Your baby might be too little to keep up with their fellow trick-or-treaters on foot, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the fun of Halloween night. If your little is gonna be riding shotgun in their carrier on October 31st, here are some so-cute-it’s-scary baby carrier costume ideas to get them set for the big night!

mom with baby in a carrier dressed as Sally and Jack Skellington for halloween
Jenn Haupricht via Wrap Your Baby 

Whether it’s a Christmas or a Halloween classic is up for debate, but there’s no question that Sally and Jack Skellington make the perfect costume for the spookiest night of the year.

mom and baby dressed in mandrake harry potter costume
Heather via Costume Works

Chances are, your baby’s got the whole “cry that’s nearly fatal to anyone who hears it” part down pat, so dressing them up as a Mandrake for Halloween will hardly be a stretch.

A brown shirt, pants and beanie with a few leaves on the top are all you need for the baby half of this Harry Potterverse DIY. Throw on a witch hat and some of your gardening gear, and call yourself Professor Sprout. (Let’s all agree that the non-stop screaming from your baby can be optional.)

mom dressed as a bank robber with baby dressed as a bag of money
source unknown

Any Halloween costume idea that you can pull together with a hot glue gun and some stuff you already have laying around the house is a definite win in my books.

Glue some dollar bills on a bag and use safety pins to attach it to your carrier to transform your baby into a big ol’ bag of money. For the robber portion of your costume, get out your black clothing and an eye mask, and you’ll be part of the cutest heist in history.

family dressed in ET halloween carrier costume on Instagram

Get the whole family in on the fun with an adorable and easy homage to E.T. A red hoodie for Elliott, and some pigtails, overalls and a striped turtleneck for Gertie will have you ⅔ of the way to a costume that’s outta this world. Throw on an E.T. beanie, wrap your baby (carrier and all) in a towel, and grab an old milk crate with some handlebars to complete a look that Speilberg himself would be proud of.

mom and baby in a carrier dressed as a spider in a spider web

I can’t say I ever thought I’d recommend letting a giant hairy spider attach itself to you for an entire evening, but here we are.

There are all kinds of eight-legged infant costume options available for purchase on Amazon; to make yourself into a web, all you need is fabric paint or puff paint, a black dress or skirt and a steady hand.

baby carrier made to look like a bee with mom dressed as a flower for halloween

This bumble bee costume is about as sweet and simple as they come. Get a flower-covered headband for the baby wearer, some colored tape for your bee’s stripes and some paper wings if you’re feeling extra crafty and get buzzing!

baby wearing costume of lobster and chef

Remember that scene in The Little Mermaid where Sebastian stumbles upon Chef Louis preparing a seafood feast while singing Les Poissons?

This unlikely villain may have rivaled Ursula in terms of his ability to give you nightmares as a kid, but he also makes a pretty adorable Halloween costume (and his pot is the perfect candy receptacle). Sorry, Sebastian.

super mario family costume while baby wearing
via @savs_sews_swell

It’s no secret that Mario is everyone’s favorite superhero these days, and who could make a more adorable Mushroom than your newborn? Place baby in your Question Box-adorned carrier, make a couple of simple costume purchases to complete the ensemble for parents and older kids, and try to resist saying, “It’s a me, Mario!” instead of “Trick or Treat!”

pac man baby wearing halloween costume
via @heatherlea28

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – sign me up for any costume that requires little more than some felt, scissors, glue, and an excuse to not change out of my leggings. This Pac Man costume is tons of fun and will keep your baby snug and cozy all night long.

mom wearing baby dressed as a shark for halloween
Tereza Bellodi @treezcz on Pinterest

For some reason, the Baby Shark song always conjured up images of a happy, friendly little fish, but apparently he’s a vicious little bugger when it comes to trick or treating. Either way, this shark attack costume is both hilarious and adorable, making it a definite winner as a Halloween costume choice.

dad baby wearing dressed in top gun costume
via @dcpg

If  you’ve got a Top Gun fan in the family who’s handy with cardboard and a hot glue gun, turning your baby into your co-pilot is just about as Oscar-worthy as a costume can get. I think you could totally use this idea to create a Star Wars themed getup as well. Baby Yoda pilot, anyone?

via @wrapyourbaby

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’ll also make the most amazing costume of the night. Repurpose a scarf or blanket into a strip of bacon, cut out some white and yellow for your paper, and you’re sizzlin’, baby.

dad and baby rapunzel funny halloween costume

The tower hat! The yarn hair! The window box! The chubby baby cheeks! If this Rapunzel-themed costume doesn’t have everyone opening their door to you handing over regular-sized chocolate bars instead of candy corn, I don’t know what will.

How about you this Halloween?

Are you planning to squire your little trick-or-treater around the block in their carrier for Halloween this year?

Whether they’re joining their older siblings on their candy-collecting escapades or are experiencing Halloween as the first baby in the fam, there’s no reason why even the littlest ghost and goblin can’t take part in the fun of getting dressed up for spooky season.

Transforming your baby carrier into a costume doesn’t have to cost a fortune – in fact, with a little imagination, a bit of glue, and some stuff you probably have kicking around at home, you can whip up some pretty cute and giggle-worthy baby carrier costumes.

Have you dressed up your baby in their carrier for Halloween in the past? I want to see alllll your photos in the comments!

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