45 Impressive Home Upgrades That No One Will Know Are Cheap AF

There’s no need to call a contractor.

45 Impressive Home Upgrades That No One Will Know Are Cheap AF


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It might sound impossible, but you can elevate your space without spending a fortune — but you need to know where to look. From bamboo bath mats to carpet-saving stain removers, you don’t have to hire professional help for high-quality results. Just don’t be surprised if you pick up some of these impressive items and suddenly find yourself starring in a celebrity home walkthrough on YouTube.


Protect Your Floors With These Clever Chair Feet

These clever chair feet protect floors from scuffs and scrapes. They’re made of a sturdy silicone material that stretches to fit your furniture, and their wool-felt bottoms protect hardwood, tile, and glass. Because they’re made without sticky adhesives, you can reuse them over and over again without ever leaving a mark.


Create A Designated Space For All Your Batteries

This battery organizer and tester holds up to 93 batteries at once, so you can power your game consoles and TV remotes without frequent trips to the store. Its clear cover helps you find each size at a glance, and its removable tester lets you know which batteries work and which don’t. Because you won’t lose track of full batteries, you’ll save serious money (instead of constantly restocking your collection).


Touch Up Paint With Its Exact Match With These Paint Pens That One Reviewer Called “Life Savers”

Refill these paint pens with the same shade as your walls and furniture for picture-perfect repairs. It only takes a couple of seconds to fill each pen with any latex paint, and once it’s in the pen, it’ll last for up to seven years (yes, really). You’ll also appreciate its precision brush top, which lets you work meticulously and cover hard-to-reach spots. “These are life savers!” said one reviewer. “I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to apply and clean up. Literally took me a minute to do touch-ups and clean.”


Clog-Proof Your Drains With This Drain Protector For Your Sink

This drain protector catches stray hairs and debris before they turn into a massive clog. With its patented design, it fits neatly inside most drains, and you can lift it with just a wave of your hand to clean up effortlessly. That way, you’ll avoid potentially harmful chemicals that can damage the ecosystem, and you won’t have to call the plumber for a pricey removal process.


Add A Whiteboard Wall To Keep Your Plans More Organized

If you’re in charge of a large family, use this whiteboard wall to keep everyone’s schedules in order. Simply cut it down to your desired surface, peel the adhesive backing, and stick it wherever is most convenient. It’s made of high-quality, odor-free vinyl material, and it comes with four dry-erase markers, so you can color code for maximum organization. If you happen to be a teacher, it’s also great for classroom use.


Use Vacuum Storage Bags To Save Precious Closet Space When The Seasons Change

Use these vacuum storage bags to stash seasonal pieces and free up closet space throughout the year. When you buy, you’ll receive two jumbo bags, which you can use to store clothes, linens, towels, and anything else that takes up too much room in your wardrobe. Their double zip seals and triple seal turbo valves extract every ounce of air from these bags, helping you maximize your space without the hassle. Over 25,000 customers on Amazon gave them five stars.


Revamp Your Counters Easily With This Popular Marble Contact Paper

With this marble contact paper, you can give your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom a new decorative lease on life. Stick it onto any smooth surface, and it’ll adhere securely for durable coverage that lasts for years to come. Choose between three chic colors, and you can revamp your space without spending a fortune. “It looks amazingly real! Everyone who sees it has thought that it was real,” said one reviewer.


Update Your Throw Pillow Case Covers With Ones That Make More Of A Statement

These throw pillowcases give your space a pop of personality, so you can swap out your old ones for an inexpensive refresh. They’re made of a high-quality polyester material that’s durable enough to withstand movie nights, pillow fights, and tears at the end of a long day. If they get dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine on cold for an easy clean.


Add Artificial Plants To Give Your Space A Pop Of Color (Without The Commitment)

These faux silk lavender flowers evoke sunny days in the South of France for a summery detail that lasts all year long. They look so real that your guests might be tempted to lean in and take a whiff. Plus, their wooden boxes serve as a good, inexpensive way to give your space more of a rustic vibe. They’re small enough to fit in any space that needs a little love.


Organize Your Junk Drawer With This Gorgeous Bamboo Storage Set

This gorgeous bamboo storage set will make you want to finally organize your junk drawer. With three multifunctional boxes, it’s easy to customize and rearrange, so it’ll fit your space like a glove. You’ll also appreciate its sturdy bamboo material, which is finished with a protective sealant that makes it water-resistant.


