Decorating your nursery is so exciting! Putting together the crib, picking out the comfiest glider, painting the walls, and choosing the decor makes your baby’s arrival suddenly seem wildly real. I loved spending time meticulously picking out each item that went into my baby’s nursery. I wanted my space to be perfect and a calm, inviting space to spend time loving on my precious baby. 

10 Nursery Decor Must-Haves

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Nursery Mirror 

Mirrors make a fantastic addition to any nursery decor. They can also double as a fun and educational item for your little one. Check out this beautiful Target mirror (pictured above) that is perfect for behind your changing table. Not only is it a beautifully crafted decor item that will complement almost any design. This large mirror is also bound to fill your days with sweet baby giggles as your little one begins to discover their reflection. 

Another option for a mirror is a Montessori-inspired mirror. These mirrors help promote cause and effect and help develop cognition and self-awareness. I loved this Monti Kids self-care station mirror in our early toddler years. The simplicity of the design meant it could travel from home to home and child to child and still complement any nursery design I chose. 

Nursery Side Tables

When you become a mom, you will realize that you suddenly never have a free hand. You will need a go-to drop spot in your nursery to set things down; bottles, breast pump gear, your phone, diapers, and wipes. A nursery side table is perfect for this, along with being a decorative piece.

My side table is next to my rocker so I can charge my phone while nursing!

Shop the Best Nursery Side Tables!

Play Mat

Playmats are a lifesaver for many parents. Everyone needs a safe, soft place to set baby done on to play. Having tummy time is essential for your little one’s body and brain development. Tummy time is critical for developing strong core muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders. It promotes trunk stability and head control; and is essential for motor, visual, and sensory development. 

I love using play mats instead of setting the baby down on the hard floor or dirty carpet. However, after time they tend to accumulate lots of drool and spit. This is just one of the reasons I love this washable play mat from The Tot. 

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Personalized Name Sign

I just love a name sign in a nursery. After all, you just spent 9 months picking out the perfect name!

These hand-crafted name banners from ZOZOtoys are a favorite of mine.  ZOZOtoys is a small shop in Lviv, Ukraine. They hand cut and sew together every item in their shop. There are several designs to choose from, and each of these designs can be made in an array of custom colors for no extra charge. 

Nursery Safe Plants

As with anything baby-related, you’ll want to ensure your greenery choices are safe for the baby. Adding plants to your nursery is a wonderful way to add color and life to your space. Here are a few unique, baby-safe plant choices you can use to liven up your baby’s space.

  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Calathea Beauty Star
  • Neanthe Bella Palm
  • Ponytail Palm

Storage Containers

Babies require so much stuff, diapers, wipes, socks, nail clippers, and pacifiers. Having a place in babies room to keep all of the items in easy reach can help reduce the stress of searching for everything when it is needed.

I like to keep my changing table stocked with the main things you’ll need for diaper changes, getting ready for the day, and getting ready for bed. I love these acrylic and brass containers from West Elm. Not only are they easy to clean, but you can also easily see all of your items in them. Plus, they add a cute little splash of sophistication to your decor. 

Child-Safe Window Coverings

We all love a beautiful window letting in that warm sunlight. Sometimes though, we want to be able to close off that window for some privacy or to create a more inviting space for a nap. Using blinds is an excellent option for a quick and easy window covering. However, traditional window blinds can pose a strangulation hazard to your child.

Our friends over at Norman USA are working to end this child tragedy by offering child-safe, cordless blinds. The best part, they will send you a free custom-sized, cordless blind for your home. Check them out at for your free, child-safe, cordless window covering. 


If you have ever tried to sneak into or out of your child’s dark bedroom at night, you know how important having a nightlight can be. Sure, you could go with a traditional plug-in nightlight, but where is the fun in that? A decorative nightlight can be a cute and practical part of your nursery design.

I love this simple yet cute nightlight from Target that is bound to match any decor. 

Cozy Throw Blanket

You probably got your new baby lots of little blankets. Did you remember to get yourself one? You’ll love these big cozy Barefoot Dreams dupe. These blankets will keep you and your little one warm and comfortable as you rock them back to sleep after a late-night feed.

This blanket can be laid on the carpet for a quick play place to set the baby. You’ll also love wrapping up in this cuddly blanket as you read a new book together.

Large wall art or tapestry

Framed artwork can be a significant investment, but it can also hold many stories and be passed down throughout generations. Check out local art sales and art galleries for ideas for your room. If framed art is not your style, boho style, woven art pieces are great for nursery decor.

These soft pieces add both color and texture to your baby’s nursery. For large empty walls, a large selection of artwork, a hanging, woven art piece, or a wall tapestry is an excellent way to turn a blank wall into a focal wall. Look into a wall tapestry if you want to cover ample space on a smaller budget.

These tapestries can be hung up as is; you can frame them, and you can even do hanging frames that only attach at the top and the bottom of the tapestry. 

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In my opinion, no nursery is complete without books. Books are essential for your child’s development from birth through adulthood. Growing your child’s love of books begins as soon as they are born. You don’t have to wait for them to be a toddler to start spending quality time reading with them.

Reading to your newborn baby teaches a baby about communication, builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills, and gives them information about the world around them.

Now with all of these books, you’ll need an excellent sturdy bookshelf. One great option is using a mix of bookshelves. You can use hanging bookshelves to keep unique books up high and out of reach of your little one until you’re ready for storytime. Then a floor level bookshelf that’s toddler level so your child can reach themselves is usually filled with baby/toddler-friendly board books. 

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