Cinema rule No. 1: All the best movies include at least one furry friend, preferably a sidekick or two for that wet-nosed pal. We all know dog lovers get plenty of material for their canine obsession in Hollywood from Lassie to Marley to Toto — but there are plenty of film-famous cats, too.

Are you and your kids fondest of felines? The movies ahead are not only a-meow-sing (not even sorry about that one) but also feature cats you and your kiddos can root for and gush over. And hey, some make for great baby names if you happen to be searching for the perfect moniker for your incoming bundle of joy.

1. Garfield — Garfield: The Movie

20th Century Fox

You probably know this orange cat from the 1978 comic strip or the 2009 animated TV series, but he also stars in his own movie.

2. Duchess — The Aristocats

Buena Vista Pictures

This cat goes on quite the adventure to get back to her beloved owner when she and her three young kittens are left alone in the countryside.

3. Mittens — Bolt

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Don’t let the cutesy name fool you; Mittens is actually a sassy and scrappy street cat.

4. Kitty Softpaws — The Adventures of Puss in Boots

Universal Pictures

Also known as just “Kitty,” this leading lady is the love interest of Puss.

5. Mr. Tinkles — Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs

Though his name makes him sound sweet, Tinkles is not who you’ll be rooting for in this film.

6. Sassy — Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Buena Vista Pictures

If you’re familiar with this movie, you know that Sassy is one lucky cat — she even survives falling over a waterfall.

7. Milo — The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Columbia Pictures

Who says cats and dogs can’t be besties? This duo proves them wrong in their pursuit to reunite after being separated.

8. Binx — Hocus Pocus

Buena Vista Pictures

Thackery Binx, the human, was transformed into an immortal black cat while trying to save his sister from the three witches in this Halloween classic.

9. Snowbell — Stuart Little

Sony Pictures Releasing

While initially the villain of the story, Snowbell receives a redemption arc and befriends Stuart Little.

10. Rajah — Aladdin

Buena Vista Pictures

Sure, Rajah is Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger, but a cat nonetheless.

More Cute Movie Cat Names

  1. Berlioz — The Aristocats
  2. Keanu — Keanu
  3. Chloe — The Secret Life of Pets
  4. Rufus — The Rescuers
  5. Thomasina — The Three Lives of Thomasina
  6. Muffles — Christmas with the Kranks
  7. Azrael — The Smurfs
  8. Figaro — Pinocchio
  9. Sebastion — Coraline
  10. Mochi — Big Hero 6
  11. Yuki — The Cat Returns
  12. Diego — Ice Age
  13. Catbus — My Neighbor Totoro
  14. Master Tigress — Kung Fu Panda
  15. Salem — Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  16. Felix — Felix the Cat: The Movie
  17. T’Challa — Black Panther
  18. Cheshire — Alice in Wonderland
  19. Mr. Jinx — Meet the Parents
  20. Chunky — The Croods
  21. Ruh — The Beastmaster
  22. Crookshanks — Harry Potter
  23. Mrs. Norris — Harry Potter
  24. Jiji — Kiki’s Delivery Service
  25. Pyewacket — Bell, Book and Candle
  26. Nala — The Lion King
  27. Simba — The Lion King
  28. Mufasa — The Lion King
  29. Sarabi — The Lion King
  30. Tigger — Winnie the Pooh
  31. Zelda — The Fox and the Hound 2
  32. Bagheera — The Jungle Book
  33. Gideon — Pinocchio
  34. Rufus — The Rescuers
  35. Lionheart — Zootopia
  36. Sergeant Tibbs — 101 Dalmatians
  37. Whiskers — Toy Story
  38. Thomashina — The Three Lives of Thomasina
  39. Orion — Men in Black
  40. Mr. Bigglesworth — Austin Powers
  41. Jonesy — Aliens
  42. Goose — Captain Marvel
  43. Buttercup — The Hunger Games
  44. Jasmine — Secondhand Lions
  45. Meowthra — The Lego Ninjago Movie

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