Light Up Your Staircase To Add Safety & Make Your Home Look Brighter

Not only will these LED stair lights brighten your home, but they’ll make it safer to walk around when it’s dark. At 35 lumens each, these lights emit a warm white glow, so you can illuminate stairs, hallways, bathrooms, and anywhere else you might need more visibility at night. You can install them with screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape (both of which are included), and when you’ve been gone for 30 seconds, they’ll turn off on their own. Now, if only the rest of your lights could do the same…


Stick On Rug Pads To Prevent Slipping & Curling

Keep carpets from slipping and sliding with these rug gripper pads. With their strong, residue-free adhesive, they’ll stick to your rugs and floors to hold them steady while you walk, run, or dance in the living room. They’re reusable and washable, so you can switch up your interior design without having to restock. You can get them in packs of eight up to packs of 24 depending on the number of rugs you need to secure.


Raise Your Bedroom Furniture To Instantly Create More Storage Space

These bed and furniture risers are a lifesaver for apartment and dorm dwellers since they’ll instantly add storage space to your room. Each leg provides a two-inch boost, and you can stack them until you’ve achieved the height you want. You’ll also appreciate their padded bottoms, which won’t dent or crack hardwood floors (so you’ll quickly become your RA’s favorite resident).


Replace Your Front Door Mat With An Elegant One That’s Easily Washable

If your front door mat is dirty past the point of no return, pick up this replacement, which is incredibly easy to clean. It’s made of thick and durable synthetic fibers that give it a high-quality look and feel, and its nonslip backing holds it securely in place. When you take it out of the box, you’ll fall in love with its bright color palette and vintage-inspired design.


Give Your Shower A Spa-Level Upgrade With This Bamboo Bath Mat

When you step out of the shower onto this bamboo bath mat, you’ll feel like you’re at the spa. Since it’s finished with three protective coats, the organic bamboo material is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. You’ll also appreciate its nine gaskets, which hold it in place for additional stability, no matter how slippery the floor may be. “This is the best mat I have ever purchased,” said one reviewer.


Create Your Own Coffee Nook With This Space-Saving K-Cup Organizer

With this space-saving K-cup organizer, you can create the coffee nook of your dreams. It rotates 360 degrees for easy access, and its five tiers hold up to 35 pods at once, so you can stock up for the month ahead. Its durable metal material and powder black finish make it a staple that holds up over time in your kitchen.


Replace Your Hodgepodge Collection Of Wine Glasses With A Matching Set

These classic wine glasses give your dinner parties a timeless elegance that’s sure to impress your guests. Each glass holds up to 15 fluid ounces, and its stout bulb shape lets your wine breathe for an unparalleled drinking experience. You’ll also appreciate their wide base, which reduces the likelihood of spillage to protect your favorite vintage tablecloth.


Add An Easy-To-Install Bidet To Make Your Bathroom Experience So Much Better

Elevate your bathroom experience with this easy-to-install bidet. Its non-electric design features a universal fit that will work with almost any toilet, and it’s incredibly easy to install without the help of a plumber. You’ll save money on toilet paper every month, and your restroom will feel more luxurious than ever before.


Make Bathroom Tiles Look Brand New With A Grout Pen

This grout pen is a cheap and quick fix to make your tiles look brand new without having to scrub the floors or shower. The fast-drying formula is odor-free and made with non-toxic eco-friendly ingredients that will make your floors look freshly white. One pen can cover up to 150 feet.


Give Your Refrigerator A Makeover With Organizer Bins

Available in a set of eight, these storage bins are a no-brainer for a quick and easy way to organize your refrigerator. The acrylic design makes it easy to keep an inventory of what you have and what needs to be restocked, and they’re also stackable, which saves extra room. Each bin also includes convenient handles on each side that make them a breeze to move.


Add A Brand New Doorbell With Over 50 Different Rings To Choose From

With a 4.6-star rating, over 17,000 Amazon shoppers love this wireless doorbell that is so easy to install. It features over 50 different ring options, including holiday tunes, and has four volume settings, including silent mode. Reviewers love that you won’t have to change the battery for three years.


Improve Privacy To Window-Filled Rooms By Installing This Pretty Film

Not only are these rainbow window decals incredibly budget-friendly, but they are also a stylish way to increase privacy without blocking the natural sunlight. Over 55,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a five-star rating. The film, which offers UV protection, comes in 11 different sizes that work for most window frames. These work with static cling and don’t have a sticky adhesive, making them reusable.


