65 Bizarre Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Clever As Hell

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Be prepared to be stopped in your tracks by this list of bizarre products on Amazon that you probably didn’t even know existed — but will want immediately. Since they’re super clever and practical, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them up until now (at under $30 each, you no longer have to).

Plus, a few make for great gag gifts that are surprisingly useful, too. Think a toilet brush cleaner that looks like a cherry and cozy chenille slippers that double as dusters. How gloriously bizarre, indeed.


These Clever Clips For Dips & More

Now you can keep all those dips, sauces, and snacks neatly separated from the food on the plate in these clever little cups designed to clip right to the plate. They’re made from food-grade plastic and, bonus, they’re dishwasher safe. You get eight in a pack — and they come in a rainbow of hues.


This Cult-Fave Knee Pillow For Side Sleepers

Whether you’re a side sleeper, pregnant, or just feeling the subtle signs of age creeping up on you, you’re going to appreciate this knee pillow with a washable cover. It’s made from supportive memory foam and features ergonomic contours that fit the natural shape of your knees and legs for ultimate comfort and orthopedic alignment. With more than 23,000 perfect five-star ratings, shoppers call this pillow a ‘game-changer’ for more comfortable sleep.


This Money-Saving Kitchen Tool That Seals In Freshness

This kitchen tool might look like a hair straightening iron, but it’s actually a heat sealer for keeping snacks fresh. Simply warm it up and then clamp the ridged plates over your open packages (in a variety of materials from foil chip backs to plastic cereal bags) to tightly reseal them. The best part is, it helps cut down on food waste and, in turn, saves you money.


This Crevice Cleaning Brush That’s Great For Windowsills

Stop trying to clean all those cracks and crevices in your home with a tiny old toothbrush. Instead, get this gap cleaning brush. It’s much bigger than a toothbrush, so it can tackle dust and other messes faster, plus it has a comfortable ergonomic handle with a scraper on the opposite end that’s perfect for stuck-on grime. As one shopper raved, “LOVE THIS! Used it to. Clean out my windowsill. One of the most satisfying things I’ve ever cleaned. Would definitely recommend.”


This Absorbant Cotton Bra Liner

Sweating is just part of being human. And while you can’t do much to stop the sweat, you can at least absorb it. Like with this bra liner from popular postpartum brand Belly Bandit that’s meant to soak up all that under-boob sweat and prevent rashes. It’s soft, moisture-wicking, and machine-washable. Perfect for workouts and hot, humid days alike, this an essential wardrobe addition for managing boob sweat.


This Faux Collared Shirt For A Lighter Layer

There’s something about a crisp white collared shirt that makes you feel put together (no offense to yoga pants). But the truth is, they’re not that comfortable, especially when layered under a sweater. Enter this faux collared shirt that fits like a double-sided bib (with adjustable side straps to keep it neatly in place). It’s got all the show where it counts, just without all the extra effort or heat.


This Dry Shampoo For All Hair Types

If you’re looking for an excuse to go another day without washing your hair, this non-aerosol dry shampoo is it. It’s made with organic ingredients that absorb extra oils, add volume, and make your hair smell great. The vegan, talc-free powder works on all hair types and colors, and reviewers say a little goes a long way.


A Weighted Hula Hoop For A Fun, Surprisingly Intense Workout

Hula hooping is fun, and since it takes some effort to keep it up and spinning around your waist, it makes for a pretty good workout too. And if you really want to increase the burn, this weighted exercise hoop (2 pounds to be exact) with comfy padding will do the trick. When you’ve had enough, it comes apart for easy storage.


These “Lazy” Prism Eyeglasses

You might make a spectacle of yourself when wearing these “lazy” eyeglasses, but saving yourself some neck and eye strain will make it totally worth it. The ingenious design works by reflecting and filtering light through the 90 degree prism, so you can read from a flat position. Plus, they can be worn comfortably over your regular glasses.


