45 Of The Most Genius Things For Your Home That Are Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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If you could use some fun upgrades around your home, this is the list for you. These items aren’t just clever home upgrades — they’re also products that other customers have been eyeing up and down. So, if you’re in the mood to online shop, look no further.


This Electric Lighter That’s Even Windproof

When this electric candle lighter is charged, it will always have enough juice to light candles. Even better, the little device is windproof, so when it’s time to light a birthday cake outside, you don’t have to worry about a flame getting put out by the elements. Best of all, it’ll automatically turn off after seven minutes for added safety.


This Pumice Stone Toilet Cleaner That Has 17,000+ Five-Star Reviews

Check out this toilet bowl pumice stone. It does exactly what you’d think it does, except instead of getting the yuck off your feet, it gets the yuck out of your toilet bowl. With over 17,000 five-star reviews, customers admit it’s gotten rid of water stains that other cleaners failed to reach. If you’d like more than just one pumice stone, you can find packs of two or four within the listing.


This Ventilated Bath Pillow That Stays In Place

This spa cushion offers support for your head, neck, and shoulders while you’re relaxing in the bathtub or hot tub. The mesh pillow is designed with ventilation that allows it to air-dry quickly. It comes with six strong suction cups to keep it in place as well as a hook so it can hang dry.


This Bamboo Cheese Board With A Pull-Out Utensil Drawer

When it’s time to make a small charcuterie board, this cheese board set is a fantastic go-to. Made of natural bamboo, the board features grooves on the sides to hold crackers or fruit, and a utensil set sits inside a pull-out drawer. If you prefer more than one drawer for a larger board, it’s also available in a two-drawer and four-drawer version.


This Bidet Attachment You’ll Wish You Found Earlier

Once you use this toilet bidet attachment, you’ll never want to sit on a toilet seat that doesn’t automatically clean your bum ever again. The non-electric bidet attachment has an easy-to-access dial that lets you adjust the water pressure for the best cleansing experience. It’s easy to install, and especially great for homes with septic tanks.


This Best-Selling Car Vacuum With Over 166,000 5-Star Reviews

If there always seems to be a plethora of crumbs, dirt, and debris inside your car, do yourself a favor and purchase this car vacuum cleaner. With over 166,000 five-star reviews backing it up, this lightweight vacuum comes with three attachments, a carry bag, and a spare HEPA filter, and it weighs just 2.4 pounds. You can even buy a version with a built-in light to make vacuuming easier.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available styles: 2


This Portable Cool-Mist Humidifier That’s Quieter Than A Library

Place this compact cool mist humidifier next to your bed, on your office desk, or even in your car to reap the benefits. The ultrasonic humidifier can hold 250 milliliters on a single fill and can last up to eight hours — and it’s also available in bigger models. It’s also quiet, running at just 38 decibels — which is quieter than a library.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 3


This Knee Pillow That Helps Side Sleepers Have A More Peaceful Night

To relieve some pressure from your back, hips, and knees while you sleep, give this knee pillow a try. The knee wedge is crafted from premium 100% Visco-elastic memory foam and is designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. It has a contour that helps align your hips, making it an especially good choice for side sleepers. It also has a washable, removable cover with a zipper closure, making it a breeze to clean.


This Space-Saving Hanger Set That’s Also Great For Assembling Outfits In Advance

Free up space in your closet when you use this set of four hanger holders. Each holder is equipped with five vertical hooks for hanging pants, shirts, scarves, sweaters, jackets, belts, and more. You can hang items directly on the hooks or use hangers, letting you customize your space as you see fit. These are also a great way to prep your outfits for the week.


This Laundry Detergent Holder That Stays Tilted

Use this laundry detergent dispenser to keep your detergent jug in a position that’s always ready to dispense soap. It’s designed with a drip catcher to prevent soap from getting all over your washing machine so you don’t have to clean the washing machine in addition to your actual laundry. You can even choose the best color to match your laundry room interior.