Make Mismatched Food Containers A Thing Of The Past With This Time-Saving Organizer

Everyone can relate to the chaos of mismatched lids taking up kitchen space, but luckily this lid organizer is here to change the game. It features five adjustable dividers to make room for an assortment of lids. The design also comes in a range of sizes ranging from small to large and is available in a tall version. Need another reason to scoop it up? The setup process is super easy and doesn’t involve any tools.


Add Color To Your Kitchen With This Set Of Nonstick Cookware

This six-piece cookware set is everything you need to set your kitchen up for success. It includes everything from frying pans, saucepans, a sauté pan, and a 9.5-inch stockpot. Each piece is crafted from high-quality aluminum that is not only scratch-resistant, but also has a nonstick coating. The glass lids are especially important as a key element for monitoring your cooking process.


Redo Your Flooring With Peel-And-Stick Tiles

If you’re tired of staring at the same boring floors, these peel-and-stick floor tiles are a quick and easy fix. They’re available in two colors and three different sizes. Each tile has an easy adhesive backing that is water-resistant, making them easy to clean. You get 10 tiles per package, with each measuring 12 by 12 inches.


Replace Your Standard Bulbs With Mood-Setting Smart Light Bulbs

You will not regret making the switch to these smart light bulbs that have thousands of five-star reviews. After you set them up with the Govee Home app, you’ll be able to control the lights in your home so easily. From adjusting the brightness or turning off the lights even when you’re not at home, you can’t beat the convenience. You can also pair the bulbs with Alexa Voice control to coordinate your lights with your favorite tunes.


Fix Up Drywall With This Handy Wall-Patching Kit

This repair kit includes everything you need to repair holes, fix wall stains, and combat paint peeling. This handy kit includes wall plaster, a spackle, and a sanding pad, all of which make it easy to give your space a refresh. The paint is formulated with waterproof and mildew-proof ingredients, and reviewers love that it dries incredibly fast.


Swap Out Tired Interior Doorknobs With Something Extra Sleek

This top-selling door knob has a smooth design that will make your house look so expensive, even on a budget. It comes in three colors — black, chrome, and satin nickel. It includes everything you need to install the knob such as screws, an adjustable latch, hardware, and more.

As one five-star reviewer wrote, “I got like eight of these for my house and I’ve been really happy with them. I was worried they’d start looking greasy and grimy, but they seem to repel oils fairly well. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on how sleek they look. I love the matte finish.”


Secure Unruly Cords & Wires With These Popular Storage Straps

Avoid the mess of tangled cords with these durable storage straps that make it easy to manage cables. Each set comes with a pack of nine, and each one features a durable velcro closure that can hold up to 50 pounds. The design also has a strong metal hole, so you can easily hang the wrapped cords on a hook in the garage or basement.


Grab This Organizer To Put Away Important Files & Paperwork

Organize your home office and keep all your important paperwork tidy with this file organizer box. It measures 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 12 inches high, making it the perfect size to store bills, passports, letters, and medical bills. It’s crafted from a water-resistant material that has sturdy metal handles so you can easily transport it. Customers are so impressed that they gave it an overall score of 4.6 out of five on Amazon.


Add A Brand-New Backsplash With These Peel-And-Stick Tiles

With these peel-and-stick tiles, you can easily create a brand-new backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. When you buy, you’ll receive 10 sheets of high-quality self-adhesive tiles, which stick to a wide variety of surfaces. Because you won’t need any additional tools for installation, they’re a great choice for home improvement amateurs and experts alike. These are available in four different designs, all of which will give your space a gorgeous upgrade.


Give Your Garage Door An Easy Makeover With These Door Accents

If you want to easily improve the look of your garage, these magnetic door accents are a great idea. Arriving in a pack of six, each magnet attaches easily to steel garage doors to enhance their appearance. They are weather-resistant, which means they are long-lasting, and won’t diminish in harsh weather conditions.

One five-star reviewer raved, “I bought these over three years ago and they are still holding strong. I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased them, but they look like the real thing. They hold strong. In fact, three of my neighbors bought [some] for their own doors after inspecting mine.”


Keep Streaks Off Your Mirrors With This Handy Cloth

Created from a microfiber material, this cleaning cloth will instantly polish mirrors and glass without leaving streaks. What makes it so unique is that it only requires water, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in detergents. It’s totally machine washable and can be used over 1,000 times, which can severely cut down your use of disposable paper towels.


