50 Strange Things For Your Home Under $30 On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

 Strange Things For Your Home Under  On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing


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Whether your home could use a complete makeover or you’re just interested in finding weird and cool stuff to give your space a bit of an upgrade at an affordable price, Amazon has plenty to offer. On this list you’ll find unique, functional, and inexpensive items like an inconspicuous book lockbox to hold your small valuables and aromatherapy steamers, which are like bath bombs for shower people.

You’re bound to find not just one, but several items below that you’ll want to add to your home asap. Scroll on and expect to be delighted by these unexpected treasures.


This Incredibly Cool Floating Bookshelf

If you’re a bookworm, you will adore this floating metal bookshelf that makes it look like a stack of books are literally floating on the wall. Not only will it look cool and give you a spot to display your favorite books, you can also place trinkets, a plant, or other home decor on top — it can hold up to 15 pounds.


This Chic Ombre Shower Curtain With A Waffle Texture

Give your bathroom an ombre makeover with this stylish shower curtain set. Made from a waffle weave, the textured curtain comes with 12 metal hooks for easy hanging — though it will need a shower liner to prevent it from getting wet. The size of the shower curtain is 70 inches by 72 inches, and it’s available in 18 colors.


This Cutlery Cleaner With Near-Perfect Reviews

You may feel like this cutlery cleaner brush is an unnecessary luxury, but it truly makes doing the dishes suck a little less. With a 4.6-star rating after nearly 15,000 reviews, this small but effective brush is perfectly shaped with a wrap-around design to clean your forks, knives, and spoons so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. As one shopper raved, “It is especially useful when removing “sticky stuff “like melted cheese. I have given this to many people and they find it useful too.”


This Best-Selling Utensil Holder With Multiple Slots

Prevent your kitchen countertop from getting messy while cooking by using this silicone holder that is sized to hold up to four utensils. It’s great for placing ladles, spatulas, spoons, and other cooking utensils, and it’s easy to clean by popping it in the dishwasher. Choose from 23 colors in two sizes.


This Portable Lockbox That Looks Like A Book

Keep your valuables hidden and safely locked up with this book safe. The safe is designed to look like an actual book with a fabric cover and spine. The inside has room for passports, documents, money, jewelry, photos, and more. Two keys are included for secure locking.


This Stationary Bike For Logging Miles Under Your Desk

Place this foldable stationary fitness machine under your desk to get some exercise in while you’re working. The pedals have straps to keep your feet in place, and their resistance can be adjusted. A small screen on the bike keeps track of your time and calories burned.


This Unique Light Bulb Vase For A Pop Of Greenery

This desktop planter functions as a vase and as a piece of art. Its creative design allows you pour water in the light bulb-shaped glass bowl and grow a plant without any soil. It’s perfect for a bookshelf or desk — or anywhere where you want to add a little pop of green.


This Smartphone Stand With Close To 80,000 Five-Star Ratings

This smartphone stand is adjustable, so you can get the perfect viewing angle for your phone. Rubberized pads on the stand cradle the phone so it stays in place, and your charger fits through a hole in the back of the stand so the wire is kept out of the way. With nearly 80,000 perfect ratings to date, this little phone stand is what’s missing from your life.


This Best-Selling Smart Light Switch

This popular smart light switch offers tons of convenience. It can be controlled from your smartphone via the Kasa app or with voice (Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby) where you can set schedules, an away mode so it turns off or on while you’re not home, and scenes for a specific vibe like a dinner party.


This Key Holder With A Rustic Vibe

Not only will this key holder serve as a place to hold your whole family’s keys, it also has a shelf to place mail, decor, or whatever you want to have within easy reach. The handmade wooden wall organizer has five hooks and a 10-by-3.54-inch shelf; plus, it comes in nine antique finishes.


This Sink Caddy With A Removable Drip Tray

Things get wet near the sink, so this sink caddy with a removable tray that’s easy to clean just makes sense. The caddy has a designated area to hold brushes, a hanging rack for a washcloth or dish towel, and enough space to hold sponges and soap. It’s offered in chic matte black or a shiny stainless steel.


