60 Genius Things That Are So Weird & Wildly Popular On Amazon Now

You’ll get a ton of use out of these.

Written by Veronika Kero and Jenny White

Genius Things That Are So Weird & Wildly Popular On Amazon Now


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Get ready to tell your friends and family where you found these genius products that are just as clever as they are popular and weird. They’ll make cleaning go faster, get your home more organized, and even make your beauty routine more efficient. These cult favorites include stickers to dim the annoying little lights on your electronics, must-haves for organizing your home (including an adjustable bottle rack), and beauty products like a callus remover that starts working in minutes (not weeks). All of these highly rated items are under $40, with items starting at just $5.


These Magnetic Measuring Spoons With A 4.9-Star Overall Rating

Never lose track of a measuring spoon again — these best-selling stainless steel spoons nest inside one another (and even magnetize together for added security), so you always can find the one you’re looking for. The eight spoons measure from just an eighth of a teaspoon up to a whole tablespoon. And there are more than 15 color choices available in the listing. The set has earned a 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon.


These Power Drill Brush Attachments That Come With An Extension Arm

You can use these power brush attachments to scrub everything from your glass shower door to the grout near your tub. Simply attach the three included heads made with nylon bristles to any drill to buff out stains and buildup without scratching surfaces. An extension arm is included for hard-to-reach spots. Choose from five bristle strengths in the listing for other purposes like scrubbing a grill or pots and pans.


A Callus Remover That Offers Results In 10 Minutes Or Less

After leaving this callus remover on for just five to ten minutes and following up with a scrubber, all cracks and rough patches on your feet will be gone. The gel formula comes in a large 8-ounce bottle that will last you through many uses. “I can tell you right now, if you have tried the foot peels which take weeks to fully work, you will be blown away by this callus remover cream,” wrote one fan.


This Highly Rated Bottle Rack With Adjustable Shelves

Able to hold up to nine bottles at a time, this bottle rack will make your cabinet look neater and make it easier to grab what you need. You can adjust the top two shelves to fit containers of any size, while nonslip feet will keep it from scratching your cabinet and moving around. A two-tier and wider version are also available in the listing.


These Reusable Dishcloths That Replace 150 Rolls Of Paper Towels

Each of the reusable dishcloths in this 10-pack can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels, making them an eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) swap. They absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, making them great for spills, and for wiping down wet counters. They can also be used dry to buff out stains and scrub buildup on dishes and other surfaces around your home.


A Roomy Car Organizer With A Security Flap

Thanks to its adjustable strap, this car organizer can fit comfortably in any vehicle. It’s equipped with a padded laptop section (which is also great for tablets), file sections that work for thinner books, pen holders, stretchy mesh bottle pockets, and more. And it can all be concealed from anyone passing by with the security flap. It comes in five colors in the listing to blend in with your vehicle’s interior.


These Adhesive Shower Shelves Available In Multiple Finishes

Made of rustproof stainless steel, these shower shelves install with an included adhesive strip to withstand being directly under your showerhead — but they’re also pretty enough to be displayed where guests can see them. They come in rose gold, yellow gold, matte black, and polished silver in the listing and each one can hold up to 20 pounds.


These Light-Dimming Stickers That Cut Brightness By 80%

If the brightness of your devices, outlets, and appliances bother you at night, dim them up to 80% with this pack of over 100 light covers. They have a peel-and-stick backing that won’t cause any damage or leave behind residue. Layer them for even more dimming power.


A $8 Flexible Squeegee For Cleaning Dishes & Counters

This kitchen squeegee is a game changer for cleaning dishes — the flexible, curved edge efficiently clears leftovers (even if they’re stuck on) from bowls, plates, and more with next to no effort. It can also be used to wipe messes on the counter right into the sink. The non-slip grip will give you a good hold, allowing you to maneuver the tool comfortably.


This Cult-Fave Stain Remover Set For Messes At Home & On The Go

While the phosphate-, sulfate-, formaldehyde-, and perfume-free formula of this stain remover spray is safe to use on clothes, upholstery, and carpets, it’s also tough enough to immediately remove set-in marks. It works on grass, food, ketchup, ink, and even blood. This set comes with a 4-ounce bottle and 10 wipes that tuck easily into your bag for when you’re on the go.


