Easter is a special time of year, but as with many other celebrations, there is often a lot of unnecessary waste and expense. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones about how to be green, whilst having some fun and getting creative together.

To help you get started, here are 5 eco-friendly craft ideas that you can do with your toddlers this Easter.

1. Egg Carton Wreath

Use empty egg cartons, paint and decorations of your choice to create an Easter wreath. This is a great way to reuse materials while creating something beautiful in the process.

Easter wreath

Image credit: Parents

2. Egg Hunt Baskets

Using materials from around your house or the recycling bin, create a cute little basket with just some scissors, glue sticks, and any craft materials you already have. This could include a yoghurt pot, cereal box, the bottom of a milk carton/bottle, or berry punnet.

Easter hunt baskets

Image credit: Messy Little Monster

3. Nature playdough eggs

Make some playdough using our simple taste-safe recipe. You could take this activity outdoors to keep the mess out of the house. Create some egg shapes, and let your child decorate them how they please using petals, leaves, grass, herbs, and twigs. Another idea is to use cardboard or paper shapes with glue instead of the dough.

Easter craft

Image credit: The Awesome Childhood Project

4. Reusable Easter decorations

If you’re not feeling particularly creative (or you’ve run out of time and energy!), buy ready-made plaster decorations from the supermarket or craft shop for your little ones to paint and put their creative touches onto. Each Easter, you can pull them out to adorn your home. Make it a family tradition and add more as your child grows.

Reusable Easter decorations

Image credit: Etsy

5. DIY Easter cards

Help your toddler make cards for family and friends using items you already have. Use up scraps of paper or cardboard for the card, and then to embellish, here are some cute and easy ideas:

  • Invite your child to do a painting on paper. Once dry, cut out bunny or egg shapes and glue them onto the card.
  • Use their handprints or footprints in paint to create some adorable animals.
  • Just let them go for it and create whatever they want! The recipient will be pleased with the thought and love that’s gone into it no matter what!

Easter Craft

Image credit: The Best Ideas for Kids


Happy Easter, everyone, from the NBB team!


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