60 Cool, New Things Under $30 That Are Getting Insanely Popular On Amazon

These new and exciting finds may be the next big thing on Amazon.

Written by Amanda Pellegrino

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It’s always fun to be the first to discover a new style or gadget, especially when it’s budget-friendly and super useful. From organization to fashion to beauty, these 60 cool things are about to get insanely popular on Amazon, and I’m bringing them to you first so you can show them off before they go viral.

I’m talking about things like a designer-looking quilted tote, a magnetic pouch to hold your phone while you work out, or vegan nail polish that has hundreds of shimmery colors. See? Useful and interesting. Plus — the best part? — these finds are all under $30.


This Spatula That Reaches Every Nook & Cranny Inside Jars

Get every last drop out of your peanut butter or jelly jars with this clever spatula. The 8.3-inch long silicone piece is malleable enough to scrape every nook and cranny of your jars, while also staying sturdy enough to spread whatever’s left onto your bread. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for an easy clean.


These Honey-Infused Sheet Masks That Are Super Hydrating

These sheet masks use a blend of honey, propolis, sodium hyaluronate, other ingredients to hydrate, rejuvenate, and nourish your skin like never before. Just apply the film to your face and remove after 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll never believe you got this spa-like experience for this budget-friendly price.


An Adorable Leather Card Holder With A Heart Detail & RFID Blocking Technology

If you’re looking to replace your bulky wallet with something smaller, thinner, and essentials-only, this card holder is for you. Not only is it adorable — hello, quilted heart detail — but it holds cash and four credit cards, which is the perfect amount for everyday use. As a bonus, it features an RFID protector to block electronic signals trying to steal your information so you can stay safe and look good.


An Adjustable, Lightweight Book Light With 3 Color Modes

With this reading light you’ll be able to keep up with all of the celebrity book club picks, no matter the time of day. It features three brightness levels and three color temperatures — one of which even has blue light filtering technology for a cozy before bed read that’s not harsh on your eyes. And the weight — it’s lighter than an egg! — means it won’t weigh down your pages when you clip it on.


These Star-Shaped Pimple Patches That Reduce Inflammation

Packed with hydrocolloid, these pimple patches absorb fluid, reduce inflammation, and shrink unwanted red pimple spots overnight — and over 10,000 shoppers have added them to their cart in the last month. Just apply directly on top of your problem zit, leave on while you get your beauty sleep, and remove in the morning to reveal a less noticeable spot. Plus they come in a cute refillable case with a mirror to make sure you have perfect application even when you’re on the go.


A Compact Multi-Tool That’s 17 Tools In One

This one tool is a hammer, tape measure, level, screwdriver — and more — all in one. Great for a new renter or someone looking to do DIY projects around the house, this tool also includes 13 bits for the screwdriver and an LED flashlight so you can always see what you’re doing.


These Botanical Foot Masks That’ll Make Your Feet Softer Than Ever In 2 Weeks

Say goodbye to unwanted dry skin and calluses on your feet — just use these genius foot masks. They use botanicals and other natural ingredients to deeply exfoliate rough foot skin and peel away the unwanted stuff over the coarse of two weeks. All you have to do is soak your feet, wear these booties for about an hour, rinse off, and watch in wonder while your feet become baby soft.


An Easy-To-Use Salad Dressing Mixer That’s Leakproof

If you like to make your own salad dressing, this shaker will change your life. The wide mouth and measuring labels along the side make adding ingredients easy. Then slip on the leakproof top, close the cap, and shake to your heart’s content. After you make your perfect vinagrette, you can close the lid to keep the 3/4 cups inside fresh with the airtight, leakproof seal.


A Quilted Tote Bag That Gives Designer For a Budget-Friendly Price

Get a designer look for a budget-friendly price with this super cool quilted tote bag. The nylon bag features puffy quilted details and a zipper closure to keep all your things secure in the large pocket. It comes in a dozen vibrant colors to match your vibe, and the medium-length strap can be handheld or worn over your shoulder for even more versatility.