This Collapsible Popcorn Maker That Can Hold 15 Cups

This silicone popcorn popper can hold 15 cups but collapses down to just over 2 inches tall, taking up nearly no cabinet space at all. The flexible material evenly distributes heat so that no kernel ends up burnt or un-popped, and the built-in handles and plastic lid make it easy to transfer to the living room without spilling or transferring to another bowl.


This Slim Power Strip That Powers 12 Devices

This power strip features a compact plug with a unique right-angle design to not jut out as much as a standard plug — allowing you to push furniture, appliances, and more right up against it. The cord is 5 feet long and the strip can power up to 12 devices simultaneously via 8 AC outlets, two regular USB ports, and two USB-C ports. A 10-foot version is also available in the listing.


An Indoor Fly Trap That’s Insecticide-Free

By using an LED light to attract and trap bugs, this indoor fly trap will protect up to 400 square feet of your home. Flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats (and others) will be no match for the sticky pad on the back. The flies are hidden from sight until you change the glue card — this set comes with two of them.


This Motion-Detecting Toilet Light With 5 Dimness Options

Pop on this toilet light for some welcome guidance in the middle of the night. It automatically turns on when it detects motion from up to 18 feet away, and it can be placed on five different brightness modes. Plus, you can choose between 16 different colors.


These Rug Corner Grippers That Work Indoors & Out

In addition to leaving your rugs looking less than neat, curled rug corners can pose a tripping hazard. To keep everything tidy and safe, take just a few seconds to attach these rug corner grippers. They’re weatherproof and will hold any rug down — inside or out.


This Drain Protector To Avoid Clogs & Lost Items Before They Happen

Instead of calling a plumber once the problem gets out of hand, prevent clogs altogether with this drain protector. Its mushroom shape fits at the bottom of any sink and catches all hair to prevent any clogged pipes without drain snakes or harsh chemicals. It will also keep small dropped objects (like jewelry) from ending up in your pipes.


These LED Puck Lights That Can Be Put On A Timer

In addition to simply tapping them, you can use the included wireless remote to control this set of three LED puck lights. Their bright white light can be dimmed and put on a timer for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. And because they come with adhesive tape, they can be set up nearly anywhere.


Some Mop Slippers That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

Made of absorbent microfiber fibers, these five pairs of washable, reusable mop slippers give you a way to clean up spills or to dust without having to bend down. “Floor cleaning is one less chore I have to worry about with these. […] They also fit the base of my Swiffer Wet Jet for when I need a deeper level cleaning. No need to wait for the floor to dry because I can just walk behind it and dry while wearing a pair,” wrote one shopper.


This Color-Changing Solar Mobile That Lasts For 8 Hours

Powered by solar energy, the six orbs on this hanging mobile will cycle through various colors at random, illuminating areas like your patio, deck, or wherever you choose to hang it. The LED lights will last up to eight hours on a full charge.


A Pair Of Seat Gap Organizers Made Of Faux Leather

To keep things from falling underneath or between your car seats, install this pair of seat gap organizers that come in several shades in the listing to match your vehicle’s interior. They’re made of smooth faux leather and come with optional wedges so that they fit securely.


These Adhesive Desk Drawers That Can Hold 6 Pounds Each

Attach these two adhesive desk drawers to any desk or table to instantly minimize clutter and add storage space. Each drawer can hold up to 6 pounds and is simple to install. “After about 3 months now it’s still holding up fine. The tray slides out fairly smoothly. […] Fairly deep and wide enough to accommodate a fair number of items while leaving you enough space to organize a little as well,” wrote one shopper.


This Tool Mount That Can Support Up To 35 Pounds

Your floors will be free of clutter (and easier to walk on) once you hang your brooms, mops, and more on this tool mount. It has five anti-slip clamps for the handles and six hooks. Best of all, you don’t need to do any drilling to set it up. Just stick the adhesive strip anywhere you desire whether inside the garage, a broom closet, or outside on the shed — it can support up to 35 pounds. The organizer also comes with one mop holder to keep another tool nearby or in another room.


