50 Things Under $30 For Your Home On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

They *all* deserve a spot in your space.

Written by Megan Harrington

50 Things Under  For Your Home On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing


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Forget about spending your weekend at home stores, trying to figure out which products are worth your money because I’ve found the budget-friendly things your space is missing. Amazon is not only super convenient, but it’s also packed with all the little things that can elevate your home and routine. These are the 50 home products on Amazon for under $30 that are legitimately amazing enough to deserve a spot in your space. Skip the crowds, keep your PJs on, and treat your home to a glow-up – your bank account and sanity will thank you.


A Motion-Activated Under-Bed Light That’s Not *Too* Bright

The next time you need a midnight snack or bathroom break, these adhesive under-bed LED strip lights can guide you where you need to go. The lights are motion-activated, and their warm white glow is subtle enough that it shouldn’t wake partners (or hurt your eyes). In addition to under the bed, these flexible lights also work well under cabinets or in bathrooms.


The Gadget That Makes Laundry Quicker & Less Messy

With a universal fit, this laundry detergent holder can hold every heavy detergent bottle and save your hands and wrists from lifting and pouring them. Place your laundry detergent on the holder, secure it with the strap, and laundry day will be so much easier. The gentle incline also ensures you get every last bit of detergent, while the drip tray helps to reduce mess.


A Pet Fur Cleanup Tool That’s *So* Easy To Reuse

This reusable pet hair remover eliminates the need for pricy sticky tape. Instead, simply empty out the collection bin, and it’s ready to clean up fur again. The rolling brush design is gentle and works great on upholstered surfaces like carpets, furniture, and clothes. And since it attracts hair via electrostatic charge, there’s no need for batteries or charging.


These Glossy Satin Pillowcases That Can Prevent Hair Breakage

Made of soft and glossy 100% satin, these pillowcases can prevent hair from getting caught and breaking overnight. And the smooth surface can even eliminate tugging on the skin. The envelope closure keeps pillows firmly in place for a more streamlined look when you make the bed. Plus, there are over 30 colors to choose from, so there’s a style for every bedroom.


This Genius Lid Organizer That Will Get Your Kitchen In Order

If you’ve ever had an avalanche of food container lids falling out of a cabinet, this clever organizer is an easy way to secure every shape and size of lid you own. The handles let you move the bin from place to place, and the adjustable dividers help you get the perfect fit. Plus, a cut-out in the bottom prevents round lids from rolling around.


An Adorable Duck Night-Light That Perfectly Props Up Your Phone

This duck-shaped night-light emits a soft glow, making it a perfect bedside companion. Touch to turn it on and cycle through three brightness levels. It charges easily via the USB-C port, and it’s made of soft and squishy silicone. The best part is — the duck’s feet serve as a prop for phones, making it easy to watch videos or multitask.


These Easy-To-Wash Dishcloths That Can Replace Pricey Paper Towels

These Swedish dishcloths are such an upgrade for your cleaning closet because each one can last for months and potentially replace up to 17 rolls of disposable paper towels. They’re dishwasher and washing machine-safe to refresh them after cleaning. Plus, this pack works on all surfaces, including wood, stainless steel, and granite.


These Customizable LED Puck Lights To Brighten Up Dim Spots

With 100 hours of run time and installation in under a minute, these LED puck lights are a low-effort way to improve dim areas in your home. These battery-operated lights can be installed with a durable adhesive or screws and come with a remote control for hands-free use. And the lights have dimmer and timer options, so you can create the perfect ambiance.


The Kitchen Gadget That Preps Veggies & Fruits In A Flash

Whether you want to make zoodles, juice some citrus, or easily grate cheese, this 8-in-1 kitchen tool will make it a speedy process. It comes with three stainless steel blades, two grating options, and two juicers. The kit also has a handy container on the bottom marked with measurements. Plus, everything stacks together, so storage is compact and easy.


The Snap-On Strainer That’s Compact & Completely Mess-Free

You’ll wonder how you ever made pasta without this handy snap-on strainer that secures right onto your pots, pans, and bowls. It’s made of food-grade silicone with a built-in pour spout, so you can drain water or liquid easily. This cleverly compact gadget is also heat resistant and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.


An Adhesive Wall-Mounted Light That’s Also A Clever Flashlight

Tap these wall-mounted lights to alternate between three different brightness levels, giving the perfect amount of light for reading or small tasks. Its magnetic design swivels 360 degrees and detaches easily from the base when it’s time to recharge (or to use it like a flashlight). Installation is also simple — the combination of magnetic mount and strong adhesive means zero tools are necessary.


