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Using The Pregnancy Calculator by due Date

pregnancy calculator by due date is essential for any woman trying to conceive. Most women try everything, including reading the women’s health magazine, searching for an effective way to help them track their pregnancy successfully.

Women have various reasons for doing so. Some try to avoid getting pregnant during summer. Or, if you’re in a full-time job, you may want to maximize your time with your kid. Whatever the reason, timing your conception will enable you to plan your due date effectively.

It’s not easy, mainly if you’re relying on manual methods. But with the pregnancy calculator, you will have an idea of when your baby will be born. While it’s not an exact science, a pregnancy calculator will provide an estimate of when you’re likely to give birth.

You can use the pregnancy calculator to estimate your due date in various ways:


The First day of your previous period

It takes about 40 weeks( or roughly 38 weeks from conception) for pregnant women to give birth. So by counting 40 weeks or 280 days, from the first day of your last period will provide you with a due date estimate.

Also, by subtracting three months from the first day of your last period and adding seven days, you’ll find your due date. Since it’s tricky to count manually, pregnancy due date calculator will come in handy. Note that you will likely give birth between 1-2 weeks before or after the estimated due date.


Conception date Calculating the due pregnancy date on the first day of your last period doesn’t work for women with irregular cycles. So a pregnancy due to date calculator can also help you estimate your due date based on the conception date. Adding 266 days to your conception date will give you an estimate of your due date.

IVF transfer date

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) indicates that over 250,000 assisted technology cycles are performed every year in the U.S, resulting in 77,000 or more deliveries.

So if you’re a Vitro fertilization(IVF) mother, you can use the pregnancy due to date calculator to estimate your due date based on your IVF transfer date.


Why your due date can change

It’s normal for your doctor to change your due date as your pregnancy progresses. It can happen because of various reasons such as:

  • If you’ve irregular periods.
  • If your ultra-sound dating is off.
  • Or if your ultra-sound dating falls within the second trimester.
  • Abnormal fundal height
  • Extreme levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)

Pregnancy is a critical issue among many women. While you can get more information from various sources, including the women’s health magazine, it helps to talk to your doctor. The pregnancy calculator by due date will help you get your estimated due date in various ways. Please scroll up to know how you can use it to calculate your due date.

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