Last month, we had a blast as we had several six-year-olds come and try out some new and classic toys for the upcoming holiday season. This age is full of imaginative play, dress-up, and other games, so picking toys that inspire creativity is the way to go.

Of course, these toys are great for boys and girls but we’ve narrowed this list down to our top picks for girls to make shopping easier for you. Here are the best toys for 6 year old girls from dress-up shoes and mermaid tails to scented markers and color-changing umbrellas.

This comprehensive list is sure to feature something that a six-year-old girl in your life will love!

The Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girls – 2022 Gift Guide

Top Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls Rookie Mom’s Picks Why They Will Love It
Best Overall Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron This is one of the hottest toys of the year and is super interactive.
Best for the Adventurous 6 Year Old Long Distance Walkie Talkies The perfect way to stay connected to their friends!
Best for the Creative 6 Year Old KidiZoom Creator Cam This will allow your little one to put their creative skills to use.
Best for Big Imaginations Doctor Playset Imaginary play is great for this age group.
Best for the Arts and Crafts Lover Make Your Own Bath Bombs Kit Your arts & crafts lover will have a great time with this set.
magic mixies cauldron


When it initially hit the market last year, this item flew off the shelves, and I can absolutely understand why! It includes a unique wand and every magic ingredient your child will need to prepare a potion and create a charming furry Magic Mixie pet.

When you combine the ingredients, a real mist even erupts from the cauldron, and it lights up and makes noises.

healthy roots zoe doll

Healthy Roots Doll

Healthy Roots creates dolls and storybooks to empower young girls and represent the beauty of diversity. A study found that only 4 out of 10 girls love their curls, so the founder of Healthy Roots set out to change that. Their dolls encourage educational play and hairstyling leaving young girls feeling empowered.

To shop for more toys created and sold by black-owned businesses, click here!

toys for 5 year olds - squishmallows


Squishmallows are still very popular this year! They are the perfect friend for your 6-year-old because they are incredibly soft and squishable.

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Fruit Scented Stationery Set by GirlZone

This brightly colored stationery set will be a hit with any six-year-old girl! It features a pink and purple carrying case with four different zipper compartments so she can store and organize her pens, colored pencils, and markers on the go. The 38 markers that come with the set are fruit-scented, featuring tantalizing scents like berry, orange, lemon, and more.

Encourage creativity with this unique stationery set!

toys for 6 year olds

Long Distance Walkie Talkies

Little girls can stay in touch with their best friends up to two miles away with this awesome Kids Walkie Talkie Set! Six-year-old girls may be too young for cell phones, but they can still talk and learn the responsibility of having a phone with a fun walkie-talkie set! These walkie-talkies feature 22 channels and an adjustable volume level.

They are durable and made to be used outside, so they can withstand the wear and tear of being carried around all day. These small and lightweight walkie-talkies produce clear sound and will even block out background noise for improved transmissions. Let the adventures begin! 

lego disney's ariel underwater castle

LEGO Disney Ariel’s Underwater Palace

Combine the magic of a Disney princess and LEGOs and what do you get? An awesome building kit that your 6 year old girl will love! It comes with the toy palace, three mini-doll figures, six LEGO animal figures, and interactive digital building instructions.

This kit is rated for ages 6+ so your little one should be able to do most of the building on her own, which is sure to give her a huge confidence boost. If Ariel isn’t her thing, there are tons of LEGO and friends options to choose from like; LEGO Friends Pet Clinic, LEGO Friends Garden Flower and Butterfly, or LEGO Classic Creative Ocean Fun.

kid's camera

KidiZoom Creator Cam

This is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls! The KidiZoom Creator Cam will allow your little creator to make fun home videos. It’s made just for kids so it is easy to use and even comes with on-camera editing. It also comes with the selfie stick/tripod you see in the picture above and has over 20 animated backgrounds (like a t-rex chasing you!) to enhance your little one’s imagination.

One thing I love about this camera is that the videos can only be uploaded via USB cable, which is a good safety feature.

Bravokids Doodle Board

LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inch Doodle Board

If you need a toy to distract your youngster while you’re traveling or dining out, this LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board is a great option. Although it looks like an iPad, this toy will encourage your child to utilize their creativity instead of switching between apps or binge-watching YouTube videos. It’s also much easier to transport than paper, crayons, and markers!

Take a quick look at reviews and you will see that tons of parents adore this product. Many of them comment on how regularly their child uses it—far more frequently than they ever could have imagined.

rock painting kit

Dan&Darci Rock Painting Kit

This is a unique and budget-friendly option. Forget a regular old craft kit, your kiddo will have a blast with this Rock Painting Kit! It comes with everything you need to create a rock friend including stickers, glitter glue, googly eyes, and gems.

They won’t have to go hunting for rocks since the kit comes with 10 of them, but the fun can continue on long after they’ve painted the first 10 by going out and finding more.

Nappling by Bearaby

Do you have an active child who has trouble winding down at the end of the day? I know I sure do! The Nappling by Bearaby is a weighted blanket designed for kids ages 4-14 years and has their active minds and bodies in mind. It can be a challenge for little bodies to wind down after a day of playing and learning. Weighted blankets provide a natural soothing tool to help kids settle down and go to sleep easier, deeper, and longer.

Bearaby Blanket

Better sleep means better focus, helping them in academic and social environments. Which is amazing for mama too! They can also help calm anxiety and treat symptoms of autism and ADHD.

