60 Clever Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews That You’ll Wish You Got Sooner

Incredible finds that are actually worth the hype.

Written by Jenny White

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It’s usually only after immense frustration that I go searching for a better way to do something. And because I’m probably not the only one who’s haphazardly heaped clothes into my luggage instead of using organized packing cubes, or lifted kitchen appliances up and down before realizing there was a convenient slide-out tray for that — I know you’ll appreciate this list of super clever stuff on Amazon designed to make everyday life a little easier. Each product has a near-perfect rating so you can count on them being as awesome as the reviews promise.


These Over-The-Door Organizers For Purses, Accessories, & More

If you’re out of room in your closet, you might want to make use of the real estate on your doors with this set of hanging organizers. They hook right onto the tops of the doors and each has six roomy compartments for storing handbags, shoes, towels, and more. The metal hooks are durable, and the plastic sleeves make it easy to see exactly what’s inside.


This All-In-One French Skincare Cream That’s A Cult-Classic

France is known for its superb skincare products, like this 6-in-1 face cream that’s beloved by French girls and TikTok beauty enthusiasts alike. Formulated with a natural and effective formula containing aloe vera, shea butter, and beeswax, it hydrates and plumps skin — and makes for an excellent makeup primer. It’s amassed more than 18,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, with one fan noting, “Please do yourself a favor and buy this, wish I had sooner! Goes on beautifully, gives softness and a subtle sheen to your face. Love it.”


This “No Pinch” Eyelash Curler

Protect your precious lashes with this high-quality eyelash curler. It’s designed not to tug — thanks to the smooth hinges and generous padding — and it promises to absolutely turn up the volume on your lashes. One reviewer raved, “I love the lift and curl this gave my lashes! […] It didn’t pinch me or leave that terrible crimp that others sometimes do.”


This 2-Pack Of Mess-Free Popsicle Holders

These reusable popsicle holders are a must for kids (and TBH probably adults, too). The soft but sturdy silicone handle is comfortable for little hands to hold while enjoying a treat. All the drips fall into the tray with a built-in straw, so they can slurp up all the goodness instead of making a mess all over their clothes.


This Supportive Floor Cushion That Doubles As Decor

Whether you’re playing with your child, watching a movie, or meditating, this floor cushion is going to save your butt — literally. It’s made from a thick memory foam material that’s soft and durable, and the corduroy cover is offered in several beautiful hues that add a nice pop of color and texture to your space. There’s also a square shape offered with the listing.


A Snack Bowl For Your Favorite Tumbler

Only one thing can make sipping your favorite drink out of your favorite mega tumbler better (aside from a solo beach vacay), and that’s a snack to match. This snack bowl is designed to sit securely on top of your Stanley tumbler and features four compartments for holding all the treats. Use it at home, while camping, or on that dream solo getaway.


These Earth-Friendly Swedish Dishcloths

These dish clothes are made from a blend of cellulose and cotton, which means they’re plant-based and earth–friendly. They’re also super-absorbent and durable, so you can use them over and over for everything from washing dishes to cleaning up big spills and even for getting sparkling, streak-free windows.


These Powerful Scrubbing Brushes That Attach To Your Drill

Attach these scrubbing brushes to almost any standard power drill to amp up the cleaning power. The bristles are made from a durable nylon that’s strong and durable but gentle enough to prevent scratches on many surfaces, like tile and grout. They come in a pack of four in varying sizes, so there’s one to fit any job.


This Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner You’ll Wish You Bought Sooner

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential for preventing the build-up of cosmetics and gunk that can be harmful to your skin. This automatic makeup brush cleaner makes doing that easy; just attach the appropriate collar to the spinner (it comes with eight sizes), then submerge the brush in the included bowl and watch the spinning action wash it clean as new. There’s even a drying function.


A Space-Saving Hook Organizer For Hanging More

This wall organizer is great for small spaces. It has six hook slots for maximum hanging space but folds up and out of the way when not in use, making it ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere where space is limited. One reviewer reported, “I put this in the laundry room to hang things I didn’t want to put in the dryer. It’s very sturdy and easy to install. Love this. Have recommended to friends and they love it too.”


This Sleek Olive Oil Dispenser With A Measuring Spout

Measure olive oil (or vinegar and more) in this handy dishwasher-safe dispenser bottle that lets you pour exactly the amount you need with a push of a button. The bottom portion is made of durable, lead-free glass and holds 8.5 ounces of oil, while the top reservoir features marked measurements and a slow-pour spout with a lid. One fan raved, “Super easy to use! I just push the buttons and i can measure the amount of oil I want. Easy to clean and put back together.”


