If you’re looking for short and sweet 4-letter girl names for your new baby, you’ve come to the right place! We know how hard it can be to find a name for your little one. That’s why we looked through hundreds of names to find unique and adorable 4-letter girl names for your sweet baby. We even included the meanings for you and put them in alphabetical order for easy searching!

You probably feel completely overwhelmed while looking at baby names and trust me, we can totally relate! You find a name you love and then maybe your spouse doesn’t quite agree and vice versa. It can seem that you keep reading the same names over and over, yet are still unable to find one you like and it feels as if no progress is being made.

4-letter girl names

We know finding the perfect name for your new arrival is important to you and the meaning behind their name may be as well. So we have searched far and wide to find you almost 200 names to look through. Check out our list below to see if any grab your attention and hopefully make the process of finding the perfect name for your baby a bit easier. My favorites are in bold!

Unique 4-Letter Girl Names (A- J)

We wanted to keep our 4-letter girl names list easy to look through. So, we broke it down alphabetically for you, with the meaning behind each name, starting with letters A through J.

  • Abby- Father’s joy
  • Adel- Noble, elite
  • Aimy- Beloved, love
  • Alia- Noble
  • Alma- Kind, nourishing
  • Alys- A variation of Alice. Noble
  • Amie- Friend
  • Amel- Hope
  • Anna/Anne- Grace
  • Anya- Grace, melody
  • Arya- Noble
  • Aria- Air, song, or melody
  • Asma- High status, supreme
  • Asta- Love, star-like
  • Assi- Fair, beautiful goddess
  • Avah- Bird
  • Avia- God is my father
  • Ayla- Light, earth
  • Axia- Indestructible, just
  • Azra- Maiden, virgin
  • Barb- A variation of Barbara. Stranger
  • Bani- Built, peace
  • Bela- Bravery, noble shining
  • Bell- Lovely one
  • Beth- A variation of Elizabeth. Pledged to God, dedicated
  • Bibi- Lady of the house
  • Billi- A variation of Billie. Determined protector, loyal freedom
  • Bina- Bee, understanding
  • Bree- Strength, exalted one
  • Brie- A type of cheese
  • Bria- Noble
  • Bryn- Hill, mound
  • Buni- Rabbit
  • Cali- Most beautiful
  • Cara- Beloved, cherished
  • Cassi- Warrior, defender
  • Cleo/Clea- A variation of Cleopatra. Fame, glory
  • Coco- Chocolate bean
  • Cora- Maiden
  • Cruz- Spanish word for cross
  • Cyna- Wise
  • Dana- God is judge, generosity
  • Dani- God is my judge
  • Demi- Half, earth mother
  • Dina- Judged
  • Dior- Golden
  • Dita- Wealth, prosperous
  • Dona- Lady
  • Dora- Gift
  • Dove- Bird of peace
  • Eden- Delight, pleasure
  • Edie- A variation of Edith. Wealth, blessed
  • Edna- Pleasure, delight
  • Elia- Lord is my God
  • Ella- Goddess, fairy maiden
  • Elle- She
  • Elma- God’s protection
  • Elsa- Noble
  • Esme- Esteemed, beloved
  • Emma/Emmy- Universal, whole
  • Erin- Ireland
  • Erna- Serious, capable
  • Etta- Ruler of the house
  • Evie- Life
  • Ezra- Helpful
  • Fawn- Young deer
  • Faya- Fairy
  • Faye- Loyalty, belief
  • Febe- Bright, pure
  • Fern- A type of green plant
  • Flor- Flower
  • Fran- From France
  • Frya- Noble lady
  • Gaia- Mother, Earth
  • Gigi- Earth worker
  • Gina- Queen
  • Glor- Glory to God, happiness
  • Gwen- Holy (I love this pick as a middle name also!)
  • Hana- Blossom, shine
  • Hela- Moonlight, goddess of the underworld
  • Hola- Ceremonial, hello
  • Hope- To be optimistic
  • Ilia- My God is Yahweh
  • Ines- Pure, holy
  • Inge- Protection, guarding
  • Iona- Blessed
  • Iris- Flower, rainbow 
  • Isla- Island
  • Jade- Stone of the side
  • Jane- God is gracious
  • Jean- God is gracious
  • Jess- Rich, gift
  • Joan- Gift
  • June- A month named after Juno
  • Juno- A mythical figure

Whimsical 4-Letter Girl Names (K-O)

4-letter girl names

You may be looking for a unique and meaningful name and not just a name that is popular. Check out our list of 4-letter girl names that start with letters K through O below!

