You did it, parents — you made it to March! Spring is just around the corner, but first, we have to get through that typical roar of lousy weather. What better way to keep those listless kiddos entertained for just a little bit longer as the last of winter ekes from existence than with a skosh of “screen time.” Netflix’s release lineup for March is top-notch in the family-friendly and kid-approved departments. So, let go of the guilt and embrace the fun of cuddles on the couch and popcorn for snacks while you and the family inhale everything to offer on Netflix this month.

From your days of ordering DVDs of Felicity to your mailbox to that week you spent glued to the television watching and rewatching the Gilmore Girls reboot, Netflix has never failed you. Now that you’re a mama, that still holds true. While they offer plenty of grown-up content for you to devour post-bedtime, it’s the kid-friendly shows and movies they release *every.single.month* that seal the deal on your lifetime membership to the Netflix fan club. They could charge us to share passwords, but they’re offering another season of Gabby’s Dollhouse? OK, fair trade. Raising prices but renewing Wednesday? Just take our money, old pal.

The titles coming to Netflix in March are worth the price and your excitement. Just wait and see…

What’s New On Netflix in March? The Highlight Reel

Ridley Jones, Season 5 — March 6

This series geared towards preschoolers is already a massive hit for our littlest kiddos, and the next season promises even more wild adventures. According to Netflix, “New powers, new tools, new adventures! Ridley and the Eyes are doing more than ever before on their mission to keep the museum and its secrets safe.”

The Magician’s Elephant — March 17

This gem of a film is based on the Newberry Award-winning book by Kate DiCamillo, who also authored the classics Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux. The book (and film) follow Peter’s quest to find his long-lost sister. He’ll encounter a fortune teller and an elephant and complete seemingly impossible tasks along the way. DiCamillo does adventure like no one else, and with Netflix at the helm of this film adaptation, The Magician’s Elephant suddenly holds even more promise than before. You still have time to read the book first. (Or read it after — just make sure you read it!)

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Season 7 — March 20

Gabby’s Dollhouse not only sparked a toy-buying craze trumped only by the Tickle Me Elmo madness; it also lit a fire underneath the imaginations of preschoolers across the globe. Inside their colorful and quirky dollhouse, Gabby and Pandy Paws will set off on another season full of magic and adventure.

We Lost Our Human — March 21

Part movie, part “interactive special,” We Lost Our Human follows two housepets on an adventure across the universe. When Pud the Cat and Ham the Dog wake up one morning to find their human (and all other humans) mysteriously vanished, the two embark across their thresholds and make an epic journey to find their most precious friend: their human. What makes it interactive? It’s a choose-your-own-adventure movie! Along the way, viewers get the chance to help Pud and Ham make decisions that will alter the course of their travels and put them closer or further away from finding their human.

More Family Movies & Shows Coming to Netflix in March

  • Bakudan Legends, Season 1 — March 1
  • Open Season (2006) — March 1
  • Open Season 2 (2008) — March 1
  • Rango (2011) — March 1
  • Gecko’s Garage 3D, Volume 2 — March 1
  • Little Angel, Volume 2 — March 1
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) — March 1
  • Karate Sheep, Season 1 — March 1
  • Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure (2023) — March 7
  • Shadow and Bone, Season 2 — March 16
  • Pul Pul Molcar, Season 2 — March 17
  • Henry Danger, Seasons 4-5 — March 31
  • iCarly, Seasons 3-5 — March 31
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 2 — March 31
  • Henry Danger, Seasons 4-5 — March 31
  • House of Anubis, Season 1 — March 31

Happy watching!

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