60 Clever, Cheap Things On Amazon That Make Your Home Look Expensive

Bougie on a budget, big time.

by Cassandra Seale


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As you gaze longingly at other people’s beautiful Instagram-worthy interiors, you might think you will have to win the lottery to obtain that sort of perfection. But don’t fall for the hype. Not everything that looks like gold requires you to spend suitcases full of cash. There are so many clever ways to make a home gorgeous, tidy, livable, and stylish that don’t cost a lot of money. Think of it as a game where you get extra points for spending less. Start with these 60 clever, cheap things on Amazon that make your home look expensive.


The Versatile Steel Tray That Looks Like Gold

Whether you use this elegant storage tray as a place to drop jewelry at the end of the day or to serve desserts, it will look beautiful doing it. The light, durable stainless steel is finished in a soft brass color with a mirror finish that looks like gold. “This gold tray is such a steal!” said one reviewer. “I am planning on putting my perfumes on it and love the look of it even more in person!”


This Clever Prevention For Lost Keys

Hang this key and mail holder on the wall near your entry to solve two problems: the clutter that spreads into the house and your lost keys. It will help you build the habit of hanging your keys (and dog leash and other daily necessities) on a hook and setting the mail on the shelf. This will keep your counters clear of debris and you will always know where to find your keys and the mail.


A Chic Vase With That Evokes Infinity

The organic shape of this ceramic infinity vase creates a beautiful display on an entry table, desk, or dresser. It’s large enough to hold two dozen roses but elegant enough that a single flower looks beautiful in it, too. It comes in four colors. “This vase is so beautiful,” said one reviewer. “Brings so much visual interest, and has an amazing texture.”


A Reading Light That Needs No Wires

Need a reading light but don’t want to spend the money to have an electrician run wires for it? This LED wall-mounted sconce is the answer. Peel and stick it to the wall and rotate the sconce to shine light where you want it. The touch-sensitive backing lets you control the brightness and temperature of the light. Just pop the light off the magnetic mount to charge it.


This Modern Doorknob For A Stylish Update

Changing the dated door knobs in your home works wonders when it comes to updating the look of a space. And this Pismo door knob has clean lines and a geometric styling that will give your home the minimalist, modern edge you are looking for. It comes in three finishes. “Looks and feels very expensive with out the cost,” said one reviewer.


This Garbage Can That Fits Anywhere

The clever garbage container is designed to fit tidily into a small space and keep the trash hidden from view — and from pets and children. The touch-triggered lid opens when you tap the right spot on the lid. It holds 2.4 gallons and comes in 10 colors (and a few other sizes.) “Simple design, and easy to clean,” said one reviewer. “I use a plastic grocery bag to line [it.] Keeps my doggie dumpster divers out of bathroom trash cans finally!”


A Lantern That Turns Itself On & Off

This outdoor wall lantern not only looks beautiful but is also loaded with energy-conserving features. You don’t have to worry about turning the exterior lights off and on to game your power bill. This turns on at 25% brightness when the sun goes down. When it detects motion, it comes on at 100% to light your path. After you are gone — and it no longer detects movement — it drops down to 25% again.


This Jewelry Holder That Turns Your Bling Into A Display

Make it easy to find the earrings, necklace, or bracelet you want to wear — and prevent annoying tangles — by hanging your bling on this jewelry display. Every day will be like a visit to a jewelry store that only stocks items you would buy. The two rows can hold everything from rings to pendants.


This Monitor Stand That Creates Desk Storage

Lift your monitor up so you don’t have to hunch over to look at it because that’s bad for your neck. But use this decorative wood monitor stand to do it because it looks good and provides storage underneath the monitor. It comes in six colors and there’s a pack of two if you sport a two-monitor work setup.


The Easy & Stylish Way To Tie Curtains Back

There’s no need to drill into the wall to install a tieback for your curtains. These clever magnetic curtain tiebacks create an elegant look in one simple gesture. Just wrap them around the curtain and touch the magnetic ends together. Your curtains will stay put and the tiebacks look like jewelry. They come in six colors and sets of either two or four.


These Linen Curtains That Block Out The Light

Give your room the understated elegance that only linen provides — while completely blocking out the light and weather — by hanging these linen blackout curtains. The front is a linen texture in any of 20 muted colors. The back is a heavy-duty insulation that stops heat transfer and keeps light out. “These are great!” said one reviewer. “[The nursery] gets blasted by the sun during the day, and there are some bright lights in the alley behind our house at night, and these curtains do a great job of blocking it all out.”


