


A Sleek Coffee Mug Warmer With An Auto-Off Function

This mug warmer is a must for busy mornings because you won’t have to keep heating up your coffee (and inevitably forgetting about it) in the microwave. It will keep the contents of your cup between a perfect 120 and 140 degrees, and automatically turn off while you’re sipping or if you end up carrying your mug around the house. As a bonus, the glossy, easy-to-clean design will look chic on any kitchen countertop, desk, or wherever you spend the most time in the mornings.


This 14-Karat Gold Ring With A Modern Twist Design

This ring has 14-karat gold plating, which makes it look much more expensive than it is. Beyond the luxe finish, it has a cool twisted design that’s stylish and modern enough to wear with everything. It’s minimalist enough to stack with your other go-to rings, but the twisted design will also create that stacked-ring look if you wear it by itself.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 4 — 10


These Brightening Gold Eye Masks That Feel Like A Splurge

Popping on these brightening and sparkling 24-karat gold-infused eye masks after a long day (or to start a busy morning) will feel like a total spa moment. They come in a surprisingly budget-friendly pack, and each of these de-puffing masks is packed with glycerin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and rejuvenate sensitive under-eye skin.


A Foldable Cookbook Holder That’s Made Of Bamboo

This bamboo cookbook stand will honestly make you feel so put together — even during the busiest weeknight family dinners. It will keep your cookbook, magazine, or tablet perfectly propped up, and the little holders will prevent the page from flopping over. You can also fold it up and tuck it in a cabinet or drawer between meals.


This Easy-To-Use Travel Mirror That Feels Professional

This foldable, 3.5-inch wide travel mirror comes with a ring of LEDs, so it will be just as good as your at-home makeup mirror when you’re out and about. One side even has 10x magnification, so you can even do your brows or your go-to eyeliner in the car if you need to with total precision.


A Complete Bartending Kit With Stainless Steel Accessories

This bartending kit will seem super expensive when you pull it out at dinner parties because it comes with every tool you need. The tools have a stainless steel construction, too, which makes them feel expensive and work for years and years without rusting or tarnishing. If you need a few ideas for drinks, this functional kit even comes with little vintage-style cocktail cards.


An Expensive-Looking Spray For Protected & Glossy Hair

Instead of spending a bunch of time using multiple products when you’re doing your hair, this luxurious spray is all you need to reach for. It adds a layer of anti-frizz protection from humidity and heat, and it leaves behind a glass-like finish like you just went to the salon. Not to mention, you only need a hair dryer to activate this expensive-feeling spray.


This Warm Wood Salad Bowl With A Near-Perfect Rating

This wooden salad bowl will look seriously expensive on your dinner party table, but it’s also durable enough to use for everyday family dinners. It’s made of acacia wood to add a touch of warmth to your table. Meanwhile, the wide shape and matching utensils make serving super easy, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon after 2,500 reviews.


These Sleek Wireless Earbuds With Amazing Sound Quality

Every detail of these wireless earbuds looks sleek and expensive, and the sound quality is “impeccable,” according to one reviewer. The slim case is easy to carry, and the included loop on the end lets you hang it from belt bag or key chain. At the same time — they’re completely waterproof and come with touch controls to make them feel even more expensive. They also last for over 10 hours, and you can pop them on a wireless charger when it’s time to recharge.


These Chilling Stones With A Sophisticated Granite Design

These whiskey stones are made of granite that will look so chic at the bottom of your favorite cocktail glass. They’ll stay chilled for a super long time and cool your drink down without watering it down, so they are also great for keeping iced coffee cold in the morning. When you’re not sipping, you can neatly line up all six of them in their wooden stand and pop them in the freezer.


This Resin Sunglasses Pack With The Trendiest Options

This pack of sunglasses comes with four different fun colors and patterns, so you can keep an expensive-looking pair in all of your bags and mix-and-match with your outfits. They’re also made of a durable resin material and come with a ‘90s-style rectangular design to amp up the trendiness of this budget-friendly pack.


A Best-Selling Conic Fiber Mascara That’s So Cheap

Not only is false lash mascara super budget-friendly, but it lets you skip any and every pricey lash appointment (think: lifting, tinting, or extensions). It’s all about the conic fiber formula that will add length and take care of separating your lashes without a primer or extra step. It’s no wonder why this must-have beauty buy is a best-seller on Amazon with over 235,000 five-star reviews.


A Stainless Steel Knife Holder That Looks Built-In

This knife holder looks way chicer than cluttering your countertop with a knife block. It’s easy to mount above your counter with the included hardware, and the floating design will look like it’s built into your kitchen. The stainless steel finish also has a hidden magnetic design, and it can hold up to 6 pounds of cutlery.