This Universal Knife Holder For Storing Non-Matching Cutlery

This beautiful knife holder is made from sustainable bamboo wood, making it an eco-friendly choice for storing your knives, scissors, and more. The insert features flex rods for storing utensils of any size or shape; plus, it’s removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. One shopper reported, “Very pleased with it! It holds all of my very random kitchen knives and I am able to keep them out of my young kids’ reach!”


This Space-Saving Pot Strainer That Simply Clips On

Save space with this clip-on pot strainer. It’s sure to be the only sieve you’ll need thanks to its flexible silicone design that can fit a range of pot and bowl sizes; simply clip it onto the sides and pour. It can withstand temperatures up to 440 Fahrenheit and is dishwasher-safe, too.


This Effective Night Cream With Snail Mucin

According to reviewers, just a little of this potent Korean night cream goes a long way. It’s made with ethically harvested snail mucin known for its skin-revitalizing properties, as well as super nutrients like vitamin E and organic green tea that promote brighter, healthier skin.


This DIY Dryer Vent Cleaner That Will Save You Money

Dryer vent cleaning services aren’t cheap, but because lint build-up can damage your dryer and even pose a fire risk, it’s a job that has to be done. So save money and do it yourself with this easy-to-use dryer vent cleaning kit; attach the hose to your vacuum and you’ll be done within minutes.


This Car Sun Visor Extender That Blocks Glare

Car sun visors are a great invention but when the sun is low in the sky, they’re kind of useless against blocking your eyes from the blaring light. And that’s exactly why you need this polarized sun visor extender that not only blocks the sun but blocks its UV rays and glare, too. The adjustable sleeve slips right over your existing visor, and the extender can be pulled down with one hand for safe use during driving.


These Meal Prep Freezer Trays

These flexible silicone freezer trays are perfect for meal-prepping or storing leftovers. Each tray has four molds that can hold up to 1 cup each and feature convenient fill lines with half- and one-cup measurements for easy portioning. And since they’re heat-proof (up to 415 Fahrenheit without the lid), they can go straight from the freezer to the oven and the dishwasher, too.


This Electric Garlic Chopper That Works In Seconds

Save time and tears with this electric mini vegetable chopper. Place your food into the BPA-free clear bowl, press and hold the button on the magnetic lid, and watch the sharp blades chop, mince, and blend. And since it’s battery-operated, there are no cords to deal with and you can even take it on the go. Reviewers rave about how it makes quick work of garlic, ginger, spices, and more.


These Stick-On LED Lights For Cabinets, Closets, & More

Light up any space with these battery-operated LED puck lights. Simply stick them onto any surface — like under kitchen cabinets or on the wall of a closet — and tap to turn them on. There are options to adjust the level of brightness and even set a timer (15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes). The energy-efficient, remote control design makes them easy to use in so many areas of your house.


These Corner Grippers For Keeping Rugs Flat

If you can’t seem to keep your rugs from curling, it’s probably time to stick it to ‘em (literally). These corner rug grippers have a V shape and rubber backings designed to keep rug corners flattened, and they won’t damage your rugs or floor either. Use them on any rug, indoors or out. As one shopper raved, “They are SO easy to put on, just peel and stick. The adhesive side sticks great to the rug back. They have foam on the floor side to help keep them from slipping.”


This Professional Callus Removal Gel

Calluses on the feet can be bothersome, but removing them is easier than you think — especially with this at-home callus removal gel. It’s the same stuff the pros use to get your feet silky soft, just without the upcharge. All you have to do is soak then dry your feet, apply the gel, scrub, and rinse for soft feet in minutes.


This Food Warmer Lunch Box

Keep food items warm with this lunch box with a built-in food heater. Place your food right into the spacious 1.5-liter stain steel insert, slide it into the handy carrier that doubles as a warmer, and pack it all up into the convenient carrying bag. It keeps food at temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit and can heat cold foods in about 20 to 30 minutes. As an added bonus, there’s a spoon, fork, and cleaning cloth included with the set.


A Reusable Purse Cleaner For Keeping It Crumb-Free

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep the inside of your bag free from debris and dirt, this little cleaning ball is what you need. It’s about the size of a golf ball and works by trapping dust and more with its sticky inner ball wrapped in a honeycomb outer ball. When it gets gross, just wash, dry, and toss it back in your bag. One reviewer noted, “It picks up all of the dust and crumbs in the bottom of your purse or diaper bag. I gift it to all of my friends.”