A Reusable Eye Therapy Mask That’s Freezable & Microwaveable

Your eyes deserve a break after a long day, making this weighted eye mask just the kind of rejuvenating therapy they need. The hypoallergenic and latex-free mask is filled with tiny clay beads efficient at maintaining temperature, which means it can be used warm or cold. Simply pop it in the microwave or freezer for your desired relief. The cotton cover is removable for washing.


This Calming Pillow Mist With Rave Reviews

When it’s time to hit the sack, there’s nothing like a little aromatherapy to lull you into a calm sleep. Just spray this pillow mist over your bedding before sleep, or anytime you need extra help relaxing, and enjoy the soothing blend of natural fragrances and essential oils — including lavender, cypress, and sage. As one shopper noted, “This surprising little spray bottle is a completely non negotiable part of my bedtime routine. […] It smells amazing. I feel like it really calms me down and get me ready to sleep. It sprays really easily, and even looks pretty on the stand next to my bed.”


These Slippers With Duster Soles For Maximum Efficiency

Keep your feet warm and comfy while getting some cleaning in while you’re at it. You read that right. These chenille slippers have detachable microfiber duster soles that make it possible for you to dust your floors simply by walking around. In fact, to keep your floors extra clean, pick up a pair for everyone in the family.

  • Available sizes: 7.5 — 8.5
  • Available colors: 5


This Rainbow Of Magnetic Push Pins In A Value Pack

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping on the sharp side of a tack, you can go ahead and save yourself from repeating that and add these magnetic push pins to your cart. They hold firmly to most dry-erase whiteboards and come in an assortment of vibrant colors perfect for color coding. With 50 in a pack, you’ll be well-stocked.


This Instant Beverage Chiller

For cold drinks stat, check out this battery-powered instant beverage cooler. All you have to do is pop in any 12-ounce can, add ice, and flip the switch. The machine will spin your drink, cooling it down to an icy-cold temperature in just 60 seconds without any fizzing or foaming, either.


These Clever Condom Wine Bottle Stoppers (No More Recorking)

If you’re looking for a gag gift or just something to surprise guests, these wine bottle stoppers are sure to get some good laughs. Each box includes six wine condoms, individually wrapped in packages that look just like the real thing. Inside, you’ll find food-grade rubber latex stoppers (that also look a lot like condoms) that securely seal bottles of all sizes and shapes with instant shrink-fit technology.


This Kid-Friendly Egg Yolk Separator

Separating egg yolks from the whites can be a little tricky. But, with food-grade silicone egg separator is so easy to use that even kids can help out. It’s shaped like a cute fish (there’s also a frog and a pig available) and works by gently squeezing, then releasing it over the egg yolk — magically sucking up just the yolk. And it’s dishwasher safe, too.


A Throw Blanket For Tortilla Lovers

Are you a tortilla lover, or know someone who is? Then you (or they) will love getting wrapped up like a giant burrito in this throw blanket that looks just like a tasty flour tortilla. It’s made from an ultra-soft and warm fleece and is just plain weird, yet hilarious. There are even prints for all the pizza and waffle lovers in your life.


This Steaming Mad Mama Microwave Cleaner

Stop getting angry every time the microwave gets dirty, and leave it to this Angry Mama microwave cleaner instead. All you have to do is fill her with a mixture of water and vinegar and place her in the microwave on high. Within minutes, she’ll get steaming mad, loosening up all that grime so that it’s easy to wipe up.


These Giant Rake Claws For Leaves & So Much More

Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, it most certainly is. These giant rake claws make easy work of leaves and other garden or indoor messes (think piles of dirty laundry). Slip your hands (or let the kids do this) in the one-size-fits-all grooves and get to work. They’re not just practical, they make for big fun, too.


This UV-Blocking Privacy Film

This privacy film lets all the light in without putting you on full display — which means it’s great for windows in the bathroom, or anywhere you need a little extra privacy. Aside from filtering light and peering eyes, it also blocks UVA and UVB rays. And since it attaches using static cling, there’s no sticky mess when putting it up or taking it down.

