60 Weird, Cheap Things On Amazon That Are So Damn Clever

Weird, wacky, and wonderful.

Written by Allison Bolt

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There are a lot of weird things on Amazon. And there are a lot of cheap things on Amazon, too. But cool finds that are weird, cheap, and clever? Well, that’s the jackpot, and I found 60 such products. Sure, some of these things may look a little out-of-the-ordinary, but I promise they’ll make your life easier, more luxurious, or just plain fun. Heck, they might even replace some of the normal (but super boring) products you buy all the time.


These Easy-To-Use Wooden Toaster Tongs That Are So Adorable

You’ll want to display these cute little bunny-shaped toaster tongs on your countertop all the time, and they’re also super functional. Their extra-long design and toaster-safe wooden material are perfect for grabbing your toast or English muffin when it’s ready. This little friend is also an adorable option for serving tongs for your next charcuterie board.


These Lightweight Fidget Keychains With A Fun Tie-Dye Design

These colorful keychains are actually super compact pop-style fidget toys, so you’ll always have one on hand while you’re out and about. These lightweight silicone keychains come with three different calming shapes and durable clips on top. Plus, they all have a tie-dye design for an aesthetic accent that can make your keychain easier to spot.


A Pack Of Exfoliating Gloves With A Stretchy Fit

Instead of cluttering up your shower with a bulky exfoliating brush, simply hang up a pair of these gentle exfoliating gloves. Their hand-shaped design is made from a stretchy nylon fabric so you can slip these right on, and you can even pair their exfoliating design with a sugar or salt scrub for a deeper clean. They also come in a pack of four, so you’ll always have a clean one ready to go when it’s time for your everything shower.


These Shoe Scrubbers That Require Basically Zero Effort

These compact sponges are specifically made to fix up stained or grimy shoes, and the best part is they only need a bit of water to work. They have two different scrubby sides, so you can quickly wipe away scuff marks and gross stains to make your white sneakers white again. They’re also basically zero-effort because the more gentle you are as you scrub, the better these sponges work.


The Soothing, Non-Greasy Joint & Muscle Cream With 56,000 5-Star Reviews

Reach for this soothing cream whenever you’re having joint pain or you’re simply having achy muscles after a stressful work day or difficult workout. This super-concentrated cream is packed with calming and relieving vitamin B6, arnica, MSM, and more. It’s also completely non-greasy, so you can even pop some onto aching muscles before you get dressed.


An Adjustable Suction Cup Holder To Keep Nail Polish From Spilling

This sturdy silicone holder keeps your nail polish bottle at the perfect angle while you work on your nails. Simply pop your favorite bottle in (regardless of its shape) and tilt it to toward you before you start painting. It also has a strong suction cup on the bottom, so it will definitely stay put on your table or even stuck to your bathroom mirror.


A Zero-Spill Cupcake Scoop That’s So Easy To Use

With this handy scoop, you can fill up cupcake tins or muffin liners with absolutely zero spills. It has a simple round shape and a sliding button on top so you can scoop up batter and dispense every precious drop into the pan completely drip-free. Not only does it keep your kitchen counter clean — but it also helps you scoop the same amount of batter into each cup for perfectly, evenly baked treats.


These Leakproof Travel Covers That Stretch Over Bottles Of Toiletries

Instead of putting your skincare products in plastic bags when you travel, simply stretch these toiletry covers over them. Their durable rubber design will be completely leakproof in your bag. Plus, they fit over all kinds of toiletries, from small bottles of sunscreen to your full-size shampoo.


A Waterproof 7-In-1 Spinning Brush To Deeply Clean Your Skin

This spinning skincare brush isn’t just for your face, though it does have five heads for everything from deep cleaning to makeup removal. It also comes with two handy heads for your body, including an efficient pumice stone for calluses and a massager for achy muscles. It’s quiet, which is great for early mornings, and it’s waterproof, which makes it useful for an everything shower.


These Absorbent Swedish Dishcloths That Are Easy To Reuse

These reusable and compostable Swedish dishcloths make mopping up spills on your countertop a breeze, because each one of these durable dishcloths can hold almost a cup of water. Beyond being cleaning powerhouses for all surfaces, these cloths will look so nice in your kitchen because they come with three cute floral prints, like dainty lavender sprigs or falling petals.