A Drawer Organizer That Expands To Fit

Drop this drawer organizer into any drawer and it adapts to the size of the space. Open it all the way to fill a large drawer and your storage space expands to six large compartments. In a smaller drawer, close the sides in. The outer bins grow smaller. You will never have to replace it because you moved or decided to reorganize and it looks so much more luxe than plastic.


This Lazy Susan To Organize Your Gear

You will never lose spices, supplements, or condiments in the back of a cupboard, closet, or fridge again if you use this lazy Susan to organize that space. Just spin it to see all your options. It is available in four sizes and configurations, it is made from easy-to-clean recycled plastic, and has over 10,000 five-star reviews.


The Smart Way To Store Food Storage Lids

If you have ever been irritated by the constant search for the right lid to match each of your food storage containers, you need this lid organizer. It puts them all in one small space, standing on end, so you can easily find the one you want. The dividers adjust for your collection and it fits on a cupboard shelf or in a drawer.


This Tool For Cleaning Blinds

This window blind duster makes fast work of the annoying chore of dusting and cleaning the blinds. It takes on two rows at once, cleaning both the top and bottom with one swipe. Just insert the duster ends into the blind and squeeze to clamp the microfiber fabric onto the blinds. It comes with five microfiber cloths so you can toss them in the wash and still have a clean one at the ready.


These Luxurious Towels In Rich Colors

Wrap up in one of these luxurious, 100% cotton towels after a shower and let the thick, thirsty fabric gently absorb the water. This is a complete set that includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths all in the same color and pattern. They will refresh your bathing routine and the look of your bathroom. There are 10 colors to choose from.


This Shower Liner That Won’t Tolerate Soap Scum

Skip the soap scum and mildew and install this sustainable, clear plastic shower liner. You can use it alone or as a liner for a decorative shower curtain and it will resist anything that wants to cling to it and make it gross. The metal grommets that hook over your rings are sturdy and will last for ages. It comes in so many sizes and colors you can design exactly the shower experience you want.


This Deluxe Shower Caddy

Redesign your shower’s interior and give it lots of storage with this shower caddy that mounts using adhesive hooks that are capable of holding up to 40 pounds. You will have room for all your shampoos and soaps on the two shelves as well as holders for bar soaps, face cloths, razors, and toothbrushes. Nearly 8,000 people give this five stars.


The Handheld Bidet Attachment That Gets Everything So Clean

Why settle for primitive toilet paper when you can have this bidet sprayer mounted to the side of your toilet, ready to deliver a jet of water to whatever needs to be cleaned? Give the dirty diapers a hose down. Enjoy a nether-area shower whenever the mood strikes. “The handheld action feels like pure luxury, giving you that spa-like treatment right in your bathroom,” said one reviewer. “ Trust me, your tush and your wallet will thank you… and no more toilet paper burn!”


A Fruit Bowl That Makes Produce So Tempting

Give your apples, lemons, peaches, and other fruits a home that lets them breathe. Set them in this metal wire fruit bowl. They will ripen evenly, look beautiful, and avoid rotting at the points that touch the edge of the bowl. They will also look tempting on the counter, encouraging everyone in the family to snack on fruit.


These Puck Lights For Any Lighting Challenge

These handy under cabinet lights are an easy way to illuminate your workspaces in the kitchen, collections on a shelf, or the interior of a dark cupboard or closet. They stick easily where you want them and run on batteries so you don’t have to run wires. Use the remote to turn them on and off, control the brightness, and set an interval where they automatically turn off. Nearly 27,000 people use them to solve challenging lighting problems and give them five stars.


A Planter Box For Inside Or Out

Set this beautiful acacia wood planter box on your porch or deck and fill it with flowers or herbs for a beautiful, living piece of art that you can cut or cook from. There are two holes in the bottom for drainage so you can plant directly into it or use it to camouflage nursery pots. It comes in four lengths.


This Clever Sponge Holder That Dispenses Soap

Automate the annoying task of loading your dish sponge with soap with this clever dish soap dispenser. Fill the base with your favorite dish soap and set the sponge in the tray on top. When you are washing dishes, a couple of pumps of the sponge will fill it with soap. Set it back there when you are done and the water drains into a tray under the tray.


A Pair Of Pretty Salt & Pepper Shakers

Turn your humble salt and pepper setup into one that is more elegant and delivers a fresher product by filling this salt and pepper grinder set with coarse salt and whole peppercorns. Deliver them to the table together in their custom carrier and turn them over and twist the lid to deliver fresh-ground spices directly to your food, just like they do in fancy restaurants. They are easy to fill and clear so you can see when they need to be topped up.