A Detergent Holder That Cuts Down On Waste With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

If you’re sick of struggling to control a heavy bottle of detergent and want to avoid drips on your counter or machine, you need this detergent holder. Its adjustable strap holds the container at an angle so you can use every last drop with ease. It comes with a measuring cup that sits on the tray to protect the surface below from mess.


An Extendable Bathtub Caddy Made Of Durable Bamboo

Made of water-resistant and durable bamboo, this bathtub caddy will make it through countless spa nights. It extends from about 29 to 43 inches to fit most tubs, and it has a designated space for all the essentials, including your wine glass, book or tablet, candle, phone, and more. Choose from four finishes in the listing.


This Reusable Ceiling Fan Duster That Extends To Almost 4 Feet

This ceiling fan duster will improve the look of your home by letting you reach nearly every surface thanks to its handle that extends from 27 to 47 inches. The fluffy head features thousands of fluffy fibers to trap dust and it’s washable and reusable.


These Plant-Watering Globes Made Of Hand-Blown Glass

You’ll never walk into a home full of limp leaves ever again after popping in these four plant-watering globes. Each bulb is made of beautiful hand-blown glass that can hold enough water for two weeks. A smaller version for up to 10 days of watering is also available in the listing, as is a two-pack.


A Counter-Clearing Magnetic Spice Rack That Holds 45 Pounds

Not only does this magnetic spice rack have two shelves for you to line up all your seasonings on, but it can also hold a paper towel roll, a roll of plastic wrap, and several kitchen tools all at once — freeing up counter space. In total, it can hold up to 45 pounds.


This $9 Soap Dispenser That Holds 13 Ounces

With a 13-ounce container as its base, this sponge holder doubles as a soap dispenser. Its one-handed operation is easy to use and dispenses the right amount of liquid each time without waste or mess. The bottom has nonslip feet to keep it in place and make refilling it easy.


These Food Storage Containers With Customizable Labels

This seven-pack of food storage containers comes with four different sizes so that you can put away everything from tall strands of spaghetti to small foods like nuts or beans. They even come with reusable labels and a chalk pen for clearly labelling contents. Each has a rubber seal that will keep your dry goods fresh and a matching locking lid (and all the lids are interchangeable for your convenience).


This Reversible Dishwasher Magnet That Even Works On Non-Magnetic Models

Instead of guessing whether the cutlery is clean or dirty, be sure with this reversible dishwasher magnet. The piece is completely waterproof, which will keep its edges from peeling. It even comes with a self-adhesive metal plate for non-magnetic dishwashers.


A Wall-Mountable Battery Organizer With 93 Slots

If your junk drawer consists mostly of batteries rolling around, make better use of it by placing them all in this battery organizer. It has 93 slots of various sizes and comes with a tester so that you’re not holding on to any that are no longer useful. Plus, the clear cover is waterproof, and it can be kept in a drawer or mounted on a wall.


These Under-Bed Organizers For Shoes & Out-Of-Season Clothing

The fabric of these under-bed shoe organizers is lightweight and breathable yet strong enough to be pulled out every day. Each container can hold 12 pairs of shoes or out-of-season clothing, all of which can be seen clearly through the plastic top cover.


A Plastic Bag Holder Available In Several Metallic Shades

With two extra-wide openings, this plastic bag holder is easy to fill and empty. It can be mounted on your wall or a cabinet door and will resist fingerprint smudges, even with daily use. Choose from several metallic finishes in the listing, including gold, black, and copper.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner With A 3.5-Foot Hose

Just because you can’t see all the lint that is clogging your dryer doesn’t mean it’s not there; attach the 3.5-foot hose of this dryer vent cleaner to any vacuum to see what you’ve been missing. It improves the efficiency of your machine and reduces the risk of a house fire. It can also be used on the coils and underneath your fridge.


A Lid Organizer With Adjustable Dividers

Say goodbye to overflowing piles of lids with this lid organizer. It comes with five dividers that can be placed anywhere you please so you can separate by shape and size to save precious time. It’s available in several sizes in the listing.


This Digital Meat Thermometer That Works In 2 Seconds

Whether you’re grilling a steak or heating up milk, you can be sure of exactly when something is ready by using this waterproof digital meat thermometer. It takes just two seconds to measure up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a built-in bottle opener, and it comes with a battery pre-installed and a spare one for backup.