A Plush Headband & Wristband Set That Makes Washing Your Face Mess-Free

Whether you’re filming a morning skincare video or just looking to wash your face without water spraying in your hair and dripping down your arms, check out this spa set. Both the headband and wristbands feature soft padding, elastic to be both snug and comfortable, and a terrycloth fabric that’s super plush and absorbent.


A Sleek, Portable Neck Fan That Has 3 Speeds

Whether you’re camping, attending an outdoor event, going for a walk, or sitting in a hot office, this neck fan is a great and budget-friendly way to stay cool. On just one charge it lasts for up to seven hours, so it’s great on-the-go. And the 360 degree air movement has three speeds, from a soft wind to a strong wind, depending on your needs.


These Floor Sliders That Take Your Workout To The Next Level

These floor sliders work on carpet, tile, hardwood, and gym floors to bring your workout to the next level. They can be used to expand your stretching, or add another level of challenge to your mountain climbers, pushups, or lunges. Plus they’re super lightweight and portable so you can use them at home, at the gym — anywhere.


These Paper Towel-Sized Swedish Dishcloths That Are So Absorbent

Whether you’re looking to save money or reduce your single-use plastic consumption, these Swedish dishcloths can help. They absorb 22 times their weight in liquids and feature a slightly ribbed design for scrubbing, making them great for cleaning or sopping up messes in the kitchen or bathroom. Each sheet is reusable up to 120 times, which makes them a great reusable option. They’re machine-washable, dishwasher safe, and can fit on a standard paper towel holder.


These Colorful Labels To Organize All Your Cables & Wires

These colorful labels use a hook-and-loop closure to keep all your cords and wires organized. You can either apply matching colored tabs to both sides of the wire, or you can use a ballpoint pen to write the name of the device directly on the tab itself. Either way, you’ll won’t be rummaging around for cords, or unplugging the wrong wire again.


A Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper For Better Breath

Add this tongue scraper to your daily dental hygiene routine — your breath will thank you. The stainless steel scraper removes build-up and peels the white coat off your tongue for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. It even comes with a linen storage pouch for a clean tongue on-the-go.


A Travel Tumbler That Collapses For Compact Storage

If you hate making your own coffee in the morning because you don’t want to carry around the giant, empty cup with you for the rest of the day, check out this collapsible tumbler. It can shrink from a 16-ounce cup to a flat, 1.25-inch puck with ease. It has both a straw and flip-top for easy sipping, and the silicone cup features an insulated foam sleeve which acts as a storage pouch when the cup is collapsed.


This Brilliant Baseball Cap With A Hole For Your Ponytail

It’s finally possible to wear a high pony and a baseball cap at the same time. This ingenious hat features a V-shaped opening in the back so you can throw your hair into a messy bun or high ponytail without constriction. It has an adjustable tightness band, breathable mesh sides, and an inner sweatband layer to keep you cool and dry.

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: 11


A Minimalist Weekly Planner With A Habit Tracker

Get yourself organized when you have this minimalist, undated weekly planner. The tear off pad features a section for your top three priorities, a box to schedule each day of the week, a to-do list, a habit tracker, and an area for miscellaneous notes. It features 50 sheets of paper, and can be used as a pad on your desk — or tear off a sheet and keep yourself organized on-the-go.


A Best-Selling Brush With 7 Heads To Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Face & Body

Clean, exfoliate, and massage your face and body with this electronic cleansing brush. It features seven heads, including a pumice stone for foot calluses, a silicone brush for your face, and a rolling head for massaging. It’s waterproof, so you can even use it in the shower, and it features two speeds depending on what kind of cleaning or exfoliating you’re looking for.