This Powerful Portable Vacuum With Nearly 300,000 Ratings

This car vacuum cleaner is a serious upgrade from those ‘90s handheld vacuums. It has powerful suction and a ton of attachments for cleaning all of your car’s nooks and crannies. And with a four-star rating after nearly 300,000 reviews (not a typo!), you can bet it’s a buy you won’t regret.


These Large-Capacity Storage Organizers

These slim under-bed storage organizers are a fan-favorite on Amazon. And since they’re designed with a breathable bottom layer and a clear upper layer with a double zipper, they’re especially great for storing and keeping seasonal wardrobes dust-free. One reviewer gushed, “Love them! One storage bag can hold 20 sweaters (both thick and thin) and could probably hold 8 more. […] Also these are not hard on the outside. They are completely collapsible and soft.”


This Tongue Scraper For A Healthier Mouth

Bye-bye, bad breath. This tongue scraper is way more effective than a standard toothbrush at removing bad breath-causing bacteria from the tongue, and it promotes a healthier mouth, too. It’s made from rust-free stainless steel, so it’s both safe and durable. One reviewer reported, “A tongue scraper — I never knew I needed one, but now that I’ve tried it I can never go back. Using this makes my mouthfeel even cleaner and refreshed, and has become a key part of my dental routine.”


This Classic Mason Jar Pitcher With A Leakproof Lid

Mason jars have long been a trusted container for storing food, and this mason jar pitcher just took the classic to a whole new level with the addition of a practical pour-top lid with a handle. It’s easy to hold and pour and is sized to fit in a refrigerator door. The lid is airtight and leakproof thanks to the silicone seal. Pop the jar and top into the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.


A Battery-Operated Protein Shaker Bottle

No more breaking out the blender or hand mixing your protein shakes when you have this battery-operated protein shaker bottle that mixes in as little as 30 seconds. A two-hour charge provides about a month of uses, so you can grab it and go on those busy mornings. The proprietary technology promises superior mixing and the Tritan material means it’s a durable choice for taking on the go.


This Automatic Measuring Spice Rack

This is the king of spice racks. This spice carousel holds up to 12 different spices and has the option to attach to the bottom of your kitchen cabinet, but what really sets it apart is the auto-measuring feature that measures out precise 1/4 teaspoons with the simple glide of a button. It comes with 55 labels for knowing exactly what spice you have inside.


This Roadside Emergency Kit

Roadside emergencies are never fun, but this roadside assistance emergency kit can help. It includes jumper cables, a headlamp and work gloves, and even comes with some first-aid essentials like iodine prep pads, bandages, and tweezers — all in a convenient zip bag made of sturdy nylon with a handle. As one shopper reported, “It’s small enough that it won’t take a whole lot of space in your trunk, but complete enough to have everything that you will need in the case of an emergency.”


This Handy Brush For Hard-To-Clean Water Bottles

If you’ve ever taken a peek into your stainless water bottle, you know things can get a little grimy. And since most aren’t dishwasher safe, this water bottle scrubbing brush is essential. It features an extra-long stainless steel handle with a BPA-free rubber grip and nylon bristles for effective cleaning. Use it on tumblers and jars too.


This Ultra-Durable Water Bottle Holder

Over 7,000 people gave this water bottle strap a five-star rating. Not only do shoppers love the convenience it provides (finally your hand is free to carry something besides your bottle), but it’s also extremely durable. In fact, the strap is made from Paracord, a tactical rope with impressive weight support, making it great for toting around town or taking on a great outdoors adventure. It can accommodate bottles up to 64 ounces in size.


This Thoughtful Daily Planner Pad With The Best Prompts

Whoever designed this beautiful floral daily planner pad thought of every detail. Each sheet starts off with a space to express gratitude, followed by a place to list daily priorities and to-do’s. It even has boxes for meal prep notes and a tally to help you keep track of your daily water intake. And it’s made from 100% recycled paper that reviewers report is nice and thick (no bleed-through).