The Wireless Doorbell That Takes Only Minutes To Install

Rewiring your old doorbell is expensive and messy. Installing this wireless doorbell is fast, easy, and modern. Stick the button at the entry. Plug the two receivers into indoor outlets. And choose a ringtone. The range is an amazing 1,000 feet and there are 50 ringtones to choose from. And the single button rings both receivers. It comes in six colors.


The Cure For Rugs That Curl

Stop tripping over the annoyingly curled corners on your throw rug. That’s dangerous and looks messy. This rug gripper kit will hold all four corners down — and the rug in place — so you don’t fall. It makes your home look better, too. Just peel and stick the four pieces to the corners of your rugs and they hold those corners down.


This Satin Pillowcase For Happy Hair & Skin

Rest your weary head on this luxuriously soft and gentle satin pillowcase and it will treat your hair and skin the way it deserves. The ultra-fine threads are slick so they don’t catch and yank out hair or soak up the moisture from your skin. You will wake up without bedhead or fabric wrinkles. They come in two sizes and 13 colors and look super luxurious on the bed.


A Wedge Pillow That Helps You Sleep

Elevate your head and shoulders on this wedge pillow while you sleep to ease congestion and make breathing easier. It also can reduce snoring. All of this helps you — and your bed partner — sleep better. You can flip it around and rest your legs on it to elevate them while you work, rest, or read or use it as an angled reading pillow, too. It comes in two sizes.


This Duvet Cover That Comes With Matching Shams

Changing the look of your bed doesn’t have to be expensive. This lightweight duvet cover zips over your comforter and changes the color scheme in seconds. It comes with two sham pillow covers to complete the look and feels luxuriously soft against your skin. It will go right in the washing machine when you want to clean your entire sleeping space. It comes in 13 colors.


A Big Laundry Hamper With A Divided Interior

This big, foldable double hamper is here to contain all your dirty laundry till you are ready to hit the laundry room. A divider in the middle helps you sort lights from darks as you toss clothing into it. The lid keeps it all hidden from view. Rope handles on the sides make it easy to carry. And the inner liner removes so you can haul your clothes to the machines.


These Edison Bulbs That Make Every Lamp Look Better

Give your lighting a warm, amber glow while making your lamps and fixtures look more charming with these vintage incandescent Edison light bulbs. “Great bulb and truly love the look of them,” said one reviewer. “Since I’m not putting a shade on these lamps I wanted something that gave off a warm color but was decorative as well.” Choose from nine light colors and brightnesses.


This Fancy Floor Register

You do not have to tolerate ugly floor registers or rearrange your furniture to obscure them. Replace them with these beautiful, decorative, nickel-finish floor registers and it will make your house look so much better with almost no effort. There are plenty of sizes to choose from. Measure yours and choose the size that matches. There are several other finishes as well.


The Peel-&-Stick Backsplash That Looks Like Marble

Maybe you don’t have the funds or patience to install a backsplash in your kitchen. But you don’t need either for this peel-and-stick backsplash tile. Grab a pair of scissors and a measuring tape and put aside an hour and you will have a washable, beautiful backsplash no one will realize isn’t marble — unless you tell them when you are bragging about how little money you spent.


The Perfect Place For Hard To Store Clothing

You can end your search for a dresser that’s within your budget and will fit in your space. This hanging closet organizer fits right into your closet and gives you space to store folded sweaters, shoes, hats, baby gear, and other hard-to-store-in-a-closet items. There are five shelves and six exterior pockets. “Using this to store diapers and wipes in my baby’s nursery closet,” said one reviewer. “Works great!”


These Velvet Hangers That Save Space

These space-saving velvet hangers are thin so they let you fit so much more in the closet space you have. And they reduce frustration, which helps you put clothing away. The velvet is just grippy enough to stop silky items from sliding off the hanger. The small notch catches spaghetti straps before they slide off. And the color options give your space a punch of color.


A Warm Duvet That’s Easy To Wash

This warm and cozy duvet insert is luxurious but affordable. It is filled with down-alternative fill and constructed in box-shaped compartments that keep the fill in place so you never have to fluff it to even out the warmth. The tabs on the corners hold it securely into your duvet cover so you don’t have to fight with that, either. It’s machine washable and comes in seven sizes and 12 colors — many of those reversible.