These Covers For The Gap Between Your Oven & Kitchen Counter

This two-pack of stove gap covers will prevent crumbs and splatter from getting into those pesky cracks between your oven and the countertop. The silicone covers fit gaps ranging from 0.2 to 1.3 inches wide — and can be cut for a better fit. Plus, they’re heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for all the high-heat cooking going on in that area. They come in three sizes and three color options.


These Silicone Can Lids To Seal In Freshness

These silicone lids make it easy to cover food cans, sodas, mugs, mason jars, yogurt containers, and more when you want to save the contents for later. If you have kids, these lids will also help save money by wasting less food (looking at you, yogurt). As one shopper raved, “These covers are great. Easy to use and seal great. Great for pet foods in cans. Highly recommend!!”


This Minimalist Paper Towel Holder With Easy Under-Cabinet Mounting

You can mount this modern paper towel holder under a cabinet to keep it handy but out of the way. The stainless steel holder comes with both adhesive and screws so you can choose which mounting style works for you. Choose from five finishes.


This Hilarious & Clever Microwave Cleaner

To effectively clean your microwave using this novelty microwave cleaner, fill it with a cleaning solution or a mixture of water, vinegar, and lemon juice, then turn the microwave on. Steam will come out, cleaning your microwave so you don’t have to. As one shopper shared, “I got lazy and let the microwave get pretty grimey. This made a big difference and everything cleaned up quickly. This is one kitchen gadget I use on a regular basis now.”


This Rotary Cheese Grater That Also Shreds Veggies

If you find yourself constantly shredding cheese, this rotary cheese grater will make food prep a little easier. Simply place cheese in the top compartment and turn the handle to shred to your desired fineness. It also works for garlic, carrots, onions, and more. Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget that can pull double duty?


This Magnetic Knife Strip That’ll Make You Feel Like A Pro Chef

Keep your knives at an arm’s reach with this magnetic knife holder. Not only does it make cooking more convenient, it also keeps the knives out of reach of kids. The 16-inch holder can be mounted to a wall using the included self-adhesive strip or drill kit. As one shopper noted, “I failed to see the included adhesion strip and just used Gorilla doublesided tape and it’s solid as a rock. Right size and good holding magnets.”


This Refrigerator Deodorizer That Lasts For Up To 10 Years

You can place this refrigerator deodorizer in your fridge and forget about it for about 10 years. Truly. It’s comprised of catalytic decomposition technology that decomposes harmful gases into water molecular that eliminates odors. All that’s to say: it works on even the stinkiest fridge smells. The deodorizer is fragrance- and chemical-free.


These Unscented Tea Light Candles Shaped Like Cacti

Twelve cactus tea light candles come in this pack, each made with a unique design that looks incredibly realistic. The paraffin candles each feature a burn time of 3 to 4 hours, which is pretty impressive considering their compact size. They come in a cute gift box that makes for a perfect birthday or housewarming present.


This Tabletop Water Fountain To Bring You Some Moments Of Zen

Bring the soothing sound of nature into your space with this tranquil tabletop water fountain. The fountain comes with river rocks and lighting, and it has a three-tier design and a quiet built-in water pump. With nearly 40,000 ratings and counting, shoppers love this quality piece of decor with calming effects.


These Popular Hair Towel Wraps That Stay In Place

After a shower, this microfiber hair towel wrap will help your hair dry naturally. The fabric is breathable, absorbent, soft, and the towel features a loop in the back to keep it in place. Two hair towel wraps come in the pack and it’s offered in 16 color options.


This Lighted Makeup Mirror With 10X Magnification

In this case, magnifying your face up to ten times is a good thing. This lighted makeup mirror gives you a close-up look at your face so you can apply your makeup in the best light possible. With 21 built-in LED bulbs and three foldable panels, you get a magnifying and wide-angle view of your gorgeousness.


This Fan-Fave Bed Tray Table Made Of 100% Bamboo

This premium bamboo bed tray table is perfect for serving meals, and it’s also great for working, doing crosswords, or coloring in bed (for the kiddos). The legs fold, so when you aren’t using it, it fits nicely under a bed or in a closet for compact storage. With more than 6,000 ratings to date, it’s a solid choice for leveling up breakfast in bed.