This Magnetic Pouch To Hold Your Essentials While Working Out

Whether you’re a marathon runner, hiker, or casual walker, this magnetic pouch is absolutely genius. Put your essentials — cell phone, keys, cards, etc — into the pouch, zip to secure, then separate the magnets, and slip one side into the band of your pants. It’s sturdy enough to keep your things safe, but unobtrusive enough that you won’t even notice its there while you’re getting your workout in.


A Waterproof Speaker To Have A Dance Party In The Shower

Whether you like to sing in the shower or listen to a podcast during a relaxing bath, this mini speaker will do the trick. It’s waterproof and small — about the size of an egg — but delivers club-quality base and sound, so you don’t have to compromise portability for function. It’s Bluetooth capable and on one charge it can last up to five to eight hours, which also makes it great for days at the beach or pool.


These Thin Plastic Cutting Boards That Are Super Flexible

These extra thin cutting boards are malleable enough to be easily used and stored, but still protective on your counters and gentle on knives. They have a waffle textured back to keep them from slipping around, and the flexible surface means you can easily bend to pour whatever you cut into a bowl or baking tray. And, with three colors, the boards can be color-coded to avoid cross contamination between food.


These 14-Karat Gold Plated Huggie Earrings That Exude Elegance

No one will believe you got these stunning huggie earrings for this budget-friendly price. Seriously. With a 14-karat gold plated split-wrap chain pattern, these earrings might be small but they sure pack a punch with the sparkly cubic zirconia gems. They’re also hypoallergenic, and the huggie design means there’s no post sticking out, so you’re always comfortable.


A Hydrating Toner & Serum Combo For Glowing Skin

Using hyaluronic acid and Korean grain extract Antoxyl-S, this two-in-one toner and serum combo removes dirt and refreshes pores to reveal positively glowing skin, all while protecting your skin from harsh environments. Designed for all skin types, it’s gentle enough to not strip essential natural oils, while still hydrating and cleansing to promote a clear complexion.


These Acrylic Shelves To Store & Display Your Favorite Things

From your extensive nail polish collection to your collection of crystals, these acrylic shelves not only store things neatly but can turn anything into a trendy display. The four-tiered shelves allow you to make the most of your counterspace while still allowing you to see — and have easy access — to everything you have.


These Fluffy Velvet House Slippers That Bring The Spa Home

You’ll never want to leave your house when you’re wearing these super cozy slippers. Not only does the velvet texture and fluffy feather detail exude elegance, but the inner lining is breathable and sweat-absorbing to keep things dry and odor-free. And the memory foam cushion will ensure your feet are supported and comfy.

  • Available styles: 5-6 — 11-12
  • Available sizes: 11


A Nail Polish Holder That Makes Doing Your Nails Less Messy

This nail polish bottle holder isn’t kidding when it says it’s un-tippable. That’s the point. Slip your favorite polish inside the plastic holder, secure the base to any flat surface, and hinge the holder to the exact angle you need it. Now you can do your nails anywhere without worrying about hard-to-clean spills.


A Cord Hider To Keep Your Unsightly Wires Organized

Keep your cords and wires out of sight and out of mind with this 13-inch long hider. Simply peel the adhesive backing off the hider, stick it to the desired surface, snake your wires inside, and slide on the cover. They can be cut to your desired length and even painted to match your walls, flooring, tile — you name it. You’ll forget they’re there.


This Lavender Scrub For Delicious Smelling Exfoliation

You’ll want to scrub-a-dub-dub all day when you have this lavender body exfoliator. First of all, it smells delicious, and the lavender aroma promotes relaxation and calmness. Second, the thick, textured scrub feels both gentle and rough while exfoliating your entire body to shed away dry skin and reveal glowing skin.


This Felt Insert That Keeps Your Purse Super Organized

If your bag ever feels like a black hole that leaves you constantly digging to find what you need, you’ve got to check out this purse insert. It comes in multiple sizes — depending on what type of purse you’re looking to organize — and it has 13 pockets — 10 interior and 3 exterior. — to keep your phone, pens, makeup, and wallet all in place. And the center five pockets are detachable in case you’re looking for a larger middle console.


