50 Weird Things For Your Backyard Under $30 On Amazon That Are Clever As Hell


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There’s nothing like kicking back in your backyard and enjoying time with family and friends. But let’s face it, backyards come with maintenance, unique hosting challenges, and of course, bugs. So you might want to check out this list of clever — sometimes strange — things for your yard that will make it so much easier to enjoy. The best part is that ever yard or patio update below clocks in at $30 or less.


This Modern Fire Pit That Runs On Rubbing Alcohol

No need to shell out the big bucks to get that backyard fire feature you’ve been eyeing. This tabletop fire pit is so affordable and runs on rubbing alcohol so you can roast marshmallows well into the night. And since it gives off no ashes or fumes, it’s safe for indoor use, too.


This Dimmable Patio Umbrella Light

Keep the backyard party going well past sunset with this patio umbrella light. The strong, adjustable clamp is designed to fit a variety of pole diameters while the energy-saving LED bulbs offer a range of lighting modes to fit your needs — whether you’re dining, playing cards, or just taking in a little bit of nature. With 47,000 ratings, it’s a best-seller for a reason.


These Heavy-Duty Storage Straps For Garden Hoses & More

This two-pack of heavy-duty nylon storage straps is designed to make stashing and hauling hoses, cords, and more as easy as can be. Just wrap the hook-and-loop straps around any bundled item (up to 100 pounds) and haul or hang from the flexible rubber handle. The straps are weatherproof and offered in five lengths within the listing, so there’s one for every job.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 2


These Dishwasher-Safe Grill Mats For Easy Cleanup

If you’ve ever tried to make fish fillets or a pizza on your outdoor grill, you know how frustrating it can be. This two-pack of grill mats provides a nonstick and heat-proof surface for effortlessly grilling everything from burgers to vegetables. Not only do they keep your grill grates nice and clean, but they’re also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


This Lantern With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Set the backyard mood with this dual-function lantern. The faux flame gives off a warm glow while the built-in Bluetooth speaker delivers immersive HD sound. Since it’s water-resistant, you can use it outdoors — even in the rain — or tote it along on hikes with the convenient handle.


This Clear Bird Feeder That’s So Easy To Install

If you want to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your couch, you’ll appreciate this clear bird feeder. Suction cups effortlessly cling right onto your window so you can get an up-close look at wildlife as they stop by for a snack along the padded perch. When it’s time to give it a clean, just peel off the suction cups and give it a quick wash with warm water and soap. One shopper confirmed, “Great product – brings me joy every day […]”


This Grill Caddy With Space For All The BBQ Staples

This stainless steel grill caddy is so practical that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. With dividers for organizing everything from condiments to plates and even a built-in paper towel holder, there’s space for all the BBQ staples. The sturdy center handle makes it easy to carry, so one trip is all you’ll need.


The Ultimate Grill Cleaning Tool That Also Opens Bottles

This clever tool is just what you need to keep your grill grates in tip-top shape. The grill scraper is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and features several notches for cleaning grates of all shapes. Plus, it even includes a flat griddle scraper and a bottle opener, making it a small but mighty tool.


This All-Natural Incense For Repelling Mosquitos

If mosquitos are keeping you from enjoying your backyard, you’ll want to pick up a pack of these insect-repellent incense sticks. When burned, citronella, lemon, and rosemary oils release a potent scent that’s pleasant and safe for humans and pets but unpleasant for mosquitos. The affordable pack includes 40 sticks and each one lasts up to 45 minutes.


This Reversible Outdoor Rug That Does It All

This extremely versatile outdoor area rug is like getting two for the price of one. The unique reversible design features two stunning patterns that will add a pop of style to any outdoor space. Crafted from tightly woven polypropylene, it’s durable, soft underfoot, and lightweight enough to take on the go (think camping and the beach). Plus, it’s foldable for easy storage.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 13


This Waterproof Deck Box Cover That’s Also UV-Protective

Because most deck boxes aren’t completely weather-resistant, this waterproof cover is essential for keeping your items dry and dust-free — and ultimately prolonging the life of the deck box itself. It’s crafted from rip-resistant, UV-protective fabric and easily slips right over deck boxes, staying snugly in place with a convenient adjustable drawstring. Choose from three sizes to fit your setup.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


This Portable Net For Practicing Golf Skills

Practice your golf skills in your own backyard with this chipping net. It comes in a compact bag for easy storage. When ready to use, simply pop it open and insert the included ground stakes. Three middle targets help improve accuracy while the side nets catch missed shots. It’s an affordable sports accessory that the whole family can use.