These Straps To Keep Bed Sheets In Place Once & For All

Since bed sheets are always on the move, this set of four sheet holders can keep them in place. To use, attach one elastic strap to each corner of your sheet. They work for all sheet sizes — from twin to California king. They’re also great for securing sheets on sofas and even ironing boards.


This Meat Thermometer That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

In just two to three seconds, this meat thermometer will read the temperature of your food so you can make sure it will cook thoroughly. The durable, waterproof thermometer has a large LCD screen and a 240-degree rotating probe that can be used at various angles. Meat aside, it’s also great for liquids like soups and gravies. As a bonus, the device features a convenient bottle opener.


This 3-Pack Of Reusable, Sturdy Grocery Bags

All three of these reusable grocery bags feature stiff walls that won’t bend or collapse while they’re holding groceries, as well as a reinforced bottom. They do, however, fold when they aren’t in use for easy storage. The bags have a divider down the middle and are also great for toy storage, laundry, picnics, and more.


This Best-Selling Pet Hair & Lint Remover Roller That Works Without Adhesive Tape

Use this adhesive-free pet hair remover roller to rid your furniture, clothes, and floors of your dog or cat’s hair. It’s very easy to use — simply roll the gadget back and forth along any surface to trap fur in the receptacle. When you’re done, press the release button to empty it. Other than white, you can also buy the roller in a cute dog design.


These Adjustable Bamboo Dividers To Organize Your Drawers

Perfect for dresser drawers, kitchen drawers, and desk drawers, this four-pack of bamboo drawer dividers is effective at keeping items separate — no matter the items. The dividers can expand from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, so before you purchase these, make sure that the size works in your drawers. If you’re looking for more than four dividers, the company also sells a pack of eight.


This 6-Pack Of Biodegradable Swedish Dish Cloths That’ll Save You So Much Money In The Long Run

When it comes to dishcloths, it’s hard to beat the absorbency and fun designs of these lemon print Swedish dishcloths. Each durable cloth can last up to 12 months and fully take the place of paper towels if you want it to, saving you a ton of money while also preventing waste. It’s available in four fun design sets.


This Jar Opener That One Reviewer Called The “Best Invention Since Flush Toilets”

Mount this jar opener under a cabinet to always have it handy when you need assistance opening a jar. The V-shape design grips any lid with sharp carbon steel teeth, so the device does the work instead of your hands. “Best invention since flush toilets,” said one reviewer. “This is one of those things that works as advertised, is extremely simple to install (I never used the enclosed screws, just the adhesive tape), and has improved my quality of life.”


These Rug Grippers To Help Fix Wayward Corners

When you stick these rug corner grippers underneath your rug, you’ll finally be able to keep the corners from curling. Each of the four self-adhesive rug grippers instantly flattens the corners to help prevent the rug from slipping and people from tripping. Even better, the gripper sticky gel used doesn’t leave any residue behind, making each piece easy to reposition.


This Mounted Tool Organizer That You Can Use Indoors Or Outdoors

Mount this broom holder and tool organizer on the wall in your garage, laundry room, tool shed, or wherever is most convenient to grab the tool you need. It features five slots for brooms, mops, athletic equipment, or anything with a long handle, as well as six hooks for smaller items.


This Microwavable Heating Pad That Stays Hot For Up To 20 Minutes

Get cozy with this microwavable heating pad for your neck and shoulders. After a quick cycle in the microwave, the heating pad stays warm for up to 20 minutes to help with neck pain and soreness, or just to aid in relaxation. The heat releases a light scent of lavender aromatherapy that makes the experience even more soothing.


This Novelty Wine Opener & Corkscrew That’s A Great Conversation-Starter

If you’re going to open wine or beer bottles, you might as well add a little bit of fun and do it when this cute bat corkscrew and bottle opener. Crafted from high-quality silicone and metal, it’s a great way to start a conversation at a gathering. There’s really no reason for the opener to be shaped like a bat, and that’s precisely what makes it extra special. Overall, it’s gained a score of 4.7 out of five stars.


This Expandable Bamboo Bath Tray With Spa-Like Vibes

Give yourself an extra sense of calm during bath time by using this luxury bamboo bathtub tray. The expandable tray fits on most standard tubs and can hold your phone, tablet, candle, bath salts, wine glass, washcloth, or whatever else you want to keep accessible and dry.