  • Available sizes: 10
  • Available colors: 2


This Adjustable Over-The-Door Hanger For Extra Clothing Storage

The doors in your home are obviously needed for privacy but don’t overlook the storage possibilities they offer, too. In fact, you can instantly add hanging space to the back of any door with this adjustable door rack. It’s made of heavy-duty metal that can hold up to 35 pounds, and it features a long rod in front and two scalloped side rods that keep hangers in place.


These Scented Damask Drawer Liners

These drawer liners with a damask print don’t just look pretty, they protect furniture and fabrics, and smell good, too. They require no adhesive to install — simply roll them flat and place your clothing on top to help weigh them down. The pretty box, complete with a ribbon and bow, makes it great for instant gift-giving.


This Flameless Lighter For All The Candles

At some point, all candles become hard to light. So if you’re struggling to avoid burning yourself while getting to that hard-to-reach wick, give this flameless lighter a try instead. Its long, pen-like shape makes it easy to hold and reach into narrow spaces. And because it’s flameless, it’s also odorless, wind-resistant, and completely smoke-free.


A Portable Humidifier For Your Desk Or Car

This portable cool mist humidifier is small but mighty. It’s designed to work best in spaces of up to 65 square feet, making it ideal for placing on your desktop or in your car’s center cupholders. It charges with a standard USB cord and can run on a single charge for up to 8 hours. Plus it’s ultra-quiet and has a built-in nightlight.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 3


This Collapsible *Insulated* Tumbler Cup With A Straw & Lid

This collapsible tumbler is ideal for camping trips, or just for tucking in your handbag as a backup drinking cup. It’s made from food-grade silicone that’s flexible and insulating to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature. It also comes with a spill-resistant lid with a stainless-steel rim and built-in flexible straw. It folds down to just over an inch and is dishwasher safe.


Some Adorable Snail Tea Bag Holders

You’re not alone if you hate fishing tea bag string and tags out of your mug. But now you don’t have to. These adorable silicone tea bag holders clip to the side of your cup, holding the tea bag strings firmly in place. They look like little snails and come in a 10-pack of fun candy colors.


This Best-Selling Foot Massager Made From Sustainable Wood

Anytime is a good time for a foot massage. And you’re going to love pampering your feet on this eco-friendly wooden foot massager any chance you get. The arched design follows the natural curvature of your feet for added comfort while the nubs on the rollers stimulate blood circulation and just plain feels great. With more than 25,000 five-star ratings, this is a must-buy for achy feet.


A Neck Reading Light With Flexible Arms

Free up your hands while reading or crafting with this reading light that cleverly sits right around your neck. It has a flexible gooseneck design with powerful lights on both ends that can be adjusted to your ideal brightness, color temperature levels, and angle. At just over $20, it makes for a great gift, too.


This Mini Toolbelt For Your Wrist

This magnetic wristband is pure genius. It’s kind of like a mini toolbelt for your wrist with strong magnets to hold onto screws and other hardware while you work. The nylon strap has a hook-and-loop closure that can be adjusted to fit almost any size wrist and reviewers says it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear.


These Shakespearean Bandages For Adding Insult To Injury

Nobody was quite so good at insulting people than William Shakespeare himself. Now you can add insult to injury compliments of the poet and playwright with these witty bandages. Each bandage in the box features an image of Shakespeare along with one of his most well-known insults. And the tin box is practically a collector’s item. You get 15 latex-free bandages in a pack.


This Adorable Puppy Spoon Holder

If you love dogs or have a friend who does, this spoon holder is a must. It looks just like your favorite Fido and clips to the side of pots, cups, bowls, and more, firmly holding utensils right in its mouth while its tail doubles as a steam releaser. It’s heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, making this cute kitchen tool equally convenient.