This Vintage-Inspired Candle Holder

This hurricane lamp votive candle holder has a vintage look that would look great on a desk or bedside table, and would even make for a beautiful (and affordable) wedding table decor; which is exactly what one reviewer used them for, noting, “These came packaged really safe, used these on cocktail tables at my wedding just beautiful”


This Candle Warmer Lamp For Never Worrying Whether You Blew It Out

If you love the soft glow and aroma of candles but always worry about not blowing them out, you might want to try out this candle warmer lamp. It gently warms the candles with a halogen bulb — no lighting required — and you can set a timer for when you want it to shut off. You still get the effect of a burning glow while releasing the fragrance. And since it doesn’t fully melt, candles last twice as long than when burning the wick.


This Beautiful Bedside Water Carafe & Cup

This beside water carafe looks so elegant. It has a beautiful ribbed glass decanter with an impressive 28-ounce capacity and a matching lid that doubles as a cup. It’s no wonder it has a perfect five-star rating. And, come to think of it, it would make for a great gift, too.


This Professional First Aid Kit With 200 Items

This first aid kit has just about everything you need to feel prepared for everything from a scrape at the park to a sprain while on a hike. It has 200 pieces, including the essentials like bandages and alcohol pads, to emergency must-haves like a warming blanket and CPR face mask. And it comes in a convenient organizer bag with a carrying handle.


These Wet Wipes For Adults For All Your Outdoor Adventures

These extra-large wet wipes are like baby wipes for adults, which means they’re meant to handle everything from sweat to posterior needs. They’re biodegradable and infused with aloe, so they’re ideal for sensitive skin. As shopper reported, “Worked great for several day hiking trip with no shower options!”


This Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Get your toilet, bathtub, and more sparking clean without chemicals with this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner. The pumice scouring stone is effective at removing rings, limescale, and hardwater stains. Give it a good rinse after use, let dry, and place it in the included storage box to reuse next time.


A Waterproof Throw Blanket For Pets & More

This extra-large throw blanket looks like a typical cozy blanket, except it’s waterproof, making it perfect for kids and pets, or just spill-prone adults. The shaggy faux fur has a velvety feel that is soothing, and the waterproof coating protects furniture from dirt and accidents. There are plenty of sizes and colors to choose from so that you find just the right setup for your house.


A 3-Pack Of Containers That Keep Produce Fresh For Longer

Extend the lifespan of your favorite fruits and veggies with these stackable storage containers. They have unique vented lids that regulate the flow of air and control the humidity. Each one also features a crisper tray at the bottom to keep excess moisture away from your food. Included in the set are two smaller containers and one larger container, though there are other size options in the listing.


These Easy-To-Use Fire Extinguisher Sprays

These fire extinguisher sprays come inside a lightweight aerosol can that’s incredibly easy to hold, operate, and maneuver — so they’re extra helpful for small kitchen fires. And most importantly, they discharge four times longer than a traditional fire extinguisher, working for up to 32 seconds. The pair of extinguishers work on paper, fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires.


A Battery Organizer With 93 Compartments & A Built-In Tester

Keep track of all of the batteries in your home by storing them inside this battery organizer that has 93 individual compartments. It can accommodate 45 AAs, 25 AAAs, four 9-volts, eight Cs, six Ds, and five flat ones. The clear hinged lid allows you to easily identify all of the batteries you have in stock, and it includes a built-in battery tester.


This Wildly Popular Detangling Hair Brush With Unique Bristles

This hair brush is such an overwhelming favorite on Amazon because it detangles without ripping out your strands. The secret is the unique cone-shaped plastic bristles that separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently unraveling even the toughest of tangles.


These Nipple Pasties That Come In 5 Shades

If don’t want to wear a bra but would still like some coverage, these reusable nipple pasties are the solution. They stick right onto your skin and are so comfortable that you’ll likely forget you’re even wearing them — they won’t be visible underneath clothes either. They’ll stay in place for up to 12 hours straight, no matter the activity you’re participating in.

  • Available sizes: Small (A — C Cups) — Large (D+ Cups)
  • Available colors: 5


This Automatic Soap Dispenser For Touchless Handwashing

Fill this automatic soap dispenser with your favorite soap, then put your hand under it to dispense the perfect amount each and every time (choose from three squirt sizes). The device can be mounted on a wall using the included adhesive or simply placed on any surface, and it can hold nearly 11 ounces of soap, so you won’t have to refill it often. The device is USB-rechargeable; it lasts up to four months on a full charge.


A Best-Selling Garment Rack For All Your OOTDs

If you’re tight on closet space or you just like the look of displaying your outfits for the week, utilize this best-selling iron garment rack. It’s 43 inches in length to accommodate a good amount of clothes at once. Plus, there’s a shoe rack at the bottom for additional storage. Shoppers rave about its sturdy feel.