A Rechargeable Flameless Lighter That Works On Windy Nights

This rechargeable lighter is a flame-free and odor-free way to light a fire because it doesn’t use any fuel. It fully charges in under an hour, and it works in wet or windy conditions. Plus, the extra-long design and angled head make it easy to light tall candles and other tough-to-reach grills.


A Genius Stain Remover Kit With Travel-Ready Options

Whether you’re battling coffee stains or grease spills, this fast-acting stain-removing kit comes with a spray and on-the-go wipes to tackle it. They both have a super concentrated formula that’s free from perfumes, dyes, and other irritants, making them gentle on sensitive skin if you use them on your clothes.


This Wall Outlet Extender That Doubles As A Shelf & Night-Light

With a detachable shelf that’s perfect for your phone or an Alexa, five AC plugs, and four USB ports, this outlet extender is a serious multitasker. The AC outlets are offset, so it’s easier to plug in bulky chargers, and the entire thing has built-in surge protection. It’s also finished off with a night-light that automatically turns on in dim conditions.


These Chic Glass Flameless Candles You Can Easily Customize

These real-wax battery-operated candles are perfect for adding a bit of cozy ambiance to any room (without worrying about forgetting to blow them out). They come with a remote that allows you to adjust brightness, set timers, and customize their warm glow from your couch. They’re also complete with three different sizes and chic glass containers.


This Coffee Warmer To Make Sure Your Cup Is Always The Perfect Temp

This electric coffee warmer has a gravity sensor switch that keeps your mug at the perfect temperature as you go about your day. And when you remove your mug, it automatically shuts off, so you won’t have to think about turning it off. Plus, the thermal conductive glass is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.


A Secure Wall-Mounted Organizer To Corral Your Cleaning Gear

This wall-mounted organizer gets cleaning supplies or tools up and off the floor in garages, mudrooms, and more. The five spring-loaded clamps securely grab onto all kinds of handles (like brooms and rakes), while the six hooks keep smaller items contained. It also comes with all the necessary hardware and wall anchors, so popping it on your wall is easy.


These Reusable Rug Grippers To Eliminate Annoying Curls

These rug grippers are an easy way to make a room look more put together because they stick to the corners of your rug to keep it in place. They easily attach to both the rug and the flooring, ensuring everything stays flat, smooth, and trip-free. And you can easily move and reposition rugs — simply clean the adhesive with rubbing alcohol to revive it.


This Under-Bed Organizer That Makes It *So* Easy To Access Your Stuff

Stow away extra blankets or off-season clothes in these ultra-slim storage bags that are so easy to tuck under the bed. They have enough space for a bunch of items, and the transparent cover ensures you’ll always know what’s inside. The top opens up completely for easy access, and the durable handles won’t rip or tear when you move the bags from place to place.


These Genius Liners That Save Time On Oven Cleaning

These heavy-duty liners fit almost all ovens and will completely eliminate messes from drips and spills. The double-sided material is non-stick, so messes wipe right off, and the material is safe up to 500 degrees. You can also trim these clever lines down to fit in your toaster oven or microwave.


These Reusable Labels To Cleverly Organize Cords & Cables

Keep track of cords, chargers, and anything in your house that gets plugged in by wrapping the small hook and loop labels around them. They look way cleaner than using tape, but they’re just as easy to write on with a pen. They also come in a variety of colors, so you’ll never have to worry about unplugging the wrong cord again.


A Waterproof Mat To Keep Coffee Stations & Countertops Stain-Free

This waterproof mat, with leakproof rubber backing, is ideal for catching drips under your coffee machine — but it also works great as a pet food mat or even under your dish drying rack. When liquid spills on this clever mat, it’s easily absorbed in seconds. It’s the perfect solution for keeping surfaces dry while also hiding annoying stains.


The Case That Stores & Organizes Loose Batteries

This waterproof organizer comes with 93 slots to tame messy jumbles of batteries. It has a transparent cover, so you can see how many of each type you have left. You can mount it on your cleaning closet wall, or it fits right into most drawers. Meanwhile, the removable tester lets you know which batteries still have life in them.


These Zero-Effort Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets To Get Rid Of Build-Up

It turns out you should actually be cleaning the inside of your dishwasher, and these tablets help eliminate gunk with zero effort on your part. Use them once a month, and they’ll scrub away mineral build-up and limescale from the tub, hoses, and pump. You can also use them when you have dishes washing, so there’s no need to run an extra cycle.


