This past school year, 3 of my little ones needed packed lunches for their school days! When I heard about the convenience of bento-style lunch boxes from my friends I knew I had to start packing lunches this way, too. Quickly enough, I found the popular Lunch Box and fell in love with how functional it is (along with being cute)!

I know the importance of having organized lunches and snacks for outings and school days and I couldn’t give higher praise to for creating products that make packing a balanced lunch easy.

3 Reasons I Love the Lunchbox lunch box

Innovative & Super Cool Design

The lunch box is known for its innovative design and functionality for young kids and toddlers. First things first, it comes in two sizes; the mini lunchbox and the lunchbox. They are nearly identical aside from being about to hold different amounts of food. The mini has 3 compartments and the full lunchbox 5 (4 if you remove the divider to create a long compartment on one side).

The mini is perfect for the smaller backpacks preschoolers typically have. I love the compact design and the vibrant colors to choose from for your child. In my household, everyone was VERY happy they got their favorite color! Keep in mind, the colors do switch out seasonally so be sure to buy a whole set off the bat if you like your things to match. lunch box

Now for what really makes the lunch box stand apart in my eyes; on one side of the lunchbox there are leakproof compartments. This means you can pack things like yogurt or hummus directly in the lunchbox without worrying about any leakage!

One of these silicone compartments is even stretchy enough that you can fit a whole piece of fruit. I love the convenience of not having to slice the fruit to be able to fit it and how it encourages me to pack more yummy fruit for my little ones.

If you are curious about the materials used, the lunch box is made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic, ensuring that it is safe for food storage. Remember, it is not meant to be put in the dishwasher but is fairly easy to handwash.

Built to Encourage Independence

Of course, part of the innovative design also entails making sure the lunchboxes can be easily used by little ones. Allowing a child to use their own lunch box promotes independence and self-reliance. It gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility over their meals. 

The lunch box was designed with a large easy grip clip making it possible for children to open and close it without assistance.

On top of being able to use the lunchbox independently, learning to pack and unpack their own lunchbox fosters confidence and builds essential life skills. When children have control over their lunchboxes, they are more likely to eat the food packed inside. By involving them in the process of selecting and packing their meals, they can develop a sense of ownership and become more engaged in making healthy choices. This can lead to better eating habits and a greater willingness to try new foods.

Using a lunch box independently also teaches children organizational skills. They learn to plan and pack their meals efficiently, ensuring they have everything they need for the day. 

Useful Accessories

There additional accessories such as utensils, a removable divider, and a handy sandwich tray that can be purchased to customize your lunchbox. These accessories provide added convenience and organization options when packing your kid’s meals.

The mini travel fork and spoon are so cute and made specifically for your little one to spear their fruits or sushi and scoop yogurt or hummus.

They also make silicone lunch pouches which are the perfect size for a sandwich and a few different types of ice packs. As for drinks, there are water bottles in coordinating colors to the lunchboxes.

The lunch box is practical, leak-proof, and cute. They are the perfect starter lunchbox for your little one as you enter new territory whether that be preschool or kindergarten. All you need now is to scroll through bento box lunch ideas for kids on TikTok and you’ll be set!

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