This Ceramic Mug For Sports Fanatics

This basketball-themed ceramic mug complete with a working hoop and net is pretty clever and hard to resist. And when given as a gift, it will definitely score you major points with kids or sports fans in your life. Because who doesn’t love tossing mini marshmallows through a hoop and watching them float on hot chocolate?


This Storage Bean Bag That Holds The Excess

Since kids are remarkably good at accumulating stuffed animals, this stuffed animal storage bean bag will give them somewhere to store them and a cozy place to sit. The bean bag comes in several design options and can hold around 90 stuffies, depending on their size. You can also use the bean bag as a place to store off-season clothes, towels, linens, and more.


These Sneaker Cleaners That Work With Just Water

If your sneakers could use some instant and really effective spot cleaning, give these dual-sided instant sole and sneaker cleaners a go. All you have to do is add water to pad and then gently buff your shoes. Ten sponges come in the pack, and you can reuse them until they start to disintegrate.


This Pack Of Shaving Soap For The Smooth Wet Shave

While they look more like hockey pucks than soap, each of these four shaving soaps make the perfect lather for a razor to smoothly glide across. Each puck can last for several months, so with all four, you’ll get about a year’s worth of shaving soap. The pack includes four scents: sandalwood, cedar pine, bayrum, and clary sage.


This Reusable Towel That Removes Makeup Without Harsh Ingredients

With just a little water, this makeup eraser will remove your makeup and you don’t even need to sting your eyeballs with makeup remover. The short fiber side of the towel is for removing makeup while the long fiber side is for exfoliation. To clean, you can throw the towel in the washing machine and use over and over again. In fact, the brand promises it lasts long enough to equal 3,600 disposable wipes.


This Unusual Black Head Exfoliator

You’ve probably never seen anything like this black head scrub stick, but you’ll be glad once you try it. Roll the scrub stick on the areas of your face with enlarged pores to exfoliate and pull out black heads, white heads, and other skin impurities. The stick is unscented, alcohol-free, and paraben-free. As one shopper noted, “I have been using this little guy for a couple of months now, and I am so impressed. The pores on my upper cheeks are virtually invisible, and the pores on my nose are all but invisible as well”


This Adorable Toilet Brush Shaped Like A Cherry

Toilet bowl brush, but make it cute. This cherry toilet brush is so fun, you’ll want to clean the toilet every day. Well, maybe. The handle of the brush is shaped like a cherry stem, and the nonslip base looks like a cherry. It’ll make a great addition to any bathroom, but it’ll also make for a hilarious white elephant gift.


These Biodegradable Booty Wipes With Near-Perfect Reviews

These gentle booty wipes are biodegradable, pH balanced, and infused with vitamin E and aloe for the best tush wiping experience possible. Available in a pack of four, each of the containers come with eighty wipes with a resealable lid to keep them fresh and moist for longer. Choose from a pack of one if you want to trial them before committing to a full supply.


These Grill Scrapers That Work On Cast Iron Pans

If you have a cast iron skillet or griddle, you need this two-pack of grill pan scrapers. Since cast iron pans shouldn’t be scrubbed with a pad or soapy water (unless you want to reseason), the scrapers clean the pan the right way. The dishwasher-safe scrapers are small enough to store in a drawer but large enough to get a good grip.


This Hand-Powered Veggie Chopper That’s Actually Fun To Use

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy hand chopping onions, garlic, or any veggies, this hand-powered food chopper will save time and energy. All you need to do is throw in chunks of vegetables, put the lid on, pull the cord, and watch the gadget chop away. It’s top-shelf dishwasher-safe, too.


This Garlic Peeler That Is Practically Magic

To use this silicone garlic peeler, place several pieces of unpeeled garlic in the tube and roll back and forth. The cloves will peel themselves in seconds, saving you time and from washing your hands 14 times until the garlic smell is gone. With two in a pack, you can even gift one to the fellow cook in your life.