A Super Rich Body Cream With Herby & Floral Extracts

This moisturizing body cream comes with an elevated formula with chamomile, rosemary, and even a floral pansy extract to moisturize and protect your skin. All of these herby and perfume-like extracts are paired with sweet almond and sunflower oils to make it a rich, deeply hydrating lotion that you’ll reach for all the time.


An Insulated Tumbler With 2 Convenient Lid Options

This insulated tumbler will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours and hours — and yes, it can work with both temperatures of beverages. Why? Because it comes with two lid options: A straw lid for iced sips and a classic flip lid for hot drinks. And while most tumblers don’t always look the nicest in the car or with your outfit, this double-wall tumbler looks surprisingly chic.


A Paperclip-Style Necklace With Sophisticated Pearls

This necklace comes with delicate pearls on one side and an elegant paperclip chain on the other, marrying classic and modern fashion. The chain comes with a glossy 18-karat gold-plated finish that looks seriously chic next to the pearls. The circular hook adds another dainty detail, and it makes it so easy and quick to put on this necklace.


These Playful Bubble Cube Candles With Floral Scents

These candles will instantly elevate your home because their super cute bubble-like design makes them look like a stylized decor piece. Each one is made of soy wax, and you get two different calming colors. This cube-shaped set is also infused with a classic and easy-to-love floral scent.


This Clever Notebook With Scannable & Reusable Pages

This notebook is seriously impressive because it’s filled with reusable pages that can be written on with a standard FriXion Pilot pen. Scan the page after a meeting or when you finish your grocery list, and it will be uploaded to the free app and your go-to cloud service. Then, simply use the included cloth to wipe the page clean.


These Wireless LED Puck Lights With 16 Color Options

These wireless LED lights will look so chic under cabinets or bookshelves when you have guests over. Plus, when they leave, you can choose from 16 different colors to make your space feel a little trendier and fun. They’re also super easy to install with 3M adhesive tape or optional screws, and they’re easy to operate via touch or with a remote for timers and dimming options.


A Microneedling Roller To Elevate Your Exfoliation

Not only will this skin-brightening facial roller look super chic on your countertop, but it will also make you feel like you had a seriously pricey microneedling facial. It features 540 titanium microneedles that are just 0.25 millimeters long, which makes this great for beginners who are looking to really let that vitamin C serum soak in.


This Soft Silk Pillowcase That Keeps Cool

This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase will make your bedding setup feel more expensive. The clever envelope design wraps around your pillow, so you won’t wake up to half of your pillow sticking out of this soft, cooling pillowcase. It will also help to keep your hair and skin soft thanks to the slippery surface.


This Best-Selling Straw Hat With An Adjustable Fit

A straw hat at a backyard party or beach day always looks chic, and this minimalist option comes with an adorable ribbon around the top. It has a wide brim design that’s not too wide, so it’s still practical to wear all day. Inside, this straw hat moment comes with a sneaky drawstring to customize the fit.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: Medium — X-Large


This Portable Chargers That Look Nice In Your Home Or Bag

Each one of these easy-to-use portable chargers weigh just 8 ounces and are 14 millimeters thick, so they’re lightweight and slim enough to toss in your everyday or travel bags. Despite their small and sleek appearance, these power banks pack quite a punch and can charge an iPhone 14 from 0 to 100% 2.3 times over. Trust me: A charger like this is a total game-changer.


This Vintage-Style Mini Lamp Without Annoying Cords

This adorable little table lamp comes with a textured glass shade that makes it look like you found it at a pricey vintage store. With its 12-by-5-inch size and cordless design, it’s also easy to style it wherever you need a cozy little light in your home. You can also set it to warm, natural, or a bright white light depending on the vibe you want with this retro-inspired lamp.


An Intricate Straw Clutch That Amazon Shoppers Love

Little clutches always feel a bit chicer than a tote, and this clutch comes with an adorable woven straw design that’s everywhere right now. The envelope design has a hidden magnet on the inside, so you know your phone will be nice and secure. The intricate design also has a soft lining to protect whatever you’re carrying around, which is why this is a best-seller on Amazon.


A Himalayan Salt Scrub With Elevated Ingredients

This pastel pink and super luxurious salt scrub will feel like an expensive exfoliating treatment because it’s made with gentle Himalayan salt. This easy-to-use exfoliating salt is also paired with moisturizing sweet almond oil and lychee oil, which also adds an elevated scent to this scrub.