These Solar-Powered Deck Lights That Are So Affordable

Thought you needed a big budget to add lighting to your backyard? Think again. This 16-pack of solar-powered outdoor deck lights can be had for a shockingly low price. They’re so easy to install — just fix them to solid surfaces with the included adhesive (or screw them in place with included hardware). They’re waterproof, self-charging, and give off an inviting warm glow.


These Lightweight Hanging Planters That Look Like Real Stone

These 10-inch hanging planters have the look of real stone but are actually super lightweight. Made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder, they’re eco-friendly, durable, and completely waterproof. Predrilled holes provide healthy drainage for plants of all types while the adjustable ropes offer easy and sturdy installation.


These Magical Flame Packets For Colorful Fires

Add a little magic to your evenings with these color-changing flame packets. Add a packet (or several) to fires and enjoy a colorful light show. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, they’re fun for camping, summer nights in the backyard, or for adding even more magic to the holiday season. With 10 in a pack, you’ll be able to wow your guests on more than one occasion.


These Armrest Cushions For Leveling Up Your Patio Chairs

As if leaning back in your favorite patio chair couldn’t get any more relaxing, now you can add a little extra comfort with these armrest cushions. The durable fabric is filled with high-quality foam for maximum support, and they stay in place with sturdy and easy-to-use hook-and-loop fastening strips. As one shopper raved, “These are a nice addition to our gravity chair. They are able to stay on while folded up so once installed you just get to enjoy them.”


This Elevated Dog Bed For Maximum Air Circulation

If you have a pet that enjoys lounging outdoors, they’re going to love this outdoor dog bed. The elevated design — with a breathable mesh surface — keeps them off the hot or wet ground while providing maximum air circulation. Plus, nonslip feet help keep it safely in place.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 9


These Versatile Tiki Torches That Can Be Also Used Tabletop

Stake these tiki torches right into the ground with the included adjustable height poles or place them on a tabletop for mood lighting during dinner. Offered as a set of two, they have a sleek black metal finish that adds a chic look to any yard. One shopper gushed, “Absolutely love these!! I love that they can be set to different heights or used for a table. They also have a piece for you to step on to be able to get them in the ground easier. Awesome price!”


This Unbreakable Pitcher That’s Perfect For Outdoor Serving

This slim pitcher is perfect for outdoor use. Made from unbreakable, BPA-free Tritan, it can withstand falls — especially nice with kids around — and stand up to daily use. The easy-pour spout features an integrated handle for added convenience. Fill it with your favorite hot or cold drinks and then toss it into the dishwasher when empty.


These Convenient Mesh Food Covers For Keeping Bugs Away

If it feels like uninvited guests (aka bugs) are always showing up at your backyard shindigs, you need these convenient pop-up food covers. Made of durable mesh and strong wiring, they’re easy to see through (so you know what’s inside) and they won’t collapse over foods — all while keeping bugs out. The cute lace borders and budget-friendly price make them hard to resist.


These Clever Brick Clips For Hanging Plants, Lights, & Decor

If you thought hanging stuff on your brick walls was impossible without doing some major damage, you need to check out these brick clips. Offered as a pack of four, the sturdy clips hang tight to bricks with a clever fastener design that doesn’t require drilling. Each clip can hold up to 25 pounds, so you can display plants, wreaths, and more.


These Solar Lights That Will Make Your Garden Glow

The dainty bulbs on these solar-powered garden lights give off a warm glow that will add a whimsical look to your backyard. Simply stake them into the soil and let the sun do the charging. Flexible wires allow you to adjust them to your desired shape. And since they’re waterproof, you can leave them out year-round. Choose from packs of two, four, or six.


This Easy-To-Install Hammock Chair That’s So Affordable

This affordable hammock chair is so comfy and super easy to install. Just find two sturdy surfaces (think trees or poles), tie on the easy-to-adjust and extra-sturdy straps, and you’ll be ready to relax. The rip-proof nylon material and triple interlocking stitching promise to make this an outdoor gear staple your family can use for years to come.


This Vintage Outdoor Thermometer Made With Real Copper

In a digital world, this outdoor thermometer really stands out, adding a classic yet practical touch to your home’s exterior. The decorative copper finish adds a high-end look while the glass thermometer offers precision temperature reading, all within a weather-resistant and shatterproof design. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wallet-friendly price tag.


