Rainy days can sometimes put a damper on our plans, but they also present a perfect opportunity for quality time indoors with your little bundle of joy. Embrace the cosy atmosphere and turn those dreary days into one of laughter and learning! In this blog post, we’ll share 12 rainy day activities to enjoy with your baby on those miserable days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house.

1. Indoor picnic

Who says picnics are only for the great outdoors? Set up a blanket in your living room and create an indoor picnic space. Prepare baby-friendly finger foods and watch as your little one discovers a whole new way to enjoy mealtime.

2. Sensory play

Rainy days are the perfect time to engage your baby’s senses. Set up a sensory station with different materials like playdough, rice, or cooked pasta. Watch their faces light up as they explore the textures and engage their senses. Check out our sensory play ideas here.

5 taste-safe baby messy play ideas for rainy day activities

3. Bubble bath 

Make bath time extra special any time of the day by turning it into a bubble bath bonanza. Fill up a baby bathtub or a shallow basin with warm water, add some baby-friendly bubbles, and let your little one splash and play to their heart’s content.

4. Story time 

Rainy days call for cuddles and stories. Gather a collection of board books or picture books and spend some quality time reading to your baby. Use different voices and facial expressions to make it interactive and captivating for your little one. Check out this article: The importance of reading to your baby

5. Dance party

Turn up the tunes and have a dance party with your baby. Whether you sway them in your arms or use a baby carrier to boogie together, this activity is guaranteed to bring lots of giggles and create precious memories.

6. Artsy adventures

Let your baby’s creativity shine through with simple art activities. Set up a safe and supervised space for finger painting with non-toxic paints or making handprint crafts. The joy on their face as they create their masterpiece is priceless.

7. Indoor obstacle course

Encourage your baby’s motor skills development with an exciting indoor obstacle course. Use cushions, pillows, and soft toys to create a mini adventure. Guide your little one through the course, helping them crawl or navigate their way to victory.

indoor obstacle course for toddlers

8. Puppet show

Bring out your inner puppeteer and stage a delightful puppet show for your baby. Use hand puppets or finger puppets to tell stories or act out their favourite nursery rhymes. Watch as their eyes light up with wonder and delight.

puppet show

9. Baby yoga

Take a moment to relax and bond with your baby through baby yoga. Look for simple routines online or follow along with a baby yoga video. This activity promotes flexibility, coordination, and a sense of calm for both of you.

10. Sensory bags

Create mesmerising sensory bags for your baby. Fill sealable plastic bags with interesting materials like gel, water, or coloured rice. Securely seal the bags and let your little one squish and explore the various textures, fostering their sensory development. We have some ideas here.

rainy day activities - Sensory bag

11. Homemade jamming session

Unleash your baby’s inner musician with homemade musical instruments. Gather everyday items like empty containers, rice-filled shakers, or pots and spoons to create unique sounds. Watch as your baby explores the world of music, creating their very own symphony of joy.

12. Baby gymnastics

Lay down a soft mat or blanket on the floor and encourage your baby to roll, kick, and stretch during a baby gymnastics session. You can also incorporate a baby play gym with hanging toys to stimulate their senses and promote their motor skills.

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