These Glass Coffee Mugs With Cool-To-The-Touch Handles

Sipping your go coffee or tea out of these glass mugs will make every morning feel a bit more lavish. The glass is completely thermal shock resistant, so you can pour your cold brew or your hot tea without worrying about it cracking, and the handles will stay cool to the touch. Each one also has a weighted base to keep these minimalist little mugs sturdy on your countertop or table.


These 18-Karat Gold-Plated Hoops With Lots Of Sparkle

Not only are these hypoallergenic hoops covered in sparkling cubic zirconia crystals, but they also have 18-karat gold plating to add to how expensive they look. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold, these hoops are small and dainty enough to reach for all the time — no matter how dressed up you are.


A Timeless Tray With A Luxe Mirror Detail

This gold-tone tray has a geometric design that will look classic and chic no matter where you style it around your home. Of course, the mirrored base also adds to how timeless (and expensive) this durable little tray looks. The metal frame will also keep all of your skincare bottles or coffee table decor perfectly in place, which is why this decor piece has a near-perfect rating on Amazon.


This Sheer Lace Underwear With An Anti-Pinch Fit

This lace underwear pack comes a sensual and expensive-looking lace design, and they’re surprisingly comfy at the same time. The back is made completely of a soft sheer lace for a spicy surprise, while the hipster-style fit makes them way comfier than other backless options. Plus, their stretchy fabric has an anti-pinch design to finish off this super comfy pack.

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


This 12-Inch Wooden Mirror That’s Chic Yet Rustic

Everything about this adorable accent mirror is on-trend right now. It’s surrounded in light wood pieces to create a sunburst design that will be so fun to style around your home. At 12 inches wide, this intricate mirror will fit just about anywhere — and the included wall anchor and screws will help you out with installation.


This Roomy Canvas Tote That’s So Stylish

At 13 inches wide and 12 inches tall, this cool canvas tote is big enough to carry your everyday essentials and so much more — including a laptop. It’s convertible, too, and can be carried by the handles, on your shoulder, or across your body. There are also surprise pockets inside and outside, which just adds to the functionality of this fun bag.


A Sleek Water Bottle That Folds Up In Your Bag

This leakproof water bottle is the only one you’ll want to carry with you because it collapses into a flat disc when you finish using it for the day, allowing you to bring that cute, small purse. The curvy shape and grippy silicone material make it easy to hold onto at the gym. You also get a little carrying handle and a classic flip-top straw with this sleek water bottle.


This High-Quality Diffuser With Real Dried Flowers

This reed diffuser will look so elegant in your home because it comes with delicate and dainty dried flowers mixed in with the matte black reed sticks. Meanwhile, the long-lasting oil comes in about a dozen scents, which allows you to customize the smell and look of your home. It all comes in a simple glass container that always looks chic.


These Adorable Socks With Comfy & Stretchy Wool Fabric

Wool socks always feel luxurious, and the pairs in this pack are made with an extra-comfy mix of wool, cotton, and a bit of stretchy spandex, so your feet won’t get itchy or too hot. This pack comes with four different timeless patterns to make these cozy socks feel a little more stylized and definitely more adorable than your usual go-tos.


A Vitamin C Serum with Bonus Skin-Helping Ingredients

This potent 20% vitamin C serum also has a bunch of other skin-helping ingredients, like nourishing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, so it will even save you from buying other serums. The brand promises this serum will brighten up dull skin and even out your skin tone.


These Sophisticated Geometric Vases With Anti-Skid Bottoms

Each of these stylized vases has a different (and equally elegant) geometric shape that will add a finishing touch to your bookshelf or coffee table. They’re made of ceramic with a minimalist texture, so these trendy vases are still simple enough to pair with a bold flower arrangement or fluffy pampas grass.


These Minimalist Cork Sandals With Soft Suede Details

Everyone’s styling cork sandals with everything right now (even the chicest pieces in their closet), and this pair is surprisingly budget-friendly. They come with all of the classic cork sandal details, like soft faux-leather straps, simple (and adjustable) metallic buckles, and, of course, the suede-lined cork footbed.

  • Available colors: 21
  • Available sizes: 6 — 12 Wide


This Charging Station That Looks Super Sleek & Tidy

This sleek little charging station is way better than a power strip on the floor. It sits right on top of your nightstand or desk for a tidy and practical way to charge everything. This budget-friendly station is lined with five USB ports and a USB-C port, so you’ll always have a charging spot ready to go.


A Candle Warmer With A Pretty Flower-Shaped Shade

This little candle warmer will make your favorite candle look way more adorable. It comes with a glossy golden stand and a dainty flower-shaped glass shade on top. You also get two bulbs, so it’s ready to turn on and fill your space with a cozy scent the second you get it.