These Adorable Lip Balms With Moisturizing & Protective Ingredients

These repairing lip balms comes with a morning balm with honey extract and a before-bed balm with calming cherry blossom extract to keep your lips bright, moisturized, and nourished. Beyond being packed with vitamin E, these balms come in adorable honeypot-shaped containers with two little honey dippers to scoop out the balm.


A Stainless Steel Flipper That’s Really Helpful For Grilling

With this meat flipper, you can stand nice and far away from the grill to keep your hands safe, since it’s 17 inches long. It has a durable stainless steel hook on the end that’s honestly way easier to use than tongs for flipping and will keep your seasonings and marinade intact.


This Carbonated Face Mask With Soothing Lavender

This carbonated clay mask creates a fun and bubbly foam that will deep clean your pores. Simply apply the thick cream like any other clay mask, and the charcoal-packed formula will start to bubble, and you take it off after about five minutes. It’s also formulated with green tea and lavender extract to make this foaming mask extra soothing.


A Nail Buffer With Easy-To-Replace Polishing Pads

This luxurious nail buffer comes with three easy-to-use steps to make it look like you spend a ton of money on your nails. It smooths, stimulates growth, and even polishes your nails with the three color-coded sides for shiny, healthy, and chip-free nails without any polish. The best part is, it’s so easy to replace each of these gentle buffing pads whenever they get worn down because this set comes with four replacement pads.


A Dumpster Fire-Themed Pencil Holder With Flame Notepads

This hilarious dumpster-shaped pencil holder looks fun on your desk, but it’s also super functional with its sturdy wood design and three tidy compartments. When your day feels a bit like a dumpster fire, this holder even comes with flame-shaped notecards to keep your to-do list organized and fun. It also comes with functional lids, so you could jot down a frustration, toss it in the dumpster, and close the lid — so satisfying.


This Reusable Oil-Absorbing Roller For The Easiest Touchups

Pop this oil-absorbing face roller in your bag, and you can completely skip the transparent powder touchups or awkward oil blotting sheets throughout the day. The volcanic stone roller leaves behind a matte finish without smearing your foundation or face products. It comes with a compact handle to easily carry it in your bag, and the stone is removable and easy to wash when you get home.


A Microwavable Popcorn Maker That Doubles As A Giant Serving Bowl

This collapsible popcorn maker will look perfectly neat and tidy in a kitchen cabinet until you’re ready to unfold it, fill it with kernels, and microwave it. It comes with measurement lines inside, so you won’t even have to pull out a measuring cup to make your fresh popcorn. With the built-in handles, it’s also easy to pass the popcorn around on movie night.


This Heatless Curling Set With Luxurious Satin Fabric

This heatless curling set feels so luxurious and expensive with its pastel satin fabric and matching satin scrunchies. The bendable curling rod is covered in plush padding, so it’s actually comfy to sleep in overnight. When you’re not using this silky set for those viral overnight curls, the scrunchies are adorable for ponytails.


A Cupholder Pillow That Even Has Space For Coffee Mugs

With this plush cup holder pillow, everyone will have a secure spot for their drink on movie night. This cushioned holder has five slots for your drinks, snacks, the remote, or even your phone. Plus, two of the cupholders will even fit your coffee mug in the morning.


These Compressed & Seriously Adorable Sponges For Skincare

Run these compressed facial sponges under water, and they’ll puff right up into a soft and sensitive skin-friendly sponge for your skincare routine. With their compressed design, you can store all 50 of these adorable heart-shaped sponges without taking up a bunch of space in your bathroom drawer or keep them in your makeup bag for easier travel.


A Leakproof Dog Water Bottle With An Attached Bowl

This leakproof travel dog bowl is shaped like a water bottle, so you can simply pop it in your car’s cupholder on the way to the dog park. It comes with a carrying strap, and all you have to do is click the button on top to fill the bowl whenever your pup wants water. You can also push the button and tilt the bottle to save any water they leave behind.


A Whimsical Night-Light With A Glowing Mushroom Scene

This night-light has a whimsical mushroom scene on top that’s way more fun than a classic plug-in. Each of the colorful mushrooms has a built-in LED, so they’ll glow every time you turn off the lights. This magical-looking night light also has a color-changing design that cycles through cozy colors.


This Handheld Brush With 2 Levels Of Detangling Bristles

This detangling brush has a handheld, handle-free design that’s so easy to hold onto. With its easy-to-hold shape and shine-enhancing bristles, it’s perfect for brushing conditioner through your hair in the shower and for styling it after. It’s also covered in two different heights of bristles, so it will gently work through every layer of your hair.