These Pet-Friendly Potting Soil Disks

Keeping your garden plants healthy comes down to the right soil but lugging big bags of potting soil isn’t exactly easy. Instead, try these compressed soil disks. They’re blended with organic materials — including natural shells and coconut fibers — and are rich in vitamins, making them ideal for maintaining plant health. They’re safe for pets, too. Just pour water over them and watch them expand.


This Rad Little Surfboard Game That Sets Up In Minutes

This little surfboard makes for the raddest backyard accessory. And it’s not just fun to look at either, it’s also a ring toss game and bottle opener. Setup only takes a few minutes. Made from 100% bamboo and rust-free hardware, it’s sure to bring years of fun and convenience to your outdoor get-togethers.


These Unbreakable Wine Tumblers For Sipping Al Fresco

The next time you want to sip outside, reach for these unbreakable wine tumblers with lids. Made from triple-insulated stainless steel and copper, they’re unbreakable and keep drinks cold or hot for hours. The black marble design gives them an upscale look, but this set of four is surprisingly affordable.


This Popular Hanging Canopy For Instant Shade

Now you can add shade to any part of your backyard with this hanging shade canopy. The long-lasting, breathable fabric blocks out roughly 95% of UV rays, helping to protect your family from sun damage. Ropes make it easy to install and move around when needed. It’s a fan favorite on Amazon, with more than 2,000 perfect, five-star ratings.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 6


This Budget-Friendly Scooper For Leaf-Free Gutters

Keeping gutters free from leaves and debris is a key to avoiding costly water damage to your home. But clearing them can be a real pain — unless you have this affordable gutter scoop designed to make the job easy. The narrow, flexible scoop fits in most standard gutters so you can effortlessly scrape away debris. As one shopper noted, “So easy to clean gutters with this[,] it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. And you can’t beat the price either.”


This Wireless Outdoor Outlet That Comes With Two Remotes

Turn on your outdoor lights and more without ever having to step foot outside. This highly rated outdoor outlet is completely weatherproof and comes with two remote controls with a 100-foot range and a strong signal that works even through walls and doors. No programming is required — just plug it in and it’s ready to use.


These Stylish, Eco-Friendly Hummingbird Houses That Stand The Test Of Time

If you love spotting colorful hummingbirds in our garden, get this three-piece set of hummingbird houses to attract even more. Each house is hand-knitted from natural grass weave, making them safe for birds and the planet. Just slip the included rope handles over a sturdy tree branch and watch the hummingbirds flock to your yard. As one shopper reported, “I have some that have been outside for three years and are still intact.”


These Waterproof Curtains For Your Patio, Pergola, & More

Hang these highly rated outdoor curtains on your patio, cabana, or pergola for added privacy all year round. Made from thick, waterproof fabric, they both block out the sun (and peering eyes) and rain. Rustproof grommets make for easy installation. One panel is included per order, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

  • Available sizes: 15
  • Available colors: 13


A Lawn Game That’s Safe For The Whole Family

This two-in-one outdoor sports game can be used to play both lawn darts or ring toss. Unlike metal lawn dart games, these feature soft plastic parts, making it safe for the whole family to play. The set includes four weighted mushroom-shaped toss-ups and two target rings.


This Lightweight Caddy With Room For All The Utensils

Organize and tote forks, napkins, cups, and more in this practical utensil caddy. Four divided spaces keep items nice and neat while the handle makes the whole thing easy to carry. And you can bet this handy accessory will last since it’s made of extra durable steel mesh that’s surprisingly lightweight.


These Watering Globes For Low-Maintenance Plant Care

Offered as a six-pack, these watering globes take on the job of plant care for you, while adding a colorful touch to your garden. They’re individually crafted from real glass and each features a unique dappled hue. Just fill them with water and pop them into the soil for slow-release watering that keeps plants properly hydrated. No green thumb required.


These Touchscreen-Friendly Gardening Gloves For Every Job In The Yard

These are the only washable garden gloves you’ll ever purchase once you give them a try. The bamboo fabric is soft and breathable while protecting hands from outdoor debris with the thick, textured rubber coating. Reinforced fingertips add another layer of protection. Plus, they’re touchscreen-friendly, so you can take calls or swipe reminders while you’re working in the garden.

  • Available sizes: Small — 2X-Large


This Sneaky Spare Key Hider That Looks Like A Rock

Place this best-selling spare key hider alongside the rocks in your garden, but take care to note exactly where you’ve stashed it — that’s how realistic it looks. The interior recess and strong back cover are designed to hold most standard key sizes and shapes. And the whole thing is weatherproof and windproof.