This Dry Shampoo Powder That Also Adds Volume

Instantly refresh your hair — whether you’re at home or on the go — with this dry shampoo powder. Not only does it absorb excess oil for clean looking and feeling hair, but it also adds texture and volume for the kind of bounce people will be shocked wasn’t from a salon. Plus, the compact and travel-approved applicator means you can give yourself touch ups wherever you need it.


A Gold-Plated Ring With A Minimalist Flat Bar Style

Add the perfect accent piece to your fingers with this gold-plated sterling silver bar ring. The minimalist design — featuring a rounded edge and flat-topped bar — is a great way to add a piece that’s both show-stopping and can blend seamlessly into your existing ring collection.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 10
  • Available colors: 2


These Wildly Popular Storage Bins That Keep Any Space Organized

“What Took Me So Long To Get These????” one reviewer exclaimed. “[…] they are a game changer.” It’s no wonder these plastic storage bins have over 9,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Not only are they see-through — so you can always see what you have and what you need — but they also have handles for easy access and are made of food-safe plastic. These plastic storage bins will take your organizing to the next level, whether you’re looking to clean up your pantry, fridge, closets, or cleaning cabinets.


This Egg Yolk Hair Mask That Gives You Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

Made with shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and — you guessed it — egg yolk extract, this mayo hair mask will hydrate and repair your your locks to leave you with shiny, frizz-free finish. Despite it’s name and design, it leaves your hair smelling like a vanilla, macadamia nut blend, which is way better than other hair masks.


These Wireless Headphones With LED Battery Display

These wireless headphones fit over your ear, making them sturdy enough for working out, running, or playing sports, while remaining comfy enough to wear while you relax. The LED display in the charging case lets you know the battery life of both the case and each individual earbud, so you always know when it’s time to charge. Plus, they’re waterproof, come with three in-ear size options, last up to eight hours on one charge, and reviewers rave about the sound quality.


These Adorable Under-Eye Gel Masks That Are Super Hydrating

Just like your rosé wine, you’ll love these rosé under-eye gel masks chilled. Plop them into the refrigerator, and these luxurious pink eye patches use hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to reduce the appearance of unwanted dark circles and puffiness in five to 10 minutes. So, while you’re making coffee, brushing your teeth, cleaning your kitchen, or watching a movie — it’s never been easier to keep your under eyes hydrated and gorgeous.


A Best-Selling 18-Piece Kit For A Professional Manicure At Home

This 18-piece manicure kit has everything you need to have a spa-like nail experience at home — which is why it’s a bestseller on Amazon and has over 25,000 five-star ratings. It’s stocked with stainless steel clippers, files, tweezers, scissors, and so much more, for premium hand, foot, and facial hair care. Plus, it comes in a convenient travel-sized case to keep everything organized in one place.


These Bamboo Utensils That Come In A Bamboo Holder

Refresh your kitchen utensils with this bamboo set. It comes with a solid spoon, forked spoon, single hole spatula, slotted spoon, turner spatula, slotted spatula, and kitchen tongs — all the essentials for daily cooking if you’re looking for something BPA-free, plastic-free, and metal-free. Plus, they come with a bamboo utensil holder for a sleek, coordinated look.


This Remote Control Made For TikTok Scrolling

This TikTok remote control makes scrolling through your favorite videos easier than ever. Not only does it include forward and back buttons that makes scrolling through TikTok videos or Instagram Reels hands-free, but it can also be used to record or take a photo on your phone if you’re within 33 feet of your device, for way easier selfies and GRWM videos.


The SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick With A Major Cult Following

Use this 50 SPF sunscreen stick on your face, chest, shoulders, or other high-burn areas to keep your skin safe and sun-friendly. Not only does it have broad spectrum UV protection, but the weightless sunscreen leaves a dewy, glazed donut finish that’s weightless and invisible. The oxybenzone-free formula also has moisturizing oils in it to keep your skin hydrated.