A Pill-Resistant Bath Mat That Dries Impressively Fast

With its clean lines and wildly impressive absorbency, this non-slip bath mat will seriously elevate your bathroom. The rubber backing keeps it in place while the outer and middle layers soak up liquid within seconds. Its clever, quick-drying design also won’t pill or spread fuzzies all over your bathroom floor. Choose from over 10 colors and multiple sizes.


This Durable Glass Pitcher To Create Wildly Easy Cold Brew

This 32-ounce pitcher helps create the feel of coffee shop cold brew from home. Simply add grounds and water and refrigerate for about 12 to 24 hours. Don’t worry — the stainless steel filter will keep the grounds perfectly separate from your coffee. It’s also made of durable borosilicate glass and has a silicone bottom for extra stability.


A Brilliant Tray That Defrosts Meat 3 to 5 Times Quicker

This game-changing tray lets you skip microwaving meat and defrost things up to three to five times faster than it would usually take. It’s large enough for multiple meats and fish, and it’s cleverly made of aluminum (which transfers heat to speed up the defrosting process). It’s also coated with silicone, preventing sticking and making cleanup a snap.


The Electric Fly Swatter To Quickly Take Care Of Bugs

The electric fly swatter is an easy (and honestly satisfying) way to eliminate pesky mosquitoes or flies, inside or out. It’s a breeze to recharge via a USB port and can zap up to 10,000 times on a single charge. The ergonomic handle, lightweight design, and triple-layer mesh help keep it safe and easy to use.


A Bean Bag Chair That Also Stows Stuffed Animals Or Throw Blankets

This adorable bean bag works as both a seat and storage for stuffed animals and other soft items (like throw blankets or pillows). It’s machine washable and has a handle to move it around your space. It’s also complete with double stitching and a durable zipper, so you can pack in a ton of stuffed animals or blankets without worrying about rips.


An Effort-Free Fridge Deodorizer That Lasts For Years

Lasting for up to a decade, this stainless-steel deodorizer is a long-lasting and effort-free way to eliminate odors in small spaces like refrigerators and closets. It uses activated carbon (instead of messy baking soda) to absorb odors, keeping spaces smelling fresh. It also doesn’t require electricity or batteries, and it’s small enough to tuck it between groceries in your fridge.


These Shower Steamers That Can Help With Stuffy Or Sleepy Days

These easy-to-use shower steamers are made with essential oils and have an invigorating menthol and eucalyptus scent that can help out on days when you’re a little congested or need to feel more alert. They also won’t stain the floor of your shower, so you won’t be scrubbing off residue after your relaxing shower.


These Heavy-Duty Wraps That Organize Garages, Cleaning Closets, & More

These heavy-duty storage straps are such an easy way to organize cords, wires, or even small appliances like leaf blowers. They’re made of weatherproof fabric, meaning you can use them inside or outside with confidence. The hook and loop closure is super strong, and the stainless-steel loop is ideal for hanging on hooks or peg boards.


A Stick-On Shower Caddy That Keeps Products Dry & Clean

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this shower caddy and soap dish combo is a chic and long-lasting way to tidy up your shower. It comes with extra hanging hooks and drains water easily, so these caddies won’t get gross and moldy under your skincare products. With strong adhesive sticks to most surfaces and can hold up to 20 pounds, installation is also super easy.


A Polishing Coconut Oil Spray To Fix Smuged Stainless Steel

This microfiber cloth and polishing spray keep stainless-steel appliances looking smudge and scratch-free without a ton of scrubbing. The spray is a combination of essential oils and stainless steel-polishing coconut oil. It’s also formulated to remove smudges while leaving behind a protective barrier that resists fingerprints.


A Camera That Can Tilt & Turn On Lights When There’s Movement

This mini camera lets you keep an eye on your home or even on your pets because it can pan and tilt a full 360 degrees. You can opt for movement notifications on your phone for furry friends. Plus, it comes equipped with night vision and can connect to other smart devices, like lightbulbs, to turn on the lights when there’s motion.


This Outlet Cover With A Power Strip To Tidy Up Kitchen Outlets

This outlet and cord concealer is a genius way to make kitchen backsplashes or walls around your home look nicer. The top piece covers up the outlet, while the connected power strip gives you three tidy spots for chargers. The kit also comes with adhesive strips and clips to neatly attach the cord to the wall.


This Refreshing Citrus Spray To Remove Clothing Wrinkles

This wrinkle-removing spray with a clothes-freshening fresh citrus scent is ideal for days when you don’t have time to iron (let’s be honest, most days). Just spritz this plant-based spray on your clothes and smooth out wrinkles with your hands. Simply hang it up to dry for up to 10 minutes before pulling on your wrinkle-free piece.