  • Kara- Beloved
  • Kaya- My eldest sister
  • Kate- A variation of Katherine. Pure
  • Kira- Ruler, Shiny
  • Kora- Maiden
  • Kori- Lamb, peace
  • Kyra- Lady, throne
  • Lana- Rock, peaceful
  • Lane- Roadway, path
  • Lara- Protection, laurel leaf
  • Leah- Weary, pretty lady
  • Leia- Child of Heaven
  • Lena- A variation of Helena. Shining light
  • Lexi- Defender
  • Lila- Night
  • Lily/Lili- Flower
  • Linn- Soft, flexible
  • Lisa- Devoted, promise
  • Lois- Superior, desirable
  • Lola- Lady of sorrows
  • Love- Full of love
  • Lyla- Night
  • Lyra- Harp, Lyre player
  • Lucy- Light
  • Lulu- Pearl, famous warrior
  • Luna- Moon
  • Maia- Mother, goddess
  • Mali- A variation of Amelia. Jasmine flower, industrious
  • Mary- Of the sea, beloved
  • Maya- Water, goddess of spring
  • Maci- She 
  • Mila- Dear, gracious
  • Mimi- Sea of sorrow, rebellion
  • Miri- Wished for
  • Mona- Noble
  • Myla- Merciful
  • Naia- Water nymph, to flow
  • Nell- Shining light
  • Nika- Chosen, victory
  • Nikki- Victory of the people
  • Nina- Little girl
  • Nola- White shoulder, noble
  • Nora- Light
  • Nova- Star, new
  • Nyla- Winner
  • Olga/Olgi- Blessed, successful
  • Onyx- Black gemstone
  • Opal- Jewel, gemstone
  • Oria- Golden, beautiful

Eccentric 4-Letter Girl Names (P-Z)

4-letter girl names

Lastly, we have the list of 4-letter girl names that start with P through Z. You may notice a pattern of meanings ranging from florals to precious stoned. You will find short, sweet and strong names for your new little one in this list.

  • Pari- Fairy
  • Pati- A variation of Patti, or Patricia.
  • Paza- Golden
  • Perl- Pearl
  • Peta- Rock
  • Pipa- Lover of horses
  • Plum- Fruit tree
  • Posy- Bunch of flowers
  • Prim- Short for primrose
  • Pyri-  Thunder fighter
  • Rain- Shower of water
  • Remi- A variation of Remy. One that manages the oars
  • Rene- Rebirth
  • Rita- Pearl
  • Rhea- Flowing
  • Rose/Rosy- Flower
  • Rona- Might, song, rough island
  • Ruby- Red precious stone
  • Ruth- Compassionate friend
  • Sage- Wise
  • Sara- Princess
  • Sana- Brilliant, praise
  • Sena- The moon, beauty
  • Siri- Beautiful victory
  • Skye- Cloud
  • Snow- Frozen rain
  • Suri- Princess
  • Star- Power, shining
  • Tara- Hill, star
  • Tess- To harvest, reap
  • Tina- River, follower of Christ
  • Thea- Goddess, of light
  • Tuva- Good, beautiful
  • Tyra/Tira-  Thor’s battle, thunder warrior
  • Unna- Woman
  • Ursa- Bear
  • Veda- Knowledge, wisdom
  • Vera- Faith, faithful
  • Viva- Alive
  • Vivi- Lively
  • Wina- Holy, blessed peace
  • Wynn- Friend, pure
  • Yara- Butterfly
  • Yuna- Desired, moon
  • Yuri- Farmer
  • Zana- Gracious, flower
  • Zara- Blooming flower
  • Zima- Winter
  • Zita- Hunter, seeker
  • Zola- Earth, ball of earth
  • Zora- Dawn
  • Zoey- Life
  • Zuri- Beautiful, good

We hope you were able to find the perfect name for your new arrival, if you need more options, check out more of our favorite names below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cool 4 letter name for a girl?

The 5 coolest 4 letter names for girls are Cara, Cruz, Gigi, Zuri, and Sena.

What is a very rare name for a girl?

Some rare names for girls are Alys, Cara, Zara, Cruz, Gigi, Posy, Zuri, and Sena.

What is a short name for a girl?

We have searched far and wide to find you over 200 short names for girls including names like Cara, Cruz, Gigi, Zuri, and Sena.

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