This Useful Dispenser Box For Kitchen Wraps

Organize your plastic wrap, parchment paper, foil, and more in bamboo three-in-one wrap organizer that fits up to 12-inch wide rolls. The dispenser is 3 inches high and fits in most drawers. It comes with 21 stickers so you can accurately label whatever you have stored.


This Cooking Sprayer For An Even Distribution Of Oil

This cooking sprayer makes it incredibly easy to evenly distribute oil over food or to grease a pan. For under $10, the glass spray bottle with a durable stainless steel cap can be a game-changer in the kitchen. It comes with a funnel for pouring and a brush for cleaning.


These Aesthetically Pleasing Bamboo Salt & Pepper Bowls

You will love this set of salt and pepper bowls for their look and their function. Made of natural bamboo, the bowls are durable, environmentally friendly, have magnetic rotating lids, and they can hold a large amount of salt, pepper, or whatever herb or spice you want to store.


This Charcuterie Board That’ll Impress Your Friends

No need to bring the cheese knives, because this charcuterie board set — made of solid bamboo — features a slide-out drawer with four serving utensils. The convenience of the drawer means there’s always one less thing to carry when going to a party. Choose from one-, two-, or four-drawer options.


This Pan Holder For Up To Five Pans

Stop the messy overflow of cooking pans with this super-useful pan organizer. It fits nicely in a cabinet, or it can be placed on the kitchen counter as a display and for quicker access. It comes with mounting screws and works as either a vertical or horizontal rack.


This Wildly Popular Bathtub Drain Protector With Over 85,000 Five-Star Ratings

Save yourself the trouble of calling a plumber to remove hair from your tub’s drain, or worse, shoving your hand or a tool down the drain yourself. Instead, try this tub drain protector with excellent reviews. The silicone TubShroom sits inside the drain and collects hair before it clogs the pipe, which can then be removed and cleaned.


This Mosquito Zapper That’s Just As Fun As It Is Efficient

No one’s ever said that killing mosquitos can’t also be a great time, which is exactly what you’ll find with this electric mosquito zapper. The rechargeable swatter features a 4,000 volt grid that’s protected by an outer layer of non-electric metal. It has an LED light for nighttime swatting, and an activation button to ignite the electricity. Choose from three sizes depending on the bugs you’re looking to banish.


This Electric Lighter Without A Flame

With this rechargeable candle lighter, you don’t have to worry about running out of lighter fluid. When it stops working, simply plug it in to refuel via USB. The flameless plasma lighter works in the wind, so you can always light a candle despite the weather. It’s great for camping and BBQs, too.


This UV Flashlight That Detects Pet Urine

If you have a pet who pees in the house, this UV flashlight will help you find the hidden spots. The flashlight comes with an adhesive mount to place it on top of an odor-eliminator spray bottle if you want the full solution to your pet stain woes. The light works great on carpet, furniture, car interiors, fabric, and floors.


This Genius Blocker So You Stop Losing Things Under The Couch

If you’re tired of toys, food, and other knick knacks getting lost into the abyss under your couch or bed, try this transparent furniture blocker. Adhesive makes the blocker easily removable while keeping it in place. There are three sizes to choose from depending on the width of the gap, and the vinyl blocker can be cut as needed.


These Furniture Protectors That Deter Cats From Scratching

Cats inherently need to scratch, but your cat is going to need to find a new place to do it once you place these furniture protectors on your couch. The transparent plastic protectors come with twist pins to secure them in place. Choose from a pack of three, four, six, eight, 10, 12, or 18.


These Rug Grippers That Flatten Corners

Rugs can sometimes curl at the corners, but that won’t be a problem anymore if you use this rug corner grippers. The gripper sticks to the rug via adhesive, and a sticky gel connects it to the ground. The grippers come in a pack of four or eight.


These Under-Cabinet Lights With Near-Perfect Reviews

Operate these under-cabinet lights by touch or by using the included remote, which lets you turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness, and set an auto-off timer. The lights adhere to a wall or cabinet via adhesive or screws, both of which are included. Choose from various pack sizes to find the perfect lighting solution for your space.


This Travel Size Outlet With USB and USB-C

Whether you take this USB power strip on the go or leave it stationed at your desk or next to your bed, its compact size doesn’t take up much space. The charging hub features two USB inputs, one USB-C input, and three grounded inputs. Shoppers love that it comes with a 5-foot cord, too.