These Magnetic Sloths To Remind You Exactly Where You Are In Your Book

These sweet little bookmarks have a little cutout to perfectly mark the exact line you left off on. Simply clip them on with their gentle magnetic design, and these helpful sloths will stay securely in place when you close your book. They’re also completely dent-free, so these sloths won’t mess up your pages. And if you’re not into sloths, these bookmarks come in over a dozen designs, including bookworms, pencils, and emojis.


A Genius Cup-Shaped Veggie Spiralizer With 34,000 5-Star Reviews

This veggie spiralizer has a super compact cup-shaped design, so your zoodles, carrot ribbons, and grated cheese will fall right into the container, saving you a mess. This genius tool also comes with eight tools that you simply pop on like a lid, including cheese graters and even fruit juicers. Plus, it has a grippy rubber bottom to keep it secure while you prep your food.


This Retinol Under-Eye Balm That’s A Breeze To Apply

It’s so worth it to add this hydrating retinol eye stick to your skincare drawer because, let’s be honest — applying retinol under your eyes can be a little intimidating. The smooth formula comes in a lipstick-like tube to make it a breeze to apply, and the brightening, hydrating balm formula will stay put while you sleep.


This Ball-Shaped Cleaner That Picks Up Crumbs In Your Bag

This ball-shaped cleaner is pretty genius because the sticky design picks up all of the crumbs in the bottom of your bags. It has a honeycomb case around it, so you can take it out of your bag without touching any of the gross stuff that’s stuck to it or worry about it getting stuck to your wallet. You can even pop the case off and rinse all of the crumbs away before tossing it back in your bag.


These Trimmable Oven Rack Shields To Protect Your Hands

These heat-resistant oven rack shields are such an easy way to prevent burned hands and arms. Simply trim them to fit your unique oven and clip them onto the front of each rack. You’ll instantly have a protective bumper if your arm grazes an oven rack while you’re putting pans in the oven.


These Pastel Dual-Tip Highlighters That Are So Aesthetic

These highlighter markers come in the most aesthetic pastel colors and feature a versatile dual-tip design. The precise tip is perfect for writing down grocery lists, underlining phrases, or jotting notes at work, while the chisel tip is more of a classic highlighter. They also have cleverly shaped caps that prevent them from rolling off your table or countertop, so they’re super easy to keep up with.


A Keychain Holder For Your Go-To Lip Product

Yes — you definitely need this adorable lip balm holder for your go-to lip product. Not only is it cute, but it has a built-in keychain, so you can stop losing every single tube. If lip balm isn’t your fave, this knit holder is stretchy enough to hold your gloss, lip stain, lipstick, and more.


This Herb Stripper With A Built-In Measuring Cup

This herb stripper has a handy little cup attached to catch all of the fresh herbs. It even has built-in measurement lines, so you can easily see how many more sprigs of rosemary or thyme you’ll need for your recipe. The stainless steel stripping tool also comes with four different sizes to work with every herb.


These Mini Hand Soap Sheets That You Can Use Everywhere

These mini hand soap sheets are a must for traveling or outdoor adventures because you’ll always have antibacterial soap ready to go. Simply pop open one of the easy-to-use holders, pull out a sheet, and add a bit of water (even if it’s simply from a water bottle) to wash your hands. The best part is — each pack has a different fresh-smelling scent, like rose, orange, lavender, and more.


A Stress-Relieving Ball That You Can Play With 3 Different Ways

Made of soft yet durable silicone, this stress ball can be squeezed in moments of frustration, of course. Beyond that, you can also grab the funky little little arms and stretch this toy out to get rid of excess motion or slam this ball down if you’re really feeling like you need to expend some energy.


These Velvet Scrunchies With Functional Hidden Pockets

These scrunchies have zipper pockets perfectly hidden in their luxe velvet fabric, so you can carry all of your small essentials. You won’t need a bag if your cash or even your house key is tucked inside these chic scrunchies. Also, don’t worry — you can still use them to put your hair up even if you have stuff in the pocket.


A Super Secure Cleaning Mat For Makeup Brushes

This time-saving silicone cleaning mat is specifically made for washing all of the gross caked-on makeup from your favorite makeup brushes. It has four different types of cleaning bristles, including some cute and scrubby heart-shaped bristles, but each kind effectively cleans different brushes. There’s also a suction cup on the bottom to keep it secure while you clean all of the brushes in your makeup bag.