Remove Lingering Refrigerator Smells With This Deodorizer That Lasts A Decade

Ditch the baking soda for this refrigerator deodorizer that lasts up to 10 years. Not only does it reduce odor, but it extends the life of your produce, making your fruits and veggies stay fresher for longer. It has a sleek design that also makes for a great housewarming gift, and is compact enough to also be used in cars, closets, and even gym bags.


Tackle Hard-To-Reach Dust With This Convenient Blind Duster

This blind duster features four microfiber sleeves, so you’ll save time while cleaning your blinds. The plush fibers latch onto dirt and dust to reduce build-up, and the flexibility of the duster makes it easy to fit into all kinds of nooks and crannies. This is also great for air condition vents in your car or at home. “This tool made tedious work bearable and saved me from having to hire someone,” said one reviewer.


Give Your Sofa New Life With This Support Board

This couch cushion support board is the best way to give your sofa extra firm support and prevent your pillows from sinking in. Simply remove your sofa cushion, then put the sofa support underneath, and put the cushion back on. It’s as easy as that. It’s also available in sizes that are suited for a loveseat or armchair.


Renovate Your Laundry Room With This Detergent Stand That’ll Help You Waste Less

Struggling to lift your large and heavy laundry detergent bottle is no easy feat, but thankfully this unique detergent holder makes it so easy. The slanted design keeps the spout tilted at an angle, so you can easily dispense just the perfect amount. It also features a built-in drip tray to keep your counters mess-free. By making sure you get every last drop out of your detergent bottle, you might also save a little money.


Renew Everything From Sweaters To Couches With This Fabric Shaver

Give your pilled sweaters and pillowcases new life with this genius fabric shaver that will make your favorite knits look brand new. It has an adjustable shaving grate that is suitable for variety of fabrics, such as wool coats, plush toys, and cloth furniture. It only needs two AA batteries to power, and also has a safety lock mechanism when the blade is exposed.


Control Lighting With The Sound Of Your Voice With This Smart Switch

Replace outdated light switches with this Kasa Smart Light Switch that has so many cool features. Not only are they compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control, but you can control the power and set a timer from anywhere. With over 29,000 five-star reviews, many reviewers mentioned how they love the Away Mode feature that helps scare off potential intruders.


Reduce Visual Clutter With This Popular Outlet Cover That Has Over 47,000 5-Star Reviews

You’ll be sure to find the ultra-thin outlet that is best suited for you since they come in over 10 different versions. From TV-mounting styles to a child and pet-proof option, this outlet and cord sealer features a power strip that fits perfectly behind heavy furniture. The sleek shape is designed to completely conceal the entire outlet and eliminate ugly bulk and will prove that small changes do make a big difference in the room.


Change Up Your Patio Deck With These Interlocking Tiles

Instead of fully renovating your patio, consider using these deck tiles, which are a surefire way to get a new look while saving some money. They’re lightweight yet durable and super easy to install. Crafted from high-quality plastic, the design is weatherproof and features subtle holes that allow water to drain while also helping with airflow.


Save Counter & Pantry Space By Mounting Your Coffee Mug Collection

Instead of letting your mugs pile up in the pantry, try this mug rack that mounts to the wall and can store up to six cups. The durable metal design is incredibly strong and has a black powder coating that won’t damage your walls. This rack is also versatile, and you can use it to help better organize your jewelry or handbag collection.


Make Your Pathways Glow With These Easy-To-Install Solar-Powered Lights

Enhance and brighten up your garden with this six-pack of solar pathway lights that are water-resistant, weatherproof, and built to last. The durable design features bright LED lights that require no electrician for easy installation. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and stay powered for over eight hours depending on sun-down.


Freshen Up Furniture, Cabinets & More With This All-In-One Paint

Available in a vast range of colors including pastel hues and tonal neutrals, this Country Chic paint will instantly elevate your home. It’s formulated with a built-in primer and top coat that can be used indoors or outdoors on everything from wood, glass, metal, and so much more. It only takes 30 minutes for the paint to dry, so you won’t have to wait long before you can unveil your in-home upgrade.


Elevate Your Magazine Storage In An Upscale Way With This Rack

Instead of leaving magazines and your favorite texts out in a pile, store them in this gorgeous gold magazine holder that’ll double as a conversation piece. Crafted from high-quality iron wire, it’s the perfect accent to keep in your living room or bedroom. With nine slots, it’s the best way to showcase your favorite reads of the month while simultaneously eliminating some of the clutter.

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