These Candle Holders For Elevated Dining

Set a modern, gothic table with this set of three candle holders that are tall, elegant, and black. Each one holds a taper candle that will throw beautiful lighting over your meal. And the slender shape creates a willowy effect the Bronte sisters would have loved. They come in five colors if black doesn’t evoke the mood you want.


A Clever Hack For Making Furniture Taller

If your armchair is too low to get out of or your bed won’t let you store anything under it, these furniture risers are the easy solution that saves you from replacing expensive furniture. Set the legs of your too-low furniture into the recessed top of these and grow it 3 inches taller. They can hold 6,800 pounds so you don’t have to worry about breakage or falling. This is a set of eight, enough to do two pieces of four-legged furniture. They come in a variety of colors and shapes.


This Trick To Stop Shower Leaks

When the seal on the bottom of your shower door is faulty, every shower leads directly to a puddle on the floor. This is a slip hazard and it’s bad for your flooring. You might think you need a remodel. But the solution is so easy. This shower door bottom seal slips right over the bottom of your door, placing a seal strip between it and the water so the floor stays dry. “No more water on my floor after a shower! Super easy to install,” said one reviewer.


A Bath Mat That So Velvety & Soft

Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa by setting these memory foam bathroom rugs on the floor. They are super absorbent and pamper your feet by giving them a soft place to land. The thick memory foam is squishy but returns to its shape when you step off of it. The velvety cover feels delicious and the nonslip base keeps it secured in place.


These Under-Sink Organizers So You Can Find Everything

Make it easy to access all your cleaning supplies, teas, or spices by using these under-sink organizers in your cupboards. The bottom drawer pulls out so you can see what’s in the back. There are hooks that hold everything from sponges to utensils. And the two-tiered shelves are sized perfectly to go under the sink, set on a counter, or fit into a cupboard.


The Showerhead That Should Be Illegal

Unscrew your current, boring, showerhead. And screw in this rainfall showerhead. Every shower will be so deliciously decadent that you will wonder if it’s an illegal act. The 90 powered jets boost the water pressure and douse your body with a 6-inch wide downpour of soft, high-speed rain. It comes in 29 colors and shapes.


This Brilliant Solution For TP Storage

Solve your TP storage problems without lifting a tool by setting this free-standing toilet paper holder down in the bathroom. The top hinges into a straight position so you can drop up to three rolls on the base. Then lever it down again and set a roll on the dispenser. “Works great. Fits easily beside the toilet,” said one reviewer. “Clever design.”


An Ice Bucket That Stays Cold For Hours

When you are mixing cocktails at the bar or dining on the deck, fill this insulated ice bucket with ice and save yourself a trip to the kitchen. The double-wall insulation keeps the ice frozen for hours. It comes with a cute bamboo lid and ice tongs. And it doubles as an excellent wine bucket when you need to keep a bottle cold.


This Kettle That Lets You Watch

When they say that a watched pot never boils, they are not talking about this borosilicate glass tea kettle. You can watch the water as much as you like and it will still boil in just minutes. It shuts off automatically after boiling, too, so you can walk away and forget about it but there will be no disaster. It holds 7 cups.


An Insulated French Press

Brew your coffee in this beautiful stainless steel French press and serve the brew right from it — whether you are hosting a dinner party or camping. It’s easy to use. Add grounds and hot water, wait a few minutes, and depress the plunger. And the insulated canister keeps your brewed coffee warm for an hour so you can sip slowly and enjoy a second cup — without burning the brew. It comes in five colors and comes with a travel canister for taking your grounds and brewer on the road.


These Clear Egg Containers That Stack

Transfer your eggs into these stackable egg trays to keep your eggs safe and make your fridge easier to manage. You no longer have to worry about smashing the eggs under heavy items and you can see how many you have left with a glance at your fridge interior. “I’m frequently one egg short of a recipe because the egg containers from the store are not see-through.” said one reviewer. “[These] are sturdy, keep my eggs from breaking, and I always know when I need to restock.”


This Mason Jar Pitcher For Homemade Cold Beverages

It is so handy to make iced tea, lemonade, fruit-infused water, or other beverages into this Mason jar pitcher because it has measure marks printed on the side so you don’t have to get out the measuring cups. It’s sized to fit in your refrigerator door. And the screw-on lid has a comfy handle and a pop-top lid so your creations stay fresh and are easy to pour.