This Heat-Resistant Crab With Utensil-Holding Claws

This heat-resistant crab utensil rest will add so much fun to dinner prep. His top claws hold onto your spoon or spatula, while the bottom claws clip onto the side of your pot or stand up on your countertop. The non-slip design even has a built-in lid holder, so you can prop open a lid to release steam.


A Fluffy Sherpa Blanket That You Can Wear Around The House All Day

This plush wearable blanket has all of the cozy details you could want for lounging around days, starting with the fluffy and warm sherpa lining. It also has an oversized pocket and a hood with fun little ears sewn on top. Plus, with the built-in sleeves, you could easily do chores or some work on your laptop while wearing this soft blanket, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

  • Available sizes: Kids — Adult X-Long
  • Available styles: 30


A Calming Duck Night Light With Zero Ugly Cords

This darling duck night-light is rechargeable via USB-C, so you won’t have to find an empty outlet to set it up. This LED light also sits right on top of your nightstand or any other piece of furniture to illuminate your space in a warm white glow. Plus, you simply touch the duck’s head or even his adorable beak to turn on this calming light and dim it or you can set a timer on the bottom if you use this duck as you fall asleep.


These Clever Wine Glass Charms That Twist Around The Stem

These might just be the most functional wine glass charms out there because they wrap around the stem of your glass instead of dangling off the side, so they’ll stay secure. This color-coded pack is made of flexible silicone, so it takes barely any time to wrap them around glasses before dinner parties.


This Hanging Toiletry Bag With A Ton Of Skincare Storage

This hanging toiletry bag with a secure zipper design will actually give you enough space for all of your go-to products (even if you love a multi-step skincare moment). It comes with a huge compartment that reviewers say are large enough for full-size bottles and three different mesh zipper pockets to keep every small serum or oversized moisturizer perfectly tidy.


These Flashlight Gloves That You’ll Use Quite Often

You’ll honestly use these adjustable flashlight gloves all the time, especially for after-dinner nighttime walks, home projects, and tinkering with your car. Their sleek design only covers two of your fingers, so they won’t be too warm. Each one has two built-in LED lights that allow you to see what you’re doing without holding a bulky flashlight.


These Transparent Sticky Notes That Can Handle Spills

These clever, transparent sticky notes are a must because they’re completely waterproof (in case something spills on your desk), yet they still work with every kind of writing utensil you could want. This waterproof design is also paired with extra-durable adhesive that seriously stays put, so these sticky notes are perfect to pop on the fridge, use for note taking in books, or even stick on the bathroom mirror.


A Fun Tea Infuser That’s Actually Super Functional

This Loch Ness monster-themed tea infuser is so much more fun than using a tea bag, and you can use fancy loose-leaf tea with it. It’s super easy to pop open this silicone infuser to add in your favorite chamomile or mint tea blend. Its hilarious design with the long neck also makes it easy to pull it out when your tea is ready (without fishing out a tea bag).


A Color-Changing Toilet Night-Light That’s Not *Too* Bright

This clip-on toilet light is such a genius night-light for the bathroom because it perfectly illuminates the toilet, so you won’t have to turn on the bright overhead light. It even has five dimmer settings to really ensure that it won’t wake anyone up. With the built-in motion sensor, it will turn on right when you walk into the bathroom. Possibly the best part: it comes with 16 aesthetic color options to light up your bathroom.


A Pack Of Microwave-Safe Bowl Covers To Keep Your Hands Cool

Made of a thick microfiber, these bowl holders are safe to put in the microwave alongside your leftover containers of soup or bowl of frozen veggies. They don’t get hot when your bowls do, so you can safely and comfortably take your food out of the microwave. They’re machine-washable, too, a handy feature that helped these get a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


A Botanical-Enriched Whipped Body Butter That’s So Nourishing

This body butter is such a luxurious way to end your post-shower routine with its sweet almond oil and ceramide-rich sunflower seed oil. It also has skin-soothing calendula from marigolds to make it a super relaxing balm after chaotic days. This nourishing and moisturizing formula also has a non-greasy finish, which is a must if you need to get dressed quickly after your shower.


A Dish Soap Dispenser With A Built-In Spot For Your Sponge

This sponge holder has a built-in soap dispenser that’s honestly such a time saver with nightly dishes. Simply press down on the top to grab more soap as you wash without pulling out a dish soap bottle. When you’re not washing dishes, it looks perfectly tidy with your sponge sitting on top, and it keeps your dish nice and dry.


