Pregnancy photos are one of those things you’ll be thankful you did both after your baby’s arrival and for many years down the road. If you’re looking to make a splash with your upcoming maternity photoshoot, why not take things to the beach (see what I did there)? Before booking your beach maternity session, check out these 32 maternity beach maternity photoshoot ideas for a little inspiration.

pregnant woman in the surf with a white dress
via Cristina Powell Photography

Find The Look You Love

Professional hair and makeup? Ponytail and fresh face? Choosing the perfect look for your maternity shoot really depends on what makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful. While a flowy gown and floral crown make for a fantastic photo, if you feel more you in neutral outfits or casual maxi dresses, go with those instead. Some photographers offer a client closet as part of their session packages, so be sure to ask if you’re having a hard time finding an outfit you love.

pregnant woman with a straw hat and white bathing suit sitting in an infinity pool by the ocean
via @missenocha

Channel Your Inner Swimsuit Model

It’s not a beach maternity photo shoot without at least one bathing suit pic, so throw on that bikini, tankini, one-piece – whatever you’ve got – and get ready to strut your stuff.

maternity shoot of a woman in the surf with a white dress
via Capture Aloha Photography

Accessorize With A Coverup

A coverup is a great way to take your swimwear up a notch and can also help add a bit of variety to your swimsuit photos. When they’re as pretty as this one, who needs a maternity dress?

sunset photo of pregnant mom in flowy dress
via Alyssa McAlinden Photography on Pinterest

Hunt For The Light

There really is nothing better than a beautiful portrait captured during the golden hour, which is the best time of day to shoot according to many photographers. Head to your location in the last hour before sunset or the first hour after sunrise to get a coveted magic hour shot.

woman holding her baby bump sitting on the beach
via Nicole de Anda Photography

Show Off Your Belly

When people say that pregnancy looks good on you, they’re not kidding. A beach photoshoot is the perfect excuse to show off your gorgeous pregnant belly.

pregnant woman wearing a flower crown next to the ocean
via Desiree Leilani Photography

A Maternity Shoot Staple

The only thing more perfect than a beautiful beach backdrop is the quintessential maternity shoot “cradle” pose. It’s a classic for a reason!

baby bump covered in sand with a heart traced on her belly
via Baby Hawaii Photography

Get Down and Dirty

Sand is a natural exfoliant, right? You may need to get a little creative in getting the sand to stick to your belly, but it’s a photo that’ll stand out in any baby book, for sure.

pregnant woman in the ocean surf
via Heather Kelly Photography

Make a Splash

Take your maternity photography session to the water for a little change of scenery and maybe even an outfit swap. Just watch out for big waves!

pregnant woman floating on her back in a mountain side lake
via Meagan Paige Photography

Go for a swim

You’re probably sweating anyway, might as well go for a swim! Keep your clothes on for a photo that’ll definitely get people talking (but save this part of the photoshoot till the end!)

under water photo of pregnant woman in a bikini
via Sarah Lynn Photography

Underwater Baby Bump

If you’re taking a dip anyway, grab a waterproof camera to snap a mermaid’s-eye view of your bump. This is such a fun and unique idea for a maternity photo; I wish I had a time machine so I could get one for myself.

woman on beach holding a sign reading 31 weeks 9 weeks to go baby is the size of a coconut
via @kayleeebabyxo on Pinterest

Capture the Moment

I love the idea of swapping out traditional “Baby is the size of this or that fruit” comparisons with some beach-themed critters and plants. It also gives you a great reason to visit the beach on a weekly basis!

couple on beach with a pink gender reveal flare
via Bailey Makaimoku Photography

Share Some News

Got a fun announcement to make? Let the beach be your backdrop!

pregnant woman in a long pink dress next to a waterfall
via Broad River Photography

A Photo You’ll Fall For

Don’t go chasing waterfalls – except in the case of your maternity photoshoot, where I definitely, definitely recommend finding one for a majestic picture like this.

woman holding her baby bump next to the ocean in a lace dress
Laurenda Marie Photography

Gettin’ Lacy

There are tons of beautiful patterns and styles of lace out there – find a gorgeous coverup, dress or top for an easy way to dial up the wow factor of your photoshoot.

pregnant woman in a straw at in a long skirt on the beach at sunset

Beachwear with a Twist

There’s something fun and unexpected about seeing a big floofy skirt worn on the beach. Add in a pregnant belly, and we’ve got what I call perfection.