These Floating Shelves That Turn Clutter Into Art

Create interesting wall art by turning everyday items and collectibles into wall decor with this set of two intersecting wall-mounted floating shelves. Everything from a toy collection to a volume of poetry to a child’s favorite found rocks can fill empty walls and create interest in a hallway, stairwell, or bathroom. “They worked perfect for […] my seashell collection,” said one reviewer.


The Spinning Makeup Organizer That Fits In A Small Space

Put all your cosmetics within reach without creating clutter by storing them in this rotating makeup organizer with seven layers of adjustable trays. It spins so you can find exactly what you need and takes up a small footprint that is just over 9 inches. Adjust the height of the shelves easily to accommodate whatever is in your current collection.


This Broom & Dustpan For Quick Cleanups

This clever broom and dustpan set makes it easy to clean up a spill in the kitchen or sand in the entryway without getting out a vacuum cleaner. It stands on its own so you can store it anywhere. The broom clips to the dustpan. And they both have long handles so you don’t have to stoop over. There is even a built-in comb to clean the broom right into the dustbin.


A Big Doormat That Keeps Dirt Out

When it comes to dirt, mud, and other outdoor detritus getting into your house (where someone has to clean it up), prevention is key. And this universal door mat is the prevention you need. Set it on the porch or inside the door to give people a place to wipe their shoes or remove them, before they track anything in. It comes in two sizes and six colors. “It can be hard to find a good big door mat but this one really did it,” said one reviewer. “It fills up most of the entryway and [is big enough to] take off boots and outdoor gear without putting them on the floor.”


This Magnetic Remote Control Holder

If hunting for the remote has become part of your daily routine, you can eliminate that hassle by mounting it to the wall with this magnetic remote control holder. Peel and stick the base to the wall and the magnetic holder to the remote so storing the remote is easy. “The ‘where’s the remote’ shouting sessions are frequent in our home, and this little product might reduce it by half,” said one reviewer. “This is not only convenient, it’s almost compelling you to slap the remote onto the magnet.” This is a pack of five so you can give all your remotes a special home.


These Lights That Make Your TV Better

Transform your TV viewing experience in a few minutes for the price of lunch by mounting these LED lights for TV to the back of the screen. They throw light — in 15 colors and 10 brightness levels — to the wall behind the TV. This reduces glare and makes everything look better. It’s easier on your eyes, too. “The picture was pretty amazing before, but with the bias lighting behind the screen, I feel the picture is clearer and more vibrant than ever,” said one reviewer. You can control them with the remote or the in-line controls.


An Elegant Way To Corral Cords

This stylish magnetic cord holder won’t turn your furniture into a plastic-covered wire holder. It is discreet and attractive and doesn’t use adhesives to stay put. Most cords stick magnetically to the top so it is easy to use, too. (It comes with clips for any cords that won’t stick that way.) Choose from the four heathered-fabric colors, set it on your bedside table, and enjoy the order without the plastic or the visual clutter.


This Wall Charger So You Have Enough Outlets

When there aren’t enough outlets for everything you want to plug in, plug this affordable USB wall charger into one of them and expand its capacity to six standard plugs and two USB ports. You can secure it by screwing a screw into the center. There is even a slot on the top for resting a phone or power bank while it charges.


A Sturdy Cover For The Grill

Your grill will last longer — and not be filled with damp ash when you want to grill — if you cover it with this heavy-duty grill cover. The hook-and-loop straps hold it securely and are easy to deploy. And the heavy, waterproof fabric offers lots of protection for your grill, whatever the weather throws at it. It comes in eight sizes and three colors.


These Solar Path Lights That Throw Beautiful Shadows

These beautiful pathway lights will transform a section of your yard, the path to your door, or even your porch by not only adding lighting but also turning that lighting into a decorative shadow show. Stick the stakes into the soil or plant pots and they will charge themselves via sunlight and turn on automatically when the sun goes down.


These Storage Bins That Bring Perfect Order

Use these storage bins to create order in your cupboards, refrigerator, bathroom, or closets. They are clear, with a handle in the front so you can see what’s in them and grab what you want easily. And they stack to make the most of the space you have. “Perfect fit in my refrigerator,” said one reviewer. “Everything is neat and organized, and nothing gets lost in the back.”


These Adorable Pots For Small Plants

Give your small plants and succulents a beautiful home and turn them into an elegant display by planting them in these small marble planters. They are lovely to look at, have a drain hole so your plants don’t drown, and come in a mix of colors. “Cute, unique, and can easily fit into any room’s design,” said one reviewer. “Great little pots for baby plants to live in until they get bigger.”

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