50 Clever Things Under $35 That Immediately Make Your Home So Much Nicer

All the simple upgrades you didn’t know you needed.

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Amazon sells a lot of random stuff, but the online retail giant also sells a lot of incredibly clever and useful home items that, once you have them, you’ll question how you ever survived without them.

I’m not saying that you can’t live and breathe without a battery organizer or toilet night light, but what these small but mighty items prove is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make your home feel noticeably nicer.

Scroll on for 50 Amazon finds that are sure to bring just as much joy into your world as they will convenience and efficiency.


A Travel-Size Power Strip For All Your Devices

Stop struggling to find enough outlets to plug in your laptop, phone charger, Apple Watch charger, and more. This compact USB power strip features three three-prong plugs, two USB input, and one USB-C plug. It’s small enough to throw in your purse, backpack, or travel bag without being annoying, so you can power up anywhere.


A Wildly Popular Pet Hair Remover That Actually Works

If you have a dog or cat that sheds (or several of them), do yourself a gigantic favor and buy this reusable pet hair remover that over 109,000 people on Amazon have awarded a perfect five-star rating. It works beautifully on clothes, furniture, carpet, and more. As one satisfied shopper raved, “I’ve had cats for 25 years and have never experienced any vacuum/brush/system/method/act of God that removes cat hair from the couch/rug/bed as this does.”


An Extendable Ceiling Fan Duster With 8,000+ Ratings

You can dust your whole house, but if you can’t reach the ceiling fan, it’s going to rain dust all over the room when your turn it on. This best-selling ceiling fan duster extends up to 47 inches so you can dust without risking your life by standing on a wobbly chair — you know the one. Plus, the microfiber head is removable and washable.


A Glass Cleaning Cloth That Won’t Leave Streaks Or Lint

Use this microfiber cloth to clean your windows, mirrors, and screens without leaving streaks. No soap is needed — all you need is water and you’re good to go. The cloth is washable, so you’ll save money and the planet by not using disposable towels.


A Set Of Rug Grippers To Keep The Corners From Curling

Prevent your rug from curling in the corners with the NeverCurl Rug Gripper. The four V-shaped grippers stick to the bottom corners of an indoor or outdoor rug and then sticks to any hard surface so you can finally stop tripping. As one shopper reported, “Set and forget. Works like a charm.”


Two Under-Bed Organizer Bags For Maximizing Your Storage

Keep off-season clothes, extra blankets, sleeping bags, holiday decorations, and more out of the way with this two-pack of under-bed storage bags. They’re compact with side pull handles and zipper closures, and they have a transparent plastic cover you can easily see what you stored inside.


This Grout Pen For Making Tile Look New Again

Grout is inevitable on tile, but if you’re tired of attempting to scrub it away, try this grout pen to make your floors, kitchen backsplash, or shower walls look refreshingly white again. The pen is nontoxic and water-based, but the company recommends testing a small area to make sure the pen color matches the shade of your tile.


This Variety Pack of Reusable Silicone Lids For An Eco Alternative To Plastic Wrap

This set of seven universal silicone covers comes in a variety pack with covers that can fit on round or square food containers of all sizes. The eco-friendly, stretch lids are BPA-free and microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher-safe. The lids can be stacked when they aren’t being used or packed away in the included cotton mesh storage bag.


These Pretty Solar Lights For Illuminating Your Outdoor Space

Improve your curb appeal and make it easier to see where you’re going in the dark with this 10-pack of solar garden lights. The whimsical pattern on the lights are fun and add a bit of a magical aesthetic to your outdoor space. There are no wires or batteries — all you have to do is take them out of the box and stick them in the ground where they’ll get direct sunlight for a solar power-up.


A Pumice Stone Toilet Brush For Extra-Tough Stains

As it turns out, pumice stones aren’t just for feet. This toilet bowl pumice stone cleans limescale deposits, mildew, and hard water stains from toilets, but it also can be used on sinks, grills, tile, and pools. After you’ve used the stone, rinse it off and store it in the included case for next time.


This Bidet Attachment For The Best Bum Clean

If you’ve been wanting a bidet but don’t want to spend bidet prices, check out this bidet attachment that’ll get the job done at a fraction of the cost. The non-electric attachment fits on any toilet and features an easy access control dial where you can change the water pressure and nozzle adjustment to your needs.


This Battery Organizer That Will Make Your Life Easier

Changing the batteries on your kids’ toys is an annoying job, but it’s way less annoying if you have this battery organizer to give you easy access to what you need. In addition to being able to hold 93 batteries of all types, it also includes a removable battery tester. It comes with a toddler-proof lid and fits easily in your now-tidy junk drawer.