A Modern Light-Up Clock That Comes In 4 Finishes

This word clock displays the time (in five-minute increments) using light-up words. Choose from various finishes in the listing, including copper, rose gold, stainless steel, or black, depending on your home’s style. It’s powered by USB.


A Space-Saving Silicone Strainer That’s Dishwasher Safe

Don’t be fooled by its space-saving size; this dishwasher-safe silicone strainer is even more useful than a traditional one. Its flexible material can be clamped onto any pot or pan and lets you skip transferring food to another bowl or pot. The built-in spout makes pouring easy and mess-free and your food won’t stick to it because of its nonstick surface.


This Cooling Memory Foam Pillow For All Kinds Of Sleepers

Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, this memory foam pillow is for you. The inside is filled with shredded memory foam that mains plush support and adjusts to any sleeping style. The outside is made of cooling bamboo fibers. “This pillow’s impact on our rest has been so significant that we didn’t hesitate to buy it again. The quality and durability of the pillow make it a clear winner,” wrote one reviewer.


A Solar-Powered Flashlight With A 100,000-Hour Life Span

Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, this solar-powered flashlight is easy to bring along wherever you go. It takes up nearly no space but can provide up to two hours of bright LED light per charge — and it has a crank that creates eight minutes of light per one minute of cranking. And since it has a built-in carabiner clip, it can be attached to belt loops and bags.


A Bidet Attachment You Can Install Yourself In Minutes

You don’t need to call a plumber to completely transform your bathroom; just install this bidet attachment yourself. The durable plastic panel can be used to control the angle and pressure of each spray. “This thing is SO easy to install. […] It took me less than ten minutes to figure out how to attach it to my toilet,” wrote one shopper.


These Reusable Grocery Bags That Can Hold 50 Pounds Each

Each of the reusable grocery bags that come in this pack of 10 can hold up to 50 pounds, taking the place of up to three disposable bags. Their strong fabric is reinforced at the seams to prevent breakage but is still lightweight enough to be compactly folded. The set comes with a zippered pouch that they can all be stored in and they’re also machine washable.


These Containers That Extend The Life Of Produce

The bottom drain tray and secure lid on each of these three produce containers work together to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. And because of their 11.5-inch-long design, they’re also ideal for holding fish and meat. “They keep my produce fresh, and they can hold long spears of asparagus or green onions,” wrote one fan.


Some Nonstick Oven Liners That Work In Other Small Appliances

Save time in your day by letting these oven liners do the cleaning up for you. They’re made of heavy-duty Teflon that can be cut to fit anywhere (including microwaves, toaster ovens, and air fryers) so that all drips and crumbs can removed in one swoop after cooking. They’re even dishwasher safe.


A Reusable Makeup Wipe That Lasts For 5 Years

Instead of using disposable wipes, take off the day with this reusable makeup cloth. The soft microfiber only needs a bit of water to take off foundation, lipstick, and even waterproof mascara. For less than $15, you’ll have a tool that can last you up to five years.


This Box Organizer That Can Hold Up To 20 Pounds

Made with steel wire, this sturdy box organizer can hold every aluminum foil, parchment paper, and plastic wrap that you have. It gives you easier access and maximizes your space so you have room for other things in your cabinets as well. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate different boxes.


This Silicone Soap Dish That Doubles As A Utensil Holder

With a built-in spout, this silicone soap dish makes it easy to keep your counter clean and dry. Any excess water is automatically drained back into your sink while the ridges keep the bar in place. And because its flexible material is heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it can also be used as a utensil rest for cooking.


A Portable Handheld Fan That Lasts 21 Hours Per Charge

At less than 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide, it’s easy to slip this handheld fan in your pocket or a small handbag when you’re on the go. It’s USB-rechargeable and can last up to 21 hours at a time. You can even choose between two different speed settings depending on just how much you need to cool off.


These Leaf-Shaped Funnels That Reviewers Like For Hanging Plants

Stick this leaf-shaped funnel into your plant’s soil for easier and less messy watering — it’ll direct the water straight to your plant’s roots. The set comes with three funnels in various vibrant green shades. “Makes it easier to water my hanging plants and blends in well with the leaves,” wrote one reviewer.