This Cleaner Designed Specifically For Window Blinds

Blinds are hard to clean, but not when you use this window blinds brush kit. With two brushes in a pack, you’ll be able to finally tackle the dusty blinds you’ve been dreading. The brush features microfiber pads designed to work on the top and bottom of blinds simultaneously. It works well with any type of cleaning spray, and the removable sleeves are washable.


This Car Phone Mount That Attaches To An Air Vent

This car phone mount hooks onto an air vent with a near-universal fit. When your phone is placed inside, the arms close around it, locking it inside so it doesn’t move around/fall when you’re driving. Only one hand is required to place your phone inside and to remove it. The device is fully rotational, so you can place it whatever position works best for you.


This Cup Holder Expander For Hydro Flasks, YETIs, & More

If your tumbler or other water bottles don’t fit in your car’s cup holders, this cup holder expander will change your life. Just place it inside the existing cup holder, and it expands from 2.6 inches to 3.8 inches. Rubber tabs hold it in place securely. As one shopper reported, “A month later and it’s doing great, it’s holding my hydro flask. I even got it to fit my 46 oz yeti water bottle. I still have room for the other cup holder next to it.”


This Drawer That Attaches Under A Desk With Adhesive

For more space on your desk, add this under-desk drawer. The slide-out drawer mounts under any desk with the included adhesive, no drilling required. The drawer is large enough to fit books, tablets, and other office supplies. As one shopper noted, “The size is perfect for smaller items that you’d like to have nearby. I use it to store a wipe for my glasses, a smaller remote used for office speakers, etc. Would work great for stationary as well.”


These Under Cabinet Light Strips

To set up these under-cabinet LED strip lights, all you need to do is adhere them to a wood, metal, or plastic surface. Each strip in this three-pack offers 3 feet of lighting in either warm or white light. Since the lights are battery operated, there’s no need to place them near an outlet either.


This Dog Leash Extension To Minimize Pulling & Tugging

If your dog tends to pull on walks or runs, try this bungee dog leash extender. It attaches to a collar or harness and stretches when pulled to absorb shock, but it doesn’t relinquish control. The extender comes in four sizes for all dog breeds.


This Tear-Stain Remover Shampoo For Dogs

As your dog’s eye area accumulates tear stains and crust, this dog tear stain remover can help big time. The blueberry and vanilla shampoo works on any breed of any color and is formulated with oatmeal and vitamin E. To use, wet your dog, lather, wait three minutes, scrub, and rinse. Choose from three different bottle sizes depending on your needs.


These Pet Washing & Deshedding Gloves

When it’s time to wash your dog, throw these pet grooming and bathing gloves on for some deep deshedding action. The long nubs on the gloves remove loose hair and knots from dogs and cats. They work so well, they can take the place of a fur removing brush.


This Trendy Smartphone Wallet

If you know where your phone is, you’ll always know where your wallet is with this cell phone wallet. This folio-style wallet attaches to the back of your phone or non-silicone case and can hold credit cards, your ID, and money. It’s compatible with most phones and won’t block your camera.


This Cool Survival Tool That’s Also Great For Everyday Tasks

Whether you buy this as a gift or keep it for yourself, you’ll always have the tool you need with this 12-in-1 mini survival tool. The tools include a hammer, pliers, serrated knife, saw, wire cutter, prying claw, nail file, bottle opener, and flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers. It fits in a pocket or backpack, but it also comes with a bonus carrying belt case.


These Pretty, Biodegradable Swedish Dish Cloths

Ditch the disposable paper towels (or at least some of them) and go for this six-pack of Swedish dish cloths. They’re safe to use on any surface. Each biodegradable, machine-washable dish cloth can last around 12 months, replacing up to 17 rolls of paper towels a piece. Once the towel is done, it can be composted with food waste.


This Mountable Grocery Bag Dispenser

Mount this grocery bag dispenser to a convenient wall and grab a plastic grocery bag or produce bag as you need one. The holder is made of stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant. You can mount it with the included adhesive or mounting hardware — whatever works for your space.