This Trendy, Chunky Blanket That’s Buttery Soft

This chunky knit blanket is a must-have upgrade to your collection of throws. It’s buttery soft — you’re not going to want to stop caressing it — and it’s hand-made with extra chunky chenille yarn that marries elegance and style with ultimate relaxation. Plus, it comes in tk classic colors, including mustard, cream, and sage, and it’s machine-washable for a super easy clean.


This Pearl Choker Necklace With A Letter Charm Detail

No one will believe you got this personalized 14-karat gold and pearl necklace for this budget-friendly price. The choker-style pearl chain is elegant and show-stopping by itself, and then when you add on the letter charm — which you can customize for your name, your partner’s name, your kids name, etc. — this necklace is as sentimental as it is stylish.


This Fan-Favorite Liquid Blush For The Perfect Contour

This liquid blush wand comes in multiple contour-perfect colors for a glowing and radiant look every day. It has a buildable formula, meaning it seamlessly blends into your skin and into other aspects of your makeup routine. It’s made with a cushion tip for even and precise application exactly where you want it, making it a must-have for an easy and long-lasting contour.


These Trendy Claw Clips In The Cutest Colors

Throw your hair back in that coveted messy bun or half-up-half-down look when you have one of these adorable claw clips. The set of nine comes in the most adorable pastel colors to match any outfit or vibe, and each one features a retro-looking flower design made of non-slip plastic for a sturdy hold every time. Measuring 3-by-3 inches, the clips will hold back thick or thin hair, no matter what activity you’re doing.


A Timelessly Stylish Mason Jar Pitcher With A Leakproof Lid

If you’re looking for a charming leakproof pitcher for iced coffee, lemonade, or margaritas, well, this mason jar pitcher is for you. While the 32-ounce glass pitcher features a lid with a handle and a wide mouth spout for super easy pouring, it can also be used without the lid as a standard mason jar for drinking or storing. And it’s dishwasher-safe so cleaning is easy as can be.


These Buttery Soft Pants With A Comfy & Stylish High Waist

“RUN DON’T WALK!!!” wrote one reviewer about these sleek yoga pants. “[…] when i tell you these are perfect they are PERFECT. 100000/10 BUY THIS RN!” Whether you’re looking to upgrade your walks, daily yoga class, or general athleisure collection, these leggings are for you. They feature a high, crossover-style waist and are snug through the knee, where they flare out to stay trendy while you’re still comfy. Plus the spandex and nylon blend manages to be both soft and stretchy without loosing its shape or being see-through.


This Eye Mask For Cold Or Hot Relief On Your Face

This reusable face mask uses temperature-retaining internal beads to not only be flexible enough to fit snug to the contour of your face, but also offer hot or cold therapy to your face. Just toss it in the freezer or the microwave — it’s safe for both — to reduce unwanted puffiness, soothe headaches, and more. And it has an adjustable hook strap for a perfect fit.


This Cup Holder Expander That Fits Your Huge Water Bottle

If you roll your eyes every time you have to toss your water bottle on the passenger’s seat rather than putting it in a cup holder, this expander is exactly what you need. The bottom half sticks directly into your existing cupholder and expands to fit it securely, and the top half uses retractable tabs to fit most 18-to-40-ounce bottles with ease. Plus, the off-kilter design means it won’t block access to the adjoining cupholder.


This Duel Food Dispenser For Dry Snacks & Cereal

This duel food container dispenses 1 ounce of cereal, candy, nuts, snacks — you name it — per twist for an easy snack or breakfast. The sealed top can preserve freshness for up to 45 days, to avoid your dry food getting stale or soft over time. Each canister holds up to 35 ounces of food, and the see-through top ensures you always see how much you have left.