This Hanging Purse Organizer That Prevents Scratches

Instead of throwing your purses in a pile somewhere, organize them using this hanging purse organizer. The organizer has eight large transparent pockets so you can see your bags, and it comes with an attached hook at the top so it can easily hang in a closet. “I knew I needed organization so that’s why I bought this and this purse hanger did the job perfectly,” said one reviewer. “Now all my purses are stored away in their own individual slots and I can look at them every day to match them with my outfits.”


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion With 18,000+ 5-Star Reviews

If your tush could use some cushion when you’re sitting on your office chair for hours at a time, give this memory foam seat cushion a try. The seat is firm and supportive and is designed to help improve your posture and help increase blood flow in your back and legs. Available in multiple colors, it has over 18,000 glowing five-star reviews to back it up.


These Chair Leg Floor Protectors Made From Silicone & Felt

These silicone chair leg floor protectors fit over the feet of chairs or tables to prevent scratches on your hard floors. Unlike standard protectors that only use felt, these actually stay in place — and you can thank their soft silicone material for that. The protectors come in several sizes so be sure to buy the ones that’ll properly fit your chairs.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: 5


This Dryer Vent Cleaner That’ll Reach Up To 30 Feet

No need to pay a professional to come out and clean your dryer vent when you can use this 30-foot dryer vent cleaner kit. The kit comes with all the attachments needed to effectively clean your dryer vent, improving dryer efficiency and helping to prevent the risk of fires. Available in for colors, it has over 21,000 five-star reviews.


This Saggy Seat Supporter That’ll Make Your Couch Feel Brand New

If your couch cushions are saggy, there’s a good chance this couch cushion support can help. The cushion support is made of strong wood boards to replace broken or damaged plywood in your couch. This support is built with 15 wooden boards that can support up to 400 pounds, giving your well-loved couch the second life it deserves.


This Wall Outlet Extender With USB & USB-C Ports

This wall outlet extender is a fantastic way to add more plugs to your outlet, and it also provides a nightlight and a shelf for something like an Amazon Echo or a spot to charge your phone. It has a three-sided design, which makes it ideal for plugging in oddly shaped (yet essential) plugs.


These Unique Hand Towels That’ll Ensure Your Hands Are Completely Dry

These fuzzy ball towels are a fun alternative to regular hand towels. The pack of two comes with a string for hanging, and they’re made of absorbent material that dries your hands even faster than cotton towels. Not only are they effective, but they also add to your decor.


This 2-Pack Of Stylish Corner Shower Caddies

As it turns out, shower caddies don’t have just to be functional —they can also be chic, like this shower caddy two-pack. The caddies feature a 360-degree rotating feature (think lazy Susan) so it’s easy to access all your shower essentials. Installation couldn’t be easier, thanks to the strong adhesive on the back.


These Easy-To-Use Ceiling Fan Filters That Help Clean The Air

Stick these coconut carbon air filters to the top of your ceiling fan blades to rid the air of dust and debris when the fan is turned on. The filters couldn’t be easier to install — thanks to their universal fit and adhesive on the back, they’re easy to stick on top of your blades and remove when they’re ready to be replaced. You get three filters per purchase.


This Foldable Sink Cover That Works As A Vanity Mat

The brilliant thing about this foldable sink cover is that it adds vanity space to your bathroom so you can do your makeup and hair without the accessories constantly falling in the sink. And when you aren’t using it, you can fold it and put it away until you’re ready to use it again.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 2


This Touchless Soap Dispenser That Turns Liquid Soap Into Foam

Turn any liquid hand or dish soap into foam soap by using this automatic soap dispenser. The rechargeable device has three dispensing levels — small, which is best suited for kids; medium, which works great for adults; and large for when your hands are extra dirty. The dispenser can be wall-mounted or placed on a countertop.