woman kneeling on the beach in a black binkini holding her baby bump

Perfect Your Pose

Study those SI Swimsuit models for inspo on the perfect pose, or just do your thang. Your photographer is a pro at finding the best angles for a stunning photo, so let them do the rest.

sihouette of pregnat woman with a tropical ocean in the background
via Jean Wang // Extra Petite

Snap a Silhouette

Silhouette pictures are such a visually interesting way to photograph the beauty of pregnancy, and the ocean in the background makes the photo even more breathtaking.

man and his pregnant wife sitting on the beach
Via Kristen Booth Photography

Get Flirty

A little laughter and a kiss or two goes a long way in capturing a sweet moment and the perfect couple’s photo.

expectant couple with toddler about to kiss on the beach

Bring the Whole Family

Maternity photos are the perfect excuse to book a family session to capture the days before your crew welcomed a new member (or more than one!) It’s always special and sentimental to look at how your family has grown over the years, so be sure to book family photos after your pregnancy, too.

expectant couple with dog on the beach in front of bridge
via Kristine Herman Photography

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

There’s a good chance your pup would never forgive you if they found out you didn’t bring them along for a day at the beach, and they do make a pretty sweet addition to a classic maternity photo, so this one is pretty much a must.

pregnant woman in at lying on the beach holding up a peace sign
via Nicole de Anda Photography

Make it a Beach Day

Candid photos often make some of the best, so bring a towel, a great book and your favorite beach attire and let your photographer get snappin’ while you try a few different poses to kick back and relax.

pregnant woman on the beach at sunset

Sunrise or Sunset Glow

There’s no need for any filters when your maternity beach photoshoot takes place during the most magical time of day.

woman with flow crown standing in lake holding her baby bump

Just Add Flowers

They look good, they smell good, why not? Crowns made of flowers and foliage represent love, fertility, and celebration throughout history and around the world. They really are the perfect fit for a stunning maternity portrait.

expectant surfing couple kissing on the beach
via New Wave Photography

Surf’s Up

In case your baby ever grows up to be a kid who needs a reminder of how cool their parents were (and still are), a photo like this can serve as everlasting proof.

pregnant woman in rubber boots next to man with fly fishing rod beside lake

A “Reely” Great Alternative

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live close to the beach, lakeside photos of your favorite hobby are a great alternative.

pregnant woman having a picnic on the beach
via Jillian Eversole {Rhyme & Reason} @jillian_eversole

Pack a Picnic

Because you’ll probably need a snack (or two) anyway, picnic photos can add a fun and candid feel to your photoshoot.

couple expecting a baby walking hand in hand on the beach
via @BirthByKate on Pinterest

Take A Stroll In The Surf

If going for long walks on the beach was what led to this whole pregnancy thing in the first place, you might as well give it the tribute it deserves with a photo *wink*.

close up image of woman holding her baby bump in water
Veronique St Germain

Give Your Belly All The Glory

A close up of your belly anywhere is beautiful; in the water, it’s *chef’s kiss*.

pregnant woman in a light blue dress walking in the surf
via Love by Emelie

Go With the Flow(y) Fabric

There aren’t a ton of times in life when you get to really get gussied up, so if getting a little fancy is your thing, a flowy gown can make for some really eye-catching maternity photos.

couple's feet next to the name Lilly written in the sand

Write a Message in the Sand

Share a sweet message or your baby’s name as part of your shoot. This could make a super cute birth announcement or front page in a photo album.

three starfish standing in the sand with an expectant couple kissing in the background
via Bumblebee Photography

Play with the Theme

Get a little artsy with your maternity photos by collecting some special items from the beach to feature in a creative way. If you’re able to bring a few souvenirs with you after the shoot, they’ll look pretty spectacular alongside your favorite framed pictures from the day.

Your Favorite Maternity Shoot Ideas?

If you’ve been looking for a fresh and fun twist on traditional pregnancy photography, I think you’ll agree that a beach setting makes a pretty fantastic backdrop for your pictures. Whether you want to be one with the water or would rather keep your toes in the sand, there are a ton of poses, outfits and props that can make your beach maternity pictures truly unique to you and your family. Oh – and if the cost of hiring a photographer is a factor that’s got you on the photoshoot fence, grab a tripod or hand your partner a camera phone – you’ll be glad you took time to capture the moment after it’s gone.

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