This Stretchy Headband With Built-In Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re looking for a new way to listen to music while working out or want to relax to a meditation while falling asleep, check out this headband with built-in headphones. The one-size-fits-all headband is stretchy yet snug, and features a breathable, sweat absorbing material to keep you cool no matter what you’re doing. And the built-in headphones have a nine-hour battery life on a single two-hour charge, which is perfect for snoozing.


This Tiny Arcade That’s Adorable And Functional

Miniatures are all the rage right now and this mini arcade game is not only really stinking cute but also — you’ll never believe it — fully functional! The 1.5-inch color TV monitor features 10 games — including Breakout, Pong, Centipede, Pac Man, and more — as well as a fully-functional and super tiny joystick to play them. Has anything this cute, and functional, ever existed?!


This Water Bottle Stacker To Get Your Kitchen Organized

If you’ve ever opened a cabinet and had disorganized water bottles fall on your head, this stackable storage container is exactly what you need. Each tier can hold three water bottles and they stack together to make use of both vertical and horizontal shelf space. Plus, they’re refrigerator safe, if you prefer your water bottles — or wine bottles, or seltzer bottles — chilled.


These Extra-Wide Headbands With A Trendy Twist Detail

These headbands are super wide and comfy, and feature a gathered twisted detail at the top for a super trendy look. The polyester blend fabric makes these stretchy enough to be cozy but snug enough to always stay put no matter what you’re doing. Available in packs of multiple vibrant colors, depending on your vibe, these headbands are going to be a wardrobe essential before you know it.


A Best-Selling Personal Safety Alarm With A Siren & Strobe Light

This personal safety alarm is one of those things you hope you never need to use but you should have just in case. It attaches easily to your keychain and, when activated, uses both a very loud siren and a strobe light to deter an attack or bring attention to you. It uses a replaceable battery and can be used for up to 40 continual minutes at a time, if needed.


This Body Brush For Lymphatic Drainage and Exfoliation

If you want to add dry brushing to your routine, check out this body brush, which comes at a budget-friendly price. Using natural boar bristles affixed to a polished wood handle, swiping this brush on your skin can stimulate lymphatic drainage, exfoliate, unclog pores, and more. Plus, it can be used in or out of the shower for glowing skin.


This Jewelry Stand With A Ring Holder Base

This jewelry stand has a spot for bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, so you always have a place for your favorite accessories. It features a high bar with 14 small hooks for longer necklaces, a lower bar with 12 holes to hang earrings, and a fabric base with two sections for bracelets and a center slotted section for rings. It displays your jewelry while keeping it organized — what more could you ask for?


This Crossbody Sling Bag That’s Made Of Stylish Faux Leather

If you’re looking for an alternative to the popular belt bag, this is it. This expensive-looking faux leather sling bag has two zipper pockets, ideal for your phone, keys, and other essentials, as well as four internal card slots. And the adjustable strap can be used crossbody or as a fanny pack, depending on what you need. It’s so stylish and so functional, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone so far without it.


This Outlet Extender With A Clever 3-Sided Design

This outlet extender plugs directly into your current outlet to turn two plugs into nine — and you can actually use all nine thanks to the three-sided design that prevents overcrowding. It features five traditional outlets, three USB ports, and one lightning port, so you never have to sacrifice a charge because you don’t have the space. It also features a surge protector to keep things safe.


This Vegan Nail Polish With Some Subtle Sparkle

Add some subtle sparkle to your nails — and your life — with this vegan nail polish. It’s available in hundreds of timeless, trendy, and soon-to-be trendy colors — from a dusty purple to a rusty red to a shimmering white — and features a holographic sparkle that glitters in the light. And it features chip-resistant durability for long-lasting wear. It’s no wonder over 32,000 shoppers gave this polish five stars on Amazon.


This Hanging Chain That Displays Your Photos Among Pretty Stars

Over your bed or desk, this golden chain can be mounted to any wall to immediately elevate your decor and display your photos at the same time. Between the golden falling stars, use the 25 included matching clips to affix your pictures, post cards, notes, or other favorites for a gorgeous hanging display.

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