This Elegant, Fast-Drying Bath Stone Mat

Get ready to be wowed by how fast this bath stone mat dries. Made of natural diatomite, the mat is fully anti-slip on both sides and will absorb the water on your feet in seconds. To clean it, simply place it under running water and gently grind the surface with sandpaper if needed.


This Paper Towel Holder That Also Holds A Spray Bottle To Make Wiping Down Counters Easier

An included spray bottle fits inside this paper towel holder so you have easy access to wipe things down with disinfectant spray or spray a paper towel with water — a convenience you might not have realized you needed. Made of solid metal, the durable holder can easily be mounted to a wall or underneath a cabinet.


This Highly Effective Shower Squeegee That’ll Make Glass Doors Sparkle

If your shower has glass doors, you need this silicone squeegee in your life. The 9-inch squeegee is easy to use and it has a large circumference area to wipe down more surface area. It comes with a hook for the shower, but the squeegee is also great for cleaning cars and windows.


These Towel Hooks That Will Easily Give You More Shower Storage Space

Hang these three hooks in your shower with glass doors to hold towels, washcloths, loofahs, and more. The stainless steel hooks are made with a rubber material to protect the glass from scratching, and installation literally couldn’t be any easier.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 2


This Best-Selling Faucet Extender & Filter

If your faucet doesn’t come with a sprayer (like in your bathroom, for example), you’ll appreciate this faucet aerator. The faucet extender offers a 360-degree swivel that works great for cleaning the sink, washing your face, and more. It also does a good job of filtering out residual chlorine.


This Retractable Hanging Rack That Just Slips Over A Door

Place this retractable hanger over a door and use it when you need space to air dry clothes or as additional space to hang items. They’re a great way to save some space without needing a drill or other tools for installation. It collapses when it’s not in use, and can be operated using just one hand.


This 2-Pack Of Multipurpose Clear Bin Organizers You Can Use In The Kitchen, Bath & More

There are many uses for this two-pack of stackable plastic organizers. Equipped with drawers, the organizers can hold pantry items like tea, or you can use them in your bathroom for toiletry items or makeup accessories. “I bought this for underneath my kitchen sink and it works like a charm,” said one reviewer. “I have my dishwasher pods in the top drawer and my scrub daddy and other sponges in the bottom part. It’s a great-looking organization piece and I love that it’s acrylic.”


This Space-Saving Upright Juicer For Less Than $40

This compact juicer offers all the benefits of a full-size juicer, just a smaller amount of juice and a much smaller countertop footprint. The cold press juicer is great for all kinds of juice, and it comes with a cleaning brush, so no matter the type of juice you make, the cleanup is easy enough. It’s crafted with only three pieces, so it’s also easy to assemble and disassemble when it needs cleaning.


This Candle Warmer That Keeps The Fragrance Going For Twice As Long

This candle warmer lamp allows you to enjoy the fragrance of a candle without actually lighting it. Since there’s no need to light it, the candles typically last twice as long while emitting the same level of fragrance. The lamp works with small, medium, and even some large candles.


This Easy-To-Use Salad Spinner With A Non-Slip Base

Instead of washing all of your salad ingredients separately, throw them in this salad spinner and get it done all at once. Some perks: You can easily add and drain water without removing the lid, it has a non-skid base that keeps the spinner in place, and you can choose from a small or larger size depending on how big of a salad you’re trying to prep.


This Electric Kettle With Over 27,000 5-Star Ratings

In just three minutes, this electric kettle heats up and is ready for tea, oatmeal, or whatever else you need it for. The kettle can hold 1.7 liters of water, it has a spout for mess-free pouring, it features an automatic shut-off, and it can boil water in three to seven minutes, all of which make it a great choice for anyone who loves a hot beverage.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 2


This Tool That Makes It Incredibly Easy To Fasten Stubborn Bracelets

When no one is around to help (or if you don’t want to keep asking for help), this bracelet tool can assist you in fastening your jewelry. It’s also great for fastening watches, pulling up zippers, and connecting other types of hooks — especially for people who have mobility differences in their hands. Since it’s small and easy to travel with, you can throw it right in your purse or toiletry bag so that it’s there when you need it.

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