An Adorable Light To Quickly Find Things In Your Bag

This adorable heart-shaped light is actually designed to hang in your purse, so you’re never stuck searching for your wallet in a busy checkout line. It will automatically illuminate your entire bag every time you open it to search for something. It also comes with a hanging loop, so it’s super quick to add to your bag.


This Massive Pack Of Pearl-Covered Hair Clips

Not only are these hair clips covered in elegant pearls, but this pack also comes with the trendiest clip shapes. You get oversized options, geometric styles, and, of course, some classic bobby pins for a more minimalist pearl moment. You also get 18 of them, so you’ll never get tired of styling these chic hair accessories.


A Pack Of Makeup Brushes That Won’t Shed

Grab these makeup brushes because having a matching (and clean) set of brushes will instantly make you feel more put-together when you’re getting ready. You get 14 chic pink brushes in different styles — Kabuki brushes, liner brushes, brow brushes, and more to choose from. Of course, you also get an easy-to-use cleaning solution, so they’ll always be fresh and ready for makeup.


A Waterproof Speaker That Blends In With Your Decor

This Bluetooth speaker is sleek enough to display in your home but also small enough to tuck behind a decor piece if that’s more your vibe. It plays high-quality sound for up to 24 hours per charge, so you can play your favorite tunes all day long if you want. It’s also completely waterproof, in case you want to take it out to the backyard or toss it in a beach bag.


This Versatile Pack Of Frames With Chic Distressing

This pack of vintage-looking picture frames comes with three different perfectly distressed wood colors, so you can scatter them around your home, and your photos won’t look too matchy-matchy. They come with built-in mats as well as a hanging hook and a little tabletop stand to make this pack even more versatile.


A Geometric Outlet Extender To Neatly Fit Every Charger

This outlet extender comes with three USBs and a USB-C on the front on top of the five easy-to-use outlets. With the curved geometric shape, you can plug in as many chargers as you want without blocking any of the other outlets — such a game changer. It also has surge protection to make this sleek extender super reliable.


These Vibrant Checker Print Bags To Tidy Toiletries

These adorable makeup bags come in a pack, so you’ll have two of these vibrant checker print bags for all of your toiletries. Each one is topped off with colorful zippers to give these bags an even more fun and on-trend look. Plus, the fabric is soft and flexible enough to tuck in your bathroom drawer or travel bag.


A Minimalist Alarm Clock With Cozy & Dimmable Lights

This LED alarm clock will actually make your nightstand look modern and elevated instead of cluttered (like classic alarm clocks do). It has a minimalist design with large illuminated numbers that also work as a calming nightlight, especially because you can hang this on the wall, too. You can even dim the numbers to create a more soothing glow.


This Solitaire Necklace With A Versatile & Dainty Chain

A solitaire necklace is a great go-to, and this easy-to-adjust option is coated in long-lasting 14-karat gold, so you can wear it all the time. The cubic zirconia crystal is large enough to glitter in the light, and it’s paired with a dainty to chain to make it versatile enough for all of your outfits.


These Clean-Burning Pillar Candles With Textured Wax

These pillar candles are unscented, which means you can style them anywhere in your home without worrying about your space smelling strange. They look really expensive thanks to the textured design on the outside, and the cotton wicks burn cleanly and the wax melts inwardly, which keeps these mess-free.


This Mini Cleaner To Quickly Fix Smudged Screens

This sleek little gadget can tackle all kinds of fingerprints and smudges on the screens around your home. It has a little button on top to spritz your phone or TV with the streak-free cleaner, so you won’t have to pull out your glass cleaner. It also has a microfiber fabric wrapped around the front, so you can quickly wipe off the screen. You can also use the cover as a little phone stand when you finish cleaning.


A Durable Pizza Stone For Easy Pizza Night Cleanup

This easy-to-use pizza stone will make a homemade pizza night feel professional and seriously fancy. It’s made of a thick and durable stone that has thermal shock resistance — that means it’s oven-safe even up to super high temperatures. It also comes with a mini scraper to make the cheesy cleanup easier.


These Easy-To-Hang Sconces With Pretty Fairy Lights

These adorable mason jar wall sconces come pre-filled with dainty faux flower bouquets and fairy lights to add some whimsical lighting to your space. These wood-backed sconces are also topped off with simple hanging loops on top, so you won’t have to use any complicated mounting supplies.


An Easy-To-Wear Smart Watch With Tons Of Functions

A smart watch seems like a splurge, but this one looks seriously sleek, and it has a budget-friendly price. It comes with an adjustable matte black band with an easy-to-use and completely waterproof touch screen on top. It’s also super functional with its fitness tracking, Bluetooth calling, sleep tracking, and more.

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