You’ve probably heard more advice and suggestions about nursing bras, nursing tank top, nursing covers than you’d ever need. However, there’s one thing I struggled to find while I was a nursing mama; the best nursing swimsuit!

Sunny beach and pool days shouldn’t be more difficult for nursing mamas than they need to be. I’ve gathered 3 amazing nursing swimsuits that offer a practical and stylish solution for breastfeeding mothers. They are designed with adjustable straps, discreet nursing openings, and ample support. We all deserve to embrace our postpartum bodies with confidence and enjoy quality time with our little ones under the sun!

3 Best Nursing Swimsuits

nursing swimsuit

Nursing & Maternity One Piece Tie Swimsuit from Kindred Bravely

kindred bravely nursing swimsuit

Kindred Bravely was kind enough to send out this swimsuit for me to try and my original thought was, “There’s no way I’d pay $90 for a nursing swimsuit” but boy was I proved wrong!

Not only is the Nursing & Maternity One Piece Tie Swimsuit from Kindred Bravely stylish, but this stunning swimsuit has superb nursing and maternity functionality.

It has flattering one-piece silhouette,designed to embrace your changing body throughout pregnancy and beyond. I was truly amazed at how snatched it made me feel! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved my body in a swimsuit more so I plan on wearing it long after I am done nursing. Not to mention, I absolutely love the vibrant Blue Poppy color adds a pop of energy to your summer wardrobe.

I appreciate that the adjustable tie detail at the front allows you to customize the fit to your liking, providing comfort and support in all the right places. You can tie it right in the front or off to the side, which would be adorable with a bump as well.

True to its nursing-friendly promise, this swimsuit boasts discreet nursing openings. These openings allow for quick and easy breastfeeding access, ensuring you can nourish your little one with ease. With the Nursing & Maternity One Piece Tie Swimsuit from Kindred Bravely, you can enjoy your beach day while effortlessly transitioning between nursing and enjoying the water. Stay on-trend, comfortable, and effortlessly chic with this swimwear staple. It’s well worth the investment!

Nursing & Maternity One-Piece Wrap Swimsuit from Kindred Bravely

kindred bravely nursing swimsuit

Along with the swimsuit above, Kindred Bravely sent me their One-Piece Wrap Swimsuit which has a stunning silhouette that would flatter any body through pregnancy and postpartum.

The wrap design of this swimsuit adds a touch of elegance and allows you to adjust the fit to your changing body shape. The adjustable straps ensure optimal support, while the soft, stretchy fabric provides the ultimate comfort for all-day wear. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or playing in the waves, this swimsuit will make you feel like a confident and empowered mama.

True to its nursing-friendly design, this one-piece wrap swimsuit features discreet nursing openings. These openings are strategically placed to offer easy breastfeeding access while maintaining your privacy.

CUPSHE One Piece Mock Neck Zipper Bathing Suit

nursing swimsuit

This CUPSHE Swimsuit isn’t your typical one-piece of bikini, but this zipper style is very on trend right now and conveniently it is great for nursing! It is perfect for the mama who wants a swimsuit that offers style, convenience, and sun protection.

The zipper detail is a huge advantage for nursing moms. The front zipper provides easy access for breastfeeding, allowing moms to nurse their little ones conveniently and discreetly. With a quick unzip, you can have immediate access for nursing, making it a practical choice for on-the-go moms who want to maintain privacy while enjoying their time in the water.

One of the standout features of this nursing swimsuit is the short sleeves, which offer added coverage to the shoulders and chest area. This means that nursing moms don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen to these areas, providing peace of mind and protection from harmful UV rays. The sleeves also add a stylish touch to the overall design, making it a trendy choice for beach or poolside wear.

Nursing swimsuits are a must-have for breastfeeding moms who want to embrace their postpartum bodies and enjoy the sun and water with their little ones. The 3 options above will have you strutting your stuff with confidence (even if you have traded in drinks by the pool for floaties). Don’t let anything hold you back from making beautiful memories by the water—get yourself a nursing swimsuit and dive into the joy of motherhood!

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