These Highly Efficient Fruit & Veggie Slicers

Instead of chopping fruit and veggies with a knife, use this cup slicer to get the job done quickly and evenly. It also works well as an egg slicer. The kitchen tool has a stylish design with three colors within the value pack. As one shopper noted, “This product is […]sturdy, easy to use and overall a great item!”


This Stacked Egg Container That’ll Help Prevent Premature Cracking

Since you don’t want your eggs to crack before you’re ready to crack them, give this refrigerator egg holder a try. The transparent plastic holders — offered here in three layers with each layer holidng 18 eggs — dispense eggs so you don’t have to open a lid to get one out. You can also buy the egg holder in one or two layers if you don’t need quite as much egg storage.


This Refrigerator Organizer Set Of 8 Bins

If you want to organize your fridge so you always know where to find what you need, try this set of eight refrigerator organizer bins. The transparent bins will transform your fridge while saving space. They can hold everything from fruit to beverage cans to cheese.


These Silicone Baking Mats That Are Easier To Clean Than Baking Sheets

Save yourself the trouble of washing a baking sheet every time you want to use the oven by purchasing this set of four baking mats, with two quarter sheets and two half sheets. The silicone liners feature circles as a guide to place macarons or cookies. You can pop these in the dishwasher or wash with soap and water.


This Silicone Popcorn Maker For Effortless Popping

Cook your kernels in this microwave popcorn popper for an even distribution of heat. The silicone bowl is designed to leave few if any kernels unpopped. It can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn so you can make enough for the whole family in one batch. The bowl is available in 15 colors, and it collapses for easy storage.


This Drill Brush Attachment Set For Powerful Cleaning

This drill brush attachment set will take your cleaning to a new level. Simply attach one of the brushes like you would a drill bit and scrub everything from car interiors to tires to tile to other bathroom surfaces. The set comes with three different brush sizes, plus an extension rod for hard to reach areas.


This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Also Dries

With this electric makeup brush cleaner, your brushes can be cleaned and dried in less than a minute. To use, fill the bowl with soap and water, press the button to activate the cleaning, then spin and dry. Eight rubber collars are included in the set for different sizes of makeup brushes.


These Seals For The Bottom Of Your Frameless Shower Door

If your frameless shower tends to leak water, this two-pack of shower door seals create a barrier to prevent that from happening. Designed for 0.5-inch thick doors, the seals come with a drip rail to funnel any water back inside the shower. They come in several size options and can be cut to the necessary size.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner To Remove Built-Up Lint

To help your dryer run more efficiently and to prevent fires, this dryer vent cleaner kit will remove all the built up lint. The kit includes a vacuum adapter and hose attachment that fits on most vacuum cleaners. The attachment is also great for cleaning hard to reach areas.


This Best-Selling Skill Game That Builds Hand-Eye Coordination

Play this skill game to help build hand-eye coordination and improve focus and concentration for both you and/or your partner (or kids). The game is like juggling, but the ball shoots through a tube and you catch it on the other side. It can be played alone or with a partner. Choose from seven colors.


This Fun & Unique Ring Toss Game

Hang this ring toss-style game indoors or outdoors for some good ol’ fashioned fun. The round board comes with six rubber black rings and six rubber red rings to throw onto 14 hooks for a game that feels like a combination between ring toss and darts. The game is ideal for both kids and grown-ups, and it’s the easiest game to set-up for family gatherings.


These Shower Steamers For The Self-Care You Deserve

You don’t have to take a bath to enjoy bath bomb aromatherapy. This shower steamer set features six relaxing scents, including watermelon, grapefruit, eucalyptus, peony and pear, cacao and orange, and lemongrass and coconut. To use, place one in the corner of your shower without submerging it in water. It’ll start fizzing and release the spa-like scent.


This Grill Scraper For A New Way To Clean

This grill and griddle scraper features several notches that can fit on any size grill grates to scrape food off the bars without any hard-to-clean bristles. The stainless steel scraper includes a bottle opener, because of course it does. Also included is a downloadable book of 25 recipes for the grill.

If you want to check out more affordable home upgrades, head over to “50 Strange Things For Your Home That Are Selling Out On Amazon Because They’re So Damn Clever.”

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