This Rotating Sprinkler For Maximum Lawn Coverage

Water your grass or your kids (or both) with this 360-degree rotating sprinkler. The sprinkler can cover over 32 feet, but if you need more coverage, you can easily link multiple sprinklers together to cover a larger area. Metal weights on the sprinkler ensure that it won’t tip over, and shoppers report that it’s “easy to use” with “excellent coverage.”


This Set Of Cedar Rings & Balls For Better Off-Season Storage

This pack of 30 cedar rings and 10 cedar balls are ideal for protecting your clothes from moths as well as keeping things smelling fresh, whether it’s in a closet, drawer, or storage bin. Made from natural red cedar wood, the rings are shaped to fit conveniently over hangers and the balls can be dropped in anywhere you want to ward off must. The scent of cedar is light — light enough that you can only smell it when you place a ball or ring directly under your nose, according to the company.


This Magnetic Screen Door For Letting In Summer Breeze Without The Bugs

You don’t have to hire a company to come out and install a screen door, you can hang this inexpensive magnetic screen door instead. This screen fits doorways up to 38 inches by 82 inches and is great for a front door, back door, or sliding door. The durable mesh is designed to withstand regular use with a lot of in and out traffic. It keeps the bugs out and is pet-friendly to boot.


These Shock-Absorbing Guards To Protect Your Walls From Slamming Door Handles

Protect your walls from being damaged by door handles with these small, round wall shields. The thermoplastic rubber pad acts as a bumper on the wall, absorbing shock and preventing noise when a door swings open. A self-adhesive design makes it quick and easy to peel off the backing and stick it to the wall. The pack comes with six 2-inch handle stoppers.


This Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Liner With 225,000+ Ratings

When a shower curtain liner has earned more than 225,000 ratings, you know it’s doing something right. Not only will this scum-resistant, heavy-duty shower liner protect your super cute shower curtain from getting wet, it’ll also prevent mildew. The waterproof liner measures 72 inches x 78 inches and fits any standard size shower or tub with either a straight or curved shower rod. You can also use this liner as a standalone shower curtain if that’s more your vibe. It comes with 12 grommets, too.


A Best-Selling Pet Stain Eliminator That’ll Take Out The Odors, Too

Pet accidents happen, so you might as well be prepared with this pet stain and odor eliminator. Safe to use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothes, kennels, and pet sleeping areas, the formula tackles not just the stain but also the funky smell left behind. It contains natural enzymes that work until the odor is entirely eliminated. With over 76,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, this one is a go-to for so many pet owners.


These Wood Markers That Make Your Scratched Furniture Look Like New

This furniture repair kit comes with six markers in various colors, six wax sticks, and a wax stick sharpener to touch up any nicks or damage on furniture or wood floors. It’s incredibly simple to use — just use the correlating color by drawing over a scratch. That’s it. One shopper raved, “This worked perfectly to cover up scratches on hardwood floors as well as a couple chairs. Great variety of colors, affordable, easy to use.”


These Food Storage Containers For The Pantry Organization Of Your Dreams

Organize your pantry items with this pack of seven food storage containers. The BPA-free plastic containers come in various sizes and work with cereal, pasta, oatmeal, beans, and perhaps most importantly — kids’ snacks. A rubber seal on the lids keeps things fresh, and included markers, labels, and a chalk pen help you keep things extra organized.


A Set Of Transparent Cat Scratch Protectors For Your Couch

If you have a cat that constantly scratches your living room furniture, these cat scratch protectors can help. The ten included transparent plastic shields attach to the outside of a couch’s upholstery via screw pins and work to really deter cats from scratching. One shopper reported: “This product was easy to install, practically invisible, and our 5 cats want nothing to do with scratching any of the couches protected by these clear shields.”


These Solar Fairy Lights For Glowy Outdoor Ambiance

Whether you use them as Christmas decorations or as all-season decor for your outdoor space, these solar-powered fairy lights will bring ambient lighting and a bit of magic. With 100 LEDs on each of the 32-foot strings, you’ll have enough delicate, twinkling lights for bushes, archways, pergolas, and more. Choose from eight lighting modes.


These Refrigerator Organizer Bins For Controlling Fridge Chaos

This set of six refrigerator storage bins won’t just help you organize your fridge, it also makes it easier to know when it’s time to restock — since the transparent bins give you easy views of everything in your fridge or pantry. The bins come in a variety of sizes, including a handy egg holder and soda can organizer, for controlling fridge clutter.