This Rechargeable Lantern With A Built-In Bug Zapper

There’s no doubting the convenience this rechargeable lantern offers but what you might appreciate even more is that it doubles as a bug zapper. Stand it upright on the stable base or hang it upside down from the integrated handle to use as an overhead light. When fully charged, it can provide up to 24 hours of LED lighting or 30 hours of bug zapping.


This Adjustable Grill Cover For Year-Round Use

Outdoor grills can really take a beating from the elements, making this barbecue cover a must for protecting your investment. It’s designed to fit a variety of grill types — including charcoal grills and smokers — and is made from heavy-duty, weatherproof material. Other useful features include dual handles, vents, and adjustable Velcro straps for the perfect fit.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 5


These Spring-Loaded Garden Sheers That Make Trimming Easy

Trimming your garden plants just got easier with these spring-loaded pruning shears that are so comfortable and easy to use. The stainless steel micro tips allow for precision trimming and effortless cutting of even thick stems. The ergonomic handle, with nonslip rubber grips, add to their comfort and safety.


This Oversized Outdoor Seat Cover That Can Fit Stacked Chairs

Keep your yard chairs free from dust and damage due to weather with this outdoor chair cover. The oversized design can easily fit over a handful of stacked chairs, protecting them with the heavy-duty and weatherproof material. The adjustable drawstring rope keeps the cover snugly in place. Choose from two colors.


This Affordable Pressure Washer For A Sparkling Clean Home Exterior

This pressure washer gun makes exterior home maintenance a breeze. The set includes five nozzles, allowing you to choose the right amount of pressure for each job — from cleaning walkways and windows to refreshing your roof and even washing your car. Your home exterior will be sparkling clean in no time.


This Adorable S’mores Station Tray With Handles

There’s nothing cozier than gathering the family around a fire to roast marshmallows. And this adorable wooden s’mores station tray just made it that much better. It features convenient handles, a hand-painted sign, and divided sections for all the s’mores goodies, like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.


These Tongs For (Safely) Building The Best Campfires Ever

No more using random tools (or other logs) to move logs around on the fire. These stainless steel fireplace tongs are sturdy, long (clocking in at 26 inches), and easy to use. With hinges made from powder-coated wrought iron, and with features including a comfortable handle and curved ends, these intrepid fireplace tongs are just what you need for all your campfire needs.


This Waterproof Picnic Blanket That Folds Into A Tote

This large picnic blanket is so adorable with its classic gingham pattern. And it’s practical and affordable, too. The top side offers a soft fabric while the bottom features a waterproof layer, protecting you from wet grass. When the picnic or beach day is over, just fold it up, and zip it right into a convenient tote.


This Best-Selling Soil Moisture Meter For An Instagram-Worthy Garden

The right soil moisture levels are key to maintaining a healthy garden that would make even Martha Stewart envious. But because it’s hard to read moisture levels with the naked eye, you’ll want to get this battery-operated soil moisture meter. Simply stake it right into the soil to get an accurate read of your garden’s hydration levels. Use it indoors and out — shoppers rave about its ability to turn thumbs green.


This Grill Basket With Practical Dividers

Cook up a whole meal with this grill basket. Made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel, it features three deep divided sections to keep foods from shifting while flipping. But you’ll appreciate that the dividers are removable, just in case you feel like grilling up a whole fish or a roast. The stay-cool wooden handle, safety locking mechanism, and budget-friendly price make it that much better.


This Washable Cotton Runner For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

This stylish striped runner rug is crafted from a cotton blend, making it durable and easy to care for. Use it outdoors to add a pop of color to your front door area, in front of the kitchen sink, or as a hallway runner. It’s washable, easy to vacuum, and ideal for high-traffic areas.


This Heavy-Duty Pooper Scooper

Picking up your pooch’s poop just got easier with this heavy-duty rake and dust pan set. It’s made from a blend of stainless steel and aluminum, making it durable and rust-resistant, yet lightweight enough to carry with ease. Use it for scooping pet messes or to keep up with those never-ending piles of leaves every fall.


These Mesh Cup Covers For Outdoor Sipping Without Bugs

Offered as a set of six, these stainless steel cup covers kind of look like mini versions of the splatter screens you use for pans. But instead of keeping things in, these mesh cup covers keep things out — like bugs and other debris. Your guests will appreciate the useful gesture, and you’ll appreciate that they’re dishwasher safe.

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