These Aerator Shows For Lawn Care

These lawn aerator shoes might be giving Honey I Shrunk the Kids vibes, but they’re also really efficient. To wear these, put your regular shoes on, place them on the sturdy plastic base, and strap in. Each sandal features 13 heavy-duty metal spikes that dig in soil as you walk, aerating the grass or garden.


These All-Natural New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

Ditch the dryer sheets and give this pack of six New Zealnd wool dryer balls a try. Chemical and fragrance free, the dryer balls are a natural alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. The reusable dryer balls can last up to five years. The company recommends white dryer balls for white laundry and the grey dryer balls for darks.


This Laundry Detergent Holder With Near-Perfect Reviews

With a 4.8-star rating after 5,000+ reviews, this genius laundry detergent holder prevents you from having to lift the detergent and pour it into a cup every time you wash a load. Instead, place the detergent on the tilted plastic holder and strap it in if needed. The downward slope makes the soap easily pour out.


This LED Backlight for Your TV

Not only can this LED TV backlight strip set the ambiance for movie night, it can reduce eye strain by improving the contrast your eyes see between a dark room and the brightness of the TV. The strip comes with adhesive, and plugs into your TV’s USB port.


This Thick Tape To Keep Rugs From Slipping

This double-sided extra thick rug tape is designed to stick to simultaneously stick to a rug and the floor to keep the rug from moving around. It’s safe for all types of floors, including hardwood, tile, laminates, vinyl, and carpet. Even though the tape is strong, it can be easily ripped using your hands.


This Quick-Drying Microfiber Hair Towel To Stop The Frizz

Use this microfiber hair towel to remove excess water. It’s so absorbent, it can cut your hair’s drying time in half, depending on the thickness of your hair. The fabric is soft, gentle, and it’s known to help eliminate frizz. Plus, it’s ultra-lightweight so you don’t have to carry entire heavy towel on your head when you’re trying to soak up water.


These Genius Bed Straps To Hold A Fitted Sheet In Place

Prevent your fitted sheet from rolling up by using this wildly popular four-pack of bed sheet holder straps. The heavy-duty elastic straps are equipped with metal clamps that attach to the corner of your sheet underneath the mattress. They’re adjustable to fit whatever size bed you have. As one fan raved, “My sheets stay in place, morning, noon, and night now! I sleep comfortably.The clips are easy to manipulate/assemble.”


This Diamond Cleaner Pen With Over 40,000 Five-Star Ratings

The great thing about this Diamond Dazzle Stick is that it’s small enough to throw in your purse or just keep it in a drawer at home. The other great thing is that it works absurdly well. Simply use the pen by “drawing” with the cleaner on your diamonds, and they’ll sparkle like they were professionally cleaned. With more than 40,000 perfect Amazon ratings, this little stick really works.


These Toe Separators For Pain Relief

If you have a bunion or two (or other toe issues), these hammer toe straighteners can really help. These small straighteners are designed to straighten the toes to prevent pain. They can be worn with open or closed toe shoes, and they’re comfortable enough to sleep in.


This Tray Table For Breakfast In Bed & More

There’s a lot of versatility in this bed tray table. It can, of course, be used for breakfast in bed or lunch or dinner on the couch, but it’s also a great hard surface for kids to draw or do homework. Made of bamboo, the tray is durable and beautiful. It has two folding legs that make storing it in a closet or under a bed a cinch.


This Bike Bag With A Secure Spot To Mount A Phone

This bike phone holder bag is perfect for cyclists who want to have access to GPS on the phone while riding. The bag attaches to the bike’s handlebars and seals your phone in a completely waterproof, transparent, and touch-sensitive case so you can work your phone while on the go. The bag itself can hold the rest of your cycling essentials.

Amazon has plenty more weird things that are absolutely worth knowing about. For more, check out “65 Weird Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Sick As Hell.”

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