A Laundry Detergent Holder That’ll Save You From Lifting The Container

Why lift and tilt your laundry detergent when this holder will do it for you? The downward slope of this laundry detergent holder ensures that the detergent is ready to go when you need it. A strap keeps the detergent jug in place, and rubber feet keeps the station from moving around. With a 4.8-star rating after more than 5,000 reviews, you know this gadget is as helpful as it looks.


A Highly Rated Frying Pan Splatter Screen With So Many Uses

This highly rated splatter screen is a great way to prevent yourself, your kids, and your pets being burned with hot oil while you’re cooking. The fine-mesh screen comes in four size options and is designed to fit over frying pans. It’s dishwasher-safe, making clean up easier, and can be used as a baking cooling rack or sieve. What’s not to love about a multitasking kitchen gadget?


A Broom Rack That’ll Transform Your Laundry Room, Garage, Or Garden Shed

Organize your brooms, rakes, and other garden tools with this wall-mounted storage rack. The space-saving system has five slots for brooms and mops with six hooks for other tools. Each hanger can hold up to 35 pounds. As one shopper gushed, “Best thing I’ve bought for my laundry room everrrr I’m in love.”


A Bamboo Bath Mat For Instant Spa Vibes

Give your bathroom a spa aesthetic with this organic bamboo bath mat. A water-resistant finish allows this mat to be used by your shower, bath tub, hot tub, or pool. It’s coated with nonslip material on top and grippy gaskets on the bottom to prevent slipping. As one shopper reported, “Great quality, perfectly sealed.”


These Best-Selling Drill Attachment Scrubbers That Will Rid Your Bathroom Of Grout In No Time

These handy power scrubbers attach to a drill to clean your counters, bath tub, shower, and other scummy areas with a whole lot of power. Grout can be a huge pain to remove, but not when you have the power of a drill on your side. The pack comes with four brushes in a variety of shapes so you can reach every nook and cranny.


Some Washable Shelf Liners For Making ‘Fridge Cleaning Day’ So Much Easier

These washable refrigerator shelf liners make it easy to clean your fridge. Simply take them out to wash them. The liners can be cut to fit perfectly on any shelf. The pack includes three red, three green, and three blue liners so you can color coordinate or go with a rainbow aesthetic. You can also choose a pack with white liners so they don’t stand out.


Two Satin Pillowcases That’ll Pamper Your Hair And Skin

These lustrous satin pillowcases help prevent hair from getting knotted and matted while you sleep. They also feel silky-smooth on the skin. With an easy-on envelop closure and wrinkle-free design, they’re as easy to care for as they are pampering to sleep on. Choose from more than two dozen colors.


A Rope Storage Bin For Toys, Towels, & More

Available in modern colors that would look good in any kid’s room or living space, this rope storage basket is the perfect way to hide the toys, blankets, and stuffies, that tend to take over your house. It’s offered in four different sizes, so you can create a set for all your organization needs. Several shoppers even reported that it works great as a nursery laundry basket.


A Surge Protector With Five Outlets & Four USB Ports

This surge protector extender turns one outlet into five, plus it has three USB ports and one USB C port. It allows you to simultaneously charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices while keeping a lamp or other devices plugged in.


This Motion-Activated Bed Light That Will Guide You Through The Dark

When you get out of bed at night, this motion-activated bed light will warmly illuminate under your bed so you can see where you’re going without turning on a light. It has a shut-off timer that can be set from 30 seconds to 6 minutes once it’s activated. One shopper noted, “Great if you have to navigate around kids or dog toys in the middle of the night.”


This Sofa Slipcover For Protecting Your Couch Against Spills

Protect your couch from your kids, pets, and general wear and tear with this super stretchy sofa slipcover. It has an elastic bottom and nonslip foam anchors that ensure the slip cover stays in plays. It comes in 21 colors in various sizes from Small to XX-Large.


These Corner Shower Caddies For Making Your Bathroom Look LIke A Boutique Hotel

If your shower needs a place to store your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more, try this stainless steel corner shower caddy pack. Two L-shaped caddies and one soap holder stick to the wall via sturdy adhesive instead of suction cups that regularly fail. Pair with some spa-worthy shampoo containers, and you’ll have an instantly elevated bathroom look.


A Chic Sink Caddy That’ll Want In Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

Store your hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, soap, and other toiletries on this chic sink caddy. The stainless steel caddy comes in either a black or silver finish, and a bottom try is removable for easy cleaning. One shopper reported, “I have it by my kitchen sink and definitely plan to purchase a second in for my bathroom!”