A Discreet Password Book With Tabs For Organization

This chic faux-leather password book with a pen holder is way easier than resetting passwords all the time. It’s filled with alphabetical tabs, so you can quickly find whatever password you need for work or any annoying subscription you need to cancel. It has sections to label passwords and even any software licenses you might have.


This Mini Blender With A Super Practical Smoothie Cup

You’ll use this portable blender all the time because the top turns into a 14-ounce cup with a classic-style lids, and it fits in most cup holders. It has a spot to neatly wrap the cord around it, so you can easily pack this easy-to-use little blender in your travel bag. It’s also so easy to use in the morning with its single-button design and measurements on the side.


A Color-Changing Balm With A Fun Glittery Design

This pH color-changing lip balm proves that a moisturizing balm can actually feel super expensive and luxurious. Every time you reapply, the color-changing design will leave behind the perfect pink for you. Plus, the hydrating formula has a hint of glitter in it for some extra glam.


A Purse Light That Turns On When You’re Looking For Things

This heart-shaped charm is actually a helpful little light to illuminate your purse so you can quickly find what you need (even if your bag is a bit cluttered). It also has a clever sensor design that automatically turns on whenever you open your bag to look around for your keys.


This Tortilla Warmer For Seriously Easy Serving

This tortilla warmer is an easy way to have perfectly warmed tortillas for family taco night with barely any effort. Simply stick this durable warmer in the microwave and pop it on your table. It even has a built-in handle on top, so it’s super easy for everyone to grab a tortilla.


A Double-Sided Cleaner To Deep-Clean Hair Brushes

Instead of getting a little grossed out and tossing your hair brushes, simply give them a deep clean with this double-sided brush cleaner. It comes with two super durable bristle styles that make it so easy to clean off hair or even residue leftover from your hair products.


These Highly-Rated No-Spill Trays To Keep Your Freezer Stocked With Soup

These clever trays are specifically for freezing 1-cup servings of soup, so you always have a bowl of soup on hand when you need it. It comes with an anti-spill lid for when you carry your perfectly-prepped soup to the freezer. It’s made of flexible silicone to easily pop out the block of frozen soup whenever you could use a bowl.


These Reinforced Grocery Bags That Will *Definitely* Fit In Your Car

These reusable grocery bags all roll up and fit inside an included zipper pouch, so they won’t take up a bunch of room in your car between grocery runs. The easy-to-carry bags come with reinforced seams that can handle up to 50 pounds for heavier pantry staples. You can even use the different colors to color-code your groceries.


A Weighted Sleep Mask With A Luxurious Silky Finish

This sleep mask has an instantly calming, weighted design with super cushioned memory foam, so you can be sure it will be comfy all night. It has a clever design that lets you open your eyes without smushing your eyelashes. Plus, this adjustable mask has a silky finish that feels cool and relaxing.


This Purple Toothpaste To Help Out With Unwanted Stains

This gentle toothpaste has a surprising dark purple shade that will cancel out any yellow stains that might bother you. Don’t worry — the out-of-the-ordinary color will whiten your teeth without leaving any of the purple color behind. This toothpaste is a bona fide viral sensation, with over 3,000 shoppers scooping it up this month.


This Shaker To Make A Bunch Of Your Fave Salad Dressing

Instead of mixing up a new dressing every time you make a salad, this airtight shaker holds up to 3/4 cup of your favorite homemade salad dressing. It has measurements on the side, so you won’t even have to pull out measuring spoons to make your vinaigrette. With the water-tight design, you can easily shake it up before using the easy pour spout to dress your salad.


This Loud Safety Alarm That Looks Aesthetic On Your Keys

Unlike a lot of safety tools out there, this colorful little alarm with a gold-tone hook will actually look nice on your keychain or hanging inside your bag. Even though it looks aesthetic, this personal safety tool comes with a seriously loud siren-style alarm and a bright strobe light when you pull off the top to distract anyone who may do you harm and alert others that there’s help needed nearby.


These Spiky Cactus Dryer Balls With A Gentle Design

These quirky cactus-shaped dryer balls will be way more fun in your laundry room than classic dryer balls. Their silicone design is durable enough to toss in your dryer every time you do laundry, and they’ll even speed up how long it takes — yay. Even with their adorable spiky design, this pack will be extra-gentle on your clothes.

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