A Cult-Favorite Lint Remover With 113,000+ 5-Star Reviews

To keep hair and dust off of your clothes, upholstery, and carpets, pull out this lint remover. It won’t snag fabrics and doesn’t have any messy sticky strips to deal with. Emptying it is easy: Just press the button on the back and empty the chamber directly into the trash.


A Popular Knife That Curls, Slices & Spreads Butter

A best-seller on Amazon, this stainless steel knife allows you to easily spread butter on bread without tearing it to pieces — even if the butter is cold. The secret is the small slotted holes that run along the knife’s blade; they’re designed to curl the butter, which is what makes it much more workable; a larger hole at the tip of the knife creates thicker curls. “Not only does it spread butter, but it can also cut and serve it,” wrote a reviewer.


This Motion-Sensor Light That Can Be Installed 2 Ways

Wherever you need a little extra brightness for better visibility, this motion-sensor light will come to the rescue. It has four built-in LED bulbs that’ll last for 100,000 hours, and it can be mounted anywhere using the included double-sided adhesive tape or screws. It’s powered by a single AA battery.


This Dual-Blade Veggie Chopper That’s Dishwasher Safe

Chop veggies (including salads) in seconds with this stainless steel chopper — simply toss them in a bowl, then use a rocking motion to get everything cut fast. The handy kitchen tool features two sturdy blades that are widely spaced so nothing gets stuck in them. It’s also dishwasher safe for quick cleanup and comes with blade covers for safe storage.


A Sleek Couch Arm Tray That Also Works Flat

Keep your favorite drink, phone, and remote all within reach thanks to this silicone holder that fits on most couch or armchair armrests (so long as they’re 6 inches wide). The silicone material ensures the tray doesn’t slide around, and it can also be used flat to create a stable surface anywhere you need it (like on a bed). Choose from various colors in the listing.


A Cute Knife Sharpener That Reviewers Say Works Surprisingly Well

Fun and functional, this rhino-shaped knife sharpener will restore your favorite kitchen knife to its former glory. It’s made from BPA-free plastic with a stainless steel blade for quick and effortless sharpening. Once the job is done, this pick’s blade is actually dishwasher safe. “It works way more effectively than I anticipated because it’s also so cute,” wrote one fan.


This $7 Stainless Steel Utensil Rest & Lid Holder

This nifty holder combines two kitchen essentials: a spoon rest and a lid holder. Made from stainless steel, the modern-looking holder doesn’t take up much counter space, but it’s big enough to hold nearly any size lid. The base is removable for easier cleaning.


An Easy-To-Use Label Remover Set With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

This remover tool makes it simpler to get pesky labels and stickers off of items in your home — it can even be used on surfaces like metal or glass without causing damage. The set comes with three plastic scrapers and one version with a metal blade, plus a cover to keep it protected when not in use. It has a 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after 6,000-plus reviews.


A Spa-Worthy Heated Lotion Dispenser That Works In 2 Minutes

This heated lotion dispenser warms your favorite lotion in just two minutes for a spa-like experience at home — the little luxury costs just $20. It works with any hand or body lotion, and it can hold up to 16 ounces of product at a time.


Some Sole & Sneaker Cleaners That Work With Just Water

By simply adding water, this 10-pack sole and sneaker cleaner can get rid of all kinds of stains, scuffs, and dirt with gentle buffing (no scrubbing necessary). The orange side is designed to be tougher on stubborn stains. One shopper wrote, “I was impressed by these. I am always using a magic eraser on the soles of my shoes to clean but them basically crumble and fall apart by the time I’m done with 1 shoe I’ve cleaned 3 pairs of shoes now and it’s still going strong.”


These See-Through Sticky Notes That Reviewers Say Stay In Place

Like traditional sticky notes, these transparent sticky notes can attach to any paper but since they’re see-through, they won’t block the text or images beneath, making them useful on calendars, books, and more. The set comes with four pads for a total of 200 sticky notes that are 3 by 3 inches in size; other transparent colors are also available in the listing. “Strong adhesive. […] I use them for work and to annotate on books with a felt pen,” wrote one shopper.

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