This Stove Gap Cover To Prevent Gunk From Falling In The Cracks

Stop food, liquids, and other gunk from falling in the crack between your stove and the countertop with this two-pack of heat resistant gap covers. The nonslip, flexible silicone strips come in various colors and sizes and can be cut to the size you need. “Never knew I’d need these! Wow what a lifesaver,” one shopper raved.


This Wireless Under-Cabinet Light For Ambient Lighting Anywhere

Place this light under a cabinet in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, garage, bedroom, and more for additional ambient light. To turn it on and off, simply tap the lens. The warm, white LED light is less than 1-inch thick and isn’t noticeable under a cabinet. It can be mounted with the included screws or simply stuck on with the sturdy adhesive tape.


These Best-Selling Luxury Bed Sheets That Live Up To The Hype

Available in a whopping 45 colors, these microfiber bed sheets will make you feel like you’re sleeping at a luxury hotel every night. With over 192,000 five-star ratings, you can trust that even though they’re inexpensive, these sheets live up to the hype. The sheets are available in sizes from twin to California king.


This Quilted Mattress Pad For Adding Coziness To Your Bed

Add comfort and protection to your bed by throwing on this quilted mattress pad. Made from ultra-soft down alternative microfiber with an absorbent cotton cover, this machine washable mattress pad is great for grown-ups and kids alike. The pad is available in sizes from Twin through California King, and there’s even a size for an RV King.


These Shower Curtain Hooks For Adding A Pretty Shower Curtain

If your shower needs a new curtain but doesn’t have any shower hooks, this 12-pack of rust-resistant polished metal hooks is a great purchase. A double roller glide makes it easy to quickly open and close the curtain. They come in eight finishes to match whichever aesthetically pleasing curtain you choose to pair them with.


An Affordable, Lightweight Duvet For Any Size Bed

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a duvet for it to be soft, comfortable, and the weight you prefer. This all-season, microfiber-fill duvet features corner tabs that can be tied to a duvet cover so it doesn’t bunch up while you’re sleeping. The duvet comes in 11 colors and sizes ranging from Twin to California King and can be used as a duvet insert or as a standalone comforter.


A Bamboo Tabletop Shelf That’ll Hold Small Essentials

Whether you place this bamboo three-tier corner shelf on a kitchen countertop to hold spices or other small items, in the bathroom to hold your toiletries, or in the living room or your WFH desk to hold decor, the shelf is a great addition to any room. The shelf can be configured in a few different ways to match your needs.


These Blackout Curtains With 26,000 5-Star Ratings

These wildly popular blackout curtains will completely keep the sun out so you and your family can sleep longer. The curtains come in many different sizes and a huge variety of colors. The drapes are made with a rod pocket to make hanging easy. One shopper raved, “The best blackout curtains I have ever purchased. They feel very high quality, and were a breeze to hang.”


A High-Pressure Washer Attachment For That Satisfying Deep Clean

Attach this washer head to a hose to turn it into a high-pressure washer or level up your existing pressure washer. Included in the package is one high pressure washer gun and five spray nozzle tips to create different water patterns for a variety of uses.


These Sheer Curtains To Add A Vintage Touch To Your Space

These sheer curtains won’t block much sunlight, but they’ll definitely add elegant, vintage style to any room. With a linen texture and flowy drape, they’re perfect for decoratively framing your windows. They come in a variety of sizes to fit most windows.


A Rainfall Shower Head To Make Your Showers Luxurious

You don’t need to settle for whatever shower head your shower came with. This 8-inch rainfall shower head will take your showers to the level you deserve. While it can work as a high pressure shower head, it also comes with a flow restrictor that can easily be installed or removed.


A Wood Finishing Formula To Instantly Restore Scratched Furniture

Restore wood finishes or fix minor scratches or blemishes with this finish-penetrating formula. It’s available in nine colors to match whatever wood finish you’re working with. Instead of a complete refinishing job, this formula restores wood pieces in just a few minutes.


This Durable Under-Door Stopper That Works On Drafts, Odors, & Sounds

Install this draft stopper under a door to keep cool or warm air in. Not only does this stopper help regulate your indoor temperature, it also blocks out sound from outside. The 2-inch thick foam is also effective at stopping bugs from crawling inside.


A Cable Management Box To Keep That Tangle Of Cords Organized

Instead of dealing with cords that are all over the place and are pretty terrible to look at, try this sleek cable management box. It holds a power strip with all the cords plugged in, improving the appearance and keeping cords away from babies and pets.

Do you need all of these items? Probably not. But will they make life a little better? Absolutely. Check out some super cute summer dresses under $35 here to keep the shopping going.

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