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Boutique Beauty Dress-Up Playset

Every girl wants to feel like a princess, so why not give a little girl in your life the wardrobe befitting one? This Boutique Beauty Playset is equipped with all of the accessories she needs to complement her best princess dresses.

This playset comes with four pairs of beautiful slip-on princess shoes in gold, silver, pink, and blue. It also comes with matching jewelry to top off her look: three bracelets, three rings, and two pairs of dangly earrings! Your little princess can even invite a friend to join in her dress-up playtime. 

best toys for 6 year old girls


This wooden heart bead set was made specifically to be user-friendly for small hands. The wooden lacing beads are ideal for crafting little bracelets and necklaces, and it mixes crafts with fashion.

The kit includes five unique colored strands and about 120 wooden beads for diversity. It helps young fashion designers express their creativity and sense of personal style while also fostering fine motor and cognitive skills.

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Doctor Play Set

Whether your daughter is interested in being a doctor when she grows up or is just nervous about visiting the dentist, this playset is right for you! The Doctor Playset is perfect for pretend play with friends or practicing on her stuffed animals.

This 25-piece set features doctor and dentist tools, as well as a waterproof nurse costume! Even better, the doctor and dentist tools light up and make sounds for realistic playtime. Comes with a stethoscope, a thermometer, a reflex hammer, and much more to allow your children to enjoy realistic imaginative play alone or with friends!

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Projector Night Light

Banish bad dreams for good with this Projector Night Light! This fascinating, colorful projector casts dazzling images onto the ceiling and walls, creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere for bedtime.

Change the theme based on your children’s interests: choose from the starry night theme with stars and a crescent moon or the sea life theme with dolphins, fish, and bubbles! 

toys for 6 year olds - color changing umbrella

Color Changing Umbrella

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are fashionable AND functional. For example, this fabulous color-changing umbrella! The adorable fish pattern comes to life when it gets wet in the rain- what more could a six-year-old girl ask for?!

This umbrella will make walks in the rain much more fun, and at 25” wide, it is a perfect size for any little girl. 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Make Your Own Bath Bombs Kit

Self-care gifts are always a hit, and bath bombs are trending as a great self-care item. So give a little girl in your life a chance to do a fun craft and pamper herself with the Make Your Own Bath Bombs kit! This kit is the perfect activity for parties or sleepovers, and it comes with enough materials to make 12 scented and shaped bath bombs.

The kit comes with molds to make animals, ice cream cones, and traditional round bath bombs, as well as 3 different dye colors and a strawberry kiwi scent. This kit will unlock creativity and let your little ones have a blast, producing items that can be given as gifts, exchanged with friends, or kept and enjoyed! 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

World Map Coloring Pillowcase

Coloring is a fun, relaxing activity that children enjoy. But why stick to traditional coloring books when you could gift a Color-Your-Own World Map pillowcase?!

This set comes with 10 special fabric markers so the pillowcase can be colored in, washed, and colored again for endless fun! This toy is also educational, as it features a world map with the outlines of the continents, and different pictures and words related to the countries on the map. An excellent quiet time activity that is also functional- the perfect gift! 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Barbie Dream Horse

Always at the top of the list of Best toys for 6 year old girls is Barbie. You’ve heard of the Barbie Dreamhouse. Now introducing the Barbie Dream Horse! For the girl who loves Barbie, this toy set perfectly accompanies the houses, cars, and dolls we all know and love.

This unique toy features a horse that can walk, turn, neigh, and even eat! The set plays music and interacts via touch, making time spent with this playset unforgettable. Your little one can each Barbie to ride off into the sunset, and show off her skills to her friends! The perfect toy for a little girl with a love for horses! 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Pretend and Play School Set

One of the best toys for 6 year old girls is this Pretend and Play School Set. It’s a great way to foster an early love of learning. Little girls can practice learning on their own or play teacher with friends using this educational playset.

It comes with many of the learning tools found in real classrooms, such as a colorful map, dry-erase board, grade book, hall pass, a school bell, and a calendar. This playset can help ease fears about the first day of school, and encourage a natural love of learning. 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Make a splash with this beautiful, hand-crocheted Mermaid tail blanket! Perfect for playtime or bedtime, this blanket will help your little girl imagine life under the sea, swimming through the waves, and making friends with the fish! It is soft to the touch and comes in many different colors.

This blanket will be the talk of the sleepover or party, and it even comes with a special mermaid necklace, making this set the perfect gift! The vibrant colors and scale pattern on this blanket are sure not to disappoint. 

Best Toys for 6 year old girls

Fashion Design Rubbing Plates Set by Melissa & Doug

Calling all fashionistas! Let your little one tap into her creative side with this Fashion Design Rubbing Plates set. The interchangeable plates make it easy to practice designing beautiful outfits. Simply select the plates, place the paper on top, and rub the pencil across the top to make the outline of the design appear.

From there, your little girl can color her new creation! Hours of fun are waiting with this rubbing design set. This activity kit is self-contained and has a handle, so your new designer can take her show on the road! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best toy for 6 year old girl?

Here are the top 5 toys for a 6 year old girl;
Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron
Long Distance Walkie Talkies
KidiZoom Creator Cam
Doctor Playset

What do six year olds like to play with?

Six year olds play with a wide variety of toys depending on their interests. Toys that further their passions and inspire creativity are always a good choice.

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