An Adjustable Bath Tray With An Ultra-Secure Design

This adjustable bamboo bath caddy comes with clever spots for all your self-care essentials, including a removable stand to watch videos on your phone or laptop or even prop up a book. It’s water-resistant, and with the secure silicone grips, you won’t have to worry about it falling into your bubble bath.


These Touch-Up Pens That Keep Your Touch-Up Paint Fresh For Years

These genius touch-up pens make it so easy to take care of wall and furniture scuffs by simply filling them up with your touch-up paint. Their precise brush heads are especially ideal for small or hard-to-reach scuffs or chips. Their clever design keeps paint fresh for up to seven years, and you simply wash off the brush head and replace the cap for storage when you’re done.


A Tidy Charging Dock That Keeps Devices In One Spot

With space for five devices, this compact charging station helps you keep everything powered up and perfectly organized. It has five USB ports and comes with eight cables and three different types of cables to work with all of your devices. Plus, this tidy little dock is resistant to overheating and over-charging.


These Shatterproof Fridge Organizers That Can Handle Grocery Spills

These easy-to-wash transparent bins are great for corralling items in the fridge, pantry, or around the house, and you can stack them up to maximize space. They have wide handles, making it easy to move them from place to place, and the shatterproof plastic is super durable if you drop one.


These Wands That Can Help Out With Annoying Wine Headaches

If you’re susceptible to frustrating wine effects (like headaches), this clever little wand filter might help. Made without chemicals, simply drop it in your glass of wine. After a few minutes, it removes most sulfites and histamines, which may cause things like headaches and flushing. Bonus — each wand has an attached charm, so you can always know which glass is yours.


A Microwave Popcorn Maker With A Multi-Purpose Lid To Melt Butter

This durable borosilicate glass popcorn maker cooks up perfect kernels in the microwave and has a little serving handle. The 3-in-1 lid measures kernels, melts butter, and serves as a cover. You can airpop the kernels with or without butter, and when you’re finished, this popper can go right in the dishwasher.


These Color-Coded Food Containers That Nest To Save Space

This pack of food containers has a clever nesting design, so you can stack the containers and lids super neatly. The lids are color-coded to easily find the right size, and they click tight for a leak-proof, airtight seal. This BPA-free and ultra-tidy pack is also freezer- and microwave-safe.


A Table That Automatically Fits Right On Top Of Your Sofa’s Armrest

This bamboo sofa arm tray is an easy way to keep items like glasses, remote controls, or your phone stable and accessible without buying an expensive table. The adjustable design can fit multiple armrest styles, and it can also work on a number of other flat surfaces, like couch cushions. Plus, the non-slip pad in the middle is especially useful for keeping drinks from spilling.


A Wall Mount To Make Your Tablet *Super* Functional In Your Home

This easy-to-install wall mount can be used in a bunch of different ways to make your iPad or tablet a super functional part of your home, like setting it up in the kitchen to easily look up recipes. It comes with all the necessary screws and wall anchors, and it securely holds your tablet to the wall while also neatly hiding the charging cord.


This Mess-Free Soap Dispenser You’ll Rarely Have To Refill

This automatic soap dispenser has a super handy motion sensor to dispense the perfect amount of soap into your hands without any drips on the countertop. The oversized a ton of your favorite soap (enough for up to 1,400 hand washes), and you can adjust the amount that gets dispensed to save some soap.


These Clip-On Dip Holders That Free Up Plate Space

This clever pack of dip clips is perfect for holding messy condiments, like ketchup, BBQ sauce, ranch, or jam, all while freeing up space on your plate. These colorful little containers can hold up to 1/3 cup of dip securely on the side of your plate, and they’re easy to clean in the dishwasher.


A Sound Machine & Cozy Night-Light That’s Ideal For Traveling

With 31 sounds and a soft night-light, this compact white noise machine is such a cozy way to help you drift off. It offers 72 hours of sound before needing to be recharged, and there are timer and memory settings to customize it. It’s a nice travel size, but the removable wooden base will also look super chic on your bedside table at home.


These Watering Globes That Streamline Taking Caring Of Plants

These colorful and quick-to-use watering globes will take care of plant babies with barely any effort (or watering reminders). Their blown glass bulb design can easily be filled with water and then inserted into the soil, where they’ll gradually distribute water. Plus, they can provide water for up to two weeks.

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