The holiday season might be filled with magic and wonder, but let’s be honest — it’s also a non-stop frenzy. Between after school activities, holiday performances, gift shopping, and the countless hours you put into magic-making, it can feel just a little overwhelming. “Family time” often looks like throwing a dinner of snacks at your kids in the car while they tell you about the kid in class who asked for a peacock for Christmas.

Thankfully, you have your kid’s Fire HD 10 Kids tablet at the ready when you roll into their big sister’s (open wif-fi) dance studio. The coolest aspect of Fire Kids tablets is that they give your kids access to Amazon Kids+. If you aren’t familiar, Amazon Kids+ is the only content service designed just for kids with thousands of ad-free games, videos, books, podcasts, music, apps, and exclusive Alexa skills. So, while one child is learning to plié, the other is learning about the Pleistocene Epoch. Multitasking for the win!

The best part is, you get an Amazon Kids+ subscription free for a year after purchasing a new Fire Kids tablet. You can also simply add a subscription to a device you already own for only $4.99 per month with your Prime Membership, or, if you don’t have a Prime membership, for just $7.99 per month.

For you as a parent, the most wonderful time of the year may feel like a never-ending to-do list, but even amidst the hustle and bustle, you still very much want to stay connected to your family. It may surprise you to learn that Fire HD 10 Kids and Amazon Kids+ can make that happen. Here are four ways you can use this kid-friendly service to feel more connected during the holidays:

1. By Being An All-Knowing Sage

Your kids will love diving into Quests, a new gamified way for kids to dive deeper into a passion topic, available on Amazon Kids+ on all Fire Kids tablets. With Quests, your kids can explore topics from space to ocean life via books, videos, and apps, earning rewards and badges along the way. When your family gathers together for the holidays, your kids will be excited to share what they learned, allowing for unforgettable conversations.

If you have Echo devices in the house as well, another fun way for kids to learn is with Explore with Alexa. This Amazon Kids+ exclusive helps kids learn about animals using an interactive, conversational experience on their Echo Pop Kids or other Echo device. The responses are chatty and engaging, asking followup questions to encourage kids to explore more. And don’t worry — using integrated generative AI, Alexa will ensure the conversation is always kid-friendly.

Peacock, you say? Let’s ask Alexa if they make good house pets. She, not you, can be the casually cruel one in her honesty.

2. By Connecting Loved Ones Across Distances Large & Small

Amazon Kids+ Play Together games allow kids to invite the grownups in their lives, either across the room or across the country, to play games like chess, checkers, Slingshot Smashers, Math Claw Machine, and more. Your kiddo’s grandparents will forget they live hours away while they play a round of Sketch-N-Guess.

Your kid can also become the next songwriting dynamo with Music Maker, an AI-driven experience that allows you, er, your kids to select instruments and sounds to create a unique chord and melody. Co-write a masterpiece together — your kid will be so excited to share their musical creations with the family, and you may just ignite a spark for a lifetime of music making.

3. By Making Your Routines Easy(er)

If you’re like me, you’ve tried reward charts, lists, and perhaps nagging to get your kids to get through their morning and bedtime routines. Amazon Kids+ on Echo Pop Kids and Echo speakers includes pre-built routines that feature character alarms, daily affirmations, weather updates, and stories that are all available with one tap. You can also use the communication features on their Fire Kids tablet to stay connected no matter where you are in the house, from sending announcements to other Alexa-enabled devices or even making voice and video calls.

School mornings and bedtime routines are suddenly easier and more fun, and when your kids get ready for school or bed quicker (and with less help from you), you have more time and energy to connect with them over breakfast or with an extra bedtime story.

4. By Giving Everyone Time To Unwind

Staying connected to your family sometimes means taking time to recharge. Everyone is better off when they can find or schedule a little quiet time just for themselves — your kids included! Amazon Kids+ makes screen time and downtime safe, entertaining, and educational. With world-class parental controls that allow you to configure age-appropriate settings, set screen time limits, monitor some of your child’s activities, and find age-appropriate and ad-free content, you can take a little time for yourself (or get some presents wrapped!) and trust that your kid is exploring and learning in a safe, kid-centered way.

Play, unwind, and rest assured that Amazon Kids+ will have your family covered this holiday season, with entertainment, education, and connection.

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