Let’s be honest: life with babies is a rollercoaster ride. Scratch that — it makes a rollercoaster ride look like a walk in the park. One minute they’re snug in your arms, and the next they’re on the move, suddenly into everything. When they start moving, you might be looking at your little adventurer and wonder if their unique crawl, wiggle, or shuffle is cause for concern. Well, fear not. Because just like every baby has a totally unique personality, they also have their own style of exploring their surroundings. The old-school all fours crawl just isn’t every baby’s style. Let’s look at five ways your little one might start to “crawl” and why they’re all perfectly normal.

The Roll-and-Go (Who Needs All Fours?)

These little ones may flip and flop, roll and twirl — but they get to where they want to go. They’ve got places to be and the common crawl just won’t cut it for these innovators. Just make sure to put them in a great-fitting diaper like Huggies Little Movers so your Roll-and-Go’s diaper stays put, no matter where they roll off to.

The One-Legged Wonder

This crawler pulls themselves forward using the strength of their arms and one leg. They might even slide on their tummy while pushing off with one leg and then use their arms to propel themselves forward. It’s completely normal and often a precursor to traditional crawling. The important part is they’re exploring, moving, and learning. Just cheer them on. And remember: these kinds of quirks make great stories later!

The Backward Scooter

The backward scooter (or “reverse crawler”) often develops their style when they first start to sit up on their own. These babies develop arm strength first so their pull becomes a push — or a scoot — backwards. (Hey, we salute anybody who figures out how to get somewhere while sitting down.) While it might look like they’re moving away from their target, they’ll get where they need to be. With a contoured shape designed to help eliminate gaps at the legs and waist, Huggies Little Movers keep your scooter feeling snug and secure as they scoot into new adventures.

The Commando

When it comes to crawling styles “going commando” refers to those adventurous tots who like to keep their belly on the floor and pull themselves along with their arms, army-syle. A traditional crawl is way too boring for them. This type of crawling is also a full-body workout, and with Huggies Little Movers‘ DryTouch Liner, your baby stays dry and comfortable for hours.

The Belly Flopper aka The Wiggler

You’ll see this little mover lying flat on their tummy, propelling themselves forward by wiggling their hips or shoulders in a swimming motion. It may look like they got crawling lessons from a seal. This crawl typically happens before a baby has built up strength in their arms and legs for more traditional crawling. Keep your flopper flopping with Huggies Little Movers. The Double Grip Strips create a secure, flexible fit that keeps up with your baby’s every move.

Remember, no matter how your baby crawls, it’s all perfectly normal, and their style is just a testament to their unique personality. More importantly, every kind of crawl is a step towards independence and exploration. As parents, all we can do is provide them with the tools they need to explore comfortably and safely. Huggies Little Movers diapers are one of those tools, with a perfect fit for every baby butt out there, from wigglers to scooters and even the classic hands-and-knees crawl. And remember: walking is right around the corner!

Photographer: Erin Foster

Art Director: Julie Vaccaro

Prop Stylist: Beth Pakradooni

Wardrobe Stylist: Sinead Grimalt

Hair & Makeup Artist: Stephanie Peterson

Baby Wrangler: Joyce Whalen

Production: Allie Kolb

Branded Lifestyle Editor: Kristen Mae

Branded Lifestyle Director: Allison Berry

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