This Rotary Slicer & Shredder That Suctions To Your Counter

This manual rotary slicer can slice and shred cheese, veggies, and so much more with ease. It comes with three different attachments — including a fine shredder, coarse shredder, and slicer — that you can swap out as desired. The device features a strong suction base that grips securely to your counters for safety.


A Contoured Knee Pillow With A Washable Cover

Side sleepers, this one’s for you: If you stick this orthopedic pillow between your knees while you sleep, it encourages a better posture to help ease back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip discomfort. The pillow is made entirely from memory foam that’ll spring right back to its original shape after use. Choose from a standard or larger option in the listing.


This Ultra-Popular Vehicle Organizer For Your Trunk

Get your vehicle in top shape with the help of this vehicle organizer. It can be resized to fit in practically any space, and it boasts multiple compartments and mesh pockets to hold groceries, emergency items, and whatever else you keep in your car. It’s made from a waterproof material with sturdy handles for easier relocating.


This Bacon Grease Saver With A Built-In Strainer

If you’re not saving the grease from your cooked bacon to use while preparing other foods, this is your sign to start. And to do that, you’ll need this stainless steel container. It features a built-in fine mesh strainer to ​​separate out any particles, and the sturdy lid prevents spills. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanups.


A Dual-Bristle Brush That Sticks To Your Sink

The design of this bottle cleaning brush is pure genius — it has suction cups to stick to your sink and features two sets of bristles (including one that goes inside the bottle and another that tackles the exterior) for a total 360-degree clean all at once. The bristles are durable and flexible so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your cups. In addition to cleaning bottles, the brush is also great for cups, mugs, wine glasses, and more.


This Sliding Tray That Makes It Easier To Move Small Kitchen Appliances

You don’t have to deal with lugging a heavy appliance from your cabinets or pantry. Instead, place it on top of this sliding tray on your counters, then slide it forward whenever you need access. The slider can hold nearly any kitchen appliance so long as it’s less than 25 pounds, though there are different sliders with other maximum capacities in the listing.


A 2-Pack Of Vehicle Organizers With Clear Tablet Windows

These hanging organizers will fit on the back side of pretty much any vehicle’s seat, providing you with a ton of extra storage space for items that you’d like easily accessible. There’s even a clear touchscreen window on each of them to hold a tablet up to 10 inches long. The organizers are made from a sturdy polyester material that’s waterproof, and they’re machine washable.


This Set Of Packing Cubes That Comes With A Laundry Bag

Use these packing cubes to better organize all of the clothes in your suitcase or backpack when traveling. The set comes with four cubes in four different sizes, as well as a handy laundry bag for all of the dirty items. As one shopper raved, “I have to say they have completely transformed the way I pack and travel. These packing cubes are a game-changer when it comes to organization, convenience, and maximizing suitcase space.”


These Car Gap Organizers For Never Losing Your Keys Or Phone

Never lose anything in the annoying crevice between your vehicle’s seat and center console again thanks to these faux leather gap fillers. Bonus points: Each one also serves as an organizer with space for essentials like your phone, sunglasses, or keys.


These Flexible Clear Protectors That Keep Claws Off Your Furniture

Stick these extra-large clear shields on your couch — and other furniture that you’re worried about — using the adhesive on the back. They’re designed to discourage your furry friend from scratching while also safeguarding the fabric. The protectors are thick yet flexible to wrap around corners. They’re highly rated on Amazon and offered in two pack sizes.


Some Travel-Size Perfume Bottles That Are Easy To Fill

Fill these travel-size perfume bottles with your favorite fragrance so you have it with you at all times for a quick refresh — place one in your suitcase, car, backpack, purse, and more. The bottles are simple to fill and refill (both funnels and droppers are included to make the task easier). And each one holds up to 0.3 ounces.


A Set Of Sturdy Bamboo Dividers For Tidier Drawers

Tidy up the drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom by utilizing these bamboo dividers. They expand in length from 17.5 inches to 22 inches to fit vertically or horizontally in most drawers. No tools are required for installation and a built-in spring holds them securely in place.


This Pet Bowl With A Unique Design To Keep Ants Out

This unique food bowl features a moat (that you fill with water) to keep bugs out. Each interior section can hold up to two cups of food or water, making it a good choice for small to medium breeds. The bowl is made from durable